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Sardinia from Above




See the large Italian island of Sardinia in this stunning, clear drone video by pilot DJphotography. This short piece highlights what the Mediterranean island is best known for - it’s crystal clear, aquamarine waters; exotic, luxury boats; countless semi-hidden coves, and rocky shoreline interspersed with beautiful beaches. The final shot in this short piece is also noteworthy because of its beauty; the ancient buildings looking off into the pink sunset make you feel like you’re being taken back in time.

Three Drones over Sardinia



  • druno
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  • almost 4 years ago

Check out this stunning drone video of the Italian island of Sardinia, compiments of Drone Video Award winner druno.  Shot with multiple drones, there is something for everyone in this piece from the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily.  The video does a marvelous job of bringing out the famously blue-green waters of the island, its rocky coastlines, rich cultural history (including a marvelous shot of some cliff-top ruins), and even wildlife in the form of a flock of flamingoes.  

One Minute over Sardinia


Sardinia in one minute


To understand why the Italian island of Sardinia is one of the top beach and boating destinations in the Mediterranean, check out this drone video by tobradex.  Combining drone footage from a DJI Mavic Air and ground footage from an iPhone camera, the one minute video is a perfect introduction to this ancient island, the Mediterranean's second-largest after Sicily.  You'll see some of the nearly 2k km of coastlines (around 1.2k mi.), white sand beaches, hilltop castles, and famous boat-friendly coves.     

Sardinia in Winter


Sardegna III: Winter in Sardinia


Top contributor and pilot Dronescapes by Atellani used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro to create this beautiful video of Sardinia, the large island lying to the west of mainland Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.  The video was shot over the northern part of the island and includes footage of Capo d'Orso, Celvia, Capriccioli, and the famed Cala di Volpe luxury hotel.  The hotel was used as a filming location for the 1977 James Bond blockbuster The Spy Who Loved Me, one of the numerous feature films shot on this Italian island.

Over Northeastern Sardinia


Sardegna IV: DJI Phantom 4 Footage of the Famed Island of Sardinia


In this stunning drone video of Sardinia, top contributor Dronescapes by Atellani uses his DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to showcase the beauty of this Italian Mediterranean island. The footage is shot around the northeastern corner of the island, and includes the gorgeous Cugnana mountains and the town of Poltu Quatu.  The highlight is aerial footage of Porto Cervo, a town on the famed Costa Smerelda.  The Hotel Cala di Volpe here was a shooting location for the 11th James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).  

Storm over Sardinia


Sardinia on a Stormy Day - 4K

  • Gianlo
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  • almost 5 years ago

Always taking an artistic approach to his drone footage, top contributor Gianlo, who hails from Italy, created this magnificent aerial video of Sardinia's coastline as it was being struck by a strong surf, on a stormy day.  Amongst the views of the craggy coastline and crashing waves stands the ruins of a lighthouse that once watched over the Mediterranean Sea.  Sardinia is a semi-autonomous region of Italy, lying off its western coastline.  It's the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after the island of Sicily.

Sardinia's West Coast


Sardinia: Bolsa and Alghero from Above


Contributor Posaticla created this beautiful drone video from two towns on the west coast of Sardinia, a region of Italy which is the second largest island in the Mediterranean.  Alghero is the larger of the two; it's at the base of the Stintino Peninsula, opposite the provincial capital Sassari.  At one time part of the Spanish kingdom of Catalan, it's one of the most visited sites in Sardinia.  Bosa is a much smaller town, it lies some ways south on the road to Oristano, the main city on the island's west coast.

Sardinia's La Maddalena Archipelago


La Maddalena: New Drone Video from Sardinia

Laurent Pa...

One of the best known parts of Italy's Sardinia is La Maddalena Archipelago, a group of seven islands which sit off of the Costa Smeralda area at the northern end of the main island.  The Maddalena islands are known for their clear waters which are ideal for snorkeling.  It's also a major wildlife area and has submitted for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.  Laurent Paris created this beautiful drone video of these magnificent islands in the Mediterranean.  

Chia: Southern Tip of Sardinia


Chia, Sardinia from Above

  • Guido
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  • over 5 years ago

The Italian island of Sardinia is known in part for its beaches, and in this drone video by contributor Guido you'll get a bird's eye view of one of its most well known.  Chia is a small town at the very southern tip of the island, in the province of South Sardinia.  It's about an hour's drive southwest of Cagliari, the regional capital and the largest city on the island.  In addition to its pristine beaches, travelers to the area can visit the Nora archaeological site, the oldest known human settlement in Sardinia.

Sardinia's Stintino Peninsula


La Pelosa (Stintino) One Day In Paradise (4K)

  • chir72
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  • about 5 years ago

In this video, contributor and drone pilot Chir72 gives us a beautiful bird's eye view of one of the most famous beaches on the Italian island of Sardinia.  Pelosa Beach is near the tip of the Stintino Peninsula, which juts out into the Mediterranean from the northwest part of the island.  With stunningly clear blue waters, the beach affords a view of the small islands which lie just offshore.  The beach is accessible from Porto Torres, the main seaport on the northern part of the island.

Cala Beach, Western Sardinia


Cala Domestica, A Paradise through the Sand and the Water

AD Drone...

The western coast of Sardinia is characterized by many bays and inlets, and it's home to some of the finest beaches on this Italian island in the western Mediterranean Sea.  Cala Domestica is one of these beaches.  It sits in one of the bays in a fairly remote area on the southwestern part of the island, just off the SP 83 road south of Buggerru.  In this video, contributor and drone pilot AD Drone gives us a bird's eye view of this magnificent beach, surrounded by the cliffs and hills of the mountainous island.  

Cala Goloritzé: Eastern Sardinia


Cala Goloritzé: Paradise in Sardinia

  • chir72
    • 1.6k VŪZ
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  • about 5 years ago

In this video, Chir72 gives us a bird's eye view of a well known beach on the eastern side of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.  Cala Goloritzé is actually a new beach, it was created by a giant landslide which occurred in the 1960's.  Due to fears about environmental degradation caused by erosion and human activity, access to Cala Goloritze is restricted to foot traffic.  While it's off-the-beaten-path, it's definitely not undiscovered - Cala Goloritz appeared on a list of the world's 40 beaches in a recent survey by Harper's Bazaar.

DJI Mavic Air over Sardinia


SARDEGNA Summer Vibes | DJI Mavic Air 4K

  • maxwa
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  • over 3 years ago

Contributor Maxwa put his DJI Mavic Air drone to excellent use creating this marvelous aerial video of Sardinia, the large island off the western coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.  Filmed in brilliant 4k, the video does an excellent job of bringing out some of the unique colors of this island, the second-largest in the Mediterranean after Sicily (both in terms of land area and population).   The video combines great aerial footage and adds some nice editing touches such as timelapse sequences.  

Beaches of Northeastern Sardinia




The Italian island of Sardinia is known for its beaches.  In this drone video by Dr. Jffry, you'll be treated to aerial views of two beach spots, both of which lie along the Sardinia's northeastern coastline.  The first is the area around Capo Coda, which is a sparsely-populated peninsula situated just a few km/mi to the southeast of Olbia, the main settlement of northeastern Sardinia.  The second spot is San Teodoro, a small town which lies a bit further to the south.   The video was filmed in 4k with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone.

Sardinia's Mining Heritage


Montevecchio Mine and Rio Irvi

AD Drone...

The Mediterranean island of Sardinia (a region of Italy) was home to some of  the most important mining activity in Europe for centuries.  Most closely associated with silver, it later became an important source of lead extraction.  While the island's mines have been shuttered, mining remains an important part of its heritage, and the  abandoned mines have become tourist attractions.  In this drone video by AD Drone, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Montevecchio Mine, one of Sardinia's most famous.

Iglesiente: Southwestern Sardinia


Island of Sardinia - Iglesiente

Sergio Mad...

Contributor Sergio Madau used a drone to create this beautiful aerial tour of the southwestern corner of the Italian island of Sardinia.  The area is called the Iglesiente.  It covers parts of two provinces and is known for its spectacular coastal rock formations and structures built into the stone.  Just offshore there are even more stunning rock formations, and the coastline abounds with small lagoons.  Even on a famously boating-friendly island, it's a standout spot for docking a boat to enjoy some aquatic activities.  

Western and Southwestern Sardinia


Sardegna South 2017


Contributor Welldrone used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this stunning aerial video of a number of spots in southern and western Sardinia, the large Mediterranean island situated west of the Italian mainland.  The areas covered include (1) Cabras, a small town on the Cabras "pond" midway down the islands's west coast; (2) S'Archittu, another small town a bit north on the coast from Cabras; and (3) Piscinas, a small inland town in southwestern Sardinia on the SS293 road.

The Historical Province of Ogliastra



  • Guido
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  • over 5 years ago

Ogliastra was a historical province of the Italian island of Sardinia.  Situated on the eastern side of the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, the region covers some of its most mountainous territory.  In 2016, the province was partitioned out of existence, most of it joined the province of Nuoro to the north while a small part became part of the province of South Sardinia.  Contributor Guido put together this beautiful 4k drone video of this beautiful region on this ancient island.  

Bird's Eye Views of Northern Sardinia


Sardegna 2019 | Sardinia, Italy | Summer 2019 | 4K Drone Video


Top contributor electriclife created this beautiful aerial video of the northern part of Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea which lies off the western coast of Italy.  Using footage shot with both a DJI Inspire 2 and a Mavic Pro 2, this piece will treat you to bird's eye views of some of the most well-known spots on this ancient island.  Featured locations include Costa Smeralda, the old Capo Ferro lighthouse, Monte Moro, the Isola Cappuccini, the Mortorio Island, and Soffi Island.

Drone Views of Sardinia


Beautiful Sardinia Italy

  • TadejT
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  • almost 3 years ago

The Italian island of Sardinia is known as one of the world's most colorful spots.  Along its nearly 2k km (around 1.2k mi.) coastline are countless places where the island's distinctive-looking cliffs, rock formations, and cove-like hidden beaches present a beautiful contrast with its spectacularly blue-green waters.  In this drone video by TadejT, you'll get a nice aerial survey of this beautiful island off the coast of western Italy, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily.  

Sardinian Mine Washery


Mine Washery from above in Sunset

AD Drone...

Long before becoming one of the Mediterranean's top beach and boating destinations, the Italian island of Sardinia was known for its mineral resources.  Beginning in the third millennium BC, the island emerged as a major source of copper and silver.  Through the Middle Ages, Sardinia was one of the world's most important sources for these key commodities as well as for lead.  In this drone video by AD Drone, you'll get an aerial view of an ancient mine washery, which was used to refine the raw ore.

Sardinia's Costa Smerelda


Costa Smeralda 4K

simon matt...

The Costa Smerelda is a stretch of coastline on the northeastern side of Sardinia, Italy's (and the Mediterranean Sea's) second-largest island.  It runs for about 20 km (around 12 mi.) and includes the towns of Porto Cervo, Liscia di Vacca, Capriccioli, and Romazzino.  This is truly a playground for the rich and famous; house prices here are believed to be amongst the most expensive in Europe on a per square meter/ft. basis.  In this drone video by new contributor simon matty filmkr, you'll get an aerial tour of this storied coastline.  

Sant'Antioco Island


Sant'Antioco Nuragica - preview -

Marco Miel...

Sardinia is actually a region of Italy composed of the main island of the same name and several surrounding islands.  The largest of these satellite islands is Sant'Antioco, which lies just a short distance off the southwestern coast of the main island.  The island is believed to have been settled as long as 7k years ago.  Known as Sulci during the Antiquity, it was involved in the very bloody civil war that raged between Pompeii and Caesar for control of Rome in the first century BC.

Spiaggia della Pelosa Beach


La Pelosa - Stintino (Sardinia Italy)

  • azzurro1
    • 1.1k VŪZ
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  • over 2 years ago

Check out this drone video of a well-known beach on the Italian island of Sardinia, compliments of azzurrro1. It's called Spiaggia della Pelosa, and it's located on the eastern side of the Stintino Peninsula, a cape off the northwestern corner of the island.  It's considered one of the finest beaches on the island, which is known for having some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean.  The beach is distringuished by a landmark 16th century watchtower known as the Torre della Pelosa, which you'll see in the video.  

Sardinia's Sailing Scene


Blue Sardinia


With its crystal blue waters and secluded coves and beaches, it's no wonder that the Italian island of Sardinia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Mediterranean.  Whether it's the glamorous Costa Smeralda on the northeastern part of the island, the La Maddalena Archipelago off Sardinia's northern tip, or the more rugged spots along the island's jagged western coast, this is definitely a sailor's paradise.  In this drone video by vagamundo, you'll get an aerial glimpse of Sardinia's epic sailing scene.  

The Spanish Tower, Issola Rosa


Sardinia, Italy 2019 4K | Lighthouse | Drone

Energy But...

The Italian island of Sardinia spent the late Middle Ages and most of the Early Modern period under control of Spain, first the Kingdom of Aragon and later the modern Spanish nation-state.  In 1595, the Spanish overlords constructed a tower near Issola Rosa, on the island's northern coast.  Its purpose was to observe and combat the piracy which was rampant in this part of the Mediterranean.  You can see this impressive landmark from above in this drone video by Energy Butterfly.  

Glorious South Sardinia




The Italian island of Sardinia can't really be called "undiscovered" - it's home to over 1.5 million permanent residents and receives roughly twice that many tourist arrivals per year.  That being said, by far its most populated and tourist-heavy areas are on its northern coasts, notably on the northeastern Costa Smerelda and the northwestern Stentino Peninsula.  In this drone video by emanuelepinna, you'll get some great aerial views of a much quieter side of Sardinia - its southern coastline.  

Cala Sapone, Sant'Antioco


Calasapone Sant'Antioco , Sardegna Piccola mareggiata 2019

Marco Miel...

Contributor Marco Miele created this beautiful drone video of a beach on the island of Sant'Antioco, a small "satellite" of the Italian island of Sardinia.  Sant'Antioco lies just off the southwestern tip of the Sardinian "mainland", to which it is connected by causeway.  The area shown in the video is called Cala Sapone, and it's situated on the western side of Sant'Antioco.  With its wildly-shaped coastline and offshore rocks, the coastline of Sardinia's largest "satellite" island resembles the western coastline of the main island itself. 

Nuraghe Seruci Archaeological Site


Sardinia Nuraghe Seruci

Sergio Mad...

One of the fascinating things about the Italian island of Sardinia is just how long this place has been inhabited by semi-civilized humans.  In this drone video by Sergio Madau, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of these sites: Nuraghe Seruci.  Located in the commune of Gonnesa on its southwestern shore, it consists of the remains of a tower and village built by the Nuragic Civilization, a bronze-age culture which existed here from around 1800 BC (ie, centuries before the founding of Rome) to the 3rd century BC.  

Monte d'Accoddi: Neolithic Ruins


The Italian Pyramid (Drone Footage)


Here's an aerial view of one of the most well-known ancient ruins sites on the Italian island of Sardinia, compliments of MrJakeSylvester.  It's called Monte d'Accoddi, and it's a huge stone platform on the northwestern coast of the island.  It was built by the Ozieri Culture, a proto-civilization which existed here in Neolithic times.  The oldest parts of the site are believed to date to 4000 BC. The site was discovered in the 1950's, and what you see in the video reflects extensive reconstruction.  

Castelsardo, La Pelosa Beach, and More




Take an aerial tour of Sardinia in this excellent piece by contributor and drone pilot  The video features footage from a range of spots in this large Italian Mediterranean island.  Some of the highlights include great aerial shots of the town of Castelsardo on Sardinia's northern coast, which is home to a hilltop castle you'll see at around the :30 mark.  At the :41 mark, you'll see the watchtower which lies just a few m/km from La Pelosa Beach, near the northern tip of the island. 

Captioned Sardinia Beach Tour


Best Sardinia island's beaches from above - Sardaigne 2018

ufly drone...

Check out this nicely captioned drone video of some of the most beautiful beaches on the Italian island of Sardinia, compliments of contributor ufly drones.  The video features footage of the following locations: La Pelosa on the Stentino Peninsula, off the island's northwestern coast; Tavolara in Salina Bamba, on the northeastern coast; Li Cossi in Cala Paradiso, also on the northeastern coast; and Cala Dragunara and Capo Galera in Alghero, on the northwestern coast, south of Stentino.

Sights of Sardinia



gabriele g...

See the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia by drone in this spectacular travel film by pilot gabriele gatti. The second-largest Mediterranean isle is known for its rugged landscapes and gorgeous beaches, like the ones you see in this film. Some of our favorite locations include: the ancient caves that lie in the belly of the island like Neptune Caves; the Quattro More, or the Four Moors, located near the Port of Livorno that dates back to the Renaissance period; and the many wide shots of the islands staggering coastline. 

Bosa by FPV


Bosa, enchanted and colorful Sardinia | FPV drone explores one of the most beautiful Italian village

  • FPVFlow
    • 2.4k VŪZ
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    • 20
  • 6 months ago

Take a tour of an enchanting village on the Italian island of Sardinia in this first person view (FPV) drone video by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot FPVFlow.  The town of Bosa is located on the western (and far less populated) side of the island, the second-largest in the Mediterranean Sea.  The town is located on a small hill above the Temo River, in the province of Oristano.  The town has a permanent population of about 8k.  This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in early December of 2021.  

Sardinia Trip Reel


Adventure in Sardine

Robert & M...

Take a tour of Sardinia in this excellent travel video by AirVuz contributors Robert & Monika Photography. Some of the video's highlights include the marina at the Isola Rosa on the island's northwestern coast (at the :14 mark); the Castle of Serravalle in Bosa, on Sardinia's western side (:35); a ruined castle atop a conical hill in Las Plassas, in the southern part of the island (:38); some Nuragic civilization ruins (1:03); the hilltop town of Castelsardo, on Sardinia's northern coast (1:28); and more.

Fun in Sardinia


Sardinia from the Sky - The Caribbean of Europe | 4K

Henry Andr...

Top contributor Henry Andris created this beautiful drone video of Sardinia, the Italian island which is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea.  Get a bird's eye view of the torquoise waters surrounding this semi-tropical paradise which is sometimes compared to the islands of the Caribbean Sea.  The video will take you over the famously rocky coastline, hidden coves, secluded white-sand beaches, and mountainous interior of this ancient land, which once was known throughout the world for its silver mines rather than its beaches.

Calasetta: Village of Sant'Antioco


Municipality of Calasetta and its wonders

Marco Miel...

Enjoy these stunning aerial views of the Italian seaside town of Calasetta, compliments of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Marco Miele.  Calasetta is located at the northern tip of Sant'Antioco, a satellite of the much larger island of Sardinia (Italy's, and the Mediterranean's, second-largest after Sicily).  Part of the province of South Sardinia, Calasetta has a permanent population of around 3k residents.  The town was founded in the late 18th century.  It's connected to the "mainland" of Sardinia via causeway.  

Isola di Figarolo by FPV


Isola di Figarolo, Sardegna - Italy | FPV drone 7inch over sea

  • FPVFlow
    • 2.3k VŪZ
    • 11
    • 18
  • 9 months ago

AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot FPVFlow used a 7 inch FPV drone to create this fantastic coastal cruising piece from the Mediteranean Sea.  The video was shot off the coast of Isola di Figarolo, a small island which lies off the coast of the larger Italian island of Sardinia, near the Gulf of Arancia in the northeastern part of Sardinia.   Stunningly cinematic, this video was picked by the AirVuz editorial staff as a Finalist for the Drone Video of the Week contest in August, 2021.  

FPV Sardinia Views



  • CataFpv
    • 866 VŪZ
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  • over 2 years ago

Pulling together his favorite footage from summer of 2019, FPV pilot CataFPV sends it with this demo reel. The footage was all shot on the island of Sardinia, Italy, sitting in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. With nearly 2,000 kilometers of coastline, you know he has plenty of coastal surfing and flights over sailers and motorboats alike. He’ll also showcase the rugged landscape, diving the mountainous interior with his custom mini quad.  This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in November, 2019.



Bando Sardinia

  • CataFpv
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  • over 3 years ago

Soul of Sea

Sardinia f...

Flying Cala Sapone

AD Drone...
  • AD Drone
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    • 28
  • about 5 years ago

8K HDR Video Phantom 4 Pro

Sardegna d...

Funtanamare Beach Aerial footage

AD Drone...