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AV News: Drone World Championship Recap

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The week long event that began Monday morning with the Aloha Cup ended Saturday night at the infamous Kauloa Ranch. Pilots from over 30 countries were able to test out new products, taste local grub, and watch the most talented pilots in the world shred air. Zoe Stumbaugh finished second to Shane Traweek in Freestyle, while James Haley beat out his Horizon Hobby teammates for the number one spot in Fixed Wing. Watch now to see more results.

Interviewing FPV Pro Shaun Taylor


AV NEWS: Buy N' Fly FPV Quads

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Tyler Mason caught up with Shaun Taylor at AUVSI Xponential 2018 in Denver, Colorado to talk Bind N' Fly and Ready to Fly racing quads. These mini quads are more prevalent on the race track because of supreme engineering and components that satisfy accomplished pros. The FPV learning curve is getting easier thanks to companies engineering BNF drones that are user-friendly, yet they maintain top drawer specs for the growing talent pool to practice their skills at pro race speed.

Covering Drones + STEM


AV News: Drone STEM: Sport of the Future?

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Schools across the world are finding new ways to get students more involved in learning. Now, one Idaho drone company has teamed up with a popular after school program to bring flight technology into the classroom. Dahlton Grover is the Director of Business Development and Content Coordinator for PCS Edventures where they developed a drone curriculum as an advanced robotics platform for high school students.  PCS Edventures is a leading STEM Program that focuses on hands on learning.

Promotion of DRL Season 3


AV NEWS: DRL Season 3

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The Drone Racing League released THIS video promoting Season 3 of their worldwide circuit. The season, which airs September 6th on ESPN, will continue to up the ante with intense, mile long courses staged in a plethora of exotic locations. Standouts include the infamous Woodward West BMX and Skateboarding Park in California, the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, Adventuredome amusement park at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, and the first professional drone race in Saudi Arabia.

FPV 101: Racing and Freestyle


AV News: FPV Drone Racing vs. FPV Freestyle

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Drone Racing and FPV Freestyle are some of the fastest growing sports in the world.  Just about every pilot can both race and freestyle fly. They just prefer or specialize in one or the other. In drone racing, pilots focus on creating a quad that is as fast and precise as possible. Racing tracks come in many forms as long as there is a predetermined course. FPV Freestyle is considered a free form of flight. Many freestyle pilots think of it as art or a form of expression.

Undercover FPV


AV News: FPV Pilots Catch Trash Dumper

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California-based drone racing pilots Dave Medore and Steven Sauls fly their FPV quads a few times a week in California’s San Jacinto Valley. While out flying for fun in mid-April, both pilots saw something out of the ordinary.  Sauls was able to get the initial footage of what was happening - A man in a pickup illegally dumping trash in the vacant lot about 300 feet from where the pilots were flying.  Watch for more on this story.

Story on Drone Technology Advancements


AV News: Brain Drone Racing?

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The applications for mind-controlled drones are huge, enabling many people to fly who otherwise couldn't due to physical limitations. The University of Florida held a Brain Drone Racing event and it was mind-blowing. Students and professors at the University of Florida held the first brain drone race competition.  With mental willpower and an EEG headset, they were able to navigate through a 10 yard race. Watch for more on how it's possible.

Coverage of DRL Champ and AirVūz Pilot Nurkfpv


AV News: 2018 DRL World Champion

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AirVūz couldn't be more proud of Team AirVūz FPV pilot NurkFPV. Why? Because he's raced his way to the top, now claiming the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship! NurkFPV has been working towards this goal for 3 years, quitting his full-time job in order to practice 10 hours a day so he could be the best in the world. Hear from NurkFPV the day after his title was announced in this AirVūz News story. 

DRL Announces Races Will Air on NBC and Twitter


AV News: Drone Racing League moves to NBC and Twitter

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As the sport of drone racing continues to take off in popularity, Drone Racing League (DRL) offers it's enthusiastic and growing audience the most exciting races and locations, featuring the world's top drone racing pilots, including AirVuz sponsored pilots Nurkfpv, Gab707, and Phluxyfpv (as well as other former DRL racers JohnnyFPV and Wild Willy FPV, who are current AirVuz pilots).  The next season begins later this year, and fans will find the excitement aired on both NBC and Twitter. 



AV News: Racing on Endor

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