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Western Canada by Drone


A Photography Story from Western Canada


The Western Canadian province of Alberta is a study in contrasts.  While the eastern part of the province is prairie country, its western part is home to the spectacular Canadian Rockies.  Top contributor and drone pilot Attilioruffophotography took his DJI Mavic Pro drone on a tour of this vast province, resulting in this breathtaking aerial video.  Traveling through Banf, Jasper, and Yolo National Parks, he shows us the spectacular beauty of Alberta from an aerial perspective.  

Aerial Views of BC


Aerial Reel.....Ode to BC

Aerial Eye...

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province, and is home to some of its most impressive natural scenery.  Using a Matrice 600 drone with a DJI Zenmuse X5 camera, top contributor Aerial Eye Visuals takes us on a tour of BC.  Shot over multiple seasons, the video provides bird's eye views of some of the most spectacular waterfalls, lakes, forests, endless hiking treks, and coastal scenes to be found anywhere in North America or indeed the world.   

The Canadian Rockies


The Great Canadian Rockies

Omar Uddin...

Contributor Omar Uldin used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to capture the astounding beauty of Canada's Rocky Mountains.  The range, part of the greater North American Rockies system, runs across portions of the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.  The mountains are home to some of the country's most beautiful natural scenery, and large portions of it are part of Canada's national parks.  The video, which features some magnificent timelapses, was a Drone Video of the Week nominee in July, 2019. 

Alberta in Winter


ALBERTA is 30 º Below

Where's Fu...

Western Canada's Alberta province, which attracts significant interest from summer travelers, is a magical place in the winter for the properly clothed and sheltered.  As the mercury drops and chinook winds bring in polar air masses, the landscape, covered by the Canadian Rockies, turns to a land of frozen forests and mountain lakes.   In this video, top AirVuz contributor and droe pilot Fujibara Films does a phenomenal job of capturing this ice-cold wonderland from an aerial perpective.  

Vancouver: Canada's Third City


Vancouver Sunrise

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Prepare to be blown away by this sunrise aerial view of Vancouver, Canada, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot bunlee.  The largest city in the western province of British Columbia, Vancouver is the center of Canada's third-largest metropolitan area after Toronto and Montreal.  Frequently ranked amongst the world's half-dozen most desirable places to live, it's the most densely populated city in North America.  The video features footage of the city's downtown, the Burrard Inlet, the Fraser River, and more.

Banff and Jasper


Canadian Rocky Mountains 4K - Banff/Jasper Alberta - DJI Mavic Pro


Banff and Jasper National Parks are home to some of the finest natural scenery in Canada.  Both lie along the front range of the Canadian Rockies, in southwestern Alberta.  Banff is the southernmost of the two as well as the older (it's Canada's oldest national park) and is only a short drive from Calgary; Jasper lies to the northwest of Banff.  In this drone video by Feelin1Hunnid, you'll get a bird's eye view of these stunning wilderness areas, much of which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.   

Hiking in BC



Pasquale J...

Contributor Pasquale Josep created this phenomenal video of British Columbia, in western Canada.  It was shot both in Vancouver and the surrounding wilderness areas.  If you haven't been to BC but see things which look familiar, it may be because you've seen them at the movies: BC is now a top movie filming location, ranging from Vancouver's "starring" role in the 50 Shades series to the BC wilderness which was used to film the famous bear scene in the Revenant.  

Snowbiking at Whistler


iRev 2018 - Geoff Kyle's Freeride


AirVuz contributor Geoff Kyle has made a career out of big mountain freeride sledding. His tours take other snow seekers throughout Whister on sleds and snow bikes. However, the team in this video are no amateurs - they're team iRev, a group of people that love anything to do with motors and revs. Watch them rip down, around, and over the mountain in this Drone Video of the Week nominated video.  It was shot at the Whistler Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada, about an hour drive north of Vancouver.

The Great West


Into The West - North America


Award-winning contributor Mike Bishop filmed this aerial masterpiece across a great expanse of western Canada.  The film starts on the Alberta plains, then to the Canadian Rockies, and then on to Vancouver in British Columbia before heading briefly south across the border to the United States for a wrap-up.  Sit back and enjoy the bird's eye views of this marvelous and diverse natural landscape of the great expanses of Western Canada, from one of the world's top aerial videographers.

Squamish Valley


Love this time of year....

Aerial Eye...

Top content creator and pilot Aerial Eye Visuals created this amazing drone video of a corner of British Columbia in southwestern Canada, during the height of the Fall color season.  Squamish is a town near the Howe Sound of BC, due north of Vancouver.  It is situated in the Squamish Valley, which is an important logging area in western Canada.  The Squamish Valley was a shooting location for the 2015 critically acclaimed film The Revenant, including its most well known scene in which the protagonist was badly mauled by a Grizzly bear.  

Fall on the Squamish


Autumn Cruise

Aerial Eye...

Canada's western province of British Columbia has some of the highest concentration of trees in North America.  While many are of the coniferous variety, the province also has large areas of deciduous trees which turn to brilliant colors in the Fall Season.  Contributor and pilot Aerial Eye Visuals gives us an epic look at the Fall colors along BC's Squamish River in this amazing drone video. The Squamish is a short but very powerful river in BC which drains a large area of the Coast Mountains.

Mt. Robson: Canadian Rockies #1 Peak


Canada's Tallest Rocky Mountain at 12,972 Ft. | Mt. Robson | Cinematic Fly By


Check out this excellent drone fly-by of the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, compliments of AirVuz contributor TheOnOExperience.  Alberta's Mt. Robson has a peak elevation of just under 13k ft. above sea level (around 3.95k m).  Mt. Robson is actually the most prominent mountain in the entire US/Canadian Rockies system. While numerous peaks in the US rockies have elevations above 14k ft. (around 4.25k m), Mt. Robson exceeds them in its measured prominence, at 9.3k ft. or a little over 2.8k m.  

BC's Cascade Falls


Westcoast Winter Series | Cascade Falls


With huge well-watered forests and highly varied elevations, it's no surprise that British Columbia in Western Canada is home to many waterfalls.  While the region lacks waterfalls with high name recognition like Niagara Falls (in the eastern province of Ontario), it is nonetheless home to many spectacular falls.  In this video, contributor and drone pilot indentmedia takes us to Cascade Falls, near Mission, BC.  Using a DJI drone, he gives us an amazing bird's eye look at these impressive falls.

BC's Cabin Country


Gone to the Cabin | British Columbia, Canada


For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Western Canada is considered amongst the most desirable places in the world.  By driving relatively short distances from Vancouver, one can have easy access to some of the most magnificent parks, forests, and recreational areas in North America.  In this video, Blueberry_Media used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to give us a bird's eye view of the mountains of BC, a true heaven for campers, hikers, and backpackers.

The Canadian Rockies from Above



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Contributor and drone pilot Elnaz555 is known for her epic drone videos of Ontario, from which she hails.  To make this video though she headed west, to the Canadian Rockies of Alberta.  She captured some amazing aerial footage of these impressive peaks around Banff and Jasper National Parks, home of some of the most beautiful Alpine scenery in North America.  To comply with laws, the drone footage was captured from within Canmore, outside of the park boundaries.  

Fun in BC


An Average BC Weekend


Squamish is a small town in Canada's British Columbia province.  It is situated a bit north of Vancouver, the province's largest city and the largest city in Western Canada.  Squamish is a quintissential BC landscape with mountains, lakes, and waterfalls galore.  Top contributor Brayden Hall  (aka Braybraywoowoo) went on a hiking adventure to Elfin Lakes near  Squamish and got this epic aerial footage of the area, including Brandywine Falls and Howe Sound.

BC by Mavic Pro


Home - Beautiful British Columbia Canada


Check out these beautiful drone views of the Canadian province of British Columbia, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot blueberry_media.  Filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, most of the video was shot over the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, an imprecisely defined area which extends north from Horseshoe Bay west of Vancouver up to the Pemberton Valley.  It's named after the Sea to Sky Highway, the nickname of Highway 99.  The video also features some footage from the Kamloops area well to the east.  

The Canadian Pacific Railroad


Canadian CP Rail in a Winter Wonderland


It would be hard to overstate the importance of railroads to the history of the development of Western Canada; if anything the rail system was even more important here than in the Western USA.  Whether it's passenger or freight traffic, the top  Canadian railroad is the mighty Canadian Pacific or CP for short.  It's headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.  In this epic video, contributor SkyAviatrix gives us a marvelous aerial view of a stretch of CP line in Western Canada. 

Whistler Mountain


Autumn Morning in Whistler


Blueberry_media brings us this stunning drone video from Blackcomb Mountain, one of the mountains that make up the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in Canada's British Columbia.  The mountain lies about 120 km (around 80 mi.) north of Vancouver, the largest city in Western Canada.  This area was in the world spotlight when Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics; most of the ski-related events took place in Whistler.  Olympics aside, it's one of the most popular ski resorts in North America.    

Kayaking BC's Ice Shelf


Kayaking the ice shelf


As most of the most well known parts of Canada's British Columbia are in the southern part of the province, it's easy to forget just how far north it extends.  A good deal of southern Alaska in the USA lies just west of BC, and the province's northern border is at 60 degrees north latitude.  In this video by Myworldphoto, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of the growing activities in northern BC: kayaking on the edges of the extensive glaciers which line much of the northern Pacific coast. 

Stunning Mission, BC


MISSION BC - Vancouver Trails

Pasquale J...

Check out these stunning drone views from Mission, British Columbia by top AirVuz contributor and pilot Pasquale Josepe.  Mission is located in the southwestern corner of the mainland portion of the province, Canada's westernmost.  It's situated on the banks of the Fraser River, one of BC's main waterways, which runs just north of the US/Canadian border and empties into the Strait of Georgia.  Mission is easily accessible from Vancouver, which lies about 75 km (around 45 mi.) northwest of the town on the Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 W.

Banff Park


Banff National Park (2018)


Banff National Park is one of the natural treasures of Canada.  The oldest national park in the country, it covers over 6.6k square km (around 2.6k square mi.) of the Canadian Rockies west of Calgary in the province of Alberta.  The park is home to spectacular natural sites like Lake Louise, as well as some of the most famous lodges and hotels in Canada.  Banff receives an incredible three million visitors per year.  You can check out Banff from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video by jdginnovative.  

BC Waterfall Tour


Waterfalls of British Columbia


The hundreds of rivers and streams of Canada's British Columbia province serve to drain much of the entire Canadian Rockies system, which covers parts of BC as well as a good portion of the neighboring province of Alberta.  Along the way, these water flows make for some epic waterfalls, as you'll see in this beautiful drone video by contributor and pilot bryanEASTMEDIA.  Watch it to get bird's eye views of a number of these falls, including Brandywine, Moul, Shannon, Sarahat, and Helmcken Falls.

Front Range of the Canadian Rockies


Road Trip

  • bunlee
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  • over 6 years ago

Contributor and drone pilot Bunlee created this magnificent aerial tour of the front range of the Canadian Rockies range in the Western Canadian province of Alberta.  The video was shot on a road trip to Kananaskis country, a large park area in the range's foothills, situated roughly between (and a bit east of) the Banff and Jasper national parks.  Kananaskis Country was the shooting location for much of the 2015 movie The Revenant, which garnered actor Leonard Di Caprio his first Oscar award for Best Actor.  

The Canadian Rockies in Winter


Wintertime In The Canadian Rockies - Alberta Canada

Alex Crtr...

Check out these magnificent wintertime drone views from the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, compliments of AirVuz contributor Alex Crtr.  Part of the North American Cordillera, the great range runs in a roughly northwest-to-southeast direction, straddling the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.  With peaks reaching almost 4k meters above sea level (just under 13k ft.), the Canadian Rockies feature much more jagged peaks than their cousins south of the US border, largely as a result of the heavier glaciation which occurred here.  

BC's Lions Rocks


Lion's Hike: Vancouver, BC

Pasquale J...

Seen from almost any point in Vancouver, the pointed rock formations known as The Lions are a familiar landmark in British Columbia, Canada and have provided inspiration in the naming of the local CFL football team, as well as Lion's Gate Entertainment.   Although the hiking can be a bit risky, they both remain popular spots for enthusiasts like Pasquale Josepe, who, fortunately for us, also packed his drone to capture his own adventure.  Watch it now to enjoy the beautiful aerial views he found!

Helmcken Falls: Canada's #4 Waterfall


Helmcken Falls: The Fourth Highest Waterfall in Canada


Check out these spectacular drone views of one of the largest and most famous Canadian waterfalls, compliments of bcskeye13. Helmcken Falls is situated on the Murtle River, a tributary of the Clearwater River.  It's part of Wells Gray Provincial Park in the east-central part of British Columbia.  The great falls feature a drop of 141 meters (463 ft.), making it the fourth-tallest waterfall in Canada.  The other three largest waterfalls - Hunlen, Takakkaw, and Della Falls - are all also located in BC.

BC's Elk Mountain


Elk Mountain - Chilliwack, BC

Pasquale J...

Behold this spectacular drone video from Western Canada, compliments of contributor Pasquale Joseph.  He created an epic aerial video of the area around Elk Mountain, near Chilliwack in British Columbia.  The mountain is part of the Cascades range which also covers portions of Washington and Oregon in the USA.  The mountain reaches an altitude of just over 1.4k meters (around 4.7k ft.).  It is an extremely desirable mountain for hiking treks and is also very popular with paragliders. 

BC's Capitano Bridge


DRONED Preview: Capilano Bridge

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This is a preview clip for one of the episodes of the Droned TV series which was co-produced by AirVuz and aired on the Science Channel in the summer of 2016.  In this episode, the Pigeon Vision crew gets hired to take drone footage of the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Western Canada.  The 70 meter (230 ft.) span over the Capilano River north of Vancouver was built in the late 19th century, and completely rebuilt in the mid-20th.  Privately owned, it's a major tourist attracting in British Columbia.

BC's Joffre Lakes


Zen time at Joffre Lakes

Aerial Eye...

Contributor and pilot Aerial Eye Visuals created this excellent drone video of a major outdoor recreational area in Western Canada.  Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is located near Pemberton in the southwestern corner of British Columbia.  The centerpiece of the park is three glacier fed lakes: Lower, Middle, and Upper Joffre Lakes.  Due to silting patterns, the waters of the lake are a distinctive torquoise color.  Opened in 1988, the park is one of the major outdoor attractions in the province of BC.

Orcas off Saturna Island


Orca Encounters

  • swaxolez
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  • almost 8 years ago

Orca's, otherwise known as killer whales, are one of the most fascinating species.  Closely related to dolphins, they are among the most intelligent of all mammals.  They are also some of the most fearsome predators in the sea, one of the few capable of attacking larger whales.  Found in all of the world's oceans, there has never been a documented attack by an Orca on humans in the wild.  AirVuz contributorSwacolez encountered a pod of orca's off of Saturna Island in Western Canada, creating this memorable drone video from the occasion.  



VASTR - Exploring the Landscape of British Columbia

  • blastr
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  • over 5 years ago

The Canadian province of British Columbia is well known for its incredible landscapes. The west coast is defined by the Pacific Ocean, while the Canadian Rocky Mountains spread throughout its boundaries. AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot airblastr is well-versed in traversing mountainsides, but these locations are next level. He’ll fly through the glaciers, over the mountains, and surf so tight to the landscape you feel like you should close your eyes lest he crash. Well done, sir!

Hiking Spots near Vancouver


BRITISH COLUMBIA SEASON 2 - Vancouver Hiking Trails

Pasquale J...

For people who want to live in a major city and have easy access to epic mountain hiking spots, it's tough to beat Vancouver, Canada.  The largest city in Western Canada is within an hour's drive of some of the most beautiful mountain areas of North America.  In this drone video, contributor Pasquale Joseph brings some of this scenery to life from a bird's eye perspective: snow-capped peaks, glacial fields, green valleys, and shimmering lakes, all easy day-trips from  Vancouver. 

Mount Seymour, Greater Vancouver


Mount Seymour Views


Vancouver is known in part for the spectacular mountain scenery and skiing spots which are just a short drive from the city, the largest in Western Canada.  One of these spots is Mount Seymour.  Located in the Mount Seymour Provincial Park, it's situated just north of North Vancouver.  The mountain has a peak elevation of 1.45k meters (about 4.75k ft.) above sea level and is a popular hiking and skiing mountain.  You can check it out in this beautiful drone video by contributor plangereis.  

Burnaby Mountain, Burrard Peninsula


Burnaby Mountain - The Fog and The Seasons

  • bunlee
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  • about 4 years ago

Check out this stunning multi-season drone video from Burnaby Mountain in Western Canada, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot bunlee.  The small mountain range is situated in the eastern reaches of Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia.  The mountain overlooks the Burrard Inlet, a fjord which separates the Burrard Peninsula (on which Vancouver sits) from the North Shore Mountains north of the city.  The main Burnaby mountain peak has an elevation of 370 meters above sea level or around 1.4k ft.  

Fraser River Bridge Crossings


Lower Fraser


The Fraser River is the longest in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  It forms in the Canadian rockies and runs nearly 1.4k km (about 850 mi.) to empty into the Strait of Georgia in Richmond, which lies just to the south of Vancouver.  There are numerous bridges crossing the river, all of which are critical to the infrastructure of Greater Vancouver.  In this drone video by plangereis, you'll get a nice view of the river's bridge crossings near the towns of Surrey, New Westminster, and Coquitlam.

Okanagan: BC's Cottage Country


Okanagan Summer


Here's a nice aerial view of a mountainous area of British Columbia in Western Canada, compliments of contributor and drone pilot plangereis.  It's a region called Okanagan, and it's located to the northeast of the city of Vancouver in the south-central part of the province.  Okanagan is sort of the Western Canadian equivalent of the "cabin country" of Ontario and Quebec - a region of numerous lakes and lakeside homes within a relatively short driving distance of the province's major city.  I

Drone Views of Kamloops


A drive to Dryland


Kamloops is a city in south-central British Columbia, Canada, in a region known as Okanagan. The name of the city comes from the Shuswap word, "Tk'əmlúps", meaning "meeting of the waters” since it is where the two branches of the Thompson River meet and just east of Kamloops Lake. You can see the powerful Thompson River from above in this aerial video by blueberry_media. They’ll take in the mountains and rolling hills in fall, capturing the colors of the season. 

Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island vibes

Aerial Eye...

Enjoy this 4K, aerial video of Vancouver Island by pilot Aerial Eye Visuals. Located off Canada’s Pacific Coast, the island is known for its mild climate and thriving arts community. With many sheer ledges, gushing waterfalls, and rocky beaches, the 12,079 square-mile island has a mysterious quality that translates perfectly to short films like this. The island lies in the temperate rainforest biome, meaning there are plenty of fir, cedar, and oak trees that dominate the landscape. 

Cypress Mountain, Greater Vancouver



Pasquale J...

Cypress Mountain is a well-known ski area on the outskirts of Vancouver in Western Canada.  Located about a half hour drive north of downtown on the slopes of two mountains (Mt. Strachan and Black Mountain), the resort operates over 50 ski runs.  When Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010, Cypress was the venue for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding event.  What's perhaps less appreciated is the beauty of the place in the summer months; check out this drone video by Pasquale Josepe.  

Sooke, Vancouver Island


My type of Mornin....

Aerial Eye...

In this drone video, Aerial Eye Visuals does a fantastic job of capturing a beautiful foggy morning on Vancouver Island in Western Canada.  The video was shot around the town of Sooke, which lies near the southern tip of the island.  Sooke is situated just a short distance west of Victoria (the BC Capital), across the Salish Sea from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  Sometimes confused with the city of Vancouver, the island actually lies across the Strait of Georgia from BC's largest city.  

Vancouver's Lighthouse Park


Lighthouse Park - West Vancouver, BC


Check out this drone videos of one of the most well-known parks of greater Vancouver, Canada, compliments of contributor and pilot raphael_bellizzi.  It's called Lighthouse Park, and it is situated on a small promontory on the north side of Burrard Inlet.  It's the home of the Point Atkinson Lighthouse, which provides navigational guidance to shipping in and out of Vancouver Harbor.  Built in 1914 and now automated, the lighthouse (and surrounding park) is a National Historic Site of Canada.  

BC's Brandywine Mountain



Pasquale J...

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Pasquale Josepe brings us this excellent drone video of Brandywine Mountain in Western Canada.  With a summit elevation of just over 7.25k ft. (around 2.25k meters), Brandywine Mountain is situated about 60 mi. (around 100 km) north of Vancouver, British Columbia.  It's part of the Pacific Ranges, which in turn form a part of the Coastal Mountains chain.  Brandywine Mountain is a popular Vancouver getaway and is also an easy side trip from the Whistler resort, just 16 mi (around 25 km) to its east.  

Dawson Falls, Wells Gray Park


Dawson Falls at Well's Gray Park BC Canada


Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia is one of the top spots to see waterfalls in Western Canada.  Located in the east-central part of the province, BC's fourth-largest provincial park is home to seven separate waterfalls on the Murtle River.  See here in this drone video by bcskeye13, Dawson Falls drops a total of 20 meters (66 ft.) in two stages, across a width of about 90 meters (just under 300 ft.).  The Murtle River rises from a glacier in the Cariboo Mountains and drains into the Clearwater River.  

BC's Lindeman Lake


LINDEMAN LAKE - Hiking Chilliwack BC

Pasquale J...

The king of flying through the amazing outback of British Columbia is back at it with this phenomenal piece.  AirVuz contributor and pilot Pasquale Josepe brings us Lindeman Lake, a small lake in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. Located at the end of a three km (two mile) hiking trail the lake includes brook trout, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and steelhead fish. His flying skills take us on a peaceful journey to the lake and give us an overall view of the surrounding mountains. 

BC's Okanagan Valley


Cinematic Fly-By of Okanagan Valley in British Columbia | Kelowna | Osooyos


Enjoy these drone views from the western Canadian province of British Columbia, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot TheOnOExperience.  The video was filmed over the Okanagan Valley, which covers the central part of southern BC.  The valley's namesake river flows southward along a 115 mi. (about 185 km) course bisected by the Canadian-USA border en route to its confluence with the Columbia River.  The area is characterized by dry, sunny weather, much warmer and drier than the areas of BC to its west.  

Hinton, Alberta


Hinton, Alberta Canada | Cinematic Fly By 4K


Check out these drone views from the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, compliments of new AirVuz contributor TheOnOExperience.  The video was filmed around the town of Hinton, Alberta, which lies in the Athabasca River Valley, about 50 mi. (around 80 km) northeast of Jasper National Park and about 175 mi. (around 275 km) west of the city of Edmonton.  The Canadian Rockies run on a roughly northwest-to-southeast axis just west of here; to the east lie the vast praries of eastern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  

Lynn Valley Park, North Vancouver


Winter Escape


Check out these beautiful wintertime drone views from Western Canada, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Remy_Herda.  The video was filmed over the Lynn Valley Local Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  The park is located a short drive from central Vancouver, on the northern side of the Burrard Inlet.   With a large number of parks and vast nature reserves surrounding the city, Vancouver is considered one of the most dersirable living locations in the world for true nature enthusiasts.  

Squamish Valley in Fall


Halloween Vibes

Aerial Eye...

See beautiful Squamish, British Columbia, Canada in fall via this aerial video by pilot Aerial Eye Visuals. Squamish is surrounded by mountains like the Stawamus Chief, a huge granite monolith, and sits on the northern tip of the Howe Sound. The views are as beautiful as they may seem, seen here in what is the shortest and most stunning time of year. The grays of the mountain contrast with the green, yellow, and orange of the trees that are holding on to the last remnants of their summer foliage. 

Hiking BC's Crown Mountain


CROWN MOUNTAIN - Hiking Vancouver, BC Canada

Pasquale J...

Crown Mountain is a peak north of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The hike to Crown Mountain behind Grouse Mountain is quite arduous; however, climbers who are able to reach the summit at 1.5k meters (around 5k ft.) are met with incredible views of the Capilano Watershed, the Lions, and even the city of Vancouver far off in the distance.  Avid hiker and pilot Pasquale Josepe did the climbing for us; now we all just get to sit back and enjoy the views. 

FPV: Big Lonely Doug Fir Tree


Into the Fog: Gigantic 230ft Douglas Fir


The trees featured in this FPV video aren’t your average Douglas Firs. Shot by FPV pilot mactacfpv, he’s featuring “Big Lonely Doug” and the surrounding mountains and trees, covered in fog and snow. Located in Port Renfrew, a community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada,  Big Lonely Doug is estimated to be between 750 and 1,200 years old. It soars to 230 feet high and has a trunk as big as a living room. An astonishing 99% of the old-growth Douglas firs in the area have been cut down.

Vancouver Drone Views


[4K] Drone Footage | Vancouver | Apple M1

  • SkyZone
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  • over 3 years ago

Check out these stunning drone views of Vancouver, Canada, compliments of contributor WeFlyHigh.  The video opens with a great shot looking toward the skyline south from Vancouver Harbor, with Dead Man's Island on the right.    At the :38 mark, there's a nice shot of the Burrard Bridge over False Creek, and at 1:16 you'll see the iconic Science World.  At 2:25, you'll fly over the bristling white BC Place stadium, on the north side of False Creek.  Interspersed with shots of the city are some amazing aerials of the surrounding mountains.  

Helmcken Falls Drone Views


Helmcken Falls - Wells Grey Provincial Park

  • bunlee
    • 1.0k VŪZ
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  • about 4 years ago

Helmcken Waterfalls is a famous falls in Western Canada, a region known in part for its waterfalls.  Situated on the Murtle River in Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia, the falls has a single drop of 141 meters (463 ft.).  The makes it Canada's fourth-tallest waterfall with no breaks.  It's one of the main attractions of the park, which covers over 500k hectares (about 1.3 million acres) and is BC's fourth largest park.  Check out the beautiful falls from above in this drone video by contributor bunlee.

Vancouver from Above


Drone Video of Vancouver, BC


Contributor Christianluxon created this amazing drone video of Vancouver, the great city on Canada's Pacific coast.  The 2010 Winter Olympics host city is the center of a metropolitan area with a population of about 2.5 million as of 2018, making it the third largest city in Canada after Toronto and Montreal.  Its also the largest container port in Canada, and the primary means by which the goods of Asia reach Canadian consumers.  Most would also agree that it's Canada's most visually stunning city.  

Wetlands of the Fraser Valley


Cheam Lake Wetlands

Pasquale J...

Top contributor Pasquale Josepe created this beautiful drone video of a wetlands area of Western Canada.  The video was filmed in the Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park in the Fraser River Valley of British Columbia.  The area is a relatively flat zone which occurs downstream of the Fraser Canyon.  It's an important bird sanctuary and a popular spot for hikes and other outdoor recreations.  It's located just east of Chilliwack, BC.

Aerial Tour of Western Canada


Canada - An Aerial Journey


Top contributor Videosophy traveled from his native Hawaii to Canada to create this truly epic aerial tour of the country's western landscapes.  Shot mostly over British Columbia, the video will take you over some of the greenest forests and river valleys on earth.  With brilliant bird's eye views of this great North American wilderness treasure, you will appreciate why Western Canada is considered one of the world's greatest venues for hikers, campers, and fishermen.  

Canmore: Alberta Mountain Town




Check out this excellent drone video from the Canadian Rockies, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot dylan.drones.  The video was filmed over and around the town of Canmore, which is located just outside of Banff National Park in the western province of Alberta.  Once known primarily for coal mines, Canmore's rebirth as a mountain destination began when it hosted numerous events for the 1988 Winter Olympics which were hosted that year in Calgary, located about an hour's drive to the east.   



Helmcken Falls: BC, Canada


Drone Dish: braybraywoowoo

The Drone ...

Vancouver Day + Night

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  • about 8 years ago

Winter's Embrace


Frozen Highways Canada


OMG!! Winter is Beautiful!!

Aerial RC...