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Veliko Tarnovo: Bulgaria's Cultural Treasure
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Iconic Historical Sites in Velko Tarnovo

Mariya Zlateva

Contributor Mariya Zlateva used a DJI Phantom 4 Advanced drone to create this magnificent bird's eye view of one of Bulgaria's greatest cultural treasures.  Valiko Tarnovo was the home of the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, one of the dominant powers in Southeastern Europe in the 13th century.  Set in a mountainous region of northern Bulgaria, its medieval hilltop churches, castles, and fortresses make it one of the country's biggest tourist attractions.  

Black Sea Coast: Nessebar
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Good Morning, Nessebar - Добро утро, Несебър


Top contributor Mattcoq gives us an unforgettable aerial tour of the Bulgarian resort town of Nessebar.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is the most important town on Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast. Contributor Mattcoq used a drone to make an amazing drone video of this 3,000 year odd town, which is in the province of Burgas.  It lies in the heart of the coastal area known  as the Red Riviera due to its popularity with communist officials during the era when Bulgaria was part of the Warsaw Pact.

Sofia: Bulgaria's Capital City
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Sofia, Bulgaria's Capital City


Bulgaria's capital city Sofia sits near the western end of this Southeast European country.  Dating to the Roman era, the city's importance derives from its location relative to three mountain passes critical to ancient trade routes running to and from the Black Sea, at one point the world's most important body of water.  Using a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone, AirVuz contributor Gkoutanoudisg gives us tour of this  well preserved in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains.

Bulgaria's Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
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A Morning over the Gold Cathedral

Mariya Zlateva

The Alexander Nevsky Church in Sofia, Bulgaria is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox churches in the world.  Construction began in 1882 but wasn't completed until 1912.  The cathedral holds up to 10k people. Contributor Mariqllz used a DJI drone to create this amazing aerial view of the cathedral, which is the largest tourist attraction in the country.  It was built in memorial to the soliders killed in the Russian-Turkish war which freed Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

Plovdiv: Bulgaria's Second City
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"Dronie" in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Plovdiv is Bulgaria's second largest city, after the capital Sofia.  It lies near the geographic center of the Southeast  European country.   It is an ancient area, with evidence of human habitation going back to the 6th century BCE.  Given its storied history, it is the home to many of Bulgaria's most important cultural events.  Contributor Nikolaganchev treats us to a dronie from one of the hills above Plovdiv, a city which was once known as the City of Seven Hills.

Musala; Bulgaria's Highest Mountain
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Cristian Bunda

Christian Bunda used a drone to create this magnificent video of the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula.  Its peak stands 2.9k meters (about 9.6k ft), making it the tallest mountain between the Alps and the Caucasus.  It's located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, in the Rila National park.  As you'll see in the video, the top of the mountain affords a spectacular peak of Bulgaria's other mountain ranges, which collectively cover much of the Southeast European country.  

Buzludzha: Monument to Bulgarian Communism
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Buzludzha in the clouds (Bulgaria)

  • Mattcoq
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Top contributor Mattcoq created this amazing drone video of what may be the most recognizable landmark of the world Communist movement.  The Buzludzha Monument sits atop the peak of the same name, which sits near the geographic center of the country and has an altitude of just over 1.4k meters (about 4.7k ft.).  Built in the 1970's, the monument commemorates a meeting in 1891 which led to the founding of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, the forerunner of the Bulgarian Communist party.  

The Balkan Mountains: Rila Range
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Rila Mountain

Blagoy Momchilov

The Rila Mountain Range is in southwestern Bulgaria. It's considered a sub-range of the Balkan Mountains. Although the peaks are not as high as other European mountain ranges, the highest peak in the Rila range (Musala, which stands 2.9k meters or roughly 10k ft) is the highest peak of the Balkans and the tallest mountain between the the Alps and the Caucasus.  Contributor Blogjoy Momchilov used a drone to treat us to an aerial view of this stunning mountain.

Vitosha Mountain's TV Tower
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4K, Into the clouds

Mariya Zlateva

Contributor Mariya Zlateva created this epic drone video of what must be considered one of the world's most beautiful TV towers.  The Vitosha Mountain TV Tower sits atop Vitosha Mountain on the outskirts of the Bulgarian capital Sofia.  The 186 meter (610 ft.) tower is quite visible from virtually anywhere in the city.  While it's not even Sofia's tallest TV tower, it's unique hexagonal shape and position atop the mountain has made it one of the more iconic sights of this Southeastern European country.  

Perperikon: Temple of Dionysius?
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Perperikon | Ancient City In Bulgaria Kardzali


Dronevfx used a DJI Spark drone to create this beautiful video of one of the more important ancient ruins sites in Bulgaria.  Perperikon was a city in ancient Thrace, a region which was bounded by the Balkan Mountains, and the Black and Aegean Seas, now split between modern day Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.  Located in the southern part of Bulgaria, Perperikon is thought to have been the location of the Temple of Dionysius.   The ruins have been under excavation since 2000.

Bulgaria's Submerged Church
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Epic Bulgaria 2 - Submerged Church "St. Ivan Rilski" in 4K

Blagoy Momchilov

Two types of landmarks which distinguish Bulgaria are churches and dams.  Contributor Blagoy Mamchilov used his DJI drone to create this spectacular video of a site with both.  The St. Ivan Rilski church is located in the town of Zapalnya in central Bulgaria, in an area that was flooded to make way for the Jrebchevo hydroelectric project in the 1960's.  Now sitting in the dam's reservoir, the partially submerged church is one of the country's most well known sites.  

Plovdiv Province: St, George's Church
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The St. George Church is a prominent landmark in Asenovgrad in south central Bulgaria in the Plovdiv province, near the eponymously named provincial capital.   The church sits on a cliff overlooking the town, which was founded by Thracians in the third or fourth century BC.  Contributor Rebel Act used a Yuneec Q500 drone to create an amazing aerial view of this Eastern European cultural treasure, one of the most famous churches known in a country distinguished by its churches.

Rhodope Mountains: Lake Batak
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The Island

Blagoy Momchilov

Contributor Blagoy Momchilov created this beautiful drone video of an island in Lake Batak, a reservoir in Bulgaria.  It's in the Rhodope Mountains, a range which covers parts of southern Bulgaria and northern Greece.   Runoff from the mountains creates a significant hydropower resource, exploitation of which required the creation of several  reservoir lakes in the area.  Batak is the third largest lake in the country and a popular tourist spot, near the city of Plovdiv.

The Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria
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Autumn in the Stara Planina Mountains

Danovski Air

The Balkan Mountains are less well known than other European mountain ranges, such as the Alps, the Carpathians, and the Pyrenees.  Known as Stara Planina, the Balkan range runs through a portion of Serbia and much of Bulgaria to the Black Sea.  The spectacularly beautiful mountains reach altitudes of about 2.4k meters (around 7.8k ft.).  In this video, contributor Danovski Air flew a drone over a part of the mountain range in Bulgaria, in the height of the Fall color season.  

Rila Mountains: Pyramids of Stob
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The Pyramids of Stob, Bulgaria


Parts of Bulgaria are home to some of Europe's most spectacular rock formations.  An example is the Pyramids of Stob, which are "hoodoos" or "fairy tale chimney" formations similar to those found in Turkey's Central Anatolia region.  They are located in the foothills of the Rila Mountain range, the highest sub-range of the Balkan Mountains.  In this video, you'll get a great bird's eye view of these magnificent structures, a product of some of the unique geology of Bulgaria.

Ravadinovo: Modern Bulgarian Castle
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Ravadinovo Castle

Robert Swenson

Bulgaria is a land known for its churches, mountains, and rock formations, not its castles.  Due to the country's status under the Ottoman Empire during the period when most European castles were built, the country is nearly castle-free.   Nearly, but not entirely.  Ravadinovo Castle was built just 20 years ago, in the southeastern part of the country.  It's now one of the region's top tourist attractions.  Here is a bird's eye view of the structure, compliments of Robert Swenson.

Christmas in Plovdiv
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Christmas in Kapana, Plovdiv from Above


Among the pleasures of the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is a small district called Kapana.  The name translates to "The Trap", and it has to do with the street structure.  In this video by contributor nikolaganchev, you will see why the name is appropriate.  The neighborhood was built around 500 years ago, fell into disrepair, and has recently been renovated.    Capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, Plovdiv is one of the great cultural treasures of this Balkan country.

Lakes of the Pirin Mountains
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Lake Muratovo PIRIN Mountain Bulgaria


In the southwest corner of Bulgaria there is a mountain range called the Pirin Mountains, part of the Rila-Radhope range which covers much of the western part of the country.  The range is dotted with over a hundred small, shallow glacial lakes, most of which are only a few meters deep.  The northern part of the range is part of Pirin National Park, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  In this stunning video, a drone pilot flew over several of these glacial lakes. 

Above Veliko Tarnovo
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Veliko Tarnovo Phantom 3 Pro Aerial 4k


Veliko Tarnovo is the most important city in northern Bulgaria.  It's the capital of the province of the same name, which covers the north central part of country.  The city can make a credible claim to being the country's cultural capital.  It was the capital city of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, which ruled over much of Southeastern Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries.  In this video by Daffster, you'll see some of the sights and sounds of this beautiful Bulgarian city.  

Plovdiv Province: Anevsko Fortress
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Anevsko Fortress in the Bulgarian Mountains

Danovski Air

Here is an excellent drone video of a well known Bulgarian mountain fortress, compliments of contributor Danovski Air. Anevo Fortress is situated in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains in Plovdiv Province, in the middle of the country.  It was built in the early 12th century, in an area that has been inhabited since the Antiquity.  At one time, it had eight defensive towers.  For a time in the Middle Ages, the fortress was strong enough to be the center of a small mini-state that ruled over the region.     

Winter on Buzludzha Mountain
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Adrenaline Rush - Buzludzha Winter Edition


One of Bulgaria's most iconic sites is the Buzludzha  monument, which sits atop the Buzludzha peak situated near the geographic center of this Balkan nation.  In this video, contributor Droneman used a drone to create an impressive aerial view of this important structure, built to celebrate the Bulgarian Communist Party. Funded with public contributions, the monument was constructed over a ten year period from 1971 to 1981.  It's part of the Stara Zagora province.

Pirin Mountains: Fish Lake
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The Fish lake...

Mariya Zlateva

Top contributor and drone pilot Mariya Zlateva created this beautiful aerial video of some beautiful lakes in the mountains of western Bulgaria.  The Banderishki is a series of 17 lakes in the Pirin Mountains, which cover a part of the southwestern corner of the country and are part of the greater Balkan Mountain range.  The main focus of the video is Fish Banderishko Lake, one of five of the chain which have names and the largest.   The lake sits at an elevation of about 2.2k meters (a bit over 7k ft.).  

Sofia Province: Copper Mine
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Elacite Copper Mine at Sunset


The Balkans have been an important area for mining activity in Europe for centuries.  In this drone video by contributor Alex_Markov, you'll get a bird's eye view of a modern copper mine in Bulgaria.  The Elastite is situated in the Sofia province in the western part of the country.  Operated by the Geotechmin Group, it's estimated to have 650 million tons of recoverable ore.  With an average grade of .3%, that translates into about 2 million tons (about 2 billion kg or 4 billion lbs.) of the red metal.  

Landscapes of Bulgaria
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2018 in 5mins from Bulgaria

Danovski Air

Check out this five minute highlight drone reel from Bulgaria, compliments of contributor Danovski Air.  Most of the video shows the diversity of the country's landscapes, and it opens with footage of a flock of birds flying over one of the country's numerous lakes.  You'll also see shots of wild horses wandering some foothills, the flat but beautiful Danubian Plain, some Black Sea beaches, numerous mountain shots including the Beklemeto Pass Arc of Liberty Monument, a wind farm, and more.  


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