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Lofoten Islands Aerial Tour


Lofoten Islands Drone Highlights

DroneTV: P...

Experience the beauty of Norway's Lofoten islands from above in this compilation, which was created using footage from the "Drone Videos of the Lofoten Islands, Norway" collection.  Watch it and you'll see some of the iconic fishing villages, mountains, waterfalls, and other sights which have made the Lofoten's a top destination.

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Summer in the Lofotens


Summer in Lofoten


Top contributor haussmannvisuals created this stunning aerial tour of Norway's Lofoten Islands during the glorious summer months. The Lofotens are a chain of islands which lie off the coast of northern Norway, just within the Arctic Circle. For centuries, the islands were known for their cod fisheries, as giant schools of the fish come south from the Barents Sea to spawn off their shores. In more recent years, they have emerged as one of the up-and-coming travel destinations of Scandinavia. This video was a DVOW finalist in September, 2019.

Lofotens in Winter


EPIC Lofoten Islands in Winter


The Lofoten Islands in northern Norway offer a stunning winter landscape, even though the winter temperatures are surprisingly mild for a location above the Arctic Circle.  Top contributor BashirAbuShakra used a drone to create an epic aerial video of this stunning region in the depths of winter.  You will be treated to bird's eye views of fjords, snow covered mountains, floating icebergs, and much more.   The islands are part of Nordland, one of the counties which makes up the region of Northern Norway.  

The Lofoten Islands in Summer


Norway's Epic Summer

Ryan Shirl...

Norway is one of the most spectacular places in the world to capture by drone, with its far northern location, wide open spaces, and (relatively) friendly drone rules. Drone Video Awards nominee Ryan Shirley spent several days exploring the country’s Arctic Circle region, capturing the famous Henningsvaer Station, the Northern Lights, and the countless fjords, mountains, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that surround the Lofoten Islands. This video was a DVOW nominee in July, 2019.

DVOW Finalist from the Lofotens


Lofoten Experience - "Make your life matter" (NORWAY DRONE 4K)


The stunning and dramatic landscapes of the Lofoten islands of northern Norway provide the perfect backdrop for this inspirational and powerful message. Creator Eric_Avila_Gallardo used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this epic aerial video of this most drone-able region which consists of a group of islands that lie off the country's northern coast, above the Arctic Circle.  A nominee for our Drone Video of the Week contest, this masterpiece inspires us all and provides a gentle reminder to focus on our greater purpose.

Lofoten Islands by Mavic 3


Travel to Lofoten - NORWAY | DJI Mavic 3 Cinematic 5K Footage

Rod Herzst...

Talented content creator Rod Herzst returns to AirVuz after a yearlong hiatus with this excellent drone video from Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The video was filmed with the new DJI Mavic 3 drone, which carries a larger camera and features numerous upgrades as the new portable flagship of the DJI line.  Among other highlights, the video features some stunning footage of the football stadium in the tiny village of Henningsvaer which has become one of the most iconic sights in Norway in recent years.  

Lofoten Winter Tour


Winter Chill - Cinematic Northern Norway (Lofoten)

Chris Mans...

Talented content creator Chris Mansfeldt used a DJI Mavic 2 and a Sony Alpha A7iii ground camera to create this excellent travel video from Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The video was shot during the winter, when the days are short but the temperatures are surprisingly mild given the northern latitude of the islands.   You'll see the iconic fishing village of Henningsvær (which is situated across a number of tiny islands), a small fleet of fishing boats, and even catch some wintertime surfing action from within the Arctic Circle!  

Fredvang Bridges and More


Lofoten, Norway in 4K

Richard Be...

His fourth upload to AirVuz, new contributor Richard Beresford Harris earned his first Drone Video of the Week Finalist spot with this outstanding drone video from the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway.  The video was shot during the winter, when the ocean waters keep the climate surprisingly mild despite a location above the Arctic Circle.  Among other highlights, the video features some awesome footage of the Fredvang Bridges, a system of two spans which connect the islands of Moskenesøya and Flakstadøya.

6th Annual NYCDFF Dronie Nominee: David.Haring


Lofoten Dronie


AirVuz contributor and pilot David.Haring shows how it's done with this fantastic dronie shot from an iconic spot in northern Norway.  The scene is the now-famous football field in Henningsvaer, a tiny village built on several small islands in the country's Lofoten Islands.  This once-obscure field was used by a major European football organization for a popular promotional video; it's since become one of the most well-recognized spots in Scandinavia.  This video earned a nomination in the Dronie category at the NYCDFF.

Lofoten DVOW Nominee


On Top of Lofoten, Norway


You could say this video by top contributor and drone pilot LarsBülow was taken on top of the world. Norway's Lofoten Islands is an archipelago that is known for its very distinct scenery, which is showcased wonderfully in this Drone Video of the Week finalist. Though the islands lie within the Arctic Circle, the climate is surprisingly mild, even in the endless nights of winter.   During the summer months, these islands (which are part of Nordland County) become a magnet for outdoors enthusiasts of all stripes. 

DJI Mavic 2 Pro over Lofoten and Northern Norway


68°N - Nordland


Nordland is one of the northern counties in Norway.  It includes the Lofoten Islands in addition to a substantial area on the Norwegian mainland.  Bisected by the Arctic Circle, the coastal areas offer a surprisingly temperate climate given the northern latitude.  As you can see in this drone video by rbendjebar, it is also one of the most beautiful parts of the world - from stunning mountains, to jagged cliffs that dive into the sea, to gushing waterfalls, and more. This video was picked as a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in July, 2019.

Moskenesøya: Southernmost Lofoten Island


Norway from the Sky


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor and pilot svilen12 brings us this magnificent drone video from Norway.  This DVOW nominated video was shot on the island of Moskenesøya, the southernmost of the Lofoten Islands archipelago in Nordland, one of the counties of the northern part of Norway.  Specific locations featured in the video include Kvalvika Beach on the northwestern part of the island, the village of Hamnøy on the eastern side of Moskenesøya, and the area around Reinebringen just to the south of Hamnøy.  

Nighttime in the Lofotens


Polar Night


If you're a fan of "The Polar Express," the Caldecott Medal winning book turned movie starring Tom Hanks, then you're going to love this piece by top contributor haussmannvisuals. In the middle of winter the sun never fully rises around the Arctic Circle, but that doesn't mean only darkness. The aerial shots of the peaking sun's hues, twilight's glow and evening's sparkle over the famous Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway are simply stunning. This video was nominated for Drone Video of the Week.

Wintertime Lofoten Views


Winter in Lofoten Islands, Norway🇳🇴🏔🎥by drone 4K 🎧.

JB Meert...
  • JB Meert
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  • over 2 years ago

Norway's Lofoten Islands offer a surprisingly mild winter climate despite their northern latitude: part of Nordland County, the North Atlantic archipelago lies within the Arctic Circle.  In this outstanding drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot JB Meert, you'll get an aerial tour of the Lofotens in winter.  Featured locations include the iconic village of Henningsvaer and its famous football field, Nusfjord, Hamnoy, Haukland Beach, Sund village, Kvalvika' beach, and the village of Reine.

Three Minute Lofoten Aerial Tour


Lofoten Drone Tour

  • Ryzone
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  • over 1 year ago

One of the most magnificent aspects of Norway's Lofoten Islands is that the climate is relatively temperate despite the archipelago's latitude within the Arctic Circle. Once relatively unknown compared to spots further south, the Lofoten Islands have become an up-and-coming destination of Norway.  Top AirVuz content creator and drone pilot Ryzone traveled to this amazing region of northwestern Norway, creating this epic three minute video record of the trip. This video earned a Drone Video of the Week nomination in March 2021. 

Lofoten Islands by Mavic Pro 2


LOFOTEN (July 2019)


Top contributor timoksanen used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this DVOW nominated aerial tour of the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago off the northern coast of Norway. The video opens with an epic shot of the now-famous football field in the village of Henningsvær. From there, you will be taken around some of the other spots in the chain, most of which lies above the Arctic Circle.  You'll see some of its campgrounds, it's distinctive blue-green waters, and other top sights, including some epic timelapse shots. 

Austvågøy, Moskenesøya, and Vestvågøya


Norway Lofoten Islands june 2019


DVOW finalist tsmedegard created this beautiful video showing some of the most iconic spots in the Lofoten Islands archipelago located off the coast of northern Norway. This video features the following locations: (1) Henningsvaer, an island village off the southern coast of Austvågøy; (2) Kvalvika Beach, on the northern coast of Moskenesøya; (3) Haukland Beach, on the western side of Vestvågøya; and (4) Uttakleiva, also on the island of Vestvågøya, just south of Haukland Beach. 

Northern Norway and the Lofoten Islands


Northern Norway

  • Away
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  • about 4 years ago

This video of the magnificent islands off the coast of northern Norway by AirVuz content creator Away earned him a finalist spot for the AirVūz Drone Video of the Week Contest.  The video covers the Lofoten Islands, as well as the nearby Senja Islands on the north Atlantic Ocean, north of the Arctic Circle.  With its surprisingly temperate climate given its far northern latitude, you'll will see why this region has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Scandinavia and indeed in all of Europe. 

The Lofotens + Senja


NORTHERN NORWAY | Drone & Time-lapse 4K


Top contributor davidaguilar won the People's Choice category at the second Annual DVA's with his "Magic Iceland" masterpiece.  In this video, he brings us some stunning views from even further north - the islands off the northern coast of Norway specifically the Lofoten Islands and the island of Senja, further north in Troms County.  Picked as a DVOW Finalist in October, 2019, the video combines aerial footage from a DJI Mavic Air with DJI Mavic Air with ground footage from a Nikon D5300 camera.

Reine, Moskenesøya


Norwegian Most Picturesque Village | Reine Fishing Village Lofoten | DJI Inspire 2 ZENMUSE X7


Check out this stunning drone video of a picturesque village in Norway's Lofoten Islands, compliments of multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner oculusfilms.  The village of Reine is built on a peninsula and several tiny islets of the larger island of Moskenesøya, one of the southern Lofoten Islands, an archipelago which lies off Norway's northern coast.  Located within the Arctic Circle, the climate here is surprisingly mild due to the warming effect of the ocean.  It's frequently cited as being one of Norway's most beautiful villages.  

Lofotens, Senja, and Andøya


Loving Lofoten


Take an aerial tour of the northern reaches of Norway in this spectacular piece by contributor videobros, who was a winner at the second Annual Drone Video Awards. The video features footage from the following locations: (1) the Lofoten Islands archipelago in Nordland County; (2) Senja, an island further north, in Troms County; (3) the island of Andøya, which lies to the northwest of the Lofotens and is the northernmost part of Nordland County. This video was a DVOW finalist in September, 2019.   

Above the 68th Parallel


68°N - Lofoten


Contributor and former DVOW Finalist rbendjebar used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this marvelous aerial video from Norway's Lofoten's islands.  The title of the video references the far northern latitude of the archipelago, which sit between the 68th and 69th parallels, just within the Arctic Circle.  Despite their northern position, the Lofoten's feature a surprisingly mild climate; they are actually the northernmost point in the world where average year-round temperatures are above freezing.  

Lofotens: Drone Pilot Magnets


North Dreamer


To understand why Norway's Lofoten islands have become such a magnet for drone pilots and travelers of all stripes, check out this amazing aerial video by first-time AirVuz contributor davidchamorro.  The video captures some of the dramatic natural beauty of this chain, which consists of a half-dozen main islands plus a collection of satellites just within the Arctic CIrcle.  With countless inlets backed by dramatic mountains and dotted with iconic fishing villages, the Lofotens now regularly attract over a million visitors per year.  

Ryten Mountain


Ryten - One of Lofotens most popular hikes offers magnificent views of the Kvalvika Beach


Ryten Mountain is one of the top sights of Norway's Lofoten Islands, which sit off the Scandinavian country's northern coast.   The mountain stands 540 meters (about 1.8k ft) above the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  In this amazing video, top AirVuz contributor and pilot Droning Thomas hikes to the top of the mountain with his drone.  The resulting video provides a stunning view of Kvalvika Beach below as well as the surrounding mountains, all of which are located above the Arctic Circle.  

Mavic Pro 2 over the Lofotens




If you want to understand why Norway's Lofoten Islands have become such a magnet for drone pilots around the world, all you need to do is check out this magnificent piece by rbendjebar.  He used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to capture the stunning beauty of this North Atlantic archipelago, captureing many of the sights which have made these islands famous such as its glass smooth bays, quaint fishing villages, and of course the iconic football field on the tiny island village of Henningsvær.  

Winter Storm in the Lofotens


Surviving the Lofoten Islands, Norway in Winter

Where's Fu...

The Lofoten Islands are a beautiful, yet dangerous place in winter. Becoming a more popular, more heavily traveled area of the world, tourism rates are starting to grow even in the cold season. With its beautiful Northern Lights, purple skies, and snow-covered, idyllic towns it is easy to see why. What you don’t see are the plethora of days below zero degrees with snow and ice storms. Pilot Fujiabra Films experienced it all on his recent trip to Northern Norway, sharing the experience in this video.

Fun in the Lofoten Islands


Lofoten: Nordic Paradise

Brent De B...

Contributor Brent de Bleser put together this spectacular look at Norway's Lofoten Islands, showing not only the beauty but the range of recreational activities available in this archipelago in the country's Nordland region.  The drone video contains magnificent bird's eye views of the areas mountains, hiking trails, camping areas, and small fishing villages, notably the iconic Henningsvaer and its famous football field, aerial views of which began to capture the world's attention a few years ago.  

The Village of Henningsvaer


Henningsvaer in Lofoten - Spectacular fishing village called The Venice of the North


Droning Thomas treats us to a spectacular aerial look at Henningsvaer, a small village in the heart of Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The tiny town is built on several small islands of the archipelago, which lies in the country's Nordland region.  Henningsvaer is best known for the football (soccer) field which sits in the middle of the town; this field was used by a major European football organization for a popular promotional video, and it's become an almost iconic site of this Scandinavian country.     

Over the Lofoten Archipelago


The Lofoten Islands


Canadian AirVuz contributor Zimydakid, who was profiled in a segment of the Drone Dish and nominated as a Finalist for the second Annual Drone Video Awards, travels the world with his drone.  In this amazing video, he travels to the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago off the coast of  northern Norway.  His video, which combines aerial and ground footage, shows why these islands, which lie above the Arctic circle, are becoming one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the entire Scandinavian region. 

FPV Video from Rheine



  • Fincky
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  • about 3 years ago

The fishing village of Reine, Norway is located on the island of Moskenesøya in the Lofoten Islands archipelago in the northern part of the country. Lying above the Arctic Circle, the tiny town, home to only 314 people, often sees fierce winds. That’s exactly what first person view (FPV) pilot Fincky found when he traveled there with friends to grab some of the incredible views. Cold and windy as it was, it was certainly worth it as you’ll see in this beautiful, cinematic FPV video which made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in April, 2019.

Guitar on Reinebringen


Playing guitar on top of Reinebringen, Lofoten - Phantom4 pro+


Top content creator and drone pilot PilotViking is a phenomenon on Instagram - he has nearly 200,000 followers, among the most of any drone-related account.  In this video, the winner of the second Annual Drone Video Award in the Nature category managed to aerially film himself playing guitar in one of th most beautiful spots of Norway.  It was shot atop Reinebringen, a mountain in the Lofoten Islands.  The Lofotens is an archipelago that lies off the coast of Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle.  

Henningsvær's Iconic Football Field


Henningsvær fotball field Lofoten Norway


Without doubt, Norway is home to some of the world's most spectacular scenery.  It's ironic then that one of the most iconic sights of this Scandinavian country is a (man-made) football field.  It's located on a tiny island which is part of Henningsvær, a fishing village in the Lofoten Islands off the country's northern coast.  The entire village only covers 74 acres.  In this drone video by contributor tsmedegard you can check out this amazing field, which appeared in a video by the UEFA football association.

Surf Session in Ustind


Surfing in Norway


"Surfing" and "Norway" are terms that one doesn't often hear together.  That's why you have to check out this drone video of a surfing session - in northern Norway.  It's a spot called Ustind, and it's on the western shore of Vestvågøy, one of the main islands of the Lofoten archipelago.  While the islands lie above the Arctic Circle, they are something of an oddity from a climate standpoint - daytime highs are typically above freezing even in the depths of winter.  That being said, wetsuits are definitely a must here! 

Haukland Beach, Vestvågøya


The Beach


Surprisingly to some, the Lofoten Islands of Norway are home to some very well known beaches despite being located mostly above the Arctic Circle.  While the waters here are too cold for swimming, the sand beaches are a perfect place to spend a summer day.  In this drone video, top contributor PilotViking gives us an aerial view of Haukland Beach.  It's located on the western shore of  Vestvågøy, one of the larger islands, about 2/3 of the way out to the end of the chain from the mainland.  

The Svolværgeita Pinnacle and More


Lofoten in 4k with DJI Mavic Pro

  • Kirb82
    • 3.9k VŪZ
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  • about 5 years ago

To pcontributor Kirb82 used a DJI Mavic Pro to aerially record a trip to Norway's Lofoten Islands, an archipelago which extends from the northern mainland of the country into the North Atlantic Ocean.  Among the highlights of the video is an epic shot taken from the Svolværgeita pinnacle at around the 1:00 mark.  The giant rock is located on the slope of Mt. Fløyfjellet and overlooks the town of Svolvær on the island of Austvågøy.  The island lies about midway down the length of the chain.  

Hiking Reinebringen


Reinebringen - Probably Lofotens most amazing hike (Norway 4K video)


Reinebringen is one of the most popular hikes on the Lofoten islands of Norway. With a peak altitude of only 448 meters above sea level (around 1.5k ft), it's far from one of the highest peaks in the Lofotens, yet the iconic view from the summit and the easy access from the town of Reine have helped it soar in popularity. Pilot DroningThomas visited the iconic area during the summer months and captured this spectacular drone video showcasing the rocky edges, green foliage, and baby blue waters that surround the mountains. 

Svolvær by FPV


FPV cinematic longrange: Svolvaer - Lofoten - Norway


Experience the beauty of Norway's famous Lofoten Islands from an entirely new perspective - from the camera of a first person view (FPV) racing drone. Top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot PimpmyKwad put together this masterpiece, which was filmed near the town of Svolvær.  It's on the island of Austvågøy, the northeasternmost of the main islands in the archipelago.  The beauty shows off the spectacular natural beauty of the area through the lens of some highly cinematic long-range FPV flight.  

Hiking to Reinebringen, Moskenesøya


Epic hike to Reinebringen, on of the most popular hikes in Lofoten


Norway's Lofoten Islands offer some of the best hiking spots in Europe, and one of the most famous is the hike to the peak of Reinebringen.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor DroningThomas, you'll get some great aerial views of a hike to the top of the mountainm which is located on the island of Moskenesøya, one of the southernmost of the islands in the chain.  With a peak elevation of around 450 meters above sea level (just under 1.5k ft.), the hike offers incredible views of the village of Reine below.  

The Austnesfjorden, Island of Austvågøy


Experience the beautiful Austnesfjorden in Lofoten (Norway 4K video)


The Austnesfjorden is a fjord in Norway's Lofoten Islands, an archipelago which lies off its northern coast.  The fjord runs for a length of about 13 km (about 8 mi.), roughly bisecting the island of Austvågøy.  The southern end of the Austnesfjorden joins the Vestfjorden, a "sea fjord" which runs for about 155 km (around 90 mi.).  You can check out the stunning Austnesfjorden in this beautiful drone video by AirVuz contributor DroningThomas.  The video features footage of the fjord as well as surrounding sights such as Sildponnes Church.

Iconic Henningsvær


Henningsvaer Lofoten Islands Norway.


The fishing village of Henningsvaer sits on a cluster of small islands just south of the larger island of Austvågøy, one of the northernmost of the Lofoten Islands.  This short but very well-made drone video by tsmedegard begins with a shot over the glass-smooth waters of the town's harbor.  Then, the drone pops up to reveal the Henningsvaer Fotballbanen (football field), which has become famous in recent years in part due to its appearance in a widely-seen football league commercial.  

Lofotens by Mavic Mini


Lofoten Norway


Brand-new AirVuz contributor photography_with_altitude used a DJI Mavic Mini drone to create this stunning aerial tour of Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The video features spectacular top-down shots of the rugged landscapes of the archipelago, which lies north of the Arctic Circle in Nordland County.  You'll also be treated to some epic close-up shots of the mountains which cover the islands, as well as some of the Lofotens' iconic fishing villages; some of the highlights include "reveal" shots as the drone descends through the light clouds.  

Lofoten Islands by Cinematic FPV


Flying LOFOTEN, a Cinematic FPV experience.


Experience Norway's spectacular Lofoten Islands as never before in this spectacular first person view (FPV) video by top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot ELEVATION FILMS.  The Lofotens are a chain of islands off of the coast of the northern part of Norway.  They are famous for their mountainous landscapes, picturesque bays, and iconic looking fishing villages.  Not surprisingly, they have also become something of a magnet for talented FPV pilots around the world.  This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in November, 2021.  

Lofoten's Instagram Star Football Field


Lofoten Norway


For an example of how social media can unlock the visual potential of a travel destination, look no further than the town of Henningsvær in Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The small village is spread out over several islands, but what caught the world's attention a few years ago was the island with the football field.  Later used to film a viral video produced a European soccer association, it's become an international celebrity thanks to its appearance from above; witness this drone video by NGreyTravels.

Beach Area of Store Molla


Haversand - A beautiful beach in the Lofoten Islands


Check out this beautiful drone video from Norway's Lofoten Islands, compliments of top AirVuz contributor DroningThomas.  The video was filmed around the beaches of Haversand, on the island of Store Molla.  Store Molla is a mid-sized island which lies just to the south of the larger islands of  Austvågøya and Hinnøya, roughly in the middle of the chain.  While the island has a population of fewer than two dozen full-time residents, it's easily accessible from the town of Svolvaer on Austvågøya.  

The Fishing Village of Ballstad


Ballstad - Lofoten, Norway

  • CTJ87
    • 1.2k VŪZ
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  • over 4 years ago

Contributor CTJ87 created this beautiful drone video of a village in Norway's Lofoten Islands.  It's called Ballstad, and it sits on a small island off the southern tip of Vestvågøya, one of the main islands in the archipelago.  Ballstad is situated near the junction of two of the area's fjords: the Buksnesfjorden and the Vestfjorden. The village has a population of just over 800.  Like many of the villages in the Lofoten's it's surprisingly dense - the island is less than 200 acres.  

FPV Views of Nusfjord, Flakstad


FPV cinematic longrange: Welcome to Nusfjord - Lofoten - Norway


PimpmyKwad got VERY creative to make this drone video from Norway's Lofoten Islands, which earned him a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2019.  He used both an aerial cinematography and a first person view (FPV) racing drone to create this amazing aerial portrait of Nufsjord, a fishing village in the municipality of Flakstad.  Using both perspectives, the video beautifully captures the mountainous terrain here that's filled with beautiful greens and yellows from the trees, smoke covered peaks, and gorgeous sunset hues.

DJI Mavic Pro Tour of Lofotens


Norway's Lofoten Islands

  • sfdrones
    • 2.7k VŪZ
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  • about 5 years ago

Top contributor sfdrones captured the magic of Norway's Lofoten Islands in this outstanding drone video compilation.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, the video features some of the epic scenery which has made this archipelago a magnet for drone pilots around the world.  Its glass-smooth waters make for a sort of land of mirrors where the islands' mountains and iconic seaside fishing villages can be seen as stunningly beautiful mirror-like reflections.  The islands are located above the Arctic Circle, in Nordland County.

FPV in the Lofotens


Beautiful Lofoten Islands | Norway: Best of Drone FPV cinematic


Get a new perspective on Norway's famous Lofoten Islands in this fantastic first person view (FPV) video by contributor PimpmyKwad.  Located above the Arctic Circle but with a surprisingly mild climate, the Norwegian islands are a droners paradise.  Featured spots in the video include Lake Sildpolltjonna and waterfalls in the small town of Laupstad, the fishing village of Nusfjord, Lake Storvatnet, the towns of Napp and Leknes, and the scenic destination Myrland. This was an FPV Pilots to Watch video in December of 2019. 



Lofoten Islands

AirVūz Soc...

Northern Norway


Lofoten aerial


Most beautiful Norway lofoten


Lofoten island