Collection: Surfing Drone Videos

<p><strong>Surfs up, dude! Get stoked for this collection of surfing aerial footage!</strong> 🏄🏻 <br /><br />Slip into that wet suit because these surfing drone videos will make you want to grab your surfboard and hit the waves! This collection contains some of the best barrels right here in these surfing aerial videos. <br /><br />Surfing is popular in a lot of places around the world, from the <a href="">California coast</a> to <a href="">Rio</a>, and from <a href="">Australia</a> to the <a href="">Maldives</a>, with plenty of other spots that lend themselves to some great waves. If you manage to capture some great surfing footage with your drone, we’d love to see it here on <a href=""></a>! (We're still waiting for someone to drone themselves while surfing at the same time...) <br /><br />Come on guys, take the plunge and check out these aerial views of surfers catching those rad waves. Also, don't forget to <strong>like</strong>, <strong>comment</strong>, and <strong>follow</strong> the contributors that brought us these amazing drone videos!<br /><br /><strong>AirVūz | United by Drone</strong></p>
Surfing at mediterranean sea with @talib 0:32

Mediterranean surf

A one minute clip shot from the above and below during a 10 day charter boat trip in the beautiful Maldives. 0:59

Maldivian Magic

Night surfing session in New Jersey. 0:44

Night Surf

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