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Aerial Tour of Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia Drone Reel


Nova Scotia is the largest of Canada's Maritime provinces, which lie in the eastern end of the country.  Brintonphoto used his DJI Phantom 3 drone and a ground camera to create this spectacular tour of the province, whose name derives from "New Scotland".  The reel includes footage from all seasons and provides spectacular aerial views of the coastline, the leaves in Fall season, and the skyline of the provincial capital Halifax. 

St. Martins, New Brunswick

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St. Martins, New Brunswick From Above


The village of St. Martins is 45 minutes east of Saint John, the capital city of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.   The village sits on the Bay of Fundy, a body of water which opens into the Atlantic Ocean.  Contributor Peter Block used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, supplemented with ground camera footage, to create this beautiful aerial view of the cliffs of West Quaco, which is part of St. Martins.  Enjoy this beautiful spot in the heart of Canada's Maritime Provinces!

Prince Edward Island

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PEI, Canada, Short video


Contributor Likehalliday created this video with rare drone footage of Canada's Prince Edward Island.  The province, part of the Maritime provinces along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is Canada's smallest in terms of land area and smallest of the southern tier provinces in terms of population as well.  The island is situated east of New Brunswick, north of Nova Scotia, and due south of Anticosti Island, which lies near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.  

Nova Scotia's Highlands

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The Highlands Like You've Never Seen Before


Contributor and pilot Brintonphoto created this stunning drone video of the Highlands area of Cape Breton Island in Canada's Nova Scotia province.  The Highlands are located in the northeastern part of the island, which is the easternmost part of the Maritime provinces.  The video was shot near the peak of the Fall season, and the colors are simply stunning.  The Highlands are considered to be an extension of the Appalachian mountain chain which runs down a portion of eastern Canada and the USA.

Fort Beauséjour: Star Fortress

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Fort in the middle of nowhere! drone footage


Content creator and pilot JuliusComeau created this drone video of Fort Beauséjour, a fortress on the isthmus which connects the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  It's a five sided star fort, built by the French, and eventually ceded to the British who renamed in Fort Cumberland.  It's situated on the Isthmus of Chignecto, which was an important strategic position during the struggles between Britain and France over the Canadian territories in the 18th century.

Nova Scotia's Cape Split

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Epic Selfie in Nova Scotia, Canada

Wild & Free Travel

Wild & Free Travel created this epic drone selfie from Cape Split in eastern Canada.  The Cape is a peninsula which extends into the Bay of Fundy from Nova Scotia.  The cliffs here are in a constant state of erosion and can be dangerous. The entire cape was privately owned until recently, when it was purchased by the provincial government.  The Bay of Fundy separates Nova Scotia from New Brunswick, the two most populous of Canada's three Maritime Provinces.

Confederation Bridge

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Confederation Bridge linking PEI to the rest of Canada


Barely 20 years old, Confederation Bridge is one of the most well known spans in Canada.  Opened in 1997, the bridge connects the Maritime provinces of Prince Edward Island with New Brunswick.  The bridge's total length is just under 13 km (8 mi.), and it's built in over 40 segments.  Built at a cost of over C$1B, it's also known as the "Fixed Link", and is the only connection between PEI and the mainland.  In this drone video from johnmacneill2471, you can check out the bridge from a bird's eye perspective.  

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

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Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, via DJI Phantom 3 drone (#LighthouseProject)

Nō Ka 'Oi Drone Guys

Given the area's historical dependence on shipping and fishing, lighthouses have long been important part of the landscape of Canada's Maritime Provinces.  Peggys Cove Lighthouse (sometimes called Peggys Point) was built in 1915 and quickly became one of the most recognized spots in Nova Scotia and indeed in all of Canada.   In this video, contributor and pilot Nō Ka 'Oi Drone Guys filmed this iconic looking lighthouse with a drone.  This aerial footage was featured in various Canadian national media outlets.  

Nova Scotia's Blue Rocks

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Sunset in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

James Goode

Check out this drone video from an idyllic spot in Canada's Nova Scotia province, compliments of contributor and drone pilot James Goode.  Blue Rocks is situated on the Atlantic coast of the province, near the town of Lunenberg.  The coastline here is fantastically complicated, with countless bays and islands.  It's one of the reasons why Nova Scotia is home to so many well known lighthouses; without them, navigating its coastline was next to impossible without modern positioning technology.