AV News: Building the Ryder Cup Course

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When the Ryders Cup golf tournament was held at Haseltine National Golf Course outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, AirVuz worked with the course as an official media partner.  This involved many flyovers of its storied holes to give a bird's eye perspective on preparations for the big event.  This AirVuz News story features extensive aerial footage of the course as well as interviews with key participants in this process.


AV News: How To Create The Best Drone Videos

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If you’ve ever wondered how to get your drone videos featured on AirVūz.com, or just noticed in general – listen up. Here are 5 easy steps for what your drone video needs: 1 – Make sure your video has aerial footage right off the top; 2 – Be different; 3 – Take the time to create an enticing thumbnail image; 4 – Your title, description and keywords matter; and 5 – Promote and share your work with your community!


AV NEWS: DVA 2017 Recap

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The winners of the 2017 Drone Video Awards are...The votes were counted and the winners were determined! See who succeeded in the 2017 Drone Video Awards. Any video uploaded to AirVuz.com between January 1, 2017 - December 15, 2017 was eligible for the 2017 Drone Video Awards. How were the videos selected? The team of curators at AirVūz narrowed down over 33,000 aerial video submissions on the basis of video quality, editing, community popularity, originality, and flying technique.


AV News: Basilica Block Party

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The historic Basilica of Saint Mary sits on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. The Block Party began 22 years ago as a fundraiser to help pay for structural restoration. The two-day festival has 3 stages, food trucks, drink stands, and brings in thousands of people. Local radio station, Cities97, co-sponsors the event and helps bring in big name artists like Gavin DeGraw, Walk the Moon, and Brandi Carlile – this is definitely not your average “church concert.”


AV News: Power2Push

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Tyler Mason caught up with the Evans family from www.ainsleysangels.org before they embark on a marathon quest to run the length of the Mississippi River! Father and son, Shaun and Shamus, are no strangers to long treks, as they've already run across America from West to East for charity.  Watch this AirVuz News story to see how they raised awareness and support for kids with Cerebral Palsy and other rare terminal illnesses with their Power2Push campaign!


AV News: Air + Style

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AirVuz's crew flew drones at Air + Style — part snowboard competition, part music festival.  After stops in China and Austria, Air + Style made its way to Los Angeles. The two-day event, put on by Shaun White, combines competitive snowboarding and two stages of live music. Some of the world’s best snowboarders were there launching from a 16-story snowboard ramp. Musical acts included Major Lazer, Flume, Atmosphere, Chromeo and more.  See aerial footage of the event.


AV News: Droning U.S. Bank Stadium

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AirVuz recently partnered with the Vikings Entertainment Network and got the exclusive opportunity to fly inside U.S. Bank Stadium. Home to the NFL's Minnesota Vikings since 2016, the stadium is a state-of-the-art facility located in downtown Minneapolis. In this AirVuz News story you'll see how it was done and see some spectacular aerial footage of this magnificent sports venue.  


AV NEWS: Did Casey Neistat Fly Legally in NYC?

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Flying a drone in all 5 boroughs of New York City is prohibited. But leave it up to viral video sensation Casey Neistat to find a way around New York's rules and regulations.  The footage is stunning, which explains the massive amount of views the video has garnered. However, with its popularity has come loads of questions about the flight's legality.


AV News: Drone Captures Blue Whales Feeding

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In this AirVuz News story, Kendall Mark catches up with a drone pilot who has a great aerial video and a whale of a story to go with it.  Todd Chandler used a drone to capture some stunning footage of a blue whale enjoying a very hefty meal of plankton in the waters off the coast of Australia.  Researchers say that this footage is helpful in advancing understanding of the feeding patterns of these gigantic sea mammals.  Drones make this sort of footage possible for the first time.



AV News: Inspire 2 Shot Down

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AV News: Droneadazzle Part 2

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