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Vega Baja Beach


Vega Baja Beach, Puerto Rico


Vega Baja beach (Playa de Vega Baja Cibuco) sits in roughly the center of the northern coastline of Puerto Rico, within the so-called Bermuda Triangle which includes the island's Atlantic coast.  Part of the Greater San Juan metropolitan area, it is one of the most popular beach areas on the north coast of this US island territory.  In this drone video, contributor Oscar Alexis used a drone and some creative post-production editing to create a marvelous picture of the beach and the various aquatic activities available to its visitors such as jet-skiing.  

Aerial Tour of Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico 4k Adventure


Top contributor Thatdroneview created this marvelous aerial tour of Puerto Rico, the United States Territory in the Caribbean Sea.  The video features bird's eye views of the island's crystal clear waters, mangrove-lined beaches, and the jade-colored mountains, and other natural and cultural features which make it a perennial favorite amongst Caribbean travel destinations. The video was shot using a combination of aerial footage from a DJI Phantom 4 drone and ground camera footage.  

Puerto Rico by DJI Mavic Pro




With five days to spend in Puerto Rico, contributor and drone pilot kazukihashiroto wasted no time in getting the most out of his visit.  He ventured to all the attractions of the Caribbean island equipped with a DJI Mavic Pro drone and joined by his friends.  He captured aerial footage of all the good times they shared splashing in the warm sea, riding in boats, and chilling on the beach.  The video was shot prior to the island (a US territory) being devastated by Hurricane Maria in September, 2017.

Drones for Disaster Recovery in PR


Post-Hurricane Mapping in Puerto Rico - Global Air Media


Hurricane Maria devastated large areas around the Caribbean Sea in late 2017.  Amongst the hardest-hit areas was the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a US territory which bore the brunt of the historic storm.  The island saw some of the worst devastations from a natural disaster ever visited on US soil, with over a thousand people killed and some areas enduring months without power.  In this video, content creator and drone pilot Global Air Media shows how drone mapping was used in disaster recovery. 

Abandoned Sugar Mill in Aguada


Abandoned Sugar Mill, Aguada Puerto Rico

Pedro's ai...

For centuries, the economy of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico was built on one commodity: sugar.  The sugar cane fields which ringed its coast fed some of the largest sugar mills in the world.  For a variety of reasons, the industry went into decline beginning in the 1930s, and production today is virtually non-existent. In this drone video by Pedro's Airtime, you'll get a bird's eye view of the now-abandoned Aguada mill, the first integrated mill on the island and for decades one of the world's largest.

Los Morrillos Lighthouse


Los Morrillos Lighthouse, Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Pedro's ai...

Contributor and pilot Pedro's Airtime created this stunning drone video of one of the most important lighthouses in the Caribbean. Los Morrillos Lighthouse is in Cabo Roca, the town which sits in the very southwestern corner of Puerto Rico.  The town is situated on the east side of the Mona Passage between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  The lighthouse was built in 1882, and since then has played an important navigational role for ship traffic in and out of the Caribbean through these waters.

PR on the Eve of Maria


Puerto Rico - Despacito

AndyOleck ...

Contributor and pilot AndyOleck created this magnificent aerial tour of Puerto Rico, taken in the summer of 2017 just months before the island (a US territory) was devastated by Hurricane Maria. The video features bird's eye views of the natural and cultural scenery which is unique to the Caribbean: white sand beaches, spectacularly rocky stretches of coastline, lagoons, beautiful seaside ports, and more. It is hear-rendering to watch knowing the tragedy that was to ensue just weeks later.  

Crash Boat Beach


Crash boat Aguadilla Puerto Rico


Contributor and pilot WillyMercado created this spectacular drone video of Crash Boat Beach in northwestern Puerto Rico.  It's the northernmost of a string of beaches which line the Bay of Aguadilla, with the port town of the same name in the center.  It's a beautiful beach area, more suitable to aquatic activities which thrive in calmer surfs, such as sailing and kiteboarding.  The area was once home to an important US Air Force Base, and the port was used to despatch rescues for downed airmen.  

Porta del Sol


Porta del Sol Puerto Rico

Nelson A V...

Porta del Sol is an official region of Puerto Rico, the US territory in the Caribbean Sea.  It consists of 17 municipalities and covers the westernmost portion of the island.  The region was established in 2003 as a means for the Puerto Rican government to promote tourism in an area that is far less densely populated than the rest of the island.  Porta Del Sol translates to "Doorway to the Sun".  Check it out from a bird's eye perspective in this beautiful drone video by contributor and drone pilot Nelson A Velez P.R.

One Week in PR



Drone One ...

Top contributor Drone One Media used a combination of two DJI drones and ground camera footage to create this amazing video record of a week in Puerto Rico.  Some of the highlights include El Yunque National Forest, home of Puerto Rico's highest peak and the only tropical rainforest under control of the US Forest Service.  You'll also see some amazing shots of the old city of San Juan (one of the oldest settlements of the Spanish Empire) and its mighty fortress on the Atlantic side of the island.   

Icacos, Guilligan and Culebrita Islands




Contributor amazing 787 created this stunning drone video of his top three spots in Puerto Rico, all of which are small islands lying off its coast.  First up is Icacos, which lies off the coast of Fajardo in the far northeastern corner of the country.  The next stop is Guilligan ("Gilligan's Island", after the popular 1960's TV show), off the coast of Guanica in southwestern PR.  Last is tiny Culebrita, an uninhabited island which lies off the coast of Culebra, a somewhat larger island off the eastern end of the main island. 

Rainbow in the Central Mountain Range


Rainbow at Cerro Mime Puerto Rico


Prepare to be amazed by this drone video of a rainbow in the mountains of Puerto Rico, compliments of contributor amazing787.  The spot where this was captured is called Cerro Mime, and it's very near the geographic center of this US island territory in the Caribbean Sea.  The town is situated a bit to the northwest of Orocovis.  This area is part of the Central Mountain Range, a chain of mountains which runs across the length of the island and divides the northern and southern coastal plains areas.  

Dorado by Mavic Pro 2


Puerto Rico - MPII


Contributor TraveLocation Films used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this stunning aerial view of Dorado, a town on the northern (Atlantic) coast of the island of Puerto Rico.  Dorado is situated about a half-hour drive west of San Juan, the territory's capital and principal urban center.  It's considered part of the San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area, which covers much of north-central Puerto Rico.  The town of Dorado gained international recognition when it hosted the second summit of the G7 countries in 1976.

Isabele Post-Maria


Road Trip to Isabela 4K | Puerto Rico

Gerald Liz...

Contributor Gerald Lizaro traveled to Isabela, Puerto Rico in the months following Hurricane Maria to create this remarkable video of showing the island's slow recovery from the devastating hurricane.  Isabele is one of the principal cities on the northwestern coast of the island.  It's considered part of the Aguadilla–Isabela–San Sebastián metropolitan area, which covers the northwestern corner of the island.  The town is named after Isabele I, the Queen of Castile (Spain) in the late 15th century.  

Old San Juan


Drone Series: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Iris Films...

San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of the best-preserved vestiges of the once-great Spanish Empire in the Western Hemisphere.  It's the third-oldest Spanish capital city in the America's; only Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Panama City in Panama are older, and only by a few years.  Situated towards the eastern end of Puerto Rico's northern (Atlantic) coastline, the old city is dominated by the Fortress of San Juan.  Check out the old city from above in this drone video by contributor Iris Films.   



Arecibo, Puerto Rico


Here's a nice aerial view of Arecibo, one of the principal towns on the northwestern side of the island of Puerto Rico.  It's located about 80 km (around 50 mi.) west of San Juan, the territorial capital city.  Arecibo is perhaps best known for a spot not on its coast but some ways inland: the Arecibo Observatory.  Located in the southern part of the municipality, until 1916 it was the home of the world's largest radio telescope.  The video was created by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Airtistry.  

Dorado, Greater San Juan Area


Dorado Puerto Rico

Nelson A V...

Here's an awesome bird's eye view of a town on the northern coast of Puerto Rico, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Nelson A. Velez P.R.  Dorado is situated on the territory's northern (Atlantic Ocean) coastline, about 25 km (around 15 mi.) west of the capital, San Juan.  While Dorado has roots as an independent village, it's now considered part of the sprawling San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area which covers much of the eastern half of this United States territory island.  

Hatillo, Northern Coast


Hatillo,Puerto Rico

Nelson A V...

This drone video by Nelson A. Velez P.R. will show you a once-remote part of Puerto Rico that is now on the outskirts of greater San Juan.  It's called Hatillo, and it's located about three-quarters of the way down PR's northern coast moving west - roughly in the same distance from the western edge as San Juan is from the eastern edge.  Despite being a good distance from the capital, it's now considered part of the San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area, the principal urban concentration in this US territory.   

Isabela: The Garden City


Puerto Rico from the sky_Isabela

Pedro's ai...

Here's a stunning drone video from a historical town on the northwestern coast of Costa Rica, compliments of content creator and pilot Pedro's Airtime.  The town of Isabela is located near the western end of the territory's long northern coastline, along the Atlantic Ocean.  Named after Queen Isabelle, the 15th century Queen who was instrumental in launching Spain on its Age of Exploration, it's also known as the Garden City due to the extensive presence of wildflowers in the cityscape.  

Castillo San Felipe del Morro


Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan By Drone | 4K


Top contributor Invincible Storm Films created this beautiful video of the Castle of San Felipe (Castillo San Felipe del Morro) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The original fort was built in the mid-16th century to help defend the port of San Juan, which was considered one of the most important spots in the then-young Spanish Empire in the New World.  It was rebuilt later that century with a design that was considered the most advanced in the world and was used for nine other sites in key cities around the Empire.  

Culebra's Flamenco Beach


Flamenco Beach


Puerto Rico's Flamenco Beach lies on the island of Culebra, which sits about 30 km (around 17 mi.) to the east of the "mainland" island in the Caribbean Sea.  With only 2,000 residents spread across 60 square km (around 12 square mi.), the island is perfect for those seeking to avoid crowded beach destinations.  Flamenco appeared in the #13 spot in a recent survey of the world's best beaches by Coastal Living.  You can check out this beautiful bit of paradise from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video.  

Old San Juan


Old San Juan Puerto Rico part 1 / Autel Evo


Contributor and drone pilot I-Drone-Aerial created this stunning 4k aerial video of the old town of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Located on the northern (Atlantic Ocean) shore of this US territory, San Juan was one of the first Spanish settlements in the Western Hemisphere.  Established in 1521, it's the third-oldest city established by Europeans in the "New World".  Given its strategic importance to the once-mighty Spanish Empire, San Juan became one of the world's most heavily fortified cities.   

Rincón: Western PR


Ricón Puerto Rico


Check out this beautiful drone video from the far western part of Puerto Rico, compliments of contributor Cloudsurferfilms.  It was shot in the area of Rincón, which occupies the southern part of a small peninsula at the western extremity of the US island territory in the Caribbean Sea.  Rincón is considered part of the Aguadilla–Isabela–San Sebastián metropolitan area, which covers the northwestern part of the island.  It's home to some of Puerto Rico's best-known surfing beaches.

Vega Baja: Puerto Nuevo Beach


Puerto Rico , puerto nuevo beach in Vega Baja


AirVuz contributor and drone pilot amazing 787 created this beautiful aerial video of a spot on the northern coast of the US island territory of Puerto Rico.  It's called Vega Baja, and it's right in the middle of the island's northern (Atlantic Ocean) coastline.  Lying a bit to the west of the territory's capital San Juan, it is considered to be part of the San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area, an urban agglomeration which covers much of the eastern two-thirds of the island.  

Los Morillos Lighthouse


Faro Los Morillos Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Bumble Bee...

Content creator and drone pilot Bumble Bee Productions created this beautiful drone videos of a historic lighthouse on the US island territory of Puerto Rico.  Los Morillos Light (Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo) is situated on a promontory near the southwestern corner of the island.  The lighthouse was built in 1882 to protect shipping in and out of the Caribbean Sea through the (often treacherous) Mona Passage.  The landmark is known for its simple, elegant design.  It has been automated since 1967.

The El Yunque National Forest


Puerto Rico Rain Forest

8 Fifty Pr...

Check out this drone video of the El Yanque National Forest in Puerto Rico, compliments of contributor 8 Fifth Productions.  Located in the northeastern part of this US island territory, it's the only rainforest in the US National Park system.  The park is located in the Sierra de Luquillo mountain range, and covers a land area of just over 110 square km (around 43 square mi.).  With its highest peak at a bit over 1k meters above sea level (around 3.3k ft.), parts of the park receive as much as 600 cm of rainfall per year or around 20 ft.   

San Juan by Drone


San Juan, Puerto Rico

8 Fifty Pr...

Take in these marvelous (mostly) aerial views of San Juan, Puerto Rico, compliments of top contributor 8 Fifty Productions.  Most of the video was shot around the "old city" on the island of San Juan, which forms the northern side of San Juan Bay.    Some of the featured locations include the 16th century fortress of El Morro at the :15 mark; the Castillo San Cristóbal, an 18th century fortress near the middle of the island (starting at around the :50 mark); the Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery (1:53); and more.