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Cambodia's Temple of Angkor Wat

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Angkor Wat

Fabio Knoll

The most recognizable site in Cambodia is the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat, in the Siem Riep province. Built in the early 12th century, the world’s largest religious monument was originally a Hindu temple before becoming tied to Buddhism 100 years later. Contributor Fabio Knoll used a drone to create a visual masterpiece of this ancient temple, once the seat of the Khmer Empire which ruled much of Southeast Asia. from the 9th to the 15th centuries AD.

Thailand's Tiger Cave Temple

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Wat Tham Sua

Flying Horizons

Wat Tham Sua ("Tiger Cave Temple") is one of two  famous Buddhist temples near Kanchanaburi, in the west-central part of Thailand.  While the temple was only built in the 1970's, it quickly became a popular cultural site, and it also benefits from being nearby the site of the fabled Bridge Over the River Kwai.  Flying Horizons used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to treat us to an aerial view of this not-so-ancient temple in the jungle, in the province of Kanchanaburi.      

Borobudur: Temple of Java, Indonesia

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Wonderful Borobudur Indonesia ( World Heritage Site, UNESCO )


In this video, contributor Sevendrone gives us an aerial view of Borobudur, one of Indonesia's greatest cultural treasures.  The Buddhist temple is located in the central part of Java.  Constructed in the 9th century, the temple is most distinguished by its massive dome.  The dome is surrounded by over 70 Buddha statues, part of the 500+ such statues in and around the structure.  Borobudur has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.

Thailand's Doi Inthanon Temple

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Sunset over Doi Inthanon

Unraveled Studios

Unraveled Studios created this epic drone video from one of the most scenic spots in Thailand and indeed in all of Southeast Asia.  It's shot at Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand at almost 2.6k meters (8.4k ft.) above sea level.  It's in the country's Chiang Mai province, its northernmost, near the border with Myanmar.  The video beautifully captures the mountain peak at sunset as well as the iconic looking Doi Inthanon temple shimmering in the fading sunlight.  

The Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

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Bagan -A forest of temples- Aerial

  • NAVA
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The ancient city of Bagan is located in the Myanmar province of Mandalay, deep in the interior of the country.  Hundreds of years ago, Bagan was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom, the precursor to modern-day Myanmar.  In this video, contributor NAVA uses a DJI Phantom 1 drone to give a bird's eye view of some of the Bagan region, a plains area which at one point was home to more than 10,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas.

Amritsar: Sikh Temple in Punjab

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Golden Temple, Amritsar


Contributor Harry713 created this stunning drone video of the Golden Temple, one of the most sacred places in the Sikh religion.  It's in the city of Amritsar, in the Punjab region of northwestern India.  The temple was built in the 16th century and suffered significant damage over the years from those hostile to the Sikh religion.  Sikhism is a monotheistic creed which originated in the Punjab region in the 15th century and is the world's fifth largest religion by followers.

Bali's Tamblingan Temple

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Lake over Pura Ulun Danu Tamblingan, Bali

  • Kinjo
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Contributor Kinjo used a drone to create this marvelous aerial video of a Hindu temple in Bali, Indonesia.  The form of Hinduism practiced in Bali is somewhat distinct from how it is practiced in other parts of the world, and Balinese Hindu temples are called pura's.  The temple is located on the shores of Lake Tambinglan, in the Buleleng district in the northwestern corner of the island.  The lake is surrounded by volcanoes and is an important destination for spiritually oriented travelers.

Bali's Tanah Lot Temple

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Tanah Lot Temple Bali

The island of Bali has a distinctive culture and history compared to the larger Indonesian islands, remainig  outside the control of continental Muslim empires that carved up much the archipelago and (until the late date of 1906) of the Dutch colonial control that came afterwards.  One of the manifestations of this is Bali's predominant religion, a branch of Hinduism called Balinese.  In this drone video by, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Tanah Lot Temple, one of the most important Balinese religious sites.  

Prambaban Temple, Central Java

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Prambanan Temple, Indonesia


Contributor Philedrone created this magnificent aerial video of a well known Hindu temple in Indonesia.  The Prambaban Temple is situated in what is now the special region of  Yogyakarta, near the center of the island of Java.  Built in the 9th century, it's the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and one of the largest in the world.  While Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, it does have a Hindu minority which is estimated to number about 4 million, most of whom live in Bali.  

Myanmar's Mingun Temple

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Mandalay - Mingun - Myanmar

Leni Sediva

Contributor Leni Sediva created an epic video of her travels in the central part of Myanmar.  Using a combination of drone (aerial) and ground footage, she takes us around the Mandalay region.  The highlight of the video is footage of the giant Mingun Temple, which was started in 1790 but never completed.  Had it been finished, it would have been the largest temple in the world.   It lies on the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar's most important waterway.

Wat Chalong Temple in Phuket, Thailand

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The Chalong Temple in Phuket

  • Raivig
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Thailand's Phuket province has nearly 30 Buddhist temples, a testament to the religious sentiment of the island.  The most famous of these is the Wat Chalong Temple, which sits above the town of Chalong near the southern tip of the island.  Wat Chalong was built in the late 19th century in honor of two monks who led political struggles in the company at that time.  Contributor Raivig used a drone to capture the beauty of this important religious landmark from a drone.  

Phra Pathommachedi, Central Thailand

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Nakhon Pathom: Wat Phra Prathom Chedi

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Check out this amazing drone video of a noted religious landmark in the central part of Thailand.  The Phra Pathommachedi is what's known as a Stupa, which is a circular structure carrying relics of significance to followers of Buddhism.  It's situated near the medium sized city of Nakhon Pathom, which is the capital of the province of the same name.  The structure is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the area, which is located a short distance due west from Bangkok.  

China's Fangta Tower Park

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Fangta Tower Park - Changshu, Jiangsu (China)


While the Yangtze River Delta in eastern China is best known for Shanghai, there are a number of other large cities on the estuary of the country's longest (and most important) river.  One of these cities is Changshu.  It's part of the Jiangshu province, which covers much of the delta outside of Shanghai (which is its own provincial-level administrative unit).  In this drone video by Mattcoq, you'll get a drone's eye view of the city's Fangta Tower Park, which was built around the Songjiang Square Pagoda.

Singapore's Chinese Garden Pagoda

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Chinese Garden Pagoda Singapore

jeric saniel

Contributor jeric saniel created this beautiful drone video of Singapore's Chinese Garden Pagoda, one of the top sights in this Southeast Asian city-state.  It's located in the Jurong East neighborhood of the city's West Region.  Opened in 1975, the centerpiece of the garden is the 7 story Buddhist pagoda.  Buddhism is the most common religion in Singapore; out of a population of about 5.6 million as of 2018, roughly one-third are practicing Buddhists.  

Pakistan's Katas Rah Temple Complex

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Katas Raj Temple View Through Drone Eye lll Chakwal

Backpacker Let's Explore The World

Check out this drone video of one of the most famous Hindu temple complexes in Pakistan, compliments of Backpacker Let's Explore the World.  It's the Katas Raj Temples (Katas Raj Temples), a group of temples connected by a series of walkways.  The complex is situated in the Rawalpindi District, the northernmost district of the Punjab Province.  The pond around which the temples are built is noted extensively in ancient Indian literature and is connected to Shiva, one of the principal Hindu gods. 

The Temples of Chiang Ma, Thailand

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Amazing Drone Views of Chiang Ma, Thailand


The principal city of northern Thailand, situated on the Ping River near the border with Myanmar, is Chiang Mai.  Founded in the 13th century, this jungle city has immense historical and cultural significance to Thailand.  It was capital of the Lan Na Kingdom, one of the principal tributaries of the Kingdom of Siam.  Contributor Tominspires used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create a mesmerizing aerial view of this city, home to some of the most well known (and spectacular) Buddhist Temples in the world.   

Bangkok's Wat Arun Temple

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Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok


Given that Thailand has the second largest Buddhist population in the world (after China) it's perhaps not surprising that one of the landmarks in its capital city would be a temple.  And so it is.  The centuries-old Wat Arun sits in the Bangkok Yai district in the heart of the great city of the same name, a bit downstream from its newer skyscraper-laden areas.  Contributor Roderich gives us this great aerial view of the magnificent Buddhist landmark on the Chao Phraya River.

Compilation Video

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Wat Chalermprakiat Temples in Thailand

AirVūz Social

Want to travel off the beaten path? Add this remote destination to your bucket list. A drone pilot captured the beauty of Wat Chalermprakia. These temples were built on Mountain peaks in Thailand by roughly 40 locals in honor of King Rama IV. The project began in 2004 and took only a few years to complete. Experience their wonder from the sky! 


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Wat Bang Thong

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Tanah Lot Bali

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Batu Caves Temple

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