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6th Annual NYCDFF Extreme Sports Winner: Johnny FPV


One Shot Motocross


Red Bull Athlete Tyler Bereman is one of the world's top practitioners of the art of freestyle motocross - FMX, for short.  And who better to film this legendary rider performing his aerial tricks than JohnnyFPV - one of the world's top FPV drone pilots.  Check out the action in this short but spectacular piece created in partnership with Red Bull Media House and DJI.  Notice how close the quad is able to get to the action! This incredible film won the Extreme Sports category at the 6th Annual NYCDFF in 2020. 

6th Annual NYCDFF X-Factor Nominee: Fincky


Lotfi Just Can't Stop

  • Fincky
    • 2.5k VŪZ
    • 44
    • 25
  • about 2 years ago

The longboard is similar to the skateboard, but longer and faster due to its wheel size, construction materials, and hardware. Longboard dancing is a style of riding, where the rider moves with the board in a fluid, artistic fashion. Professional longboarder and founder of the international longboard movement, DockSession, Lotfi Lamaali is a legend in the sport.  Top first person view (FPV) pilot Fincky used a "cinewhoop"micro FPV drone to film this talented athlete, earning himself a nomination in the X-Factor category at the 6th Annual NYCDFF.

6th Annual NYCDFF Nominee: Rosshasadrone


Following a Golf Ball from Tee to Green


You won't want to be the one person who missed this cool first person view (FPV) video of a moving golf ball by AirVuz contributor and pilot Rosshasadrone!  Watch as he takes off for each long drive and chases down the links to give us all the best perspective on that ball traveling from 'club to tee.'  Rosshasadrone said he's wanted to do this ever since he got into FPV, and we're betting he's got more creative and cool flights to come. This video earned a nomination in the X-Factor category at the NYCDFF.

6th Annual NYCDFF Extreme Sports Nominee: Tomz FPV


Red Bull : Follow Me x Irek Rizaev

Tomz FPV...

This first person view (FPV) tracking video of professional biker Irek Rizaev is absolutely incredible. Drone Video Awards Winner Tomz FPV flew his mini quad behind the BMX biker through the Kazan Kremlin for Red Bull Russia. The Kazan Kremlin is the chief historic citadel of Russia that was built by Ivan the Terrible and was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000. Red Bull build ramps around the historic center, where we’ll find the talented Irek Rizaev performing trick after impressive trick. This video was nominated for the Extreme Sports Category at the 6th Annual NYCDFF.

JohnnyFPV at Solden Ski Resort


A New Perspective (Audi Nines 2018) - Johnny FPV


Action sports and first person view (FPV) drones is one of the best combinations that this industry has to offer! In this edit by top drone racer and FPV freestyle pilot JohnnyFPV, watch as he follows some of the world's best freestyle skiers at the Audi Nines competition at the Sölden ski resort in Tyrol, Austria.  This amazing FPV film was nominated for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in the Spring of 2018 and was our Winner in the Extreme Sports category for the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards.

DVA Finalist FPV Reel




A first person view (FPV) drone reel of epic proportions, this compilation by top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Red-fpv was chosen as a Finalist for the FPV Freestyle Cinematic category at the second annual Drone Video Awards.  The epic piece has a little bit of everything - proximity flying, action filming, cinematic nature and landscape shots, plus a few editing tricks sprinkled in throughout-- making it the quintessentially well-balanced FPV reel. You're going to want to give this masterpiece a watch.

Tracking an X Games Gold Medalist


Filming X-Games Gold Metalist | Mega Ramp

    • 3.4k VŪZ
    • 80
    • 42
  • almost 3 years ago

In this memorable first person view (FPV) drone video, top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot JZFPV was able to film an X Games Gold Medalist running the paces on an extreme skateboarding course.  This video was chosen as a winner of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest, and you will see why once you catch a glimpse of the moving madness found on this awesome mega ramp! This video has been nominated as a Finalist in the Extreme Sports category for the second annual Drone Video Awards. 

NurkFPV's DVA Winning Video


NURK's Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping

  • nurkfpv
    • 38.2k VŪZ
    • 172
    • 66
  • over 3 years ago

AirVūz pilot nurkfpv's most epic flight of 2017 was a winner in the 1st Annual AirVuzDrone Video Awards for the best Freestyle Drone Video, and it continues to pile on the views, comments, and deservedly, the accolades.  Like a train heist you see in a movie, he unexpectedly lands his quad on top of the moving train he's chasing. It's a jaw-dropping fllight you have to see, although you just may find yourself ducking and flinching as his quad makes these bold FPV maneuevers.  This flight has inspired many creative FPV flights.

Chasing Things: Dynamic FPV Reel


FPV SHOWCASES EVERYTHING - DS Aerial Video Productions

DS Aerial ...

This fantastic first person view (FPV) highlight reel by FPV pilot DS Aerial Video Productions is mostly about chasing things, lots of different things.  After a great cinematic introduction you'll see FPV chase footage of a Piper J-3 Cub taking off, followed by a hot-air balloon, a Volkswagon four-wheel drive car off-road, and a speedboat.  The rest of the video will take you back through these different scenes, each of which presents its own challenges in terms of being able to capture epic FPV footage like you'll see here.  

Chasing a Para-Skier


Red Bull : Follow Me x Valentin Delluc

Tomz FPV...
  • Tomz FPV
    • 2.5k VŪZ
    • 32
    • 31
  • about 1 year ago

We don't even know what to call the extreme sport depicted in this first person view (FPV) video by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot TomzFPV.  Maybe kite-skiing?  It just looks dangerous and wickedly fun, and the only way to film it is the way he did - with an FPV racing drone.   Watch him chase this very brave skier down a mountain, as his subject alternates between "regular" back-country skiing and literally flying down the slope.  We had a hard time deciding whether to be impressed more by skills of the skier or the quad pilot!   

JohnnyFPV Chase Reel


Racing Drones are Insanely Dynamic (also, GIVEAWAY!)


The video title say it all - racing drones *ARE* indeed insanely dynamic.  AirVūz FPV Pilot and FPV Drone Video of the Year winner JohnnyFPV takes his customized racing quad out for a spin around a luxury Mercedes Benz sports car and behind a professional biker as he navigates - in complete control - off course. He'll then wind thing down with a little tree-proximity flying near Miami, Florida in yet another incredible cinematic FPV video from this talented pilot, who is continually pushing the boundaries of FPV.

Base Jumping in Moscow


Base Jumping in the center of Moscow from skyscraper


This video is an excellent example of dynamic first person view (FPV) flight.  Brought to us by talented AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot craig_dt, the filming is a combination of tracking FPV shots and GoPro footage, however it is the location that makes this flight dynamic. This is not your average BASE jumping video, this jumper is leaping off a skyscraper in the middle of Moscow, Russia. You can see Evolution Tower and Mercury City Tower in the background right as the BASE jumper leaps off the building. 

Dynamic FPV Reel


FlyLifeCO 2019 REEL : Cinematic FPV


This fantastic first person view (FPV) reel by top AirVuz contributor Flylifeco is all about chasing moving targets with racing quads.  Otherwise known as Dynamic FPV, it requires some very skillful piloting just to keep up with the subject, let alone to make entertaining video content out of it.  His reel features a broad range of "targets", ranging from mountain paragliders to skiers performing insane tricks, drift cars, MTB riders, and more.  This reel earned Flylifeco a spot on the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in January, 2020.  

JohnnyFPV Chasing Hot-Air Balloons


My Craziest FPV Experience


When legendary first person view (FPV) drone pilot JohnnyFPV says he has a video that features his craziest FPV experience, you know it is going to be incredible.  In this epic and highly cinematic FPV freestyle video, he takes on the region of Cappadocia in central Turkey.   The area is famous for its fairy tale chimneys and the hot air balloons which fly over them, but you've likely never seen it from this perspective.  This epic, 4K, sixty-second piece is just a teaser for the full-length video he plans to release. 

Motocross FPV: DVA Finalist


Motocross Stunts / Explosions / Mayhem

  • Gespar
    • 7.6k VŪZ
    • 64
    • 68
  • over 3 years ago

Prepare to be blown away by this fantastic first person view (FPV) drone video of some VERY talented moto-cross stuntriders.  Top FPV pilot Gespar used his FPV mini-quad to film the action at the Mayhem May, 2017 event.  Showing the power of FPV quads to track even the fastest-moving of action sports, he gets up close and personal with these riders as they catch air, flip, and perform other death-defying tricks.  This video was selected as a Finalist at the first Annual Drone Video Awards in the Freestyle FPV category.

Wakeboard-Chasing by FPV


Red Bull : Follow Me x Jules Charraud by Tomz FPV

Tomz FPV...

Winner for the 2nd Annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards in the Freestyle Technical category, AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Tomz FPV knows a thing or two about hitting gaps and flying tight. He’s doing just that in this wakeboard-tracking video he shot in conjunction with Red Bull. Tracking 19-year-old professional wakeborader Jules Charraud, he’ll give us sixty seconds of awesome footage, keeping Jules in frame throughout.  Very well done, this video was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch List in November, 2019.

Hot Air Balloons in Norway


CINE EXPLOSION 2020 | A Hot-air balloon and a view of Oslo 🎈

eVolvE FPV...

An inflight hot air balloon and an empty Holmenkollbakken ski jump in Oslo, Norway seemed to come together for a perfect FPV freestyling session, courtesy of drone pilot Evolve_fpv.  Watch as he first cruises over and around the beautiful balloon, only to then to show off his dynamic moves around the historic ski jump structure itself, built in 1892. This pilot is known for great flights over the gems found in his home country.  Kudos for making it back to our FPV Pilots to Watch list in April 2020, evolve_fpv!

Following Wingsuiters


BASE Angles

VerJan FPV...

Matching up some fearless wingsuiting with a highly skilled drone pilot sounds like an epic way to spend the day in our book. Check out the fantastic perspective gained when professional wingsuit pilot Joe Lohmuller was chased down the cliff by the very talented drone pilot VerJanFPV. His undeniably fast quadcopter kept some pretty sweet lines as it raced after the Lohmiller, and of course, the GoPro caught all of those important angles (and sounds like kudos go to WestPsydeFPV for some help on the editing). 

FPV Chasing a Slalom Canoer


Red Bull : Follow Me x Nouria Newman

Tomz FPV...
  • Tomz FPV
    • 2.3k VŪZ
    • 19
    • 16
  • almost 2 years ago

Tomz FPV is making a name for himself in the extreme-sports-by-FPV world. The AirVuz Drone Video Awards winner in the FPV Freestyle Technical category has done some incredible work filming athletes for Red Bull. This video, shot with the production team SUPERSIZE Films, features Nouria Newman, the French slalom canoeist who competed professionally from 2007 to 2015. She’s won gold at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championship and you can see why in this risky trip down the rapids; this video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June, 2019.

FPV Filming Top Female Athletes


Happy International Women's Day!

  • sandfpv
    • 561 VŪZ
    • 9
    • 8
  • about 1 year ago

Drone pilot Sandfpv created this wonderful International Women's Day reel by compiling footage he captured over the last year of female athletes.  He showcases the elegance, strength and inherent beauty of the subjects performing acrobatic, balance and aerial stunts in picturesque settings, and of course, he does this via his adept flying skills.  Sandfpv is known for capturing very active humans (check out his profile and you'll see what we mean), and for this remarkable video, we added him to our Pilots to Watch list in March 2020.  

Dynamic FPV in the Dominican Republic


Another World (ft. Sam Kolder and ChelseaKauai


Top first-person-view (FPV) pilot JohnnyFPV teamed up with social media powerhouse Sam Kolder to make this highly creative film from the island nation of the Dominican Republic.   Watch as one of the world's top racing drone pilots puts his skills to the test flying around Sam Kolder, while Sam performs some pretty insane cliff jumps...It's cinematic FPV at its best, and all the more so for its stunning tropical location on the southern coast of this amazing country, the eastern half of the island of Santo Domingo.

FPV Kiteboard Chasing in Florida


Kiteboarding Florida FPV | TBS Source One 7"

Matt Dahlb...

Using a TBS 7" Source One first person view (FPV) racing drone, AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Matt Dahlberg created this spectacular action video of some kiteboarders off the coast of Florida.  Given the speed of this emerging extreme sport, FPV drones allow skilled pilots to film kiteboarders from an "up close and personal" perspective.  The speed and maneuverability of these quads make a perfect match for the kiteboarders; this video was an easy selection for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in May, 2020.

Chasing a Moving Roller Coaster




First person view (FPV) drones allow pilots to get extremely dynamic footage that creates a fun, fully immersive experience for the viewer.  Team AirVūz sponsored pilot Red-FPV had the opportunity to chase a rollercoaster at the amusement park, for which he enthusiastically put his multi rotor in the air, resulting in one of the coolest FPV freestyle videos of all time (and by the sounds of it, one of his favorites too!).  Featured on AirVuz social media pages, this is a great example of the emerging art of Dynamic FPV flight. 

Chasing a Championship Skier


Red Bull : Follow Me x Alexis Pinturault

Tomz FPV...

Check out this incredible flight by Team AirVuz pilot Tomz FPV, in which he chases Alexis Pinturault, the most successful French skier in World Cup history. As both an alpine ski racer and Olympic medalist, Pinturault offers some fun FPV pursuit around the gates while the racing drone tracks all of the arcing through the fresh powder.  With all of the high energy footage, it's no surprise this video was a collaboration with Supersize Films for Red Bull, and why Tomz was named to the FPV Pilots to Watch list in January, 2020.

Freestyle at a Flyboard Show


Flyboard Show!


It seems like mini quads can fly around and through just about anything and anywhere these days. Check out this epic edit by FPV pilot Nilsen F.  He’s taken a trip to China where he’s flying through bursting water fountains and cracking fireworks. It’s not a fancy flight, filled with crazy tricks, it’s a simple flight in a dynamic, ballsy location. Take a peak and get inspired to try something daring like this for yourself.  This video was a pick for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in May of 2019.

Chasing Boarders, Skiers, and Bikers


Showreel Action Sports - FPV Drone - 2018

Menga FPV...

This highlight reel of first person view (FPV) drone footage mixes two exciting elements: FPV chasing and hard-core action sports. Brought to us by top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Menga FPV, the video represents a perfect match between a very skilled FPV pilot and equally skilled snowboarders, longboarders, skiers, and mountain bikers practicing their crafts in epic locations.  For its many merits, this extraordinary video was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2018. 

FPV Chasing a Jet Suit




The British inventor Richard Browning may not be a household name, but you’ll likely be amazed by his invention. Browning is the founder of Gravity Industries Ltd., the company behind Daedalus Mark 1 - a jet pack that allows the wearer to fly. If you’ve never seen this invention that essentially looks like batman’s suit, check out this FPV drone video by pilot Red—fpv. He’s tracking a jet pack wearer with his FPV quad as the flier takes a risky flight out over the water, earning a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2019.

Lightshow in China




Check out this light show fly through by accomplished FPV pilot Red — fpv. Our Drone Video Award nominee took his quad out through China’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, a theme park in Hengqin, Zhuhai. It opened in 2014 and won the Outstanding Achievement Award by the Theme Entertainment Association, a massive honor for theme parks worldwide. The night show includes fireworks, lit fountains shooting into the sky, jet board riders, and more. Thoroughly entertaining, this was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in August, 2019.

Extreme Sports FPV Reel


Above The Ground - Teaser Trailer

VerJan FPV...

Skydiving, B.A.S.E. jumping, paragliding, hang-gliding, speed-flying, and wingsuit flying are some of the most extreme, intense, and dangerous sports known to mankind. AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot and filmmaker VerJan FPV spent the last few months creating a documentary that focuses on these athletes, filming nearly 700 flights and jumps with his mini quad, drone and ground camera. The FPV footage in this video is so inspiring that we placed it on the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in May of 2019.

Skateboarding Bando Session



  • Fincky
    • 1.7k VŪZ
    • 11
    • 11
  • about 2 years ago

Can’t say we’ve ever seen a bando quite as dope as this one. Fincky refers to it as the “infamous abandoned waterpark” between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The old waterpark is almost fully covered by graffiti making it a visual jungle for an FPV quad to flow through. But, that’s not all there is to see in this flight; Fincky follows a skateboarder through the concrete jungle ebbing and flowing through its endless perfect edges. This video earned him a Pilots to Watch nod in March of 2019.

Filming France's Crazy Pilots Show


Crazy Pilots Show. Cars and Motorbikes Stunts filmed by FPV drones


We’ve never seen a show quite like this. Produced by the event agency Les Spectacles Alizés this is the "Crazy Pilots Show," or at least the rehearsal before the group’s show in Marseille, France. As you can see, thanks to FPV pilot teammistral, the show features stunt athletes. From crazy tricks that have a car driving on its side two wheels, to motocross drivers blasting off jumps and popping wheelies, it’s a flight to remember that earned teammistral an AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch nod in July of 2019. 

Keeping Pace with a Kia


Mission Turbo : The Chase

White & Ri...

First person view (FPV) drone pilots are beginning to get the attention of car companies and marketers, who see the power of using camera-mounted racing drones to film sports cars from the air.  The perspective is unique, much different from the one afforded by gimbal-stabilized drones such as the DJI models.  In this video, an advertising company teamed up with some of the world's top FPV drone racing pilots to create  commercial for a car dealer by chasing a car through the streets of Minneapolis.

Filming B.A.S.E. Jumpers at Moab


Moab is Awesome! Part 1

VerJan FPV...

The area around Moab in eastern Utah is home to some of the USA's most impressive canyons and rock formations.  It's a dream for extreme sports enthusiasts like B.A.S.E. jumpers as well as for first person view (FPV) racing drone pilots.   In this video, top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot shows us what a member of the latter group can do filming members of the former.  Using his racing quad to aerially film some very brave B.A.S.E. jumpers in legendary Moab, he earned himself a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2019.  

Chasing Foilboarders




Top contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot Red—fpv is the master of Dynamic FPV - the art of using racing drones to track and film moving subjects.  His skills are put to good use in this video, in which he tracks all manner of surfers, including those riding essentially motorized surfboards called foilboards.  He also uses his quad to fly around more traditional surfers most catching waves with just boards, others using a standup paddles.  All good reasons to be picked for the AirVuz Pilots to Watch list in December, 2019. 

Chasing a Gas Turbine RC Jet


FPVing a Gas Powered RC L-39


It's Top Gun meets Racing Drones!  Gas turbine radio control jets are the kings of the RC aircraft world; powered by miniature jet engines, they can cost many thousands of dollars and can achieve speeds of hundreds of km/mi. per hour.  First person view (FPV) racing drones provide a great way to see these RC beasts in action, but keeping up with them and "in frame" is notoriously difficult.  That's what makes this video by top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot nikofilmz so impressive; the RC L-39 turbine looks VERY real, indeed. 

Chasing a Pro Motorcycle Racer


Pro Drone Racer vs Pro Motorcycle Racer

  • SFPV
    • 1.1k VŪZ
    • 16
    • 12
  • over 1 year ago

This piece definitely features some dynamic flying in multiple uses of the term. Accomplished pilots SFPV and InspireFPV took their customized mini quads out to Thunderhill Raceway Track to race a pair go BMW S1000RR’s down the track. SFPV will feature close up shots of the luxury motorcycles and the surrounding “pits” before taking us to the famous track (which happens to hold the longest automobile race in the U.S.A. every December). This video was named an FPV Pilots to Watch piece in December of 2019. 

2020 Action FPV Reel



VerJan FPV...

Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot VerJan FPV put together this epic reel of his aerial highlights from 2020.  Check it out and you'll see why this talented content creator is getting opportunities to film some of the most epic action sports scenes captured via FPV.  You'll see some jaw-dropping footage of BASE jumping, cliff-diving, wingsuits, as well as some great car chasing footage.  For all of these reasons, this was an easy pick for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in September, 2020.  

Chasing the "Millennium Falcon"


The Falcon

  • nurkfpv
    • 106 VŪZ
    • 11
    • 6
  • over 1 year ago

If you’ve ever had dreams of flying near a Star Wars ship, then take a look. Accomplished pilot nurkfpv had the opportunity to work with the team at FliteTest where he checked out and tracked their new, mini Millennium Falcom. The starship from the Star Wars franchise has a long history, but is mostly known as the home of Han Solo and his faithful Wookie first mate, Chewbacca. Nurkfpv uses his tracking skills to follow the mini Falcon through a park, earning him a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in December, 2019. 

FPV Snowmobile Chasing



  • Fincky
    • 2.0k VŪZ
    • 13
    • 13
  • almost 2 years ago

Modern snowmobiles are FAST. Chasing them with first-person view (FPV) drones is no easy task - both in terms of speed and the difficulty of retrieval when things go wrong.  All the more reason to check out this epic snowmobile adventure by FPV pilot FIncky, who captures crazy things on the thousand-pound machines including popping wheelies, flying high off of jumps, and floating on one side of the machine in a seemingly effortless way.  This video earned our talented content creator a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch List.  

Trailing Horse Acrobatic Vaulting


Epic horse acrobatic vaulting

  • TAT-VT
    • 125 VŪZ
    • 11
    • 5
  • over 1 year ago

Watch this unbelievable FPV footage from drone pilot TAT-VT and his racing quad.  If you thought a horse chasing scene couldn't get any more exciting, then you haven't seen one with a dare-devil on the equine's back while this pilot cinematically captures it all from the front, behind, atop and to the side (who said you really need to hold the reins or sit straight while riding a horse anyway?) TAT-VT has been a long-time content creator on AirVuz, and he just.keeps.upping his game! 

Chasing B.A.S.E. Jumpers



VerJan FPV...

First person view (FPV) pilot and B.A.S.E. jumper VerJan FPV has created quite the compilation in this Dynamic FPV piece. He’s put together some of his favorite clips of B.A.S.E. jumpers as they barrel over canyons, down mountainsides, and off bridges over rushing rivers. His ability to track the jumpers as they slowly parachute to the ground is second to none.  This video earned him a nomination at the first Boston Drone Film Festival, as well as a spot on our AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in December of 2019. 

Freeride Skiers in Chile


Freestyle Ski - La Parva - Acroshot

Paccot Acr...

Have you ever seen a freestyle ski session via an aerial perspective? Take a look at this excellent freestyle ski event by FPV drone by pilot Paccot Acroshot. The Red Bull tour has landed in the mountains of Chile, specifically in La Parva. La Parva is a ski town about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Santiago. It is the middle ridge of the “3 Valleys” resorts, vary popular with ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Check it out in this 4K video, which was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in November, 2019.  

Dynamic FPV Reel


OVERRIDE - my 2019 / George FPV

George FPV...

Based on the spectacular footage packed into this reel, 2019 was a very good year indeed for drone pilot George FPV.  With just 2 years of flying quadcopters, he shows us how formidable of a pilot he's come with chase footage of drift racing, motocross, street cars, boats, and four wheelers.  You'll also see epic shots from the Port of Venice and the open water, showcasing his technical moves and amazing flow. All of this made a great case for adding him to our FPV Pilots to Watch list in April 2020.

FPV Drone vs. Flamethrower


🔥 Can a Racing Drone Outrun a Flamethrower? 🔥

  • nurkfpv
    • 793 VŪZ
    • 17
    • 8
  • over 1 year ago

Top AirVuz contributor NurkFPV, winner of the FPV Video of the Year at the second annual Drone Video Awards, is always pushing the frontiers of FPV video content creation.  Who better than to show us what happens when an FPV racing quad meets a flamethrower??!! That's right, he partnered with a flamethrower expert to film one of these fearsome fire-spitters, creating a one of a kind view of nearly being engulfed by a giant flame.  This was an easy pick for us to add to the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in January, 2020.  

JohnnyFPV Drift Chasing


Formula Drift Orlando


JohnnyFPV has taken out his mini quad and is getting all the angles at a Formula Drift event in Orlando, Florida, USA. His proximity flying in this piece is no joke; at certain points in the flight, the professional drone pilot gets so close to the windows of the cars you think he’s going to either break the window or crash his quad and watch it shatter in a spectacular fashion. Leave it to Johnny to get just that much tighter and make drift chasing that much more dramatic. This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in May of 2019.

Chasing a Farm Tractor


Holidays have started! - Croble FPV

Croble FPV...

Train chasing, drift car chasing, jet ski chasing, snowboard chasing, even air-to-air chasing, we have seen every kind of drone chasing video. However, this FPV chase by Croble FPV is something new. He’ll chase a massive, fertilizer spreader/tractor through the farm flying through, under, and flipping around the agriculture machine. Once he’s had enough of that he’ll pinwheel himself around the farm into a dizzying bag of tricks. It’s a short, fun ride, and it earned our contributor a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June of 2019.

Chasing Fireworks in Kuala Lumpur


New Year's Eve countdown on the shopping mall


Using just one battery to grab the epic footage, AirVuz contributor and first-person view (FPV) pilot grid_fpv flies to impress with this video of a New Years' Eve celebration in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He’ll risk it all in this flight, ripping through the flames as they rupture above the city skyline. The Drone Video Awards’ nominee always knows how to bring his best game, proving again why he’s one of the greatest.  This video was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in May of 2019.

Chasing Paragliders in Norway


Epic Norway

VerJan FPV...

The opening shots in this piece are probably some of the most insane paragliding moments we’ve ever seen via drone. The paragliders are flying down a small crevice in the mountains, gliding themselves seemingly easily through the tight gaps then out into the wide open spaces. The Norwegian mountain setting that the gap opens to is absolutely incredible. The content creator behind this epic piece is VerJan FPV, who earned himself a spot on the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in July of 2019.

Acrobats by FPV


Artists | FPV Cinematic

  • BlinKFPV
    • 1.4k VŪZ
    • 18
    • 13
  • about 2 years ago

First person view (FPV) drone pilots continue to push the boundaries in aerial filmmaking. The ability to virtually latch on to a subject flipping through the air, ripping around corners, or floating in the air at such tight proximity brings a new level of awe for any viewer. This piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot BlinKFPV gives the viewer a new appreciation for the talent and strength involved in the acrobatic artists' performances and earned out pilot a Pilots to Watch nod in February, 2019.

Dirt Bike Chasing Session


Racing Drone vs. Dirt Bikes | Drone Eats Mud


The crispy clear views of these dirt bikes are courtesy of drone pilot KrissKwadd and his new GoPro Hero8 Black.  Watch as his racing quad tracks the riders barrelling around the track and 'braaaping' their way into jumps and wheelies. His drone gets 'roosted' (dirt bike slang) with a little track mud around 1:59, but KrissKwadd takes it all in as part of the experience.  His full throttle flying has earned him a spot on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in January 2020, so cruise over to his AirVuz profile and check out the rest of his work!

Dancing with Hot Air Balloons


Crowded sky


First person video pilot n00b_fpv takes us out into a crowed sky; it is crowed for a variety of reasons and he certainly has his work cut out for him. First, there are hot air balloons surrounding an obelisk. The balloons are colorful and massive, so close together you almost wonder if the balloons themselves would be safe to ride it. Next up, fireworks light up the night. He’ll even fly around a glowing, powered paraglider. This epic session got him picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list for September, 2019.

Foilboarding in the Canary Islands




With their strong, steady winds, the Canary Islands are considered one of the world's top spots for the emerging extreme sport of kitesurfing.  It's no surprise then that as "ordinary" kitesurfing heads for the next level of intensity - in which the kiteboard sits on a hydrofoil - it's going to happen here.  And who better to film this than Red-FPV, one of the world's top FPV pilots.  Filmed off Corralejo Beach on the isand of Fuerteventura, this made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2019.

Chasing Bulls and Horses




Check out this fantastic first person view (FPV) drone reel by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot theflyingshoes.  The reel starts off with a great intro - indoor cinewhoop-style footage, including a great "gap" shot through a chandelier, and ending with an up-close-close-and-personal look at some mounted bull horns.  Then it's off to the races - not literally races, but rather some truly epic (outside) bull- and horse-chasing, punctuated by a great shot of what looks like a hawk at the :45 mark.  

Chasing a Groom on a Jetboard


A Wedding with a jet surf under COVID 19 at lichadonisia by Takis Giannetos of Skyeye


As the Covid-19 pandemic required social distancing measures around the globe to fight the spread of the deadly virus, daily life required massive adjustments.  Rituals like weddings took on forms which would have been incompehensible in the pre-coronavirus era.  Witness this incredible video from Central Greece by Skyeye_Aerials.  Shot in the town of Lichades, the video uses first person view (FPV) racing drone footage to capture the groom cruising the waters of the North Euobean Gulf to meet his bride.  You have to see it to believe it! 

FPV Chasing a Longboarder


LOW PASS - Longboarding the Beartooth Pass - Hypercine

  • blastr
    • 1.9k VŪZ
    • 25
    • 14
  • almost 3 years ago

The 68-mile-long Beartooth Highway is a National Scenic Byways All-American road that winds its way through southwest Montana and Wyoming. Drone pilot and cinematographer, airblastr, captures long boarder Zach Bailey as he “sends it” down the Beartooth Pass. The landscape around him is so gorgeous, you almost forget the risk the long boarder is putting himself through. However, every time airblastr tracks in hard on the athlete, you’re reminded just how fast he’s flying down the mountainside. 

Motocross and Off-Road Trucks


Living in the moment!


Check out this stunning example of dynamic first person view (FPV) flight by AirVuz contributor and pilot tayla_gang_.  Dynamic FPV is a sub-genre within the FPV world which involves using a camera-equipped racing quad to "chase" moving subjects.  The subjects in this case are motocross riders and off-road trucks whipping donuts in the sand. It's a quick, one minute edit full of fun and inspiration, and it was enough to get this talented content creator named to the FPV Pilots to Watch list in February, 2019.  

FPV "Multi-Cross" Chasing



  • BlinKFPV
    • 225 VŪZ
    • 12
    • 7
  • almost 2 years ago

We’ve seen plenty of motorcycle racing, drag racing, and Indy Car racing videos by first person view (FPV) drone, but we can’t say we’ve seen anything like this. Sidecar racing, where there is a driver and a sidecar that holds an additional passenger who helps navigate the terrain by using their body weight. Mini quad pilot BlinKFPV captured a Cross Championship Race, featuring side-car racing in this incredibly cool 4K FPV video. This edit and flight earned him a FPV Pilots to Watch nod in May 2019.

Acro Yoga


Acro Yoga on Lake | FPV

  • sandfpv
    • 257 VŪZ
    • 16
    • 5
  • over 1 year ago

For an adept pilot like sandfpv, flying around moving humans is his favorite challenge (ever seen his stuff chasing the crazy dd_squad?)...but he went cooler than cool when flew over some action on a frozen lake in Črno Jezero, Slovenia.  The acro-yoga, performed by two talented souls braving the chilly conditions, gave this drone pilot all he needed for showing off his manueverability, and for that we've given sandFPV a cool spot on our weekly Pilots to Watch List in January 2020.  Cheers, SandFPV! 

Hot Air Balloons by FPV


Hot Air x JDFPV

Jan Schrei...

If you’ve explored AirVuz, you’ve likely seen aerial footage of hot air balloons. However, they’ve probably been via traditional camera drone not by a first person view (FPV) drone.  In this FPV piece by contributor Jan Schreier, you'll be taken around a bright yellow hot air balloon over a field of gold, looping around the flying machine and getting a closer view of the himself inside the balloon as he pilots his drone.   A great example of Dynamic FPV flight, this was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in September, 2019.

Epic Hot Air Balloon FPV Footage


Hot Air Ballon | FPV

Drone Huen...

Hold on to your hats for some of the best first person view (FPV) drone footage of hot air balloons we've ever seen!   AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Drone Huenchurs, who used a homemade mini-quad to film a large group of beautiful balloons floating somewhere over the Russian countryside.  The video displays some very skilled FPV piloting, as well as a keen eye for creating cinematic, watchable content.  Watch how he gets "up close and personal" with the balloon riders and performs some epic stunts around and over the balloons. 

Skatepark FPV


Friends at the park


A skate park is a recreational park made specifically for skateboarding, BMX, scooter, wheelchair and inline skating. Most parks won’t even let you hang out at the park without one of those tools for safety concerns. The usually include half-pipes, handrails, pyramids, stair sets, pools, and other object for the riders to grind, jump, etc. You can see a lot of those in this FPV video by GarriSkills who has taken his quad out to the skate park to take in the action.  This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in August, 2019.

Rock-Skipping by FPV


Rock Skipping followed by FPV drone


Talented first person view (FPV) drone pilots are continually discovering new ways to use their racing quads to capture the world around us.  Much of the "new frontiers" relate to tracking moving objects and people, where the speed and maneuverability of FPV quads are allowing these content creators to film things which have never been seen before.  As a great example, check out this fantastic piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot jaydenlawson.  Using his FPV quad, he was able to track a rock skipping along some glass-smooth water.  

Racing Boat


Nurk vs. Speedboats


While gimbal-stabilized drones such as DJI's Mavic series have revolutionized the world of aerial videography, they still have a fundamental limitation in that they can't generally exceed a speed of 70-80 km/hr (around 50 mph).  That's where first person view (FPV) drones can have an advantage, as they are capable of flying at least twice as fast.  This allows the capture of faster-moving targets, such as high-powered speedboats.  In this video by LiftedMedia, you'll see footage of top FPV pilot nurkfpv chasing a racing boat in Texas.  

Audi Football and JohnnyFPV


Audi x JohnnyFPV


Is there anything that legendary first person view (FPV) drone pilot JohnnyFPV can’t do with a drone? The AirVuz-sponsored FPV Pilot and world-renowned FPV cinematographer has teamed up with Audi Football to create a piece for the group’s summer tour. The result is what Johnny is calling FPV Freestyle by Freestyle Football, an all-new look at the tricks and technique both pilot and player provide. Both sports will surely benefit from a relationship like the one created in this dynamic FPV video.

Daytime Fireworks Session


Insane Fireworks over Italy - This is crazy!

Felix Grub...

AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Felix Grubbe brings us this fantastic FPV video of a fireworks display over Italy.  The video was shot in the town of Adelfia, in the Apulia region of the southeastern corner of the country.  Unusually, this fireworks show takes place in the daytime giving us a view of the ground as well as of the projectiles as they rise up from the ground before exploding in mid-air.  It makes for an amazing visual perspective, earning the video a spot on the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list.  

FPV Filming a Circus




Prepare to be astounded by this fantastic "cinewhoop" style first person view (FPV) video of a famous Russian circus.  Top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot craig_dt managed to film a live performance of the Zapashny Brothers' circus in Moscow.  The video will give you a totally unique perspective of the event, including numerous trapeze, acrobati, juggling, and other traditional circus favorites.  WIth their small size and ducted propellers, cinewhoop drones continue to break new ground in cinematic video content creation.  

Irwindale Speedway, California


Night DRIFT - Behind the scenes FPV Live streaming


Take a behind the scenes look with the one and only JohnnyFPV as he recaps a flight from late 2019.  The setting for the mayhem was Irwindale Speedway in southern California, which was hosting a Formula drift race and its last race of the season. Watch as he tracks these beasts of machines sliding around the track, throwing smoke and screaming while Johnny did his magic by providing an FPV livestream.  He worked his angles and pulled plenty of killer maneuvers to give us all yet another epic JohnnyFPV video.

Chasing Toyota Supra's


Toyota GR Supra Road Arrows precision driving display


AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot VertMedia brings us this stunning video taken at the Toyota "Road Arrows" automotive display at the former Royal Air Force station in Elvington, UK.  Inspired by the RAF's Red Arrows aerobatic display team, the Road Arrows features nine Toyota GR Supra sports coupes, smoke grenades, a "head to Head" maneuver where the cars race past each other with just inches to spare, and more.  Highly compelling to watch, it earned a nod for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in February, 2021.  

Dynamic FPV Reel


Motors and Rotors // George FPV

George FPV...

Top AirVuz contributor and first person view pilot George FPV has put himself back on our AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in September of 2019 with this incredible reel of dynamic FPV footage - essentially chasing things with racing quads. Clocking in at only thirty-five seconds, he wastes no time or proximity, flying tight near motocross riders, drift cars, even fixed-wing UAVs. Wait until you see the motorcycle stunt twenty-seconds in - it’s heart-pounding risky. George FPV could write a manual on keeping it tight during tracking videos. 

Tracking Water Sports in Miami


Water Sports In Miami Filmed By Racing Drone Pilot


Taking us out to the waters surrounding Miami, Florida via his mini quad is first person view (FPV) pilot and AirVuz contributor Banner_Drones.  He’ll take us roaring behind motorized surfboards, behind jet skis, and even out to a remote helicopter landing in the middle of the ocean. The waters around Miami are known for their epic parties, luxury yachts and exotic toys, all of which can be seen in this video, which was selected as a pick for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in November of 2019.

Audi Nines MTB Event


Audi Nines 2020 || FPV Highlights


Top AirVuz contributor ShaggyFPV is one of the world's top first person view (FPV) drone pilots.  When he's not racing for the Drone Racing League, the Dutch drone pilot is invited to travel all over the world seeking epic FPV footage for sponsors.  In this amazing video, you'll see his work at the Audi Nines mountain biking event at Bike Park Idarkopf in the mountains of southwestern Germany.  Filming some of the top MTB riders in the world, ShaggyFPV earned himself another spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2020.  

BMX Jumping by FPV


FPVing Epic BMX riders in Boulder, Colorado


BMX riders hitting jumps and performing aerial stunts offer great potential for some exhilarating viewing, but capturing the action on video is exceptionally difficult.  Enter, FPV racing drones, which have the speed and maneuverability to keep up with these talented and daring athletes.  To see what we mean, check out this amazing piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot nikofilmz.  He used an FPV racing drone to film some very talented BMXers plying their craft, and the footage beautifully captures their considerable skills.  

Manuel Bassil Action FPV Reel


FPV Cinema Showreel 2021 | Manuel Bassil

MrFpv | ma...

Award-winning content creator MrFpv | manuelbass put together this magnificent reel of some of his best first person view (FPV) drone footage from the momentous year of 2020.  The video opens with some epic landscape/cityscape shots, while the heart of the piece is about chasing things and people: four-wheelers, mountain bikers, motocross riders, drift cars, paragliders, boaters, a horseback rider, and more.  Extremely entertaining to watch, this was an easy pick for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in March of 2021.  

Chasing Dune Buggies


SANDOLERO - Chasing Dune Buggies In Glamis


Could there be a more epic way to spend the day??  WestPsydeFPV knew exactly what he was doing when he packed up his high performance drone and headed towards Glamis Dunes and Huntington Beach to chase some sweet dune buggies. The sand bowls and mountains gave all the vertical relief necessary to make the rides exciting, and WestPsyde caught it all with his fast and nimble quad.   We all loved the video so much we just had to give him another spot on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in February 2020!

Balloon Jumpers in Mexico


The Boys are Flying


Leave it to legendary first person view (FPV) pilot JohnnyFPV to push the limits of what's possible in the world of dynamic FPV - the art of chasing moving "subjects" with FPV racing drones.  In this incredible piece, you'll be treated to some epic footage of some VERY brave balloon jumpers in Mexico.  What is balloon jumping, you ask?  Check out the video to see for yourself - it's definitely not for the faint of heart.  This video earned this very talented FPV content creator another spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2020.

FPV Views of a Stunt Festival


Stunt Fest 2020 by FPV Racing Drone

Dirty Dish...

For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Dirty Dishes FPV brings us this fantastic FPV of a stunt festival in England.  It's called Stunt Fest, and it's held at the Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire.  It's a great example of dynamic FPV, the art of chasing moving "subjects" with mini-drones and creating highly entertaining content out of it.  Highly entertaining this definitely is, and as you'll appreciate when you watch it an FPV drone provides an idea perspective on the action.  

JohnnyFPV Drift Show


Raw FPV Energy - Johnny FPV


While first person view (FPV) drone videos of drift cars are becoming increasingly common, the FPV chase shots you'll see in this video are anything but.  That's because this piece came from the legendary JohnnyFPV, almost universally considered one of the world's top FPV pilots.  Watch how he is able to maneuvier above and ultimately around these drift cars as they slide around a desert course at high speed.  Highly cinematic, it's definitely some of the best FPV car-chasing we've ever seen; prepare to be amazed. 

Chasing Vultures by FPV


Chasing a rollercoaster


Of all the possible "moving targets" that can be chased by first person view (FPV) racing drones, birds are amongst the hardest.  That's what makes this piece by AirVuz contributor and pilot SassySander worth a watch.  He was able to use his FPV-equipped racing quad to keep up with a flock of vultures flying over Southern France.  Flying at a respectful distance and staying away from their nest, he was able to track them for a surprisingly long flight over the Gorges du Tarn in the Department of Lozère.

Chasing Champion Kitesurfers




Known for his epic, high energy flights, top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Red - FPV was at it again in this film; watch as he chases some of the world's fastest kite surfers in the world as they train for the annual PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) Grand Slam, off the coast of Fuerteventura, one of Spain's Canary Islands. This talented drone pilot gives us a birds eye view on the speed, and agility and raw strength required by the surfer to harness the wind power and charge through the waves.  

Single-Take Rollercoaster Chasing


Roller Coaster Single Take


Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot ShaggyFPV brings us this epic FPV video of a moving rollercoaster.  Using his FPV mini-drone, he is able to track a very fast-moving coaster as it cruises through a series of "corkscrews" and loops.   The footage is impressive, but when you realize that this was all filmed in a single take you will appreciate the flying skill behind the video: ShaggyFPV, who hails from the Netherlands, is considered one of the top FPV pilots in Europe and competes in the Drone Racing League.  

Chasing a John Deere Tractor


John Deere R4045 x FPV Drone

Croble FPV...

AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Croble FPV made the FPV Pilots to Watch list with his previous upload, in which he dove a waterfall in Australia.  In this piece, he brings us some awesome FPV footage chasing a giant John Deere tractor. This particular model is an R4045 sprayer, which is powered by a 350 horsepower diesel engine and carries a tank with over 4.5L (1.2k gallons) of capacity.  When you watch the video, you'll see why this makes a perfect FPV chase "subject" (hint: ground clearance!).  

FPV Chasing a Skateboarder


FPV Drone Chases Pro Skateboarder on Mega Ramp

    • 1.3k VŪZ
    • 17
    • 12
  • 12 months ago

Check out this stunning example of dynamic first person view (FPV) work by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot JZFPV.  Using an FPV racing quad, he was able to film a VERY talented skateboarder working a difficult skate ramp.  Seeing how he expertly tracks his "target" you will gain an appreciation for the role that FPV pilots and drones are playing in capturing epic footage of notoriously difficult to film action sports.  The speed and maneuverability of FPV racing drones represent a perfect took for capturing the epic action.  

Aquatic Fun on the French Riviera


Grand Theft Auto (in real life) with Layvin Kurzawa


Hold on to your proverbial hats for an epic first person view (FPV) ride chasing a formation of jetskiers, compliments of AirVuz contributor teammistral.  Flying off a yacht, the talented FPV pilot mixes it up with these fast-moving personal watercraft, running their paces near St. Tropez in the legendary French Riviera.  There's even some nice "cinewhoop" style footage flying through the yacht.  This video earned our talented content creator a spot on the coveted FPV Pilots to Watch list in February, 2021.  

Chasing a Launched Rollercoaster


Speedmonster vs. FPV-drone 4K


One of the more recent innovation in the world of rollercoaster design is the rise of "launched" coasters.  In these rides, the rollercoaster vehicle is accelerated by powerful electric motors.  In this video by new contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot skyprod05, you'll be treated to some epic FPV chase footage of the Speed Monster ride at the Tusenfryd theme part in southern Norway.  The ride accelerates the cars to 90 km/hr (55 mph) in 2.2 seconds!   This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2020.   

Flying through Fireworks


4th Of July Fireworks: Through The Eyes Of A Drone


Top AirVuz contributor and first person view pilot carterfilmz earned himself a spot on the vaunted AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in July of 2020 with this fantastic video, in which he (quite literally) flies through a Fourth of July fireworks celebration.  If you've ever wondered what fireworks looks like when you get REALLY close to them, this video is well worth a watch.  See how he threads his way through the countless explosions, while maintaining a very cinematic feel throughout the video.

Action Reel


FPV Sports SHOWREEL 2020

Dirty Dish...

There's nothing like a great first person view (FPV) drone reel to get one's adrenaline pumping, especially when it's dynamic "chase" type footage.  Witness this fantastic compilation piece by top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Dirty Dishes FPV.  The video features epic footage of a wide range of action-packed activities, ranging from drift car racing to boxing, and from skiing to coastal driving.   With outstanding and highly creative transitions, this video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in November, 2020.  

South Korean Amusement Park Ride


Daegu V2 in South Korea


Dynamic first person view (fpv) drone flight involves filming moving objects.  The target can be a drift car, a jet skier, a skateboarder, or....a giant amusement park tower ride.  Top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot RussellFPV managed to film one of the top attractions of E-World, an amusement park in the city of Daegu, the center of South Korea's third-largest city.  The ride is situated next to the Woobang Tower observatory.  This video earned a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in April, 2021.    

Acrobatic Paramotor Chasing


Paramotor Acro - Dance in the Sky


Paramotoring has always been considered an "extreme" sports, but what you'll see in this first person view (FPV) piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot fpvfimz takes it to an entirely new level.  We're not even sure if it has a name other than the obvious one: acrobatic paramotoring.  Watch as this brave paramotor operator foot-launches himself and then undertakes some VERY impressive aerial tricks.  Recognizing that FPV filming of these feats is no mean task, we awarded fpvfilmz a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in December, 2020.

High Speed Catamaran Sailing


SailGP San Francisco

  • SFPV
    • 1.4k VŪZ
    • 20
    • 13
  • about 2 years ago

While gimbal-stabilized camera drones such as the DJI Phantom and Mavic lines have revolutionized the world of sailing, these quadcopters aren't suited to high speed sailing.  Even if they are fast enough to keep up with fast-moving sailboats, they aren't able to get shots like what you will see in this remarkable video by top contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot SFPV.  He used a GoPro mounted to a racing quadcopter to film some seriously insane catamaran sailing action on San Francisco Bay.  

Police Drift Car Chasing


Touge XTrem Drift - Aerial Special

  • Shikijo
    • 1.7k VŪZ
    • 16
    • 11
  • about 2 months ago

Prepare to be blown away by this movie-like first person view (FPV) car chasing piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Shikjo.  Accompanied by a police radio soundtrack, the drone descends on a scene of a police car chasing a "suspect", both of whom are drifting along a mountain road.  Soon there are four cars barreling down the road, drifting as they speed through hairpin curves.  Extremely creative and well-shot, this video earned our talented content creator a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in March, 2021.  







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Pircho FPV...


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