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The Jeseník Mountains

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Jeseniky - (s)nezna krajina (4K drone)

Baran Dronista

The Jesenik Mountains (Hrubý Jeseník) are an important mountain range of the Czech Republic.  A subrange of the Western Carpathians, the highest peak of the range (Mt. Praděd) is about 1.5k meters above sea level (around 4.9k ft.), making the Jeseniks the second-highest mountain range in the country.  The range lies in the northeastern part of the country, in the regions of Northern Moravia and Silesia.  Check out these beautiful mountains in the depths of winter in this terrific drone video by Baran Dronista.    

Castles of the Czech Republic

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Czech castles and ruins

  • pava
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  • 2 years ago

Top creator Pava created this stunning drone video of four famous castles of the Czech Republic: Karlstejn, Hluboká, Křivoklát, and Kost.  The first two are probably the best known.  Karlstejn is a 14th century Gothic castle in Central Bohemia which was reconstructed in the Renaissance and later the Neo-Gothic style; it housed the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Emperor.  Hluboká Castle in South Bohemia had similar origins; its current state reflects its 19th century reconstruction in the Romanticist style.

DVOW Finalist from Prague

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Prague: It's Magic!

Dave Yip

Contributor and pilot Dave Yip used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this stunning portrait of Prague, which was chosen as a finalist for the Drone Video of the Week.  Watch it to see some epic bird's eye views of the city's highlights, including the Charles Bridge, the Old Town, and Prague Castle.  Prague's ever-increasing popularity has been aided in part by appearing in the movies, perhaps most notably the 2006 James Bond hit Casino Royale. This was the 23rd in the series and the first to star Dan Craig.

Czech Landscapes and Cultural Landmarks

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Czech landscape · Drone showreel 2019


Prepare to be blown away by these stunning drone views from the Czech Republic.  The first part of the video features some epic aerials of the country's famously wooded and hilly landscape.  Cultural highlights include Bezděz Castle, one of the most famous Gothic style hilltop castles (at the :50 mark); Karlštejn Castle, founded by Holy Roman Empeor Charles IV in the 14th century (around the 1:20 mark); the medieval Central Bohemian town of Kutná Hora (at the 1:45 mark); and the St. John's Pilgrimage Church (2:20).  

Demo Reel from the Czech Republic

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ShowReel 2016/2017


If you think that the Czech Republic is only about Prague, check out this aerial tour of the great Central European country by contributor and drone pilot Dejv.  His compilation captures some of the epic natural and cultural scenery which abides in the Czech countryside.  You'll be treated to bird's eye views of some of the spectacular mountains and lakes which dot the Czech countryside, as well as quaint medieval towns, endless forests and (of course) its legendary castles, such as Kost Castle (at the :36 mark).

Dronelapse of Prague

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iDrone Aerials

Top content creator and pilot iDrone Aerials put his new DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to good use with this epic dronelapse of the great Czech capital city of Prague.  Using the built-in hyperlapse functionality of DJI's newest Mavic model, he was able to create an amazing perspective on one of the best-preserved cities in Europe.  You will be treated to epic bird's-eye views of Prague highlights such as the Charles River, the iconic Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and other spots around the city's fabled Old Town.  

Český Krumlov and Olomouc

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Czech Republic 4K- UNESCO CK+Olomouc


Contributor and drone pilot MichaelDrone created this fantastic aerial video of two of the cultural gems of the Czech Republic.  The first is the town of Český Krumlov in the South Bohemian Region.  The historical core around its Baroque classic castle was one of the first UNESCO World Heritage sites created in the country.  The second spot in the video is Olomuc, another UNESCO site, which was capital of the historical region of Moravia until being ravished during the Thirty Years War.

Karlovy Vary

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Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary


Raf_Neo create this stunning video from Karlovy Vary, a n old and beautiful spa town in the western Czech Republic.  Founded in the 14th century by the Holy Roman Emperor of the time, its hundreds of hot springs made it a favorite destination for European royalty for centuries.  Before World War II, it was part of the Sudetenland, control of which went to Germany under the Munich Agreement of 1938.  More recently, KV served as a filming location for the 23rd James Bond movie, Casino Royale (2006). 

Hluboká Castle

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Státní zámek Hluboká 赫盧博卡城堡


Státní zámek Hluboká is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic.  It appeared in the #3 spot in a recent ranking of Czech castles by Touropia.  Like many Czech castles, it was built in the Gothic style in the medieval period and later converted by renovation to a Renaissance and later Baroque style.  It's near the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou in Southern Bohemia.  In this video by Minglam, you'll get a drone's eye view of this magnificent landmark.

Olomouc: Former Moravian Capital

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Viajes Lost Planet

The city of Olomouc is one of the historical treasures of the Czech Republic.  It's located on the Morava River in the Moravia historical region, in the east-central part of the country.  During the Middle Ages, Olomouc was the capital of Moravia and its largest city.  Sacked and occupied by Swedish soldiers during the Thirty Years War in the 1640's, it lost its leading position in the region to Brno.  Seen in this drone video by Viajes Los Planet, Olomouc remains one of the country's six largest cities and one of its best-preserved.  

Karlštejn Castle

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Karlstejn Castle, Czech republic


In a country known for its castles, the Czech Republic's Karlstejn Castle is a standout.  This 14th century Gothic landmark was selected as the #1 castle in the country in a survey by Touropia.  Karlstejn was completed in 1348 for the use of Charles IV, who was King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Elect.  At the time, Bohemia was one of the most important regions of the Holy Empire.  Contributor Mertlas was able to fly over the castle on a brilliant autumn day to create this spectacular aerial tour. 

České Krumlov: Czech Cultural Treasure

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České Krumlov,Czech Republic


Top contributor and pilot Minglam created this stunning drone video of one of the great cultural treasures of the Czech Republic.  České Krumlov is a castle town in the southern part of the Bohemian province.  The centerpiece of the town and the video is the České Krumlov, one of the world's most well preserved medieval castles and the country's second largest.  It was built in 1280 by a baronial family called the Rosenbergs who were important powers within the Holy Roman Empire.

Blanik Mountain, Central Bohemia

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Legendary Knight Mountain


Contributor and drone pilot Ludoweet used his DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone to film the legendary Blaník Mountain in the Central Bohemian region of the Czech Republic.  The result is an epic drone video of this famous hill in the heart of Central Europe, a spot which is steeped in myth.  According to legend, it is here that an army of Czech knights led by St. Wenceslas awaits to help the Motherland when it is in great danger.  The hill has a height of about 640 meters above sea level (a bit under 2.1k ft.).

Bezdez Castle

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MDM Drone Studio

Bezdez Castle is one of the great Gothic castles of Bohemia in the Czech Republic.  It's situated on a hilltop near the town of  Česká Lípa in the northern part of the region.  Built in the 13th century, it was one of the dominant castles in Bohemia for a time.  During the Thirty Years War, it fell into the hands of the Habsburgs, was converted into a monastery for a time, and subsequently abandoned.  In this drone video, contributor MDM Drone Studio takes us for an aerial tour of this epic landmark.

West Sudetens: Jizera Mountains

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Jizera Mountains / The Green Stone


Top content creator and pilot Ludoweet created this beautiful drone video from the Jizera Mountains in the Czech Republic.  More like hills, these are part of the Western Sudetens chain, which forms the border between the country and Poland.  These granite peaks here have a maximum elevation of just over 1.1k meters (about 3.7k ft.) above sea level.  The area saw massive forced-migration after World War II as many of its native Germans were expelled and replaced with ethnic Czechs and Poles.  

Prachov Rocks

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Prachobske Rocks, Czech Republic

MDM Drone Studio

Contributor and pilot MDM Drone Studio flew a drone over the Prachov Rocks in the Hradec Králové Region of Bohemia in the north central part of the Czech Republic.  The result is a stunning bird's eye view of some of the most unusual rock formations in all of Europe.  Here one can find gigantic, spectacular looking rocks with equally magnificent names such as the Devil's Kitchen, Leaning Tower, the Elephant, Monk, and other names based on resemblance to the "real world".  The sandstone rocks sit on what had at one point been a large plateau.

Tour of Bohemian Paradise

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Český ráj | Bohemian Paradise | Czech Republic

  • Topi80
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  • 3 years ago

The Bohemian Paradise is a protected area northeast of Prague in the Czech Republic. It's known for its unusual sandstone rock formations, some of which are topped with Medieval era "rock castles".  In this captioned drone video by Topi80 you'll see some of the highlights of this magical region, which includes some of the country's most famous castles: Suche Skaly, Mala Skala Pantheon, Frydstein Castle, Zamek Rohozec, Dolanky u Turnova, Trosky Castle, Kost Castle, and Udoli Plakanek.

Kost Castle

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MDM Drone Studio

Contributor MDM Drone Studio created this magnificent drone video of Kost Castle, one of the finest castles in the Czech Republic.  It's in the region of Northern Bohemia, in the western part of the country.  The 14th century castle is distinguished by its prominent white tower as well as its siting - not on a hill but on a sandbar between two small streams.  Unlike most Czech castles, Kost is privately owned, by a very old noble family.  The castle was named in Touropia's ranking of the top 10 castles of the Czech Republic, dated October 2017.

Trosky Castle

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Check out this drone video of a famous "rock castle" in the Czech Republic, compliments of contributor and pilot ludoweet.  The landmark structure is called Trosky Castle, and it's built atop two volcanic "plugs" in the Liberac region, in the northern part of the country. Built in 14th century, it was a key position in the Hussite Wars which raged through Bohemian lands in the 15th century.  It was heavily damaged during the Thirty Years War in the early 1600's and has been left in a ruined state since.  

Moravia's Bouzov Castle

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Bouzov castle


In this drone video, contributor Tomas86 gives us a beautiful aerial view of one of the most well known castles of the Czech Republic.  Bouzov Castle was built in the 14th century, around the time when many of the country's most well known fortifications were constructed.  It's in the Olmouc region of Moravia in the eastern part of the country, not far from the border with Slovakia.  Its iconic appearance has led to it being chosen for movie shooting locations, most notably the 2004 German film Before the Fall.  

Kutná Hora: Church of Our Lady

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Church of Our Lady, Kutná Hora


Kutná Hora is one of the cultural treasures of the Czech Republic.  It's located a short driving distance east of Prague in Central Bohemia.  The 12th century town became famous for the nearby silver mines which became one of Europe's most important sources for the precious metal which was the basis for much of the world economy in pre-Columbian days.  In this drone video, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of the city's great landmarks: the Baroque Gothic Church of our Lady, which is part of the city's UNESCO site.  

Pernštejn Castle, South Moravia

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Czech - Gothic castle Pernštejn DJI Spark Drone

  • Mikin
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  • 2 years ago

Contributor Mikin used a DJI Spark drone to create this aerial tour of one of the most well known castles in the Czech Republic.  Pernštejn Castle is built on a giant rock overlooking the village of Nedvědice in the country's South Moravia region.  The castle occupies an important strategic position relative to to rivers which run through the area.  Built in the Gothic style in the 13th century, it's sometimes referred to as the "Marble Castle" in reference to the stone which frames its windows and doors.

Bohemian Paradise: Valdštejn Castle

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Valdštejn Castle


Check out this beautiful drone video of a medieval fortress in the Czech Republic, compliments of contributor MIAPVIDEOS.  It's called Valdštejn Castle, and it's a 13th century Gothic style ruined structure near the town of Turnov.  It's in the Liberec Region, which is the northernmost of the 14 Czech first-level administrative units.  The landmark is part of the Bohemian Paradise protected area northeast of Prague, which is also home to the somewhat better-known Trosky Castle.

Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Castle Town

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Jindřichův Hradec, South Bohemia

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  • 3 years ago

Contributor and pilot Janek made skillful use of a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial video of a stunningly beautiful castle town in southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic.  Jindřichův Hradec is home to a castle of the same name, which was built in the 13th century and re-built in a Renaissance style castle several centuries later.  It is the third largest castle in the Czech Republic.  At one point, following the devastation of the Thirty Years War, the town was the second largest in Bohemia.  

The Czech Republic's Fairytale Forests

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Magical Forest


The Czech Republic is known in part for its dense forests, which cover much of the countryside.  This is particularly true in Bohemia, the country's western region and its historical core.  Goings on in these ancient forests (or myths thereof) have been the subject of children's fairytales for centuries.  In this video, top contributor Ludoweet flies a drone through one of these magical forests.  Shot at the outset of the fall season, the endless trees present as a brilliant mix of orange and green.    

Pilgrimage Church

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Pilgrimage Church / UNESCO


Contributor and pilot Ludoweet created this stunning video of Pilgrimage Church in the Czech Republic.  Formally known as Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk, it is situated at the edge of Žďár nad Sázavou, near the historical border between the regions of Moravia and Bohemia in the central part of the country.  He used a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone to create a magnificent bird's eye view of this landmark, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.  

Točník Castle, Central Bohemia

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Contributor and pilot Obendrohne created this drone video of a well-known castle in the Central Bohemia region of the Czech Republic.  It's called Točník Castle, and it's situated in the eponymously named town in the Beroun District.  The great landmark was built in the 14th centuries under King Wenceslaus IV, who reigned the Kingdom of Bohemia for about 45 years beginning in 1376.  The castle played a key role in the Hussite Wars, a violent struggle which raged through Czech lands in the early 15th century.

Drábské Světničky

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Sandstone Monuments / Czech Paradise


Drábské Světničky is a ruin of a 13th century rock castle in Mladá Boleslav District, in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.  While the castle is impressive, the limestone rock formations which surround it are simply stunning in their size and shape.  The castle itself was abandoned in the 15th century and is a ruined state.  Czech content creator and pilot Ludoweet used a drone to create this marvelous aerial video of the castle and these amazing stone formations. 

The Iron Mountains

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Here's a beautiful drone video from the middle of the Czech Republic, compliments of contributor and pilot monty.roman.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Air drone, the video captures an area around the Iron Mountains.  The Iron Mountains are a chain of hills which sits at the northern end of a longer system called the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.  These hills and low mountains run in a northeasterly-oriented line and act as the border between the country's (western) Bohemia region and (eastern) Moravia region.  

Kokořín Castle

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Fairytale Castle


Contributor and pilot Ludoweet created this amazing drone video of Kokořín Castle, a well-known landmark in the Central Bohemia region of the Czech Republic.  Located about 10 km (6 mi) northeast of Mělník, the medieval castle was built in the first half of the 14th century and heavily damaged during the Hussite Wars which raged through Czech lands in the 15th century.  It was partially reconstructed early in the 20th century.  As of 2001, the castle is a protected site under Czech conservation laws. 

The Krkonose Mountains in Liberac

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Mountain Poetry


The Sudetes are a chain of rolling mountains which run along the Czech Republic's northern border with Poland, extending as far west as (German) Saxony.  In this drone video by ludoweet, you'll get a an aerial view of Harrachovy Mountain, a prominent Sudetens peak.  It's the highest spot in the Krkonoše Mountains, a masif of the Sudetens located in the Liberac region.  Most of the area is part of the Krkonose National Park, which is joined with another park on the Polish side of the border as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  

Pardubice: Chrudimsko District

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Chrudimsko from the Air


Chrudimsko is a district in the Czech Republic region of Pardubice, one of the country's 14 top-level administrative divisions.  Pardubice lies in the north central part of the country.  Like muich of eastern Bohemia, it's a land of small towns and villages.  Here are the specific locations featured: Vápenný Podol, Lichnice, Trhová Kamenice, the Zuberský Kopec Lookout Tower,  Crozdelena Bokeh, Práčov, Přehrada Seč, Udoli Kredimky, Rybnik Mazanek, and Hradiste.

Plzeň Region: Radyně Castle

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Fortress Over Forests | Radyně Castle


Check out this beautiful drone video of a 14th century castle in the western Czech Republic, compliments of top contributor ludoweet.  It's called Radyně Castle, and it's located near the town of  Starý Plzenec in the region of Plzeň in western Bohemia.  The castle was completed in 1361, on the site of an earlier structure which had been destroyed.  The castle had fallen into a ruined state by the 16th century, and some 19th century alterations were essentially undone by a fire in 1886.

Zvikov Castle

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Zvíkov Castle


MIAPVIDEOS created this beautiful drone video of Zvikov Castle, one of the most important castles in the South Bohemia region of the Czech Republic.  It is situated in a highly strategic location at the juncture of the Vltava and Oltava rivers.  Built in the 13th century, it was beseiged but not taken during the 15th century Hussite Wars that raged through Bohemia.  Its luck ran out during the Thirty Years War; it surrendered after a seige by a large Habsburg force and was subsequently devastated.  

Vranov Castle, South Moravia

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MDM Drone Studio

Vranov Castle (Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau) is a well known "rock castle" in the southern part of the Czech Republic, in Central Europe.  It's situated in the town of the same name in South Moravia, near the Austrian border.  It was likely built in the 11th century, originally as a means to protect Moravia from raids coming from the lands of the Holy Roman Empire. It was rebuilt in the 17th century in the Baroque style, the work of a famous Austrian architect named Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach.

Veveří Castle

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Veveri castle


OCDrone created this drone video of a well known castle in the Czech Republic.  Veveří Castle is located just a few miles from Brno, the second largest city in the country and the largest in the Moravia region.  It likely dates to the 13th century, although some sources suggest an earlier construction date.  It fell into a ruinous state, but in 1830 was purchased by a member of Swedish royalty who refurbished it.  It fell into a state of disrepair again in the 20th century but was partially restored in the 1990's.  

Abandoned Airport in the Czech Forest

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Mysterious Airport Lost In The Woods


An abandoned airport deep in the forests of the Czech Republic makes for a phenomenal drone video by contributor and pilot Ludoweet.  He does an incredible job of capturing the oddness of the scene - a paved runway in the middle of endless rolling hills covered with pine trees.  Going back to the Middle Ages, the lands of the Czech Republic have always occupied an important strategic position in Central Europe.  Later, during the Cold War period, what was then Czechoslovakia was covered with Red Army bases and Red Air Force airfields.

Deserted Rocket Base in the Czech Forest

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Deserted Military Rocket Base


Top contributor Ludoweet used a drone to capture an abandoned military base in his native Czech Republic.  This type of scene is not uncommon in the Czech Republic: when the Warsaw Pact dissolved following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many of the old Red Army and Red Air Force military assets in Central and Eastern Europe were simply vacated.  In this video, Lodoweet used a DJI drone to aerially film an old rocket base deep in the Czech forest, its missile tubes clearly arranged in a triangular fashion.

Czech Ironworks Factory

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Klamova Ironworks

  • Mikin
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  • 2 years ago

For centuries, the lands of the Czech Republic have been known for their metalworking industries.  Going back centuries, the Behemian and Moravian regions were home to some of the most arms manufacturing in Europe, and the Czech lands were amongst the first on the European continent to industrialize as the Industrial Revolution began to spread from Britain.  In this drone video from Mikin, you'll get an aerial look at the Klamova Ironworks, a well known 19th century ironworks near Brno.

Beskydy Protected Landscape Area

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Beskydy - Czech Republic


The Beskids is a name for a series of mountain ranges which are part of the great Carpathian range that stretches from the Czech Republic to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Romania.  A great place to experience the Beskids is in the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area, which lies near the Czech Republic's eastern border with Slovakia.  Seen here in this beautiful wintertime drone video by sojkincz, the park was created to preserve the area's primeval forests, meadows, and pastures. 

Brno's Peter and Paul Cathedral

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Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Brno, Czech Republic - Dji Mavic Pro -


Brno is the Second City of the Czech Republic and the largest in the country's (eastern) Moravia region.  In this drone video by contributor SKYDRONAUTS, you'll get a nice bird's eye view of one of Brno's cultural landmarks: the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.  The Gothic Revival church was built in the early 1900's atop a hill in the center of the city.  The bells ring at 11AM every day, in reference to a famous incident during the Thirty Years War when the town saw off an attack by ringing a church bell an hour early.  

Czech Winter Wonderland

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Frozen Portrait | Aerial Film of Czech

  • TJ
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  • 2 years ago

The forests of the Czech Republic make for some of the best iconic winter scenes anywhere in the world.  The tree-covered rolling hills of the countryside become a winter wonderland without match.  In this drone video by contributor TJ, you'll get a bird's eye view of the snow covered Bohemian forests during the depths of the Czech winter.  The video also features winter footage of some spectacularly well-preserved Czech castles and villages, some of the greatest cultural treasures of Central Europe.

Ještěd: Mountain of Liberec

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MDM Drone Studio

Check out this beautiful wintertime drone view of one of the most important mountains in the Czech Republic, compliments of MDM Drone Studio.  It's called Ještěd, and it's the highest peak in the Ještěd-Kozákov Ridge of the Western Sudeten Mountains in the Liberec region, a range which covers much of the area where the Czech, Polish and German borders meet up.  Topped with a futuristic-looking hotel and TV tower, the mountain's peak is just over 1k meters (3.3k ft.) above sea level.   

Jeseníky-Praděd, West Silesia

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Sunset in Jeseníky - Praděd


Check out this stunning sunset drone video from the mountains of the Czech Republic, compliments of contributor and pilot saimonex.  It's called Jeseníky-Praděd, in its located in the West Silesia region in the northeastern part of the country.  The mountain, which has a peak elevation of just under 1.5k meters above sea level (around 4.9k meters), is the fifth-highest in the Czech Republic.  It is part of the Hrubý Jeseník range, which in turn is part of the Carpathian Mountains.

Technical Marvel: Hydro Plant in Oloumoc

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Hydro power plant


Contributor MIAPVIDEOS created this fascinating drone videos of one of the technological wonders of the Czech Republic: the Dlouhe Strane Hydro Power Station.  It's what's known as a pumped storage power plant, where flow from a nearby river (the Desná) generates electricity, some of which is used to pump water to the mountaintop reservoir you see in the video.  Situated in the province of Oloumoc, it's the largest hydro power station in the country and is home to Europe's largest reversing turbine.

Kašperk Castle, Plzeň Region

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Kašperk Castle - medieval castle - Bohemia


Top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Ludoweet brings us this excellent aerial view of an important Czech castle.  The landmark is called Kašperk Castle, and it's located in the town of Kašperské Hory in the Plzeň Region, which covers much of the  southwestern corner of the Czech Republic.  The castle was built in the 14th century on the orders of the Holy Roman Emperor (and Bohemian king) Charles IV, mostly as a means to defend the Empire's borders from neighboring Bavaria.    

Fall in the Jizera Mountains

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Early Autumn Highlands


The Jizera Mountains or Izera Mountains are the stunning range you’ll see in this drone video by pilot ludoweet. Part of the Western Sudetes (which in turn are part of the Carpathian range), they lie on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. The area offers picture-perfect views of scattered peaks, forests of spruce and beech trees, tall cliffs, and picture-perfect valleys. See for yourself as fall settles into the region in this drone video by Czech drone pilot and contributor ludoweet.  

Slavičín: Town in the Plzeň Region

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Slavičín - Czech Republic


Check out these aerial views of a beautiful town in the southeastern Czech Republic, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Silvano1988.  The town of Slavičín is situated in the Zlín Region, which covers part of the southeastern Czech Republic and is considered a part of the historical region of Central Moravia.  Just a few km/mi from the country's eastern border with Slovakia, the landscape of the region varies from hilly to flat plains.  The video was shot with a DJI Spark drone.  

Spots in the Czech Mountains

1:49 click to play video

Czech republic a hiking day

johny kondakjian photography

Contributor johny kondakjian photography put together this excellent video record of a trip through the mountains of the Czech Republic.  It features footage from number of spots in the area north and east of Prague along the Polish border.  Featured locations include the town of Jičín in the Hradec Králové Regionin the north-central part of the country; Starý Jičín, a village and castle in the (northeastern) Moravian-Silesian Region; and Ostrava, the capital of the Moravian-Silesian Region.  

Great Amerika Quarry

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Great Amerika Quarry

Joe Paskes

Contributor and pilot Joe Paskes created this beautiful drone video of a giant disused limestone quarry in the Czech Republic which is so large that it's known as the Czech Grand Canyon.  Velká Amerika is in the province of Central Bohemia, near the town of Mořina.  It's almost a kilometer long and has an 18 meter (about 60 ft.) lake at its bottom.  The quarry was used for mining limestone for much of the 20th century, and since being closed has been frequently used for filming Czech movies. 

Drone Tour of Prague

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Prague in 4K

iDrone Aerials

In this video, top contributor and pilot iDrone Aerials gives us an epic aerial tour of the Czech capital Prague.  The city famously avoided destruction by retreating Nazi Germany at the end of World War II, thus sparing this cultural treasure in the heart of Central Europe.  It is perhaps the best preserved European capital city, and has been used to film numerous movies.  For example, Wenceslas Square, which you'll see at the 1:05, was the filming location for a scene in Mission: Impossible (1996).

Prague Castle and More

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The Fairytale City : PRAGUE


Contributor Burak BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR created this amazing aerial tour of Prague, the great Czech capital on the Vltava River.  It opens with and epic bird's eye view of Prague Castle, the great palace which sits on a hill overlooking the city.  With 70k square meters (around 700k square ft.) of space, it's one of the world's largest castles.  The spired building within the castle walls is St. Vitus Cathedral, which dates to the 14th century and is one of the world's most well known churches.  

Trosky Castle from the Sky

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Trosky Castle by Mavic

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Contributor JANEK used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial view of Trosky Castle, one of the most well known ruined castles in the Czech Republic.  It's in the Liberac Region of Bohemia in the very northern part of the country, near the border with Germany.  The castle was built in the 14th century and played an important role in the Hussite Wars of the 15th century, a bloody conflict which looms large in Czech history.  The castle was burned during the Thirty Year War of the 17th century and left in a ruined state.

Bezděz Castle by Drone

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Hrad Bezděz | Czech Republic - DJI Mavic Pro | Aerial Drone Video (4K Ultra HD)

  • Topi80
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Here's a drone video by Topi80 of the Bezděz Castle, one of the most famous castles in the Czech republic.  The semi-ruined structure lies in the Liberac region, the northernmost part of country.  Lying in a strategically important area in the mountains near the border with what is now Poland, the castle was constructed in the 13th century.  Built in the Gothic style, the castle was seized by Imperial forces during the Thirty Years War of the 17th century, in the course of which it was basically destroyed.  

Czech 2019 Reel

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🔥 SHOWREEL 2019 | 🚁


Check out this fabulous 2019 drone reel from the Czech Republic, compliments of new contributor and pilot giacobbeen.  The video features brilliant footage of iconic mist-covered landscapes in this Central European land, mostly from the heart of the country - the rolling hills, pristine forests, and shimmering lakes of central and southern Bohemia and Moravia.  You'll also see some nice shots of some well-known Czech castles, including Pernštejn Castle in South Moravia at the :45 mark.

Czech Showreel

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Bohemia Showreel 2019


Top contributor ludoweet has created dozens of drone videos from all across the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Central Europe.  In this video, he's compiled some of his best footage from the country's Bohemian region from 2019 into a single reel.  Bohemia is a historical region which covers roughly the western half of the Czech Republic.  The reel will give you a good sense for the hilly terrain which characterizes much of Bohemia, as well as for the castles and fortresses which sit atop many of its most strategically located hilltops.  

Drone Views of Karlštejn Castle

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Beautiful Gothic Castle of King Charles IV - Karlštejn, Czech Republic

OOO Photography

Founded in 1348 by Charles IV the Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia, Karlštejn Castle is a sight to see from above. The castle served as a place for safekeeping the Imperial Regalia, as well as their crown jewels, holy relics, and other treasures. Located about 30 km (19 miles) away from Prague, it is one of the most visited and famous castles in the Czech Republic. See the gorgeous, Gothic castle in 4K from a drone, thanks to pilot OOO Photography.