New York City and Jersey City
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New York City, Hudson Yards, Jersey City Lights


Experience one of the world's most recognizable city skylines in this 4K drone video. New York City’s skyline is always growing and changing, but one thing remains the same: it always looks good at night. See all of New York lit up in this very special video of America's largest city by top contributor and drone pilot Majestic.  The video features some beautiful footage of the Hudson Yards area on the West Side, which has been transformed by new construction in recent years. 

Drone View of Baltimore, Maryland
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Fog Over Baltimore

Eyes in the Sky

The Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland was once one of the busiest shipping ports on the USA's East Coast.  As shipping technology progressed, the port's shallow waters could not accommodate the larger ships.  Eventually the area was redeveloped into an entertainment/mixed use district.  Contributor Eyes in the Sky used DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this aerial view of the Inner Harbour area, with downtown Baltimore in the background.  

Jersey City: Across the Hudson
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Jersey City Nights

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Many millions of inhabitants of the New York City area actually live across the Hudson River in New Jersey, which connects to Manhattan via several bridges and tunnels.  One of these New York satellite cities is Jersey City, which sits just south of Newark and across the bay from lower Manhattan.  In this video, contributor Axlfro gives us a brief aerial tour of this city on the west side of the Hudson, which is the second largest city in the Garden State.

New Jersey's Atlantic City
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Atlantic City and Above


Atlantic city sits on the South Shore of New Jersey.  It is the location upon which the board game Monopoly is based.  While its casinos do not rival the behemoth casinos of Las Vegas, it is much more accessible to the large population centers on the East Coast.  In this video, top contributor Zeke Drone gives us an aerial tour of the biggest casinos on Atlantic City's famous Boardwalk, inspiration for the classic board game Monopoly.

Baltimore's Sugar Terminal
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The Sugar Shack, Baltimore Harbor

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Baltimore, Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic USA has deep roots as a port city.  While the city's Inner Harbor area has been converted to other uses (in part because it was not deep enough to handle large containerships), the port still remains one of the top 20 in the country, and it is the largest dry bulk port on the East Coast.  In this drone video, top contributor Jeff Walrich gives us an epic aerial view of the Sugar Shack, the country's largest terminal for receiving sugar. 

Norfolk: Virginia's Naval City
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iDroneU - Norfolk VA


Norfolk is a medium sized city in the southeastern corner of the mid-Atlantic state of Virginia, near the opening of Chesapeake Bay.  It is a quintissential Navy town, and is the headquarters of the US Atlantic Fleet, one of the world's most powerful naval groupings.  Top contributor iDroneU used a drone to film this port city.  In this video, you will get some incredible bird's eye views not only of the city's downtown but of several US Navy ships in their berths in the harbor.  

Chesapeake Bay: Annapolis, Maryland
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Annapolis City Demo

Eyes in the Sky

Annapolis is a city on northern Chesapeake Bay, and is the capital of the state of Maryland.  Its worldwide name recognition stems from being the home of the United States Naval Academy, the service academy for the world's largest navy.  Contributor Eyes in the Sky put together this beautiful aerial portrait of the city, which served as the temporary capital of the US in the late 18th century while the city of Washington, DC was under construction.  

Rochester, New York: Kodak Tower
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Kodak Tower

Vetter Cinema Productions

Vetter Cinema Productions created this beautiful drone video of the Kodak Tower, one of the most important landmarks in Rochester, New York.  Completed in 1914, the 104 meter (340 ft.) building was the home of Eastman Kodak, which once dominated the camera and film industry and employed thousands in this city on the southern shore of Lake Ontario.  It was the tallest building in the city for fifty years.  It's still the headquarters for Kodak, which went through a bankruptcy restructuring in the early 2010's.

New Jersey: Union City
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Union City, NJ


Inmotionaerial created this beautiful drone video of Union City, New Jersey.  The city sits directly across the Hudson River from new York City.  It is more or less bisected by New Jersey Route 495, which runs into Manhattan as the Lincoln Tunnel.  Like most of the cities on the New Jersey side of the Hudson, Union City is part of metropolitan New York City yet maintains a distinctive look and feel.   Part of Hudson County, Union City has a population of about 66,000 in 2018.

West of the Hudson: Bayonne, New Jersey
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The Places You'll Go: Bayonne, New Jersey


Contributor lleeyyooww created this highly cinematic video of Bayonne, New Jersey.  Bayonne is part of the New York City Metropolitan Area.  It sits at the southern tip of a peninsula on the west side of the Hudson River, east of Newark, south of Jersey City and immediately to the north of Staten Island.  The video features some awesome shots of the Newark Bay Bridge, one of the city's most recognizable landmarks.  The bridge connects Bayonne to the "mainland" of New Jersey to the west.  

Bridge over Chesapeake Bay
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Chesapeake Bay Bridge in April

Eyes in the Sky

When it opened in the early 1950's, Chesapeake Bay Bridge was the longest over-water span in the world at 6.9 km (4.3 mi.).  Now a dual span bridge, it connects Maryland's eastern and western shores of Chesapeake Bay.  Contributor Eyes in the Sky used a drone to create this impressive aerial video of this impressive steel span, officially known as the Gov. William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge.  The bridge was the filming location for a high profile scene in the 2006 movie Mission: Impossible III.

New York's Adirondack Mountains
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Adirondacks, New York


A great way to lose yourself in the Adirondacks is to lightly row down stream and see where the current takes you. That's contributor th3venture's approach in this fantastic aerial adventure through Upstate New York with his crew. Seeing them explore the region's many natural and recreational attractions, from kayaking, to hiking and camping, will inspire you to hit the great outdoors with your drone.  The Adirondacks cover a portion of northeastern New York State.

Philadelphia's Temple University
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Sunsets and Skylines in 4K || Temple U || TarcyVision


Contributor Tarcy_Vision gives us this awesome aerial view of Temple University in the Mid-Atlantic city of Philadelphia.  Founded in 1884, it's one of the largest universities in Pennsylvania.  It's located in a neighborhood of North Philadelphia, more or less equidistant from the Delaware and Schuykill Rivers.  Its extensive professional schools graduate a large number of lawyers, pharmacists, engineers, and other professionals, many of whom find jobs in the Philadelphia area.  

New York's Hamptons
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Aerial Reel of Mansions in NY's Hamptons

AeroVision NY

On the south shore of the far (eastern) end of Long Island in New York there's a string of small town and villages known collectively as the Hamptons.  With improvements in transport, the Hamptons have become in effect the summer playground for the world's wealthiest city.  Houses which are used perhaps 6-8 weeks per year routinely change hands for many millions of dollars.  In this video by AeroVision, you'll get a bird's eye view of some of the mansions which line up on this fabled stretch of beach.  

Drone Video of Philly's Skyline
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Philly Sunrise Reflections


Contributor Chris Dantonion used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this magnificent video of the Philadelphia skyline at sunrise.  If you see the shot which begins at the :30 mark, you'll see a shot of City Hall - it's the building with the clock and the statue on top.  Until the 1980's, no building was permitted which exceeded the height of City Hall: 167 meters (just under 550 ft.).  As you can see, lifting this restriction has fundamentally transformed the city's skyline.  

New York's Hudson River Valley
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Autumn Foliage in New York's Hudson Valley


The Hudson River is most closely associated with its end-point in the harbor of New York City.  Its upstream sections are far less well known.  Originating with runoff from the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, the great river runs a course of just over 500 km (315 mi.).  It's divided into an Upper Hudson and Lower Hudson, the divider being Federal Dam in Troy.  In this video by Utcinema, you'll get a bird's eye view of the valley of the Lower Hudson, at the height of the Fall season.  

Surfing the Jersey Shore
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The USA Mid-Atlantic state of New Jersey has a long Atlantic Ocean coastline, which stretches from just south of New York Harbor to Delaware Bay, the estuary of the Delaware River.  Known colloquially as the Jersey Shore, this is a legendary getaway spot for denizens of New York and Philadelphia, the two giant cities which sit to its north and south, respectively.  Among the other attractions of the Jersey Shore is its very active surfing scene; get a glimpse of it from above in this drone video by zekedrone.   

Shipwrecks on the Potomac River
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SHIPWRECKED! Mallows Bay, Maryland with DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Check out this amazing drone video of an amazing sight not far from Washington, DC.  Mallows Bay is situated on the Potomac River, about 50 km (30 mi.) south (downstream from) the USA's Capital city.  The bay is home to hundreds of ships which had been put into service by the Emergency Fleet Corporation, set up in the immediate aftermath of the USA's decision to enter World War I in April, 1917.  The hastily-built ships were scuttled here in the 1920's.

Epic Sunset Clouds over Atlantic City
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" Cloud Atlantic" Atlantic City Cinematic Drone Trailer [ 4K ]


Check out this visually stunning look at the city of Atlantic City, New Jersey being overtaken by a cloud formation at sunset.  Situated near the middle of the stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline known as the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City evolved from a beach getaway to the gambling capital of the USA's East Coast.  The video brilliantly shows the newest and most prominent addition to the cityscape: the Ocean Resort Casino.  Opened in 2012 at a cost of $2.4 billion, it filed for bankruptcy two years later.    

New York's Lake George
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Drone over Lake George Winter 2018


Check out this stunning drone video of Lake George in northeastern New York State, compliments of contributor Greatsouthbayimages.  The lake is at the base of the Adirondack Mountain range, which runs through parts of the state.  With a surface area of over 120 square km (around 45 square mi.), it's one of the largest lakes in the region outside of the Great Lakes, which lie to the west.  The lake is a popular summer getaway destination from New York City; depending on traffic, it's a 2-3 hour drive.

Tulip Farm in Central New Jersey
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Top contributor Zekedrone created this beautiful springtime drone video of a spot in the middle of New Jersey.  While many identify the state with the heavily populated areas around New York and Philadelphia, central New Jersey presents a completely different landscape.  Here, the state's nickname of the Garden State is much more apparent to the eye.  The spot filmed is called Holland Ridge Farms, and as the name suggests it's a tulip farm.  It hosts one of the largest tulip festivals on the East Coast.

Aerial Tour of NYC
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Aerial New York City


Contributor Tampa Randy does commercial drone work around the US.  In this video, he gives us an aerial tour of Manhattan, the center of New York City.  The footage includes aerial views of the Freedom Tower, the skyscrapers of Midtown, the East River, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge.  It's also got some great shots of the downtown financial district (Lower Manhattan), shot from the perspective of the harbor.  

Bird's Eye Views of the Big Apple
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Epic NYC Drone Montage

B. Dumas

Check out this amazing "drone montage" of the Big Apple, compliments of contributor and drone pilot B. Dumas. It opens with a shot of the twin towers of Time Warner Center, the great millennial era development on Columbus Circle.  From there it's on to a shot of the 59th Street Bridge, a look facing south from Central Park, an awesome overhead of the Brooklyn Bridge (at the :50 mark), and some great shots of Midtown.  It even includes a few shots of Long Island's famous beaches.

Profile of Jeff Walrich
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The Drone Dish: Jeff Walrich

The Drone Dish

Top contributor Jeff Walrich has one of the strangest videos we've ever seen. It's an aerial video of 30 foot statues of the heads of former Presidents. The busts are located just outside of Williamsburg, Virginia and are definitely best seen from above. His videos of Baltimore, Washington D.C., and elsewhere along the East Coast are fantastic, but his most recent obsession has nothing to do with camera drones. He's pretty into Tiny Whoops. Find out why on this episode of The Drone Dish. 


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Philly at Night 2018

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Philadelphia in Winter

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