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Niagara Falls, USA and Canada


The very Best of NIAGARA FALLS USA in 4K

New Entert...

Top AirVuz contributor New Entertainment Pictures brings us this stunning drone video of Niagara Falls, one of the world's most famous waterfalls.  The waterfall is a cataract system of three falls near Buffalo, New York (near the Canadian-USA border) on the Niagara River, which connects Lake Huron and Lake Erie of the North American Great Lakes system.  Niagara Falls' 167 ft. drop (about 51 m) sees up to six million cubic ft. of water flow (about 168k cubic m) per minute at peak flow rates.  

Iguazu Falls, South America


Iguazu Falls from the Air


Iguazu Falls is the largest waterfall system in the world.  It is situated on the Iguazu River in South America, on the border between Brazil and Argentina.   It's not a single falls but rather a complex cataract system comprising 275 drops, with a total height of 82 meters (269 ft.).  In this video by JustinPoore, you will be treated to an aerial tour of this magnificent waterfall system, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, compliments of AirVuz contributor Justin Poore and his DJI Mavic Pro drone.  

Victoria Falls, Southern Africa


Chasing Waterfalls - The Mist of Victoria Falls


Situated on the Zambezi River on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls is one of the natural wonders of Africa.  Seen here in this stunning drone video by top contributor davetke2002, the waterfall has a single drop of 354 ft. (108 m), about twice that of Niagara Falls.  What is even more impressive though is its width - 5.6k ft. (about 1.7k m), over twice the widest of the three waterfalls which make up the Niagara Falls complex.  Measured by the size of the water "curtain", Victoria Falls is the largest in the world.    

Rhine Falls, Switzerland


Rhine Fall Schaffhausen Autumn 2017

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Contributor Probeat1 created this amazing drone video of the largest waterfall in Europe.  Switzerland's Rhine Falls is on the High Rhine River, the most upstream of the four portions into which the great Rhine is divided, between Lake Constance and Basel.  The falls have a total drop of 23 meters (75 ft.) and have recorded water flow as high as almost 75k cubic meters (over 2.6 million cu. ft.) per minute, although typical flow is a fraction of that figure.  It's considered one of the world's great falls.    

Bản Giốc Waterfall, Vietnam


Ban Gioc waterfall - Vietnam _ the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia

Dang Cine ...

Top AirVuz contributor I Dang Cine created this stunning drone video of one of the natural wonders of Southeast Asia: Vietnam's Bản Giốc Waterfall.   With a drop of about 30 meters (around 100 ft.), the falls sit on the Quây Sơn River, on the country's northern border with the Chinese province of Guanxi.  Bản Giốc functions as two sequenced waterfalls most of the year other than during the highest water flow months.  Accessible only through a narrow gorge, the waterfall is located about 275 km (around 170 mi.) north of Hanoi.  

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Java


Tumpak Sewu Waterfall


Top AirVuz contributor and two-time Drone Video of the Week Finalist DiamondSky put together this fantastic piece from one of Indonesia's most famous waterfalls.  Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls is located on the border between two regencies of the province of East Java.  The tiered waterfall is located below Mount Semeru, Java's highest volcano.  Fed by the Glidik River, the waterfall's name loosely translates to "a thousand waterfalls"; when you see the video, you will understand why this name is appropriate.  

Jog Falls, India


Jog Falls: The Niagara Falls of India


Behold this drone video of one of the world's most famous waterfalls, courtesy of Anudeephegde18.  Jog Falls is in the Karnataka state of India, in the southwestern part of the country.  Also called Gerosoppa Falls, during certain types of the year it becomes a plunge-type waterfall, in which the water loses contact with the surface and simply "plunges" below.  With a total height of 250 meters (829 feet), it's one of the country's top tourist destinations and it's considered one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls.

Croatia's Plitvice Falls



Nathan Jer...

Top contributor Nathan Jermy used a DJI Mavic Air to create this stunning aerial view of Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the great natural treasures of this Southeast European country.  The park is located in the mountainous interior of the country, near the border with Bosnia.  Its centerpiece is series of waterfalls formed by 16 interconnected lakes; the falls are some of the most famous in Europe.  A national park since 1949 (when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia), it's also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Pericnik Waterfall, Slovenia


Waterfall Pericnik Slovenia

Kolman Aer...

Pericnik is a waterfall in northern Slovenia, near the country's northern border with Austria.  It is actually a system of two waterfalls, with the lower (larger) falls having a drop of 52 meters (171 ft.).  Situated in Triglav national park, it's is one of the best known sights in this mountainous land which was once part of Yugoslavia.  In this aerial video, contributor Kolman Aerial flies his drone over the great falls during the peak autumn season, creating a stunning aerial perspective! 

Tequendama Falls, Colombia


The Secrets of Tequendama


Tequendama Falls is a waterfall on the Bogota River near Bogota, the capital city of Colombia in South America.  Standing roughly 130 meters (about 430 feet) tall, the falls is one of the largest in South America or indeed anywhere in the world.  Unusually, the falls runs completely dry in certain months of the year.  Drone contributor La.drones, a Bogota native, flew his drone above these magnificent falls to create an aerial perspective, of the falls, which unfortunately have been chosen by many suicide victims.  

Basaseachic Falls, Mexico


Basaseachi Waterfall


Award-winning contributor Postandfly created this epic drone video of one of the largest waterfalls in Mexico.  Basaseachic Falls (Cascada de Basaseachi) is situated in the north-central part of the country, in the state of Chihuahua.  It's a plunge waterfall formed by two separate rivers, the Arroyo del Durazno and the Arroyo de Basaseachic.  With a total drop of 246 meters (807 ft.), it's the second-largest waterfall in the country, after Cascada de Piedra Volada, which is also located in Chihuahua.

Wentworth Falls, Australia


Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW


Top contributor and drone pilot Luke Nathan brings us this epic bird's eye view of Wentworth Falls in the heart of Australia's Blue Mountains.  The waterfall is one of the main attractions in this mountain range in the southeastern state of New South Wales, much of which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.  Wentworth Falls is a three tier waterfall with a total height of 187 meters (614 ft.).  It's situated within a national park by the same name located just a short drive west of Sydney.

Skogafoss, Iceland


DJI Mavic Pro Over Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland


Iceland's Skógafoss regularly appears atop lists of the world's most beautiful waterfalls.  Situated on the Skógá River in the southern part of the country, it has a drop of 60 meters (200 ft.). and frequently appears with a rainbow behind it.  The falls was used as a shooting location for the 2013 superhero movie Thor: The Dark World.  See these mighty falls from an aerial point of view (unfortunately, sans rainbow), compliments of contributor AirVuzPilot and his DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Vinnufossen, Norway


Vinnufossen by FPV

 suicide q...

In the last couple of years, the great waterfalls of the world have caught the attention of first person view (FPV) drone pilots.  As piloting skills and long-range control technology have improved, FPV waterfall diving is now officially a "thing".  Exhibit A is this amazing video of Europe's tallest waterfall.  FPV pilot suicide quad donned his video goggles to tackle the mighty Vinnufossen falls in western Norway, the sixth tallest waterfall in the world.  Its four drops total 860 meters (about 2.8k ft.) in height! 

Multnomah Falls, USA


Multnomah Falls, Portland

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Contributor EdDrone created this beautiful drone video of one of the most well known waterfalls in the USA's Pacific Northwest region.  Multnomah Falls is on the Oregon (southern) side of the great Columbia River Gorge.  It's the tallest waterfall in Oregon, with a total height of almost 620 ft. (190 m) in two drops.  The falls are fed by water runoff from Larch Mountain, an extinct volcano near the city of Portland.  The falls and the footpaths around it are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

South Africa's Tugela Falls


The Magnificent Tugela Falls, South Africa


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor nolan_on_air brings us this stunning drone video record of a hike to South Africa's famous Tugela Falls.  It's actually a complex of seasonal waterfalls in the Drakensberg Mountains, which form the eastern edge of Africa's Great Escarpment.  Located in Royal Natal National Park in the eastern state of KwaZulu-Natal, the falls is believed to be the second-tallest in the world.  Its total drop is about 950 meters or around 3.1k ft; only Venezuela's Angel Falls has a larger drop.  

Vettifossen, Norway


Norway's Mighty Vettisfossen Waterfall


Prepare to be blown away by this drone video of what s generally believed to be Europe's highest waterfall, compliments of Tsmedegard.  Vettisfossen is located in the mountains of western Norway, in Sogn og Fjordane County.  It's a single-drop, plunge-type waterfall, with a top-to-bottom height of 275 meters (just over 900 ft.).  On that basis, it's the tallest waterfall on the European continent.  Vettisfossen can be reached by a few km/mi. hike through the Utladalen Valley from the town of Øvre Årdal.

Detifoss, Iceland


Dettifoss: Europe's Most Powerful Waterfall

Sandrine H...

Contributor and Vlogger Sandrine Hecq brings us this amazing video of Iceland's mighty Dettifoss, which is situated on the  Jökulsá á Fjöllum river in the northeastern part of the Island.  The extremely wide (100 meters, or 330 ft.) falls drops 44 meters (144 ft.) into a canyon.  Based on the flow of water and the height from which it's dropped, Dettifoss is believed to be the most powerful waterfall system in Europe.  Unlike some of Iceland's other waterfalls, it is quite remote and only accessible via a gravel road. 

Vøringsfossen, Norway


Vøringsfossen: Spectacular Norwegian Waterfall

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Behold this amazing drone video of Vøringsfossen, one of Norway's great waterfalls, compliments of contributot Sundsoy.  It's located in the valley of Måbødalen near the town of Eidfjord, in Western Norway.  It's a cascading, plunge-type waterfall with a total drop of 182 meters (just under 600 ft.).  The famous Fossli Hotel sits at the top of the waterfall, considered one of the top tourist destinations in Norway.  The waterfall was known only to locals until being "discovered" early in the 19th century.

Akaka Falls, USA


Akaka Falls, Hawaii

Hawaii Aer...

Of Hawaii's many waterfalls, there are just a couple which consistently land amongst the top 15-20 falls in the world.  One of these is Akaka Falls, situated in a state park of the same name on Hawaii's "Big Island," about midway down its northeastern coastline.  Defined as a plunge-type waterfall, it drops the water of a waterway known as the Kolekole stream about 135 meters (just over 440 ft.) into a deep gorge. Don't miss these magnificent falls in this drone video by contributor Hawaii Aerial Visions. 

Cascata delle Marmore, Italy


Cascata delle Marmore

Het blokla...

Het bloklandcoptersteam used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create this aerial video of La Cascata delle Marmore, a famous waterfall in Central Italy.  It enjoys the distinction of being the world's tallest man-made waterfall, with a total drop of 165 meters (about 540 ft.).  It was constructed by the Romans near the town of Ternia, in the Umbria region.  The waterfall dates to the third century BC; it was built as part of a scheme to avoid water accumulation in an area where it was thought to pose a health risk.

Cambodia's Largest Waterfall


Beautiful Waterfall - Drone Footage in 4K

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Check out this amazing drone video of Cambodia's largest waterfall, compliments of contributor and pilot Piak.  It goes by various names: Sopheakmit, Lbak Khoun, and Preah Nimith.  The falls are located on a waterway known as the Upper Mekong River in the northern part of this Southeast Asian country, near the border with Laos.  It's part of the Preah Vihear Province, which covers much of the north-central part of Cambodia.  The Mekong River is the principal waterway of the peninsula of Indochina.  

Costa Rica Waterfall Tour


Costa Rica Waterfalls in 24 hours


Top AirVuz contributor semberadventure had a mission: to not only visit eight of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls in 24 hours, but to take drone footage of them as well. As you’ll see in this video, he accomplished his mission and put together a pretty great drone video in the process.  With its mountainous interior, much of which is covered by rainforests, this small Central American country is home to some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls, in addition to its equally famous volcanoes.  

China's Huangguoshu Waterfall


World-Famous Huangguoshu Waterfall

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Contributor borje_xy created this spectacular aerial video of China's Huangguoshu Falls, one of the most famous waterfalls in Asia.  The falls are situated on the Baishui River (a Yangtze tributary) near the city of Ansun in Guizhou, an interior province in the south-central part of the country.  The waterfall is 83 meters (273 ft.) wide and has a total drop of 78 meters or about 255 ft.  The Huangguoshu Waterfall is known particularly well for the different vistas from which it can be viewed.  

Hawaii's Wailua Falls


Wailua Falls, Kauai


Check out this beautiful aerial video of one of the best-known waterfalls in Hawaii, compliments of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot pnoymavic30.  It's located near Lihue on the eastern end of the island of Kauai, the "Garden Island" of the Hawaiian archipelago.  The plunge-type waterfall has a total height of 26 meters (84 ft.) through two drops.  The falls, which feeds into Wailua River, appeared in the opening credits of one of the top-rated television series of the 1980's: Fantasy Island.

Peru's Gocta Cataracts


Gocta, Amazonas - Peru, Cinematic Drone Film, DJI Mavic Air 4k video

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 Check out this amazing drone video of one of the world's highest waterfalls, compliments of contributor Auquicu and his DJI Mavic Air drone.  It's called the Gocta Cataracts, and it's in the north-central part of Peru in its Amazonas Department (region).  Incredibly, the existence of the falls was known only to locals until 2002.  It has since been measured as having a height of 771 meters (a bit over 2.5k ft.), which would make it the world's third-highest, although there is some controversy on the methodology.

St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi


St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis


Check out this drone video of the St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, compliments of gopherdrone.  Historically, this spot represented the highest navigable point on the USA's mightiest river.  In the late 1800's, the falls were harnessed to power the world's largest flour milling factories, driving the early growth of Minneapolis and giving it the nickname Mill City during its boomtown years when it was the fastest growing city in the land.    

Canada's Webster Falls


Webster Falls and Tews Falls in Hamilton Ontario


Bubbawoods created this beautiful drone video of the second most known waterfall in Ontario, Canada after Niagara Falls.  Webster Falls is located in Hamilton, Ontario, at the western end of Lake Ontario.  While Hamilton has in many respects become a satellite of Toronto, Webster Falls is a world away from the skyscrapers of the Toronto lakefront.  It's a plunge-type waterfalls on Spencer Creek, with a height of 22 meters (just under 70 ft.).  The falls was featured in the 2005 sci-fi movie Descent.  

El Chiflon Waterfall, Mexico


El Chiflon waterfalls


Whenever you get mountainous areas which receive lots of rainfall, you will almost always find epic waterfalls.  That's what makes the Mexican state of Chiapas such as paradise for waterfall-lovers - it's a hilly interior province in the southern part of the country which is mostly rainforest.  Not surprising then that as the area opens up for tourism its waterfalls are started to become much better known.  Exhibit A: this beautiful drone video of El Chiflon waterfall by award-winning contributor Postandfly.  

Spain's Waterfall of Ezaro


Waterfall of the Ezaro - Galicia - Spain -Phantom 4 Pro

Maverick S...

Check out this amazing drone video of one of Spain's most famous waterfalls, compliments of content creator Maverick Stories.  The Waterfall of the Ezaro is situated on the Xallas River in A Coruña, the northwesternmost province of Galicia, which is the northwesternmost region of Spain.  The falls are accessible from the town of Dumbria.  It's near the end of the river's course before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  The waterfall has a total drop of about 155 meters or a bit over 500 ft.  

Austria's Krimmi Waterfalls


Krimml Waterfalls


Check out this stunning wintertime drone video of Austria's highest waterfall, compliments of contributor DJJphotography.  Krimml Falls is a tiered waterfall on the Krimml Ache River in the state of Salzburg, in the west-central part of the country.  It is part of the High Tauern National Park, named for a chain of the Central Eastern Alps.  The waterfall has a total drop of 380 meters (about 1.25k ft.).  The river is fed by glacial runoff and the flow through the falls varies dramatically by season.  

Canada's Helmcken Falls


Helmcken Falls: The Fourth Highest Waterfall in Canada


Check out these spectacular drone views of one of the largest and most famous Canadian waterfalls, compliments of bcskeye13. Helmcken Falls is situated on the Murtle River, a tributary of the Clearwater River.  It's part of Wells Gray Provincial Park in the east-central part of British Columbia.  The great falls feature a drop of 141 meters (463 ft.), making it the fourth-tallest waterfall in Canada.  The other three largest waterfalls - Hunlen, Takakkaw, and Della Falls - are all also located in BC.

Pistyll Rhaeadr Falls, Wales


Pistyll Rhaeadr // Little Escape // Episode 4 // North Wales // Drone 4K

Joshua Pau...

Check out this drone video of a famous waterfall in the UK region of Wales, compliments of Joshua Paul Gardner.  Pistyll Rhaeadr is located near the village of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant in Powys, the principal county of east-central Wales.  The three-stage falls is formed by the river Afon Disgynfa, which is known as the River Rhaeadr downstream of the waterfall.  Pistyll Thaeade was one of the Seven Wonders of Wales referred to in an anonymous (but famous) rhyme written in the 18th or 19th century.

India's Bastar Waterfall


India | BASTAR | waterfalls


The "star" of this drone video by travelogist is Chitrakote Falls, one of the best-known waterfalls in India.  It's located on the Indravati River in the Bastar District of Chhattisgarh, a landlocked state in the east-central part of the country.  With modest drop of just under 30 meters (95 ft.) it's known as the widest waterfall in the country.  The video also includes footage of other waterfalls in the region, notably the Teerathgarh Falls, which falls 91 meters (just under 300 ft.) on a single drop.  

Tamul Waterfall, Mexico


Tamul Waterfall, Mexico


Prepare to be amazed by this drone video of the Tamul waterfall in central Mexico, compliments of contributor Jelipegomez.  The great falls are situated near Ciudad Valles in the state of San Luis Potosí, roughly midway between Mexico City and Monterrey.  It's an extremely wide plunge-type waterfall formed by the convergence of the  Gallinas and Santa Maria Rivers into the Tampaon River.  The falls has a drop of just over 100 meters (340 ft.) and is known for its brilliant torquoise waters.

Slovenia's Boka Falls


BOKA Waterfall (Slovenia) - Remarkable flight!


Check out this stunning drone video of  a well-known waterfall in Slovenia, compliments of contributor enricocif.  It's called the Boka waterfall, and it's located in the western part of this Central European country.  The two-stage waterfall is fed by an underwater spring which drains the nearby mountains.  It's first stage is 106 meters (just under 350 ft.), followed by a second drop of 33 meters (just under 110 ft.).  The waterfall is near a road which runs between the towns of Bovec and Kobarid.  

Štrbački buk Waterfall, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Štrbački buk, Una National park - fast pass

Vladimir D...

Here's a fantastic aerial view of one of the natural wonders of the Balkans, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Vladimir D.  It's the Štrbački buk waterfall on the Una River in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the Croatian border.  The falls have a total drop of about 25 meters or a bit over 80 feet.  Despite being relatively close to the Adriatic Sea, the water you see here ends up far to the northeast; the Una is a tributary of the Sava, which joins the Danube and ends its course in the Black Sea.  

Lebanon's Baatara Gorge Waterfall



Christian ...

The waterfall of Baatara Gorge is one of the natural wonders of the small Middle Eastern country of Lebanon.  Only known to locals until the 1950's, the waterfall drops a total of 255 meters (about 840 ft.) into a giant limestone cave called the Balaa Pothole.  It's one of the stops along the Lebanon Mountain Trail, a trail which runs about 470 km (around 290 mi.) through some of the country's most beautiful mountainous scenery.   Check out this magnificent scene from above in this drone video by contributor Christian Altallah.  

Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway


The Seven Sisters Waterfall


The Seven Sisters waterfalls is a natural phenomenon which has to be seen to be believed.  It is a system of seven related waterdalls on the northern side of Geirangerfjorden, in Møre og Romsdal county of Western Norway. The tallest of the falls has an enormous free fall of 250 meters (820 ft), making it one of the highest waterfalls of Norway.  Contributor Aerial Norway created this epic aerial video of the falls, taken in early summer when the snow melting from the mountain peaks swell the flow over the falls.

Aber Falls, Wales


Beauty Of Aber Falls || Eye In The Sky || DJI Phantom 4 || HD

Eye In The...

Eye in the Sky Cinematography used a DJI Phantom 4 to create this beautiful aerial view of Aber Falls, a well-known waterfall in the Wales region of the UK.  The falls are located near the village of Abergwyngregyn in Gwynedd, the northwesternmost county of mainland Wales.  The falls have a total drop of about 37 meters (around 120 feet).  The area is part of the foothills of Snowdonia, a mountain range which covers much of northwestern Wales.  Visitors to the falls can also see a nearby settlement which dates to the Bronze Age.  

The USA's Kootenai Falls


Kootenai Falls, Montana, USA


Former DVOW Finalist chrisneibauer returns to AirVuz after a three year hiatus with this marvelous drone video of Kootenai Falls in the USA's Rocky Mountains.  The falls are located on their namesake river in Lincoln County, Montana, in the state's northwestern corner.  The falls has a modest drop of about 56 ft. (around 17 m) but is extremely wide - about 850 ft. on average (around 260 m).  Due to its width, its average flow rate of over 25k cubic ft. of water (730 cubic m) makes it amongst the country's largest waterfalls by volume.  

Palouse Falls, Washington, USA


Palouse Falls, Washington (DJI Mavic Pro HD footage)

Mavic and ...

Palouse Falls is a well-known waterfall in the USA's Pacific Northwest state of Washington.  It's located on its namesake river in the southeastern corner of the state, near its confluence with the Snake River.  Through two drops, the waterfall has a total height of 60 meters or just under 200 ft.  In 2009, a kayaker ran the falls, setting the unofficial world record for the biggest drop on a kayak.  Check out Polouse Falls from above in this fantastic drone video by AirVuz contributor Mavic and Goose.  

Glenmacnass Waterfall, Ireland


Stunning Irish Waterfall


Check out this stunning drone video of one of the most famous waterfalls in Ireland.  It's called Glenmacnass Waterfall, and it's situated in a valley of the Wicklow Mountains in the east-central part of the country.  The waterfall sits on the Glenmacnass River, which drains the mountains and runs east to the Irish Sea.  The waterfall has a total drop of about 80 meters or around 260 ft.  In addition to being a beautiful sight in its own right, it affords some excellent views of the Wicklow Mountains.

Burney Falls, California, USA


Drone Video of Burney Falls in Northern California


Burney Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in California.  Seen in this short but well-filmed drone video by AirVuz contributor hankstahlecker, Burney Falls was called the Eighth Wonder of the World by no less an authority than President Theodore Roosevelt.  Fed by underground springs on Burney Creek, the falls maintain a relatively constant flow over its 114 ft. height (35 m) drop.  Burney Falls is located within McArthur–Burney Falls Memorial State Park in Shasta County, not far from California's northern border with Oregon.  

Ağaran Şelalesi Falls, Turkey


Ağaran Şelalesi Falls

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Rize Province lies near the northeastern corner of Turkey, along the country's Black Sea coastline.  Contributor Secoko used a drone to aerially film the Ağaran Şelalesi waterfall, one of the most impressive bits of natural scenery in this part of Turkey.  The falls are situated a bit inland from the Black Sea, and due east of the provincial capital Rize.  As you'll see from the video, the cascading water forms beautiful spray patterns against the rocks.  The waterfall is part of a national (and legally protected) nature preserve.

Scotland's Mealt Falls


Kilt Rock & Mealt Falls on the Isle of Skye


Mealt Falls is one of the wonders of Scotland's Isle of Skye.  Fed by the nearby Mealt Loch, the falls drops 55 meters (around 180 ft.) directly into the Sound of Rasaay, the body of water which separates the islands of Skye and Rasaay.  The falls are located on the eastern side of the Trotternish, the northern peninsula of Skye.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor Dronescape, you'll get an aerial view of the falls, as well as the nearby Kilt Rock, so named due to its resemblance to a Scottish kilt.  

Iceland's Seljalandsfoss


Seljalandsfoss, Iceland waterfall

FreD ./....
  • FreD ./.
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Top AirVuz contributor FreD ./. brings us this magnificent drone video of Iceland's Seljalandsfoss, one of the most well-known waterfalls on this North Atlantic Ocean island.  Due to its unique structure, Seljalandsfoss is one of the few falls which can be viewed from behind, in a partially enclosed cavern which lies under an overhang.  Situated on the  Seljalands River in the southern part of the country and easily accessible from Reykjavik, Seljalandsfoss has a single drop of 60 meters (197 ft.).   

Kalandula Falls, Angola


Kalandula Waterfalls - Angola, Africa DJI Air 2S 5K


Get a rare aerial look at one of the largest waterfalls in Africa, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot davetke2002.  He used a DJI Air 2S drone to film Kalandula Falls, which lies in the northern part of the southwest African country of Angola.  The falls is part of the Lucala River, a tributary of the Cuanza River (Angola's longest waterway).  The falls have a drop of just under 350 ft. (about 105 m) and are 1.3k ft. wide (about 400 m).  They are located about 225 mi. (around 360 km) east of Luanda, the Angolan capital city.  

Ireland's Powerscourt Falls


Powerscourt Waterfall from Above

Mark's Mav...

AirVuz contributor and pilot Mark's Mavic 2 brings us this excellent drone video of Ireland's largest waterfall: Powerscourt Falls.  The horsetail-fan type waterfall is part of the large (and open-to-the-public) Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow, south of Dublin.  Part of the River Dargle in the Glensoulan valley, Powerscourt has a total drop of 121 meters, or just under 400 ft..  The falls were used to film the History Channel TV show on the Vikings 2013 as well as the 1981 medieval fantasy film Excalibur.  

Sri Lanka's Bopath Ella Waterfall


Bopath Ella Waterfall Kuruvita Sri Lanka 4K Mavic 2 Zoom


Check out this drone video of one of the most famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot deathstalker.  Using a DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom, he filmed the Bopath Ella Falls.  Shaped to resemble the Sacred Fig (from which it derives its name), the falls is located in the Ratnapura District in the south-central part of this Indian Ocean island nation.  The subject of various local myths, the waterfall has a total drop of 30 meters or just under 100 ft.  It is formed by the Kuru Ganga River.

Pakistan's "Umbrella" Waterfall


Beautiful Umbrella Waterfall | Poona Abbottabad Pakistan


Multiple DVOW Winner oculusfilms brings us this spectacular drone video of a waterfall in Pakistan.  It's called the Umbrella Waterfall, and it's located in the Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan's northwesternmost territory.  Situated about 15 mi. (27 km) from the town of Havelian, the Umbrella Waterfall is reachable via a hike from the village of Poona.  It's just a short distance from the famous Sajikot Waterfall, the Umbrella Waterfall was virtually unknown before a video of it posted on YouTube went viral.  

Dambri Waterfall, Vietnam


Dambri Waterfall | Bao Loc - Lam Dong - Vietnam

Dang Cine ...

Get a bird's eye view of a spectacular waterfall in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, compliments of talented content creator and pilot Dang Cine.  It's called the Dambri Waterfall, and it's located about ten miles (18 km) northeast of the town of Bao Loc in the province of Lâm Đồng in the south-central part of the country.  The falls feature a drop of 300 ft. or around 90 meters.  The falls are located about 60 miles (around 100 km) from the provincial city of Da Lat and about twice that distance from Ho Chi Minh City.  

Aruu Falls, Uganda


Aruu Falls Flyby

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Top content creator and pilot Scientik built his own drone to create this video of the amazing Aruu Falls in Uganda, in the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa.  The falls are situated in the northern part of this landlocked country, not far from the border with neighboring Sudan.  Uganda is far less well known than some of its neighbors, namely Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  As you'll see from the video, it has beauty which is fully the equal of other countries in the region.

The USA's Kaaterskill Falls


Kaaterskill Falls, Catskill Mountains, New York

  • Manx.Cat
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AirVuz contributor Manx.Cat brings us this excellent drone video of a well-known waterfall in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York.  It's called Kaaterskill Falls, and it's a two-stage waterfall with a drop totalling about 260 ft. (around 80 m).  It's situated in Greene County, about a three hour drive north of New York City.   The Kaaterskill Falls is considered one of the USA's oldest tourist attractions, and has been the subject of numerous paintings by prominent American artists over the years.  

Georgia's Shdugra Falls


📢 Never before seen views of Shdugra waterfalls

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Check out this fantastic first person view (FPV) drone footage of a well-known waterfall in the Caucasus republic of Georgia, compliments of AirVuz contributor levani9.  It's called Shdugra Falls, and it's located in the northwestern province of Svaneti, along the south slope of the Caucasus Mountains which form the boundary between Georgia and it's Russian neighbor to the north.  Believed to be Georgia's tallest waterfall, Shdugra Falls is accessible via a roughly five mi. (about eight km) round-trip hike from the village of Mazeri.  

Pakistan's Sajikot Waterfall


Sajikot Waterfall l The Drone Life PK

The Drone ...

Sajikot Waterfall is one of the most well known in Pakistan. It's located in the Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly the North-West Frontier Province), one of the country's four main provinces.  The falls are accessible from the national capital Islamabad; it's a roughly three hour drive, most of which is on the Hazara Expressway.  In this drone video by contributor The Drone Life PK, you can check out this beautiful falls, which drop into a deceptively shallow emerald-water pool.  

Blihin Falls, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Blihin vodopad / Bliha waterfall


As a mountainous land which receives a good deal of rainfall, it's not surprising that waterfalls are an important part of the natural landscape of Bosnia Herzegovina.  One of the more spectacular examples is Blihin (Bliha) Falls, which lies on the river of the same name.  It's located near the town of Sanski Most, which is part of the Una-Sana Canton in the northwestern corner of the country.  Contributor Wanya1982 used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to aerially film this natural wonder in the dead of winter.  

Shaar Waterfall, Kyrgyz


Shaar Waterfall. Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor chingiz_life brings us this excellent drone video of what is believed to be the tallest waterfall in Central Asia.  It's called Shaar Waterfall, and it's located in the Naryn Region of south-central Kyrgyzstan.  Situated in a gorge of the Bash-Kaindy River, the falls has a drop of about 720 ft. or around 220 m.  Including the cascades, the total drop of the waterfall is about 1.3k ft. or around 400 m.   The altitude here is about 10.5k ft. above sea level or around 3.2k m.  

The Philippines' Timalog Falls


Tumalog Falls, Philippines | Heaven on Earth | 4K

Paschalis ...

AirVuz contributor Paschalis Doumanis brings us this marvelous drone video of a well-known waterfall in the Philippines.  It's called Tumalog Falls, and it's located near the town of Oslob at the southern tip of the island of Cebu, one of the main islands in the central part of the archipelago.  The falls are located just a few mi./km from Oslob's even more-famous attraction: it's considered one of the finest spots in the world for watching whale sharks.  The video was filmed with a DJI Air 2S drone.     

Fossá Waterfall, Faroe Islands


FOSSÁ WATERFALL | Faroe Islands by Drone in 4K - DJI Mavic Air 2


Fossá Waterfall is one of the natural treasures of the Faroe Islands, a Danish archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Seen in this outstanding drone video by AirVuz contributor eCKsplorer, the falls are located on the northeastern coast of Streymoy, the largest and most populated island in the chain.  The two-stage falls, which empty directly into the ocean, have a total height of about 310 ft. or around 140 m.  It's a roughly 45 minute drive from Tórshavn, the main city of the Faroe Islands.  



Boti Falls




Rhine Falls Day Trip

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