Discover top bird's eye views of the caribbean islands


Do What You Love [The Caribbean] - A Travel Video in 4K

Merr Watson

This aerial tour follows globetrotter Merr Watson and her crew of friends as they explore the beautiful beaches, clear water, and island recreation across the Caribbean. From the Cayman Islands to Honduras, the Bahamas, and more, Merr showcases scenic beach living and island adventures with every turn of the drone.


iDroneU - Aruba


The tiny island of Aruba is known for its hot, dry weather and abundant activities. As iDroneU presents an aerial tour of the island, you can catch glimpses of a picturesque lighthouse, a rusting shipwreck, and a wind farm. The drone also captures the island’s clear blue waters, off-road adventures, and more.


Los Roques : Get Lost in Paradise!


If you’re looking for adventure in paradise then Los Roques, Venezuela might be the place for you! Aerial content creator Isabellefabre took her drone to the sky over this Caribbean island archipelago in the Carribean Sea.  It was nominated for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest.




Jonathan Jonderko grew up on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin and shot this aerial showcase when he was disappointed to only find videos of the island that involved tourism. This drone video took him more than 2 months, with his end goal to shoot “a more local and authentic facet of the island.”


Dominican Republic beauty

Genesis Reyes

Contributor Genesis Reyes created this amazing video of Monte Cristi, a city in the northwest corner of the Dominican Republic on the Atlantic coast.  The video includes aerial footage of sailboats, unusual coastal cliffs, and stunning tabletop mountains.   Prepare to be amazed by the bird's eye views of this less well-traveled part of the DR.  


Another World (ft. Sam Kolder and ChelseaKauai


What happens when the one of best FPV pilots in the world teams up with the best content creator Sam Kolder? Creative gold! Watch as JohnnyFPV puts his skills to the test flying around Sam Kolder while he performs insane cliff jumps.


Havana, Cuba by Air

Yan Nielsen

Brightly colored urban settings dominate this aerial look at Cuba’s capital city. Artfully constructed buildings pop with pastel reds and blues, as antique cars rumble down the waterfront with the drone’s close-up shots revealing the varying degrees of restoration and lack thereof throughout the historic city.




This scenic drone video explores the many facets of a visit to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Aerial shots of long sandy beaches contrast with city skylines, while the ruins of historic coastal forts meld with lush hills, and adventurers enjoy exploring waterfalls and turquoise coves.


Where Directors used to swim

Roodaap Aerial Videography

Curacao is part of the Lesser Antilles Islands in the southern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela.  It is a territory of the Netherlands.  Contributor Roodap Aerial Videography created this amazing drone video of Director's Bay, so called because the members of the board of directors of Shell Oil Company used to swim there when visiting the oil refinery which was constructed on the island in the 1930's.

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