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Sicily (Italy)


Sicilia Nostra by

Prepare to be astounded by this magnificent drone video of the Italian island of Sicily, compliments of two-time DVA winner The video, which mixes footage from a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone with ground footage, features shots of some of the highlights of the largest island in the Mediterranean. Highlights include aerials of the Castle Maniaci and the Greek Theater ruins in the ancient city of Syracuse, and the magnificent Palermo Cathedral in the capital city. This video was a DVOW nominee in August, 2019.

Sardinia (Italy)


Sardegna IV: DJI Phantom 4 Footage of the Famed Island of Sardinia


In this stunning drone video of Sardinia, top contributor Dronescapes by Atellani uses his DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to showcase the beauty of this Italian Mediterranean island. The footage is shot around the northeastern corner of the island, and includes the gorgeous Cugnana mountains and the town of Poltu Quatu.  The highlight is aerial footage of Porto Cervo, a town on the famed Costa Smerelda.  The Hotel Cala di Volpe here was a shooting location for the 11th James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).  

Corsica (France)


Corsica seen from the sky

Maxandre B...

Check out this excellent drone video from the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, compliments of new contributor Maxandre Brunet.  The video opens with a stunning pull-out shot from the old port of Bastia, on the island's northeastern coastline, followed by a shot of the famous beach of Santa Giulia, to the south.  At the 1:44 and 1:56 marks, you'll see the town of Bonifacio, which sits atop a cliff near Corsica's southern tip.  Other highlights include stunning shots of Corsica's rocky coastal cliffs, and interior mountains.  

The Greek Islands


Shades of Blue


Top AirVuz contributor Skyeye_Aerials earned a Drone Video of the Week Finalist spot for this amazing drone video from the islands of Greece.  The title "Shades of Blue" refers to the color of the waters surrounding the Greek islands, which number in the many hundreds and which are dotted across the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  Beautifully edited, the video will take you over some of Europe's most appealing seaside scenery, replete with hillside villages, hidden cove beaches, massive yachts, and more.  





Former DVOW Winner timroosjen brings us this stunning aerial tour of the landscapes and seascapes of Cyprus, Greece.  At the :23 mark, there's a great shot of the Cape Greco headland, at the southeastern tip of the island.  At around the :40 mark, you'll see the wreck of the Edro III, which ran aground near Pegeia at the western tip of the island in 2011.  At the 1:07 mark, there's a dramatic shot of the cliffs around Cape Aspro on the southwestern coast.  Other highlights include the Troodos Mountains (1:26) and Aphrodite's Rock (1:42).  





The island nation of Malta lies close to the center of the Mediterranean Sea, between the Italian island of Sicily and the coast of North Africa.  Top content creator Oliverastrologo created this stunning aerial tour of this beautiful spot, which includes epic shots of the harbor at Valletta, the ancient walled city of Mdina, and at the :40 mark the Azure Window rock formation (which subsequently collapsed); all were used extensively as filming locations in Season 1 of HBO's Game of Thrones. 

Santorini (Greece)




Santorini is a small crescent-shaped Greek island in the Aegean Sea, the southernmost of the Cyclades group of over 200 islands (many of which are uninhabited).   It is known for its crisp, white buildings and blue roofs, jutting out from the cliffside towards the azure sea. Top contributor Lucaspinhel, who has over 200k followers on Instagram, uses those blues and whites to his advantage, creating pops of orange, yellow, and red with the beautiful dresses his models wear in this unique drone video.

Capri (Italy)


Capri, Italy: View from a DJI Mavic pro

Paradise p...

Capri is a small island near the Bay of Naples off the coast of Southern Italy's Campania region.  It lies in the Tyrrhenian Sea, an extension of the Mediterranean.   It is an island known not only for cultural sites but a world-reknowned sailing and yachting scene, and is a playground for Europe's super rich.  Contributor Paradise Picnic Photography used a DJI Mavic drone to create an amazing aerial portrait of this Mediterranean paradise, which has been known as a "vacation" destination since Roman times.

Aeolian Islands (Italy)



Chris Borg...

Top content creator and drone pilot Chris Borg created this beautiful aerial video of Italy's Aeolian Islands using a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  These eight islands are situated immediately to the north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a subdivision of the Mediterranean Sea which is bounded by Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, and the Italian mainland.  Due to their unique volcanic origins and landscapes, these islands have collectively been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.    

Mallorca (Spain)


The best of Majorca | Epic views by Dji Mavic Air

Paride Mus...

One of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, Mallorca, (sometimes also called Majorca), is known as a popular vacation destination for European travelers of all stripes. Its stunning cliffs, deep lagoons, historic sites, architecture, and sandy beaches also make it a perfect place to fly a small drone like the DJI Mavic Air.  Exhibit A is this marvelous mini-tour of the island by Paride Musci.  This video was selected as a Finalist for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest in 2018.

Crete (Greece)


Crete 2019


Here's a magnificent aerial tour of the Greek island of Crete, compliments of The video features some amazing footage from along the coastline of the island, the Mediterranean's fifth largest. In addition to Crete's stunning beaches (including Balos Beach), the video features bird's eye views of some of the island's other hallmarks, such as its hilltop forts and shipwrecks. Other spots featured include the tiny island of Elafonisi, the capital city Heraklion, and more. This video won DVOW in July, 2019.

Rhodos (Greece)


Hello Rhodos island

Ivan Doval...

For an aerial tour of the Greek island of Rhodes, it's tough to beat this video by contributor and drone pilot Ivan Dovala.  Rhodes is one of the outermost Greek islands.  It's the largest of the Dodecanese, a group of 150 islands at the southeastern reaches of Greek territory, mostly just off Turkey's Mediterranean coastline.  The video features footage of Lindos, Filerimos, Rhodos city, Monolithos, Kritinia castle, Waterpark.Pheraklos castle, Fourni beach, Ladiko beach, Tsampika beach, Antohny Queen beach, and more.  

Kefalonia (Greece)


Ionian Island Kefalonia, Greece | Drone video in 4K

XL Creatio...

XL Creations used a DJI Inspire 1 drone to create this epic aerial video of Kefalonia, the largest of Greece's Ionian Islands.  The video contains bird's eye views of some of the island's most well-known sights, including Mythos Beach, Fiscardo, Melissani Cave, Argostoli, The Venetian Castle Ruins, and more.  During World War II, Kefalonia was the site of an infamous 1943 massacre of Italian POWs by German forces; the event was depicted in Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001), which was filmed here.  

Corfu (Greece)


Corfu Town, Greece


Corfu is the second largest (and northernmost) of the Greek Ionian Islands and its most well known.  The island's main city (also called Corfu) has played an important role throughout ancient and modern Greek history, and it is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Corfu was a shooting location in the 13th James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only (1981) starring Roger Moore, at times standing in for Albania.  In this video, Dronakias gives us a bird's eye view of this cultural gem in the Ionian Sea.  

Ibiza and Formentera (Spain)


Ibiza + Formentera | DJI MAVIC PRO


Contributor Wildworld created this amazing drone/ground camera VLOG of the Pityusic Islands Ibiza and Formentera, at the westernmost end of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  Known for their stunning beaches and epic parties, Ibiza and Formentera are just 100 km (about 60 mi) southwest of the larger island of Mallorca. Shot on the DJI Mavic Pro, with ground camera footage mixed in, this video will give you a bird's eye view of these tiny yet beautiful islands. 

Naxos (Greece)


Naxos Island, Cyclades, Greece

Island Vid...

Contributor and drone pilot Island Videography created this stunning aerial video of the Greek island Naxos.  Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades, a group of over 200 islands in the Aegean Sea.  It's extensively mentioned in Greek mythology; the god Zeus was believed to have been raised in a cave here.  The video will take you around some of the highlights of the island, including the city of Naxos on the western end of the island and the Naxos Portara (Great Door) on a tiny islet north of the main town.

Samos (Greece)


Exploring Samos from Above: DJI Mavic Pro


Samos is an island of Greece lying in the eastern end of the Aegean Sea.  Part of the North Aegean official grouping of islands, Samos features a mix of quaint seaside towns, amazing beaches, and numerous historical sites especially in its mountainous interior.  Seen on a map, the island is actually much closer to mainland Turkey than to the Greek mainland.  Ride along with top content creator and pilot Beemflights, who uses a drone to give us an amazing aerial tour of this Mediterranean paradise.  

Menorca (Spain)


Hidden Beaches Menorca


Former Drone Video of the Week Winner BeemFlights brings us this fantastic drone video of some of the "hidden" beaches on the Spanish island of Menorca.  Menorca is the second-largest of the Balearic Islands, a small Spanish archipelago in the western Mediterranean Sea.  Lying a bit to the northeast of the larger island of Mallorca, Menorca covers a land area of about 270 square mi. or just under 700 square km.  With a population of a bit under 100k permanent residents, it's much less densely populated than its larger neighbor.  

Krk (Croatia)


Krk - Stara Baška

  • pava
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  • over 7 years ago

Top contributor and drone pilot Pava created this magnificent aerial video of the village of Stara Baska, a village on the Croatian island of Krk in the Adriatic Sea.  Unlike most of Croatia's other well known islands which are located off the Dalmatian Coast, Krk is situated off the country's northern Adriatic coast, not far from the border with Slovenia.  Using a DJI Inspire drone, he shows us the iconic looking island, the most populous in this Southeastern European country.

Thassos (Greece)


Summer in Greece, Thasos Θάσος 2017


Check out this beautiful drone video of the Greek island Thassos, compliments of contributor and drone pilot skyCinemaMD.  Thassos is part of a grouping of islands known as the North Aegean, situated (not surprisingly) in the northern part of the Aegean Sea.  Thassos sits a bit to the southeast of Kevala on the mainland.  It was known as a sort of spa in ancient times, well known for its bathing facilities.  It is far less well known by tourists, despite being the 12th largest Greek island by land area.  

Saint Nikola (Montenegro)


Saint Nikola Island

Beautiful ...

Saint Nikola Island (Sveti Nikola) is a small island off the coast of Montenegro in Southeastern Europe.  It's located just a kilometer (.6 mi.) off the coastal town of Budva in the eastern Adriatic Sea.  This small isle, just 2 km (1.2 mi.) long, is known for its beautiful white sand beaches.  The island is an easy day trip for visitors to Budva, a popular destination in this former Yugoslavian country.  You can see this beautiful island from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video from Beautiful Montenegro.

Ischia (Italy)


Sant'Angelo, Ischia

CH drone...
  • CH drone
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  • almost 7 years ago

CH Drone created this epic drone video of the village of Sant' Angelo on the Italian island of Ischia.  This volcanic island lies in the northwestern approaches to the Gulf of Naples, the opposite end of the Gulf from the better known Capri.  The island is mostly covered in mountains but is ringed by small fishing villages.  CH Drone's video, shot with a DJI Phantom 4 drone, captures Sant' Angelo, the main town on the island's southern coast.  It's part of the province of Naples in the Campania Region.  

Kos (Greece)


Kos, Greece: Paradox of Waves in 4K

Joe Paskes...

Kos is one of the Greek islands which looks like it should be part of Turkey if you see it on a map.  It is part of the Dodecanese chain of islands which lie just off of the western coast of Turkey, much nearer to that country than to Greece.  Kos is the third largest island in the group, after Rhodes and Karpothos.  Contributor and drone pilot Joe Paskes put together this beautiful drone video of Kos, which sent a contingent of soldiers to fight on the Greek side in the Trojan War (according to Homer's Iliad).  

Cunda (Turkey)


Turkey's Kunda Island

  • pascha
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  • over 7 years ago

Content creator and drone pilot Pascha created this stunning drone video of Cunda Island, which lies off the northwestern part of Asian Turkey.  A popular Aegean Sea resort destination, Cunda is part of the Ayvalık archipelago, which in turn is part of the Balıkesir province in Turkey's Marmara region.  The island has been connected to the Turkish mainland since a causeway was built in the 1960's.  The video captures the stunning blue waters of the Aegean as well as the numerous smaller islands which surround Cunda. 

Ibiza (Spain)


Cala Vadella (Ibiza)


Check out this drone video of a beach on the legendary Spanish island of Ibiza, compliments of AirVuz content creator and pilot BelceOne.  Cala Vadella is located on the western side of the island, the third-largest of the Balearic Islands chain in the western Mediterranean.  The beach is part of the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, which covers the southwestern portion of the island.  It is considered one of the dozen best beaches on Ibiza.  The video was shot with a DJI Air 2S drone.  

Gozo and Camino (Malta)


Gozo and Camino


Award-winning content creator and drone pilot johannesboechl created this marvelous video record of a trip to the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. The first part of the video was filmed on the island of Gozo, Malta's second-largest island which lies just northwest of the main island. The video has some great shots of the Fortress of Cittadella (the capital of Gozo) as well as the Ramla Bay Beach and the Fungus Rock. You'll also see a bit of Comino, the tiny island which lies between Malta and Gozo. This video won DVOW in December 2019.

Zakynthos (Greece)



  • druno
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  • over 4 years ago

DVA winner Druno and his photogenic companion put together this magnificent piece from the Greek island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea.  Filmed with drone, ground, and underwater cameras, the video opens with some epic footage of Navagio Beach; when you see the video, you'll understand why it's nicknamed Shipwreck Beach.  Lying on the northwestern part of the island, it's consistently ranked one of the world's top beaches.  Another highlight is the tiny satellite island of Marathonisi, off the main island's southern coast.  



Zakynthos 2019


Malta's Blue Lagoon

  • jone_83
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  • almost 7 years ago

Malta, Gozo

  • siemo
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