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Aerial Reel.....Ode to BC

Aerial Eye Visuals

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province, and is home to some of its most impressive natural scenery.  Using a Matrice 600 drone with a DJI Zenmuse X5 camera, top contributor Aerial Eye Visuals takes us on a tour of BC.  Shot over multiple seasons, the video provides bird's eye views of some of the most spectacular waterfalls, lakes, forests, and coastal scenes to be found anywhere anywhere in North America or indeed the world.   


An Average BC Weekend


Squamish is a small town in Canada's British Columbia province.  It is situated a bit north of Vancouver, the province's largest city and the largest city in Western Canada.  Squamish is a quintissential BC landscape with mountains, lakes, and waterfalls galore.  Top contributor Brayden Hall  (aka Braybraywoowoo) went on a hiking adventure to Elfin Lakes near  Squamish and got this epic aerial footage of the area, including Brandywine Falls and Howe Sound.


Canadian CP Rail in a Winter Wonderland


It would be hard to overstate the importance of railroads to the history of the development of Western Canada; if anything the rail system was even more imporant here than in the Western USA.  Whether it's passenger or freight traffic, the top  Canadian railroad is the mighty Canadian Pacific, or CP for short.  In this epic video, contributor SkyAviatrix gives us a marvelous aerial  view of a stretch of CP line in Western Canada. 


A photography story.


The Western Canadian province of Alberta is a study in contrasts.  While the eastern part of the province is prairie country, its western part is home to the spectacular Canadian Rockies.  Top contributor and drone pilot Attilioruffophotography took his DJI Mavic Pro drone on a tour of this vast province, resulting in this breathtaking aerial video.  Traveling through Banf, Jasper, and Yolo National Parks, he shows us the spectacular beauty of Alberta from an aerial perspective.  


Into The West - North America

Award winning contributor Mike Bishop filmed this aerial masterpiece across a great expanse of western Canada.  The film starts on the Alberta plains, then to the Canadian Rockies, and then on to Vancouver in British Columbia before heading briefly south across the border to the United States for a wrap up.  Sit back and enjoy the bird's eye views of this marvelous and diverse natural landscape of the great expanses of Western Canada.



Pasquale Josepe

Contributor Pasquale Josep created this phenomenal video of British Columbia, in western Canada.  It was shot both in Vancouver and the surrounding wilderness areas.  If you haven't been to BC but see things which look familiar, it may be because you've seen them at the movies: BC is now a top movie filming location, ranging from Vancouver's "starring" role in the 50 Shades series to the BC wilderness which was used to film the famous bear scene in the Revenant.  


Love this time of year....

Aerial Eye Visuals

Aerial Eye Visuals created this amazing drone video of a corner of British Columbia in southwestern Canada.  Squamish is a town near the Howe Sound of BC, due north of Vancouver.  It is in the Squamish Valley, which is an important logging area in western Canada.  The Squamish Valley was a shooting location for the 2015 critically acclaimed film The Revenant, including its most well known scene in which the protagonist was badly mauled by a Grizzly bear.  


ALBERTA is 30 º Below

Fujiabra Films

Western Canada's Alberta province, which attracts significant interest from summer travelers, is a magical place in the winter for the properly clothed and sheltered.  As the mercury drops and chinook winds bring in polar air masses, the landscape turns to a land of frozen forests and mountain lakes.   In this video, contributor Fujibara Films does a phenomenal job of capturing this ice-cold wonderland from an aerial perpective.  


Autumn Cruise

Aerial Eye Visuals

Canada's western province of British Colombia has some of the highest concentration of trees in North America.  While many are of the coniferous variety, the province also has large areas of deciduous trees which turn to brilliant colors in the Fall Season.  Contributor Aerial Eye Visuals gives us an epic look at the Fall colors along BC's Squamish River in this amazing drone video. 


Drone video over Vancouver BC


Contributor Christianluxon created this amazing drone video of Vancouver, the great city on Canada's Pacific coast.  The 2010 Winter Olympics host city is the center of a metropolitan area with a population of about 2.5 million as of 2018, making it the third largest city in Canada after Toronto and Montreal.  Its also the largest container port in Canada, and the primary means by which the goods of Asia reach Canadian consumers.  Most would also agree that it's Canada's most visually stunning city.  


Westcoast Winter Series | Cascade Falls


With huge well-watered forests and highly varied elevations, it's no surprise that British Columbia in Western Canada is home to many waterfalls.  While the region lacks waterfalls with high name recognition like Niagara Falls, it is nonetheless home to many spectacular falls.  In this video, contributor and drone pilot indentmedia takes us to Cascade Falls, near Mission, BC.  Using a DJI drone, he gives us an amazing bird's eye look at these impressive falls.


Gone to the Cabin | British Columbia, Canada


For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Western Canada is considered amongst the most desirable places in the world.  By driving relatively short distances from Vancouver, one can have easy access to some of the most magnificent parks, forests, and recreational areas in North America.  In this video, Blueberry_Media used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to give us a bird's eye view of the mountains of BC, a true heaven for campers, hikers, and backpackers.


Kayaking the ice shelf


As most of the most well known parts of Canada's British Columbia are in the southern part of the province, it's easy to forget just how far north it extends.  A good deal of southern Alaska in the USA lies just west of BC, and the province's northern border is at 60 degrees north latitude.  In this video by Myworldphoto, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of the growing activities in northern BC: kayaking on the edges of the extensive glaciers which line much of the northern Pacific coast. 


Waterfalls of British Columbia


The hundreds of rivers and streams of Canada's British Columbia province drain much of the entire Canadian Rockies system, which covers parts of BC as well as a good portion of neighboring Alberta.  Along the way, these waterf flows make for some epic waterfalls, as you'll see in this beautiful drone video by contributor bryanEASTMEDIA.  Watch it to get bird's eye views of a number of these falls, including Brandywine, Moul, Shannon, Sarahat, and Helmcken Falls.




Contributor and drone pilot Elnaz555 is known for her epic drone videos of Ontario, from which she hails.  To make this video though she headed west, to the Canadian Rockies of Alberta.  She captured some amazing aerial footage of these impressive peaks around Banff and Jasper National Parks, home of some of the most beautiful Alpine scenery in North America.  To comply with laws, the drone footage was captured from within Canmore, outside of the park boundaries.  


Road Trip

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Contributor Bunlee created this magnificent aerial tour of the front range of the Canadian Rockies range in Alberta.  The video was shot on a road trip to Kananaskis country, a large park area in the range's foothills, situated roughly between (and a bit east of) the Banff and Jasper national parks.  Kananaskis Country was the shooting location for much of the 2015 movie The Revenant, which garnered actor Leonard Di Caprio his first Oscar award for Best Actor.  


Helmcken Falls, BC, Canada. Winter.


British Columbia in Canada is known in part for its waterfalls, and Helmcken Falls is a standout with some very tough competition.  It's located in the Wells Gray Provincial Park, which is in east-central BC and lies due west from Jasper National Park in Alberta.  Helmcken Falls is on the Murtle River and features a drop of just over 140 meters (about 460 ft.).  In this epic drone video by Myworldphoto, you'll get a perfect bird's eye view of one of the best known falls in Western Canada.


Drone Dish: braybraywoowoo

The Drone Dish

Brayden Hall, aka braybraywoowoo, hails from Western Canada, specifically from the province of British Columbia.  His videos of BC, which combine drone footage and ground camera footage of the Pacific Northwest are legendary.  In this episode of Drone Dish, Tyler Mason talks to Brayden about his interest in drones and his love of the natural scenery of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.