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Monasteries of Meteora


Meteora: Greece's Orthodox Monasteries


Top contributor and pilot GeorgeMarcu treats us to this epic aerial tour of the famous monasteries of Meteora in the Thessaly region of northern Greece.  The immense rock pillars of the region are home to six Greek Orthodox monasteries.  The most well known is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.  This masterpiece "played the role" of St. Cyril's in the 13th James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only (1981), in which 007 (played by Roger Moore) scales a cliff and dispatches a henchman of Aristotle Kristatos.

Aerial Tour of Epirus


Aerial Video of Epirus, Greece


Epirus is the region which covers the northwestern corner of mainland Greece.  Like most of northern Greece, it's a mountainous area, covered by the Pindus Mountains, part of a larger system of mountains which runs down the spine of the Balkan Peninsula.  It's a relatively lightly populated part of Greece with only 350,000 inhabitants, the lowest of Greece's 13 official regions.  It is nevertheless a stunningly beautiful region, as you'll see in this amazing drone video by Vaggoulas.  

Thessaloniki: Greece's Second City


Thessaloniki, Greece by Drone

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If you want a great look at Greece's second-largest city, check out this video of Thessaloniki by SioU. The capital of the Macedonia province, it's the largest city in northern Greece, and the second largest overall after Athens. The largest seaport on the Aegean Sea, it has a rich history, notably as the birthplace of Alexander the Great and as the second largest city in the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople (now Istanbul).  Today, it is often  considered the cultural capital of Greece.  

Mt. Olympus


Olympus: The Mountain of the Gods


Dragonfly flew a drone off of the highest peak in Greece to create this magnificent aerial video of this (literally) legendary region.  The Mytikas peak of the great mountain reaches an altitude of just over 2.9k meters (almost 9.6k ft.) above sea level.  It's part of the Olympus range in the northern part of the country.  Ancient Greeks believed that their gods lived atop the great mountain, and it figured prominently in stories of Greek mythology.  It's also considered important in the Eastern Orthodox religion.  

Meteora, Vikos Gorge, and Mt. Olympus


Nomadik Footprints in Greece: Drone view of Meteora, Vikos Gorges and Mount Olympus.

Nomadik Fo...

Top contributor Nomadik Footprints brings us this excellent drone video from a trio of well-known spots in Northern Greece.  The first stop is the famous monasteries of Meteora in Thessaly, built atop the area's distinctive looking rock pillars.  Next stop is Vikos Gorge, a canyon in the Pindus Mountains of the Epirus region which is one of the world's deepest.  The last spot is Mt. Olympus; Greece's highest mountain, it's located on the border between the regions of Thessaly and Macedonia and played an important role in Greek mythology.  

Mt. Athos


Athos, The Holy Mountain

Icarus Aer...

In this video, contributor Icarus Aerial Filming gives us a spectacular bird's eye view of the area around Mt. Athos in northern Greece.  In addition to being home to some of the most important Eastern Orthodox monasteries, the fabled mountain (often referred to as the Holy Mountain) was the site of one of the great bits of luck enjoyed by the Greeks in the Antiquity - the foundering of a Persian fleet off the coast of Athos in 492 BC forestalled an imminent Persian naval invasion of the Greek mainland.   

Scenes from Pindus National Park


Valia Kalda - Aoos river - Arkoudorema - Vovousa - Flega (4K UHD Version)

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Check out this beautiful aerial view of a valley in Northern Greece, compliments of contributor and drone pilot tcbart.  It's called the Valia Kalda, and it's mostly situated in the Pindus National Park.  The park covers the northeastern end of the Pindus Mountains, a range which runs through parts of Albania and the Epirus and West Macedonia regions of Greece.  The video includes footage of the Aoös River (which drains the mountains), the village of Vovousa in Epirus, and the Flega Lakes.

Pirus: Metsovo


Metsovo, Greece


Metsovo is a town in the Pirus region of north-central Greece.  Rich in history, the town has immense visual appeal, especially from an aerial perspective, with the deep red roofs of the buildings standing in brilliant contrast to the Pindus Mountains in the background.  Contributor Dimi Maran used a DJI drone to give us a spectacular bird's eye view of this cultural and natural treasure, which is the most important home to the Aromanian ethnic group and is one of the most visited sites in northern Greece.

Elani Beach in Kassandra


Fly over ELANI BEACH 2016

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Take a look at this beautiful drone video from a well-known beach in northern Greece, compliments of contributor and pilot dorubrad.  It's called Elani Beach, and it is part of a region called Kassandra.  Kassandra is one of three peninsulas which extend like fingers south of the larger peninsula of Chalkidiki, itself a larger peninsula at the base of which lies the great port city of Thessaloniki.  Kassandra is the westernmost of the three sub-peninsulas, and is part of the region of Central Macedonia.  

Beaches of Sithonia


Last summer days in Greece

Mariya Zla...

Contributor and drone pilot Mariya Zlateva created this beautiful video collage of a series of beaches in Northern Greece during the last days of summer.  The areas all lie on the peninsula of Sithonia, which is the middle of three peninsulas which extend south from the larger peninsula of Chalkidiki in the region of Central Macedonia.  The specific spots featured in the video are Vourvourou, Porto Koufo, Orange and Kalamitsi.  The aerial footage was filmed with a DJI Phantom 4 Advanced drone.  

West Macedonia: Pentalofos


Aerial View from Pentaflos, Greece: DJI Mavic Pro


Check out this stunning drone video of a winter scene from Northern Greece from content creator and pilot MavicProGr.  Pentalofos is a town in the mountains of West Macedonia, the region which covers much of north-central Greece.  It's in the Voio Mountains, one of several mountain chains which cover much of Northern Greece.  The highest peaks in this particular range are about 1.8k meters, or around 5.9k ft. above sea level.  As you will see from the video, it's an absolutely stunning area.

Sithonia: Central Macedonian Peninsula




Check out this drone video of a beautiful beach area in Northern Greece, compliments of contributor Ivanfly.  It's called Sithonia and it's the middle of three peninsulas which extend southwards like fingers from a larger peninsula called Chalkidiki.  The entire area is part of the region of Central Macedonia.  With a fine natural harbor, a mountain at the center of the peninsula, and some of Greece's finest rocky and secluded beaches, Sithonia has become a popular tourist spot.

Aoos Springs Lake, Epirus


Aoos Springs, Lake with snow 4K - Epirus - Greece | Phantom 4 Pro


Here's an amazing drone video of a snow-covered area around a lake in Northern Greece, compliments of contributor AirGeorge.  The lake is called Aoos Springs Lake, and it's near the town of Metsovo in the Epirus region.  Epirus is the northwesternmost of the 13 top-level administrative units which make up the country.  The lake, like much of Epirus, is covered by the Pindus Mountains.  As you'll see in the video, the lake has many islands, and presents a stunningly beautiful winter scene.  

Athos Mountain: Simonos Petra Monastery


Simonos Petra Monastery at the Holy Mountain, Greece

Icarus Aer...

Content creator and drone pilot Icarus Aerial Filming created this stunning bird's eye view of the Simonos Petra Monastery, one of the great cultural treasures of Greece.  The monastery is on the Holy Mountain of Athos on a peninsula of Thrace in northeastern Greece.  The mountain is considered one of the most important places in the Eastern Orthodox religion, and Mt. Athos is technically a monastic state within the state of Greece, a status which has some similarities with that of the Vatican.  

Vikos Gorge


Vikos Gorge / Greece-has-Soul / Katerina Soldatou / Extreme Aerial Dance

  • Badios
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In this video, contributor and drone pilot Badios takes his "Greece Has Soul" aerial film series to Vikos Gorge, a famous canyon in the Pindus Mountains of northern Greece's Epirus region.  He uses a drone to film Katerina Soldatou twirling on a tightrope over the great chasm, which has a maximum depth of about 500 meters (over 1.5k ft.).  While the claim is not universally accepted, Vikos is considered by some to be the "steepest" gorge in the world as measured by the ratio of its depth to its width.  

Shipwreck in the Bay of Thessalonika


AnotherView from AnotherPlace ( Greece - Shipwreck )

Kyriakos -...

Contributor and pilot Kyriakos - AnotherView created this drone video of a shipwreck in an area of Northern Greece.  Epanomi is a town on the Bay of Thessaloniki (an inlet of the Aegean Sea) in the region of Central Macedonia.  Located about a half hour drive from the great port city of Thessaloniki, it's one of the oldest cities in Macedonia.  Thessaloniki is the country's biggest seaport.  Given the historically heavy ship traffic on the narrow approaches to the port, it's not surprising that shipwrecks have occurred here.  

Aerial Dance at Meteora


Katerina Soldatou / Extreme Aerial Dance / Meteora

  • Badios
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  • about 4 years ago

The famous stone pillars of Meteora, Greece are the backdrop for this amazing drone video of an extreme aerial dance routine.  Contributor and drone pilot Badios filmed Katerina Soldatou 250 meters (over 800 ft) in the air in this magical area of northern Greece, where a half dozen of the original monasteries which were built here survive.  It's an example of the kind of footage that was simply impossible to obtain prior to the advent of drones, which are creating new avenues for artistic expression like this one.

Lake Kerkini


Lake Kerkini @Greece


Content creator and pilot AgkistroAction used a drone to create this marvelous video of Lake Kerkini, an artificial lake in northern Greece.  The lake was created as a reservoir in the early 1930's on land which had previously been marshland.  The lake is about 17 km (11 mi) across at its widest point, making it one of the largest lakes in Greece.  Lake Kerkini is known primarily for its spectacular bird life, which results in part from its location relative to migration paths across southeastern Europe.  

Central Macedonia: Sintiki


North Greece: Sintiki, Serres


Contributor AgkistroAction created this beautiful winter scene of a town in northern Greece.  Sintiki is a municipality in the Serres region of Central Macedonia.  Central Macedonia is a large region which covers much of northeastern Greece; it extends from the Bulgarian border to the Aegean Sea.  With a population of almost 2 million, it's the second most populous region in the country after Attica.  It covers a large portion of the historical region known as Macedonia, the home of Alexander the Great.  

Sarti, Sithonia


Greek Holiday Trip - Sarti

  • flynice
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Sarti is a resort town and beach destination in the region of Sithonia, the middle of the three finger-like peninsulas which point south from the region south of Thessaloniki known as Chalkdiki.  Like the other destinations within the region, Sarti is known for the secluded beaches created by the rocky and hilly coastline of the peninsula.  In this video by flynice, created using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, you'll get some great views of Sarti's beaches as well as the hills above the town.  

Drone Views of Meteora




The great rock formations of Meteora in Northern Greece are famous for their monasteries, but more recently were the inspiration for the Game of Thrones location of The Eyrie, in the Vale of Arryn.  Fans of the show will remember Tyrion Lannister imprisoned in The Eyrie's sky cells - with a view of a digitally altered Meteora - in Season 1, and in Season 4, Lysa Arryn being thrown out the Eyrie's Moon Door by Petyr Baelish.  Check the scene out from above in this video by drone pilot Gkoutanoudisg.

Dragon Lake, Mt. Tymfi, Epirus


Alpine lake in Tymfi ,2050m


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor giannis_bek1 brings us this excellent drone video from the mountains of Northern Greece.  The area filmed is called Dragon Lake (Drakolimni), which is actually a series of lake on the slopes of Mt. Tymfi in the region of Epirus, near the northwestern corner of the country.  With a maximum elevation of about 2.5k meters above sea level (8.2k ft.), Tymfi is part of the Pindus Mountains, a range which is sometimes called the "spine" of Greece and which in turn is part of the Dinaric Alps.

The Waterfront of Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki's seaside landmarks


Contributor orybarfly created this beautiful drone video of the waterfront of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city and the capital of the Macedonia region.  The video includes some great footage of some of the city's most well known landmarks such as the  White Tower of Thessaloniki and the Alexander the Great Monument.  It also includes shots of the so-called New Waterfront, an area south of the White Tower which underwent a massive redevelopment over the past few years.

The Beaches of Halkidiki


Greece | Halkidiki Drone Footage


Halkidiki is a peninsula in Northern Greece - actually it's a set of three smaller peninsulas that jut out like a bear claw from a larger peninsula, at the base of which sits the great port city of Thessaloniki.  While the beaches of Halkidiki are not as well known as those of the Aegean Islands and other points further south, they are nevertheless some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean region.  You can check out this stunningly beautiful area from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video by albodrone.  

The Beaches of Chalkdiki


Sunny beach | Chalkidiki, Greece


Check out this drone video of a stunning beach area in northern Greece, compliments of contributor Dp.Pictures.  Chaklidiki is a peninsula into the Aegean Sea in the Central Macedonia region of the country.  The peninsula resembles a hand on a map, with the "wrist" being the city of Thessaloniki and the "fingers" being the sub-peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos.  With some of the best-known cultural spots in the country, Chalkdiki has also become known for its stunning beaches.  

Volos: Port of Thessaly


Drone Video of the Port of Volos, Greece

Icarus Aer...

Icarus Aerial Filming created this captivating drone's eye view of Volos, an important Greek seaport.  The city is situated in the Thessaly region, in the center of the eastern coast of the Greek mainland.  While the area has been inhabited for millennia and mentioned in numerous ancient texts, the modern port is of comparatively recent vintage - it was constructed in the late 19th century.  The video provides a nicely captioned view of some of the different vessels which are loading and unloading their cargoes at the port facilities.  

Didymoteicho: Edge of the Thracian Plain



kostas Gur...

Amongst the many cultural treasures of Northern Greece is the town of Didymoteicho.  Seen here in this drone video by content creator Kostas Gur, the town is situated in the far northeastern part of the country, in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region.  It lies in a strategic position, in effect controlling one of the approaches through the mountains into the great Thracian Plain, one of the most important food-growing areas in Southeastern Europe.    The video was shot as the area was blanketed in snow.  

Mt. Olympus: St. Elias Chapel


Chapel of the Prophet Elias, Mount Olympus


Given the importance of Greece's Mt. Olympus to the Eastern Orthodox religion, it's perhaps not surprising that there are multiple religious sites on Greece's tallest mountain.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot MIAPVIDEOS, you'll get an aerial view of one of them - the Chapel of the Prophet Elias.  The church sits at an altitude of 2.8k meters (about 9.2k ft.) above seal level, about 120 meters (a bit over 500 ft.) below the summit.  The chapel was founded by Saint Dionysius in the 16th century.  

Astraka Peak, Mt. Tymfi, Epirus




AirVuz contributor and pilot DimiMaran brings us this excellent drone video from a well-known mountain peak in Greece.  It's called Astráka, and it's part of the Mt. Tymfi in the Pindus Mountains.  Most of Tymfi (apart from Astraka) is part of the 126 square km (just under 50 square mi.) Vikos–Aoös National Park in Epirus, the northwesternmost region of Greece.  Astraka is the westernmost of the roughly dozen more prominent peaks of Tymfi; its summit elevation is just over 2.4k meters above sea level (just under 8k ft.).  

Proposal on Mt. Olympus


How I proposed to my girlfriend. Oh, yeah, of course with the drone!!! :)


AirVuz contributor MIAPVIDEOS picked an amazing place to propose to his girlfriend: Greece's Mt. Olympus!  Being an avid drone pilot, he (of course) managed to record the great event as an aerial video.  Hiking with his party high into the peaks of Greece's highest mountain, he pops the question at about the :55 mark.   Receiving (we gather) the hoped-for response, the party gathers to celebrate with an epic dronie shot from the Chapel of the Prophet Elias, a 16th century church which lies about 120 meters (around 500 ft.) below the summit.

Sights of Ionnina, Epirus


Discover Ioannina and Papigo | Greece


Greece's Ionnina is one of the regional units of Epirus, the official region which covers most of the northwestern part of the country.  In this aerial video by contributor and drone pilot Skyeye_Aerials, you'll get bird's-eye views of some of region's most well-known sights, namely: Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in Europe, which is situated in the Pindus Mountains; the village of Papingo; ths island of Ioannina in Lake Pamvotida, the largest lake in Epirus; and the region's capital city, also called Ionnina.  

Arta Castle, Epirus


Castle of Arta (Greece)


Check out this drone video of a well-known castle in Northern Greece, compliments of contributor ActionGreece.  It's called the Castle of Arta, and it's located in its namesake town in the Epirus region, which covers the northwestern part of the country.  Built in the 13th century, the castle played an important role in the political struggles of the region during the Middle Ages, which involved a series of oftentimes bloody conflicts between Byzantine, Ottoman, Serbian, and Venetian interests.   

Polyfytous Lake and Bridge, Kozani


Polyfytos Lake


Greece's Lake Polyfytos is an artificial reservoir on the Haliacmon River, the country's longest waterway.  The lake was created in the 1970's, as was a bridge to cross it - one of the longest in Greece at 1.37k meters or around 4.5k ft.  The bridge connects the towns of Servia and Kozani, two of the main towns in the Kozani regional unit of West Macedonia, which became separated with the creation of the lake.  In this drone video by gkoutanoudisg, you'll get an aerial tour of the area, including the lake, the bridge, and the town of Servia.  

Parga and its Castle, Epirus


Parga, Greece | 4K Mavic Pro 2 | Silva Design Co.


Check out this excellent drone video of a historic town on Greece's western coast, compliments of Silvadesignco.  Parga is town located on the Adriatic Sea coastline in Preveza, a region within the larger region of Epirus, which covers the country's northwestern corner.  The video features some excellent footage of the city's top sight - the hilltop Parga Castle.  Originally dating to the 11th century, it played an important role in the centuries strong struggle between the Venetians and the Ottomans for control of the Mediterranean.  

Thessaly's Mt. Pelion


Pellon, Greece: October, 2017

Icarus Aer...

Mt. Pelion is a well-known peak in Central Greece.  It's maximum elevation is 1.6k meters above sea level (around 5.3k ft.).  The mountain is situated in the southeastern portion of the Thessaly region, which extends into the region of northern Greece.  The mountain occupies a significant position in Greek mythology, and is said to be the home of the Centaur.  Contributor and drone pilot Icarus Aerial Filming created this stunning aerial video of the mountain, which is in an area which was much slower to develop than other parts of Greece.  

Plastira Dam, Thessaly




Check out this drone video of a well known dam in Greece, compliments of content creator and pilot gkoutanoudisg.  It's called Plastiras Dam, and it impounds the Megdova River in the southern part of the region of Thessaly.  Completed in 1960, the concrete arch dam was undertaken primarily to control the frequent flooding to which the area was prone.  It created Lake Plastiras as a reservoir, which covers around 24 square km or around 9 square mi.  The dam also has about 130MW of hydroelectric generation capacity.  

Drone Views of Meteora


Meteora's Rock Pillars


Meteora is a spectacular rock formation in the Thessaly region of north-central Greece.  These immense pillars represent a geological phenomenon which is essentially unique in the world.  Beginning in the early days of Christianity, a group of monasteries was built on the pillars, six of which remain standing today. Contributor and drone pilot Rickrayfilms treats us to a spectacular aerial tour of the area, which is considered second in importance only to the Holy Mountain of Athos in its importance to Eastern Orthodoxy.

FPV Video from Cape Drepano


Drone tourist. Cape Drepano

  • MothFPV
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  • about 4 years ago

Cape Drepano is a promontory off the northern coast of the larger Peloponnese Peninsula in southern Greece.  Situated on the south side of the Gulf of Corinth, the body of water which separates the Peloponese from the mainland.  With its semi-protected waters, the cape and its environs offer some of the best windsurfing in the Mediterranean region.  In this first person view (FPV) video, you'll get a perspective of Cape Drepano from a racing drone piloted by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot MothFPV.

Port of Thessaloniki Drone Views



kostas Gur...

Check out this fantastic drone video of the great port of Thessaloniki, Greece, compliments of AirVuz contributor kostas Gur.  It's primarily a bulk cargo port, with annual capacity of about 16 million tons split roughly equally between dry bulk and liquid cargoes (primarily petroleum products).  It also maintains a small container terminal, although its containerized cargo capacity is far below that of the port of Piraeus.  Finally, the port operates one of the busier passenger terminals in the Aegean Sea region.    



Meteora Greece, Crete

Karen's dr...

Lake Plastira in Greece



Uncle Damn...

Meteora. Best place in Greece


Meteora 2019

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Meteora dronie