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Arctic Icebreaker


Drone on IceBreaker


The title says it all.  Top drone pilot and aerial videographer David Etienne Durivage (profile name "Dizifilms") created this spectacular aerial video of a cargo carrying ship operating in the Canadian Arctic.  The video shows the containership plowing through the thick ice of the foreboding Arctic Ocean, and the bird's eye perspective of this scene is incredible.  A ship like this is capable of breaking through modest ice coverings; much thicker ice would require a dedicated icebreaker to clear a path.  

Newfoundland: Canada's Giant Island


Newfoundland The Island Of Dreams !

Newfound d...

Check out these amazing aerial views of the Canadian island of Newfoundland, compliments of contributor newfound drone.  One of the largest islands in the Western Hemisphere by land area, Newfoundland covers almost 109k square km (about 42k square mi.), roughly the same size as the USA state of Tennessee.  Part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, it's separated from the Canadian mainland by the Strait of Belle Isle.  Newfoundland didn't join Canada until 1949, and it remains one of the country's most culturally distinct regions.

Dronie from the Yukon


Life on the Yukon

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The Yukon is the northwesternmost of Canada's 13 provinces, and one of the three so-called Federal Territories which run across the northern tier of the country (the others being Northwest Territories and Nunavut).  It has a very long western border with the USA state of Alaska, and its northern border is on the Arctic Ocean.  Contributor Bbloss was working on filming a TV show in the area, and used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this brief but fascinating look at this remote corner of the country.

Polar Bear Playing in Icebergs


Playful Polar Bear

Florian Le...

Top AirVuz contributor FLorian Ledoux has won numerous worldwide awards for his aerial photography, particularly for his work filming the Arctic wildlife of Canada's far northern reaches.  In this outstanding video, you'll see a graceful polar bear playfully blissfully in the semi-frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean.  Unfortunately, this particular bear (a three-and-a-half year old female) passed away in the summer of 2023.  The cause of death was unknown but was believed to be disease of some form.  

60 Seconds over Newfoundland and Labrador


Made Right Here ! Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfound d...

Take a tour of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, compliments of AirVuz contributor drone.  One of Canada's most distinctive regions, the territory has two components: the mainland territory of Labrador, and the giant island of Newfoundland which lies to its east.  Newfound and Labrador represented the last territory to become part of Canada.  It was an independent colony and then a dominion of the United Kingdom.  In 1933, its economy devastated by the Great Depression, it became Canada's tenth province.  

Newfoundland: Forest, Humber River, and More


The humber river and the man in the mountain , Corner Brook Newfoundland , Canada

Newfound d...

New AirVuz contributor newfound drone brings us this fantastic aerial video from the Canadian island of Newfoundland, which is part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  The video begins with footage from the Newfoundland Boreal Forest, which covers much of the island and is part of the Taiga.  Then you'll fly over the Humber River, which rises in the Newfoundland Highlands and flows westward to the Bay of Islands.  The last stop is a rock formation known as the Man in the Mountains; it's located near the town of Cornerbrook.

Western Newfoundland in Fall


Newfoundland, Canada , bursting with beautiful color!

Newfound d...

Check out this stunning drone video of the Fall colors in Newfoundland, Canada, compliments of AirVuz contributor newfound drone.  The video was filmed in the western part of the giant island, which covers a land area of almost 109k square km (around 42k square mi.) and is one of the world's 20 largest islands on that measure.  The western part of the island lies along the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which separates the island from the Canadian mainland.  It's an area of magnificent natural beauty, never more so than in the Autumn months.  

Polar Bear in Nunavut


Majestic Beast Nanuk

Florian Le...

Nunavut is the newest Canadian province, having been carved out of the Northwest Territories in 1999.  It is a vast Arctic land, lightly occupied and bearing a greater resemblance to Greenland or Antarctica than it does to other Canadian provinces.  Award-winning aerial videographer Florian Ledeaux shot this stunning video of a polar bear walking across the icebergs floating in the Arctic Sea.  The video powerfully illustrates the fragility of the world's eco-system to continued global warming trends.  

Nunavut's Narwals


Magic Sea Unicorn

Florian Le...

Among the most unusual looking whale species are Narwals.  Found in the world's far northern reaches, they are very much distinguished by a large "tusk" which is a residual tooth.  Award-winning contributor and drone pilot Florian Ledoux was part of a team searching for these elusive creatures in Nunavut, in the far Arctic reaches of Northern Canada.  After a few days, they located some of these elusive creatures and were able to film them with a drone, resulting in this astounding video.

Beluga Whales in Nunavut


Thousand beluga

Florian Le...

Check out this magnificent drone video from Canada's far north, compliments of award-winning contributor and drone pilot Florian Ledoux.  He was able to aerially film a giant group of Beluga whales as they ply the waters of the river estuaries in Nunavut Province.  Canada's newest province (it was carved out of the Northwest Territories in 1999), Nunavut is a vast land which extends many hundreds of km/mi into the Arctic Circle.  It is home to numerous species which are potentially endangered from global warming. 

Newfoundland in Winter


Cold Cold Newfoundland Canada , flight in the snow !

Newfound d...

Check out these fantastic wintertime drone views of Newfoundland, Canada, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot newfound drones.  Newfoundland is a large island, representing nearly a third of the land area of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and most of its population.  Despite being surrounded by water and having a latitude which places it south of most of the British Isles, Newfoundland receives considerable snowfall - parts of western Newfoundland receive over 200 inches of snowfall per year (well over 500 cm.).  

Newfoundland's Cape Spear


Sunrise at Cape Spear lighthouse, Newfoundland, CANADA


Check out this excellent drone video of a lighthouse at the eastern extremity of North America, compliments of new AirVuz contributor and pilot chrisstratton.  He filmed Cape Spear Lighthouse, which is located on a promontory on the Avalon Peninsula on the eastern side of the Canadian island of Newfoundland.   The video features both the original 1836 lighthouse as well as the still-operational lighthouse built in 1955.  You'll also see the World War II era gun emplacements which were built here to protect Allied convoys.    

Lake in Southwestern Yukon


Vivid Fall Colours at Yukon's Fish Lake

WayNorth D...

For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor WayNorth Drones brings us this excellent dronie shot from a lake in Canada's vast Yukon territory.  The video was shot during the Fall color season at Fish Lake, a long narrow lake near Yukon's southwestern corner, not far from its southern border with the province of British Columbia.   Much of the lake's western shore is part of the First Nation territory of Kwanlin Dun.  The lake is accessible from the provincial capital of White Horse, about a dozen km (around 7 mi.) to the northeast.  

Emerald Lake, South Yukon


Summer Views at Yukon's Emerald Lake

WayNorth D...

Of the thousands of lakes in the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada, one of the most distinctive is Emerald Lake.  When you watch this excellent drone video by contributor WayNorth Drones, you'll see why.  The lake's deep green color is caused by the reflection of light off of a layer of a distinctive type of mud called marl which lays on the bottom of its shallow waters and which was deposited during the last ice age, about 14,000 years ago.  The lake is located in the southern part of the province, off of the South Klondike Highway.

DVA Nominee from the Arctic



Florian Le...

Contributor and drone extraordinaire, Florian Ledoux, does his part to aid in nature conservation by capturing intimate and unseen scenes of marine life to share with the rest of the world.  It is clear in his drone masterpiece, "I Am Fragile", that he approaches his wild subjects like polar bears, narwhals, and walruses with the utmost care and with great consideration for their surroundings. This moving piece is a nominee in the Drones for Good category in the AirVuz Drone Video Awards.

The Yukon River


Misty Reflections on the Yukon River

WayNorth D...

Check out this fantastic drone video of the giant Yukon River, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot WayNorth Drones.  One of the longest waterways in North America, the river rises in the mountains of northwestern British Columbia in Western Canada and runs a southeast-to-northwest route through the southwestern corner of the Yukon Territory (where the video was filmed).  It then crosses into Alaska and runs on a generally western course to discharge into the Bering Sea, completing its course of about 3.2k km or just under 2k mi.  

Drone Views of Newfoundland


"The Rock": Newfoundland, Canada

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At the easternmost end of Canada is its Newfoundland province.  The province is comprised of two areas: the island of Newfoundland and the Labrador region of the Canadian mainland to its west.  Gtingle used a drone to create this aerial video shot in the winter of 2017, when ice freeze caused great disruption to the province's critical fishing industry.  The province and its relationship with the sea were memorably covered by E. Annie Proulx's 1992 Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Shipping News.

Profile of Florian Ledoux


The Drone Dish: florian ledoux

The Drone ...

Known for his nature and wildlife photography, Florian Ledoux chats with Tyler in this episode of The Drone Dish. Most of his work takes him to Arctic locations like Greenland and Canada's Federal Territories where he has captured epic aerials of polar bears, narwhals, and gigantic icebergs.  One of his aerial photos from the Arctic was featured in the seminal Time magazine special report entitled "The Drone Age", and his video "I am Fragile" was selected as a finalist in the second Drone Video Awards. 



Air Avalon

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