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Lofoten Experience - "Make your life matter" (NORWAY DRONE 4K)


The stunning and dramatic landscapes of the Lofoten islands provide the perfect backdrop for this inspirational and powerful message. Creator Eric_Avila_Gallardo used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this epic aerial video of this most drone-able region in northern Norway.  A nominee for our Drone Video of the Week contest, this masterpiece inspires us all and provides a gentle reminder to focus on our greater purpose.

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Northern Norway

  • Away
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This video of the magnificent islands off the coast of northern Norway by AirVuz content creator Away earned him a finalist spot for the AirVūz Drone Video of the Week Contest.  Covering the Lofoten Islands, as well as the nearby Senja Islands on the north Atlantic Ocean, north of the Arctic Circle, you will see why this region has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe.  

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EPIC Lofoten Islands in Winter


The Lofoten Islands in northern Norway offer a stunning winter landscape, even though the winter temperatures are surprisingly mild for a location above the Arctic Circle.  Top contributor BashirAbuShakra used a drone to create an epic aerial video of this stunning region in the depths of winter.  You will be treated to bird's eye views of fjords, snow covered mountains, floating icebergs, and much more.   

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Lofoten Islands | Beautiful Norway in 4K


One of the remarkable aspects of Norway's Lofoten Islands is that the climate is relatively temperate despite sitting at a latitude which places the islands  within the  Arctic Circle.  Contributor 2guyswith a drone traveled to this amazing region of northwestern Norway with their DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone in February of 2017, in the depths of winter, to produce this amazing aerial film. 

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Ryten - One of Lofotens most popular hikes offers magnificent views of the Kvalvika Beach


Ryten Mountain offers stunning views of Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The mountain stands 540 meters (about 1.8k ft) above the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  In this amazing video, contributor Droning Thomas hikes to the top of the mountain with his drone.  The resulting video provides a stunning view of Kvalvika Beach and the surrounding mountains.  It will take your breath away. 

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Surfing the Arctic: Gore-Tex Experience Tour 2016, Lofoten Islands


Surfing has definitely traveled far from its roots in the South Pacific, all the way to the Arctic.  Yes, surfing in the Arctic - you read that correctly.  In this video, contributor collaborated with the Gore Tex Experience Tour 2016 "Ride and Surf Lofoten" in Norway's Lofoten Islands, which lie towards the northern end of its Atlantic coast.  Using a DJI Phantom 4 drone, he provides us with an aerial view of this most improbable event, surely a rare instance of surfing at a latitude north of the Arctic Circle.

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Lofoten aerial


For a two minute, all-aerials look at Norway's Lofoten Islands, this video by contributor Timosaken is tough to beat.  He takes his Yuneec Typhoon H drone over this spectacular archipelago off Norway's northern Atlantic coast, treating us to epic shots of the natural scenery which have made this one of Lofoten top tourist spots: blue-green waters, green-clad hills, hidden bays, and epic cliffs which drop to the beaches below.  

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Henningsvaer in Lofoten - Spectacular fishing village called The Venice of the North


Droning Thomas treats us to a spectacular aerial look at Henningsvaer, a small village in the heart of Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The tiny town is built on several small islands of the archipelago, which lies in the country's Nordland region.  Henningsvaer is best known for the football (soccer) field which sits in the middle of the town; this field was used by a major European football organization for a popular promotional video.   

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Lofoten: Nordic Paradise

Brent De Bleser

Contributor Brent de Bleser put together this spectacular look at Norway's Lofoten Islands, showing not only the beauty but the range of recreational activities available in this archipelago in the country's Nordland region.  The drone video contains magnificent bird's eye views of the areas mountains, hiking trails, camping areas, and small fishing villages, notably the iconic Henningsvaer and its famous football field.  

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The Lofoten Islands


Canadian AirVuz contributor Zimydakid, who was profiled in a segment of the Drone Dish, travels the world with his drone.  In this amazing video, he travels to the Lofoten Islanda in northern Norway.  His video, which combines aerial and ground footage, shows why these islands, which lie above the Arctic circle, are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway. 

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on top of Lofoten - norway


You could say this video was taken on top of the world. Lofoten of Nordland, Norway is an archipelago that is known for its very distinct scenery showcased wonderfully in this Drone Video of the Week finalist. Though it lies within the Arctic Circle, it is not as cold as you may think and is quite the tourism destination. You can see why in this breathtaking piece by LarsBülow. 

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Polar Night


If you're a fan of "The Polar Express," the Caldecott Medal winning book turned movie starring Tom Hanks, then you're going to love this piece by haussmannvisuals. In the middle of winter the sun never fully rises around the Arctic Circle, but that doesn't mean only darkness. The aerial shots of the peaking sun's hues, twilight's glow and evening's sparkle over the famous Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway are simply stunning. This video was nominated for Drone Video of the Week.


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Lofoten island

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Ballstad - Lofoten, Norway

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