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London by Drone


The Best of London from the Sky

New Entert...

Take an aerial tour of the UK capital city of London with this magnificent drone video by top contributor and pilot New Entertainment Pictures.  The video opens with a couple of epic shots over the River Thames, including an amazing view of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.  From there, you'll get a bird's eye view of Westminster Abbey and the nearby Parliament building.  Then it's on to Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the London "Eye", the Millennium Dome, and more! 

Drone Tour of Sussex


SUSSEX United Kingdom


Sussex is one of the most historically and culturally rich counties of England.  It's located on the south (Channel) coast, more or less due south of London.  In this drone video by content creator and pilot oszibusz, you'll get an aerial tour of some of the top sights in this county, where William the Conqueror prevailed in the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  Locations featured in the video include the beach town of Brighton and its iconic pier, the Seven Sisters cliffs, Camber Castle, and more.  

The Seven Sisters Cliffs



Drone Eye ...

Airvūz contributor Drone Eye Perspective created this stunning video of one of the most beautiful sights of the English southern coast.  The Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs in East Sussex, between the towns of Eastbourne and Seaford.  They are part of the South Downs complex which cover a portion of the coast of Southeastern England.  The cliffs have appeared in numerous TV shows and movies; for example, they appear at the end of the 2007 film Atonement.  This video was a Drone Video of the Week nominee in August 2020. 

England's Isle of Wight


Holiday in England - The Isle of Wight, UK - 4K Drone Film


Contributor Jack Shirley took a holiday on England's Isle of Wight, just east of the center of the South Coast.  The largest island off the coast of Great Britain, it is sometimes referred to simply as "The Island."  The Isle of Wight has been a popular vacation destination since the 19th century, with travelers favoring its (comparatively) warm climate and beautiful coastlines.  It also hosts many music festivals, most famously the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970, which drew up to 700,000 attendees.

Highlights of County Kent


The White Cliffs of Dover

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In this video by Rlardon, you'll see some of the highlights of Kent, England's southeasternmost county.  That includes, as the title suggest, the famed White Cliffs - the spectacular chalk formations visible from France across the English Channel on a clear day.  You'll see more than that though; the video features a combination of ground camera and drone footage of Canterbury (including its famed Cathedral), the South Foreland Heritage Coast, St. Margaret's Bay, Samphire Hoe, and Dover Castle!

Rural Oxfordshire


ABOVE OXFORDSHIRE // Exploring Britain


Contributor JamesTravels used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create this drone video of the nature of Oxfordshire, a county of southeastern England.  The county lies to the west of London, and some of its communities are bedroom suburbs of the capital city.  It's best known for being the home of Oxford, one of the two world-reknowned universities of the United Kingdom (the other being Cambridge University in East Anglia).  It also features some beautiful pastoral landscapes like what you'll see in this video.  

The White Cliffs of Dover


White Cliffs of Dover


The famed White Cliffs of Dover are one of the most iconic sites of the United Kingdom.  Seen from above in this fantastic drone video by oszibusz, the cliffs are situated on the narrowest part of the English Channel.  Rising to a height of up to 110 meters (350 ft.), they stretch for about 8 km (around 5 mi.) on either side of their namesake town.  A long-time symbol of Britain's separation from the Continent of Europe, the Cliffs have made countless appearances in English literature, most notably in Shakespeare's King Lear.

Aerial Tour of County Surrey


Surrey is Beautiful!

JW Media ...
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In this video, contributor JW Media takes us on an aerial tour of County Surrey in southeastern England.  Despite its proximity to metropolitan London, Surrey has a distinctly "country" feel of rolling hills, forests, and baronial estates.  Much of the land is protected space, which has led to this being one of the country's most expensive real estate markets.  It has also been the birthplace or home to many important figures in English history, including George Bernard Shaw and Charles Dickens to name just two. 

Hampshire: Portsmouth Harbor


Portsmouth Harbor, England: Into the Sunset!

JW Media ...
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Portsmouth is an important city in Hampshire, one of the counties of southern England.  Portsmouth and Southhampton, also in Hampshire, are the two main ports on the country's English Channel coast.  For centuries, Portsmouth has been one of the most important bases for the Royal Navy, which once ruled the seas.  Contributor JW Media used a drone to create a remarkable aerial perspective of this historically important port, which served as one of the main embarkation points for the Allied D-Day landings in World War II.

The Seven Sisters Cliffs


Seven Sisters Cliffs: The Reason of Being

  • PaulVlad
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Contributor and drone pilot PaulVlad created this beautiful aerial video of a magnificent area along the southern coast of England.  It was shot at the Seven Sisters, a series of Chalk cliffs which line a portion of the coast of East Sussex betwen Eastbourne and Newhaven.  The cliffs have been used in movies and TV shows as "stand-ins" for the better known but similar looking White Cliffs of Dover, which lie to their east.  Notably, they appeared in the opening scene of the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Portsmouth Harbor: Spinnaker Tower


Spinnaker Tower - First Light


Spinnaker Tower is an obervation tower in Portsmouth, on England's South Coast.  It was completed as part of the redevelopment of Portsmouth's harbor, one of the most important in southern England .  The tower stands about 170 meters (560 feet) above the harbor, historically the Royal Navy's main base of operations in the North Sea.  Contributor Sussexbyair used a drone to create this amazing aerial video of the Spinnaker, which was completed in 2005 and is one of the tallest structures in southern England.

West Sussex: Arundel Castle


Arundel Castle

JW Media ...
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  • almost 4 years ago

Arundel Castle is located in its namesake town in West Sussex, towards the eastern end of the South England coast.  It was established by one of William the Conqueror's lieutenants following his conquest of England in 1066.  It's considered one of the great Norman castles, which were crucial to maintaining control of the subjugated region.  The famous landmark was used as a filming location for the 1994 feature movie The Madness of King George, and more recently for a scene in the 2017 blockbuster Wonder Woman.

Kent: Wye Crown


Kent: Wye Crown


Wye is an idyllic village in Kent, the county which occupies the southeastern corner of England.  Adjoining the town is the Wye Campus of the Imperial College of London, the successor to a college founded in the 15th century.  In 1902, when Edward VII ascended the English throne, students of the college carved the figure of a crown into the chalk on a hillside near the town.  Content creator and pilot ScottDavey used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this beautiful video of the notable landmark.

Oxford: Iconic English University Town


Oxford, England: Drone Footage and Timelapses


Contributor Vicvideopic created this amazing drone video of what is perhaps the world's most famous university town: Oxford, England.  It's the home of Oxford University, which dates to the 11th century AD and is the world's second-oldest institution of higher learning.  Comprised of 38 individual colleges, Oxford is amongst the 4-5 most well-regarded universities in the world.  The video captures footage of this beautiful campus scene, located about 80 km (around 50 mi.) west of London.  

Leeds Castle, County Kent


My Favorite Castle in England


Check out this fabulous drone video of England's Leeds Castle, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot oszibusz.  Located in County Kent about an hour's drive from London, it was originally a Norman era fortress.  Later converted to a residence, it became one of the favorites of King Edward I around the turn of the 14th century, and later was the home of King Henry VII's (ill-fated) first wife, Catherine of Aragon.  In the early 19th century, the castle was completely renovated to take on its current Tudor style.  

Kent: Boat Wrecks of Hoo


Boat Wrecks of Hoo


The Hoo Peninsula of Kent, England seperates the Thames and Medway rivers. Along the River Medway there lies a boat graveyard formed of sunken vessels. One of those is the 111-year-old Sailing Barge Ena, a ship that sailed as part of Operation Dynamo in World War II - the 1940 call from Winston Churchill for civilian boats to sail to Dunkirk and rescue the trapped British army. This was considered a pivotal moment in the war, as it preserved Britain's fighting capacity against Nazi Germany.

English Channel: Rampion Wind Farm


Rampion Wind Farm - An Aerial View


In this video, Sussexbyair gives us an aerial view of the Rampion Wind Farm off the southeastern coast of England, the world's first major offshore windpower operation.  This is a major feat of engineering, allowing the windpower industry to overcome the land transportation constraints which limit the size of onshore turbines. These giant windmills each have a 3.5MW of capacity, capturing the massive energy generation potential of the English Channel and its famously strong winds. 

Odiham Castle, Hampshire


The Beautiful Odiham Castle - Dji Mavic Air

Nick RC's ...

Seen in this drone video by Nick RC's Aerials, England's Odiham Castle is one of three built by King John in the early 13th century.  It's located in County Hampshire, roughly halfway between the key towns of Windsor and Winchester.  Later in the century, it came into the hands of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, when he married King John's daughter, Eleanor of England, Countess of Leicester.  After Montfort was defeated (and killed) during the Second Baron's War, Odiham reverted to Crown ownership.  

East Sussex: Ashdown Forest


Phantom 4 Cinematic - Traverse

Phantomic ...

This drone video by content creator Phantom 4 Cinematic was shot in Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, near the southeastern coast of England.  The forest, which is less than an hour's drive from London, was used for hunting lodges by the Normans who conquered England in the 11th century.  Ashdown  forest has another name in the literary world - it's the 100 Acre Wood in A.A. Milne's classic 1926 children's book Winnie-the-Pooh.  Milne lived near the forest and often took his child walking in the woods.

Kent: North Foreland Lighthouse


Joss Bay and North Foreland Lighthouse


Contributor Oszibusz created this beautiful aerial view of a beautiful and historic spot at the very eastern end of County Kent in Southeastern England.  The centerpiece of North Foreland is its lighthouse, which was the last manned lighthouse in the UK.  In the video, you'll see a tower standing next to the lighthouse.  This was one of the radar towers which ringed the Kent coastline, part of a defense system which provided critical early warning to RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain in 1940. 

East Sussex: Beachy Head Lighthouse


Beachy Head // Little Escape // Episode 9 // Sussex // Drone Phantom 4 Pro

Joshua Pau...

Beachy Head Lighthouse is located on the southeastern coast of England, in East Sussex.  It stands in the shadow of the highest chalk sea cliff in England.  The lighthouse has been operational since 1902, serving as an important navigational point for traffic on the English Channel.  Contributor Joshua Paul Gardner used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this amazing drone video of the lighthouse, which is distinguished by its alternating red and white stripes.  The lighthouse has been automated since 1983.

Kent: Chillenden Windmill


Chillenden Windmill

Roger Char...

In this video, contributor and pilot Roger Charles Photography used a DJI Inspire drone to aerially film the last post-type windmill in Kent, the southeasternmost county of England. The windmill is located in Chillenden, in the eastern part of the county.  The county was once home to many of these mills, powered by the famously strong winds coming off the English Channel.   The post mill design, which dates to the 12th century, allows the entire structure to rotate and remain facing the wind.

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex


Bodiam Castle UK


AirVuz contributor and pilot oszibusz brings us this brilliant 4k drone video of Bodiam Castle, a famous landmark in Southeastern England.  One of the most well known moated castles in the UK, it's situated in East Sussex, near the town of Robertsbridge.  Built in the 14th century, Bodiam Castle played a role in the dynastic struggle known as the War of the Roses in the 15th century.  The castle fell into a ruined state after the English Civil War in the mid-17th century and was then partially restored in the 1800's.  

Fort Darnet, County Kent


4K Footage of Fort Darnet


Contributor Foggy701 created this beautiful drone video of a historic spot in southern England.  It was shot in the area around the mouth of the River Medway in County Kent, a bit to the southeast of London.  You'll see footage of Fort Darnet, a fortification which was built in the 1870's to protect the country from seaborn invasions.  It was never used, and was dismantled prior to World War I.  The video also has footage of the Boatwrecks of Hoo, where hundreds of boats have been deliberately scuttled over the years. 

Folkestone Harbor, Kent


Folkestone harbour and beach drone footage Mavic 2 pro

Rich Watso...

Folkestone is a very old town on the southern English coast in County Kent.  It lies on the English Channel, just southwest of Dover.  Settled for milennia, the town was devoid of any real harbor until Parliament provided funds for one in the early 19th century.  The harbor soon became one of the most important in the region before falling into a state of disuse in the 20th century.  Seen here in this drone video by Rich Watson, the harbor has been redeveloped into an environmentally friendly recreational destination.  

Deal and Walmer: Defending the Downs


Deal Castle and Walmer Castle UK


The Downs is an area of coastline in Southeastern England which offers some protection to shipping - it's not quite a harbor but it has functioned like one at times.  For this reason, for centuries this area just north of Dover was deemed ot significant strategic importance.  This manifested itself most clearly in the two fortresses you will see in this drone video by oszibusz - Deal and Walmer Castles.  Both date to the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century and were maintained as artillery forts through the 19th century.  

The Chatham Shipyard


The Historic Dockyards of Chatham, UK


For over 400 years, England's Royal Navy depended on the Chatham Shipyard for most of its combat ships. Located on the Medway River in County Kent southeast of London, the shipyard was built in the years following the English Reformation.  Chatham produced over 500 ships for the Royal Navy before closing in 1984; it's now a museum. Seen in this drone video by oszibus, Chatham was the target of the famous Raid on the Medway in 1667, during the Second Anglo Dutch War, when the Dutch ships dealt the Royal Navy one of its worst-ever defeats.   

Brighton: Resort Town of the South Coast



CH drone...

Brighton is one of the most popular seaside resort towns on England's southern coast.  It lies in East Sussex, about an hour's drive south of London (assuming no traffic).  Its popularity as a seaside retreat dates to the 18th century.  Brighton Pier, which opened right before the turn of the 20th century, features rides and food kiosks for tourists to check out. The city is also know for its upbeat night life, shopping, art scene and festivals. CH drone shows off the colorful coastal city in this 4K aerial film. 

Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire


Sunrise in the English Countryside

White Stag...

Check out these stunning 4k drone views from a hilly region just northwest of London, compliments of White Stag Productions.  The video was shot near the town of Amersham in Buckinghamshire, the county which lies immediately to the west of Greater London.  It's part of an area called the Chiltern Hills.  Much of the Chilterns are now part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), a designation which affords legal protection to landscapes deemed particularly in need of preservation.  

Hampshire: Portchester Castle


Portchester Castle by Drone - Mavic Pro

Nick RC's ...

Check out this drone video of Portchester Castle in southern England, compliments of Nick's RC Aerials.  The castle is situated near the town of Fareham, in the northwest corner of Portsmouth Harbour in Hampshire County.  Portchester was built on the site of a Roman-era fortress, and like the fortress it takes advantage of the important strategic position relative to the harbor.  Portchester was picked as one of the top 10 English castles in a recent Facebook survey conducted by English Heritage.  

Coalhouse: Fortress on the Thames Estuary


Coalhouse Fort Uk.


Even when England's Royal Navy was at the height of its relative power in the 19th century, the country was vulnerable to seaborne invasion in several places.  One of these was the Thames Estuary, which presented an unacceptable risk to the capital city of London.  In this drone video by oszibusz, you'll get an aerial view of one of the fortifications erected to protect against this eventuality.  It's called Coalhouse Fort, and it was constructed during the 1860's on the north bank of the river.  

Upnor Castle: Defending the Medway


Upnor Castle 2020 Cinematic Footage United Kingdom


For his 100th upload to AirVuz, top contributor oszibusz brings us this beautiful aerial view of a famous 16th century fortress in southern England.  Upnor Castle is located near the mouth of the River Medway in County Kent.  It was constructed early in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I to defend the Royal Navy shipyard at Chatham (just upstream) from a possible attack by Spain.   Following the Raid on the Medway in 1667 during the Second Anglo Dutch War, the Upnor fortress was essentially abandoned in favor of newer downstream defenses.

Hampshire: Calshot Castle


Calshot Castle.. with a twist of fate


Check out this drone video of an important fortress on the coast of Southwestern England, compliments of contributor Mikee1554.  Calshot Castle is located on a sand bank at the opening of Southampton Water, an estuary just north of the Isle of Wight in Hampshire.  It's part of a system of fortifications built by King Henry VII during the 16th century to protect the English coasts from a possible French invasion.  Calshot was modernized several times and and continued to be used into the 20th century.

Portsmouth Harbor: Hovercraft



JW Media ...
  • JW Media
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  • almost 4 years ago

Beginning in the 1960's, hovercraft ferried passengers across the English Channel between England and France.  Over the decades, cost, noise, and a deadly accident in the 1970's all took their took on this once-glamourous mode of transportation.  Today, all that remains of this legacy is two vehicles run by a company called Hovertravel, which run the much shorter route between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.  You can see one of these amazing vessels in this drone video by JW Media.  

Tilbury Fort, Thames Estuary


Tilbury Fort UK.


With London lying just a short distance from the mouth of the Thames River, protecting England's capital city from seaborne invasion has been a major strategic imperative for centuries.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot obsizusz, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of the most important historical fortifications on the Thames Estuary: Tilbury Fort.  Originally constructed during the reign of Henry VII and was subsequently enlarged based on prevailing threats, it appeared as a Turkish fort in the 2017 blockbuster "Wonder Woman". 

Rochester's Norman Castle and Cathedral


Rochester Casle and Cathedral UK


Contributor and pilot obzibusz created this beautiful drone video of two of the more important landmarks in Southeastern England: the castle and cathedral of Rochester in County Kent.  The castle in this city on the Medway River was one of the most important Norman castles.  It dates to the late 11th century.  The cathedral here is the seat of the Bishopric of Rochester, the second-oldest bishopric after Canterbury.  It too was constructed in the first few decades after the Norman invasion of 1066. 

Camber Castle: Circular Bastion Fort


Camber Castle UK Sussex


Seen here in this drone video by oszibusz, Camber Castle is a fortification on the southern English coast in East Sussex.  It was built on the orders of King Henry VIII in the 16th century, part of a system of forts along the English and Welsh coasts built to protect against a possible French invasion.  Its circular bastion design represented something of a "weigh-station" between tower fortresses of the Medieval period, which were becoming vulnerable to artillery, and the angular bastion forts of the Early Modern period.

The Isle of Wight's Carisbrooke Castle


Carisbrooke Castle - Isle of Wight

AVEA - Alt...

AVEA - AltaVista Epic Aerials created this marvelous drone video of a well-known Norman Castle on the Isle of Wight off the coast of Southern England.  Its original owner was Richard de Redvers, one of the lieutenants of William the Conqueror.  The castle was subsequently improved and fortified, particularly in the late 16th century when the English leadership was worried about a possible Spanish naval attack.  During the English Revolution, King Charles I was imprisoned here before his execution in 1649.

Margate: Seaside Town in Kent


Margate UK


Check out this drone video of a beautiful seaside town in Southeastern England called Margate, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot oszibusz.  Margate is located near the easternmost tip of County Kent, just a bit to the west of Broadstairs and Botany Bay.   With a strong maritime tradition, Margate became one of the country's first true seaside destinations.  It's earned numerous references in various works of English literature, and more recently has appeared in a number of feature movies and TV shows.   

Joss Bay, Broadstairs


Joss Bay United Kingdom


Joss Bay is a well known beach area in County Kent in Southeastern England, about an hour's drive from London.  It's part of the town of Broadstairs, which lies near Kent's eastern tip.  This stretch of coastline is part of a sub-region known as the Isle of Thanet which was separated from the mainland by the Wantsum Channel; since the channel silted up centuries ago, it's no longer an island.  Check out this charming bit of the English coastline in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot oszibusz.

Scotney Castle, County Kent


Scotney Castle UK Cinematic drone footage


Scotney Castle is a well-known country estate in Southeastern England.  It's located in in the Bewl River Valley in County Kent, about an hour southeast of London.   Owned by the UK's National Trust, the manor was built in the mid-19th century in the Tudor Revival architectural style.  The site is also known for its gardens, as well as for the ruins of the original castle which dates to the 14th century.  You can check out the entire site from above in this drone video, compliments of oszibusz.

Pevensey Castle, Sussex


Pevensey Castle SUSSEX UK


Oszibusz created this drone video of a VERY old castle-fortress in East Sussex on the southern coast of England.  Pevensey Castle was built in the third century AD as part of a line of fortifications known as the Saxon Shore Forts constructed by the Roman Empire.  In 1066, the army of William the Conqueror stayed here their first night on the English side of the Channel en route to their decisive encounter at nearby Hastings.  Later converted to a castle, Pevensey was garrisoned as late as World War II.  

Winchester Cathedral


Winchester Cathedral from above


The UK's Winchester Cathedral is one of the world's most famous churches.  Situated in its namesake city in County Hampshire in southern England, the great church was originally founded in the 7th century AD.  The current structure, located just south of its predecessor, dates to the late 11th century - a few decades after the Norman Conquest.  One of the largest churches of Europe and the longest of any Gothic style structure, it was used to film the Da Vinci Code (2006).  Check it out from above in this drone video by jrowland.  

Osborne House, Isle of Wight


Osborne House - Home of Queen Victoria - Isle of Wight 4K

AVEA - Alt...

Check out this drone video of Queen Victoria's summer retreat, compliments of AVEA - Alta Vista Epic Aerials.  It's called Osborne House, and it's located near the northern shore of the Isle of Wight in southern England.  It was built over a half decade in the middle of the 19th century for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, designed by the latter in the style of an Italian Renaissance chateau.  After the Queen died here in 1901, Osborne House was donated to the state.  It's now open to the public.  

Farnham, County Surrey


Farnham City in England


AirVuz contributor and pilot oszibusz used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to bring us this marvelous aerial view of the English town of Farnham.  It's located on the banks of the River Wye (a Thames tributary) in County Surrey, a bit under 60 km (around 35 mi.) southwest of London.  The video features excellent footage of the town and its well-known Georgian estates, as well as the 12th century Farnham Castle.  Farnham took on increasing importance following the Norman Conquest, and was a key Royalist stronghold during the English Civil War.  

St. Mary's Church, Reculver


Reculver Tower and Roman Fort


Check out this drone video of a famous church ruin in England, compliments of oszibusz.  It's called St. Mary's Church, and it is situated in the town of Reculver in County Kent.  The church was built in the 7th century AD on the ruins of an old Roman fortress.  Extensively modified in the Medieval period, the area fell victim to coastal erosion and slipped into a ruined state by the early 19th century.  The church's twin towers were preserved due in part to their value in assisting navigation along the Thames Estuary.  

The Arundel Cathedral, East Sussex


Arundel Cathedral - Amor Aeternus


Check out this excellent drone video of an important Roman Catholic church in Southeastern England, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot bji123456.  The subject of the video is the Arundel Cathedral, which is located in its namesake town in the County of East Sussex.  Designed in the French Gothic style and consecrated in 1873, the great church is the seat of the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton.  The cathedral is closely tied to the Howards, the most prominent Roman Catholic family in the English Peerage.  

Broadstairs: The Jewel of Thanet


Broadstairs UK


Check out this spectacular drone video of the UK seaside town of Broadstairs, compliments of contributor oszibusz.  Broadstairs is part of a region known as the Isle of Thanet in the easternmost part of County Kent, southeast of London.  Thanet is actually no longer an island; the Wantsum Channel, which separated the island from the "mainland", silted up centuries ago.  Broadstairs was one of the first towns in the world to become a vacation destination, and it's still considered one of the top resort towns in Southeast England.  

Kent's Bayham Old Abbey


Bayham Old Abbey UK


Check out this drone video of a well-known monastery in Southeastern England, compliments of oszibusz.  Bayham Old Abbey was founded in the early 13th century near the town of Lamberhurst in County Kent.  Initially devoted to the study of the works of St. Augustine, the monastery came into Crown hands during the time of the English Reformation.  It was sold to private owners in the early 18th century, and was donated to the state in the early 1960's.  Now an English Heritage property, it's open to the public.  

Elmer, West Sussex


Elmer, West Susssx


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor therekin brings us these fantastic drone views of an idyllic-looking town on England's southern coast.  It's a village called Elmer, and it's situated in West Sussex.  It's considered part of the built-up area around the seaside resort town of Bognor Regis, about 90 km (around 55 mi.) southwest of London and around 40 km (about 24 mi.) west of Brighton.  West Sussex is one of the seven counties which lie along the southern (English Channel) coast of Great Britain.   

Kent: Tonbridge and Hadlow Castles


Tonbridge and Hadlow Castle 4K 10bit Dji Mavic 2 Pro


Contributor and drone pilot oszibusz created this beautiful aerial video of a pair of iconic landmarks in County Kent in Southeastern England.  The first is Tonbridge Castle, which is situated on the River Medway.  The castle was built at the behest of Richard fitz Gilbert, one of the lieutenants of William the Conqueror during the 11th century Norman Conquest.  The second spot is Hadlow Castle.  An 18th century manor, it was mostly demolished in the 20th century save for its tower, which was recently refurbished.

Botany Bay, Broadstairs


Botany Bay in the sunset


Contributor and drone pilot oszibusz created this beautiful drone video from Botany Bay in Broadstairs, which lies in County Kent in the southeastern corner of England.  The eastern tip of Kent was once called the Isle of Thanet in reference to the fact that it was actually separated from the mainland by the Wantsum Channel; however, the channel silted up in the 17th century and it is no longer considered an island.  A popular filming locations for TV shows, Botany is one of seven bays in Broadstairs.

Bosham, West Sussex


Bosham 4K Aerial Footage | DJI Mavic Pro Platinum | Polar Pro ND Filters | Relaxing 4K Video ASMR |

bob the dr...

For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor bob the drone brings us this beautiful drone video of a historic village in southern England: Bosham, in the county of West Sussex.  Inhabited since Roman times, Bosham earned mention in the 11th century Bayeaux Tapestry and is identified as one of the wealthiest manors in the Domeday Book survey which took place a couple of decades after the Norman Conquest.  The video features footage of the countryside around Bosham as well as its Holy Trinity Church, which dates to the 9th century.  

Herne Bay, County Kent


Herne Bay in the UK


Herne Bay is a famous seaside town in Southeastern England.  Seen from above in this drone video by oszibusz, it's located on the northeastern coast of County Kent, about an hour's drive southeast of London.  Home to the world's first freestanding clocktower, at one point the town had one of the longest piers in the British Isles.  One of the great Victorian Era resort towns, its iconic appearance has led to being featured in a number of movies and TV series.  Check out Herne Bay from above in this 

Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex


Herstmonceux Castle UK


England's Herstmonceux Castle is believed to be one of the first in the land which was constructed of brick rather than stone.  Built in the 15th century, it's situated in its namesake town in East Sussex.  Its bricks were made by local clay by builders from the Flanders region of what is now Belgium, where brick construction methods first took hold.  Seen here in this drone video by oszibusz, the castle and accompanying gardens are listed as Grade II in the English Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

Beachy Head Lighthouse, East Sussex


Iconic Lighthouse in Southern England

Drone Eye ...

AirVuz contributor and pilot DroneEyePerspective brings us this excellent 4k drone video of a famous lighthouse on the southern coast of England.  Beachy Head Lighthouse has been helping to protect shipping in the English Channel since 1902.  It's located at the base of the chalk cliffs below the town of the same name in the county of East Sussex, roughly halfway between Brighton and Hastings.  Distinguished by its red and white stripes and automated since 1983, the tower stands 43 meters tall or about 141 ft..

Brighton Piers During Covid-19


Brighton Beach | Old & New Pier | Deserted due to Covid-19 Pandemic


The seaside resort town of Brighton is home to some of the most iconic sites in Southeastern England.  Referenced in the Domesday Book, the East Sussex town was called the "Hippest Town in the UK" by the Guardian in 2015.  All of which makes this drone video by new contributor altitudeperspective.  Shot during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020, the video shows two of the town's best-known spots: the Palace Pier, which was erected in 1899, and the remains of the West Pier, which dates to 1866.

The Hadleigh Castle, Essex


Hadleigh Castle


Thecastlehunter brings us this aerial video of a well known castle ruins near London, England.  It's called Hadleigh Castle, and it's located on the Thames Estuary in County Essex just east of the United Kingdom's capital city.  The castle was built for King Henry III in the early 13th century and later significantly expanded and remodeled by King Edward III.  The propery fell into disuse after that, coming under ownership of the Ministry of Works after World War II.  Today, it's an English Heritage site.   

Hoo Fort: Medway Defensive Position


Hoo Fort and Stargate Marine UK


For centuries, one of England's great strategic priorities was to defend the Royal Chatham Dockyard on the River Medway in Kent, where over 500 ships were built for the Royal Navy from the 1500's through the 1980's.  Following the Raid on the Midway by the Dutch Navy in the late 1600's, the region's defensive fortifications were moved further out towards the mouth of the river.  In this drone video by oszibusz, you'll get an aerial view of the Hoo Fort, which was completed in the 1870's and was disarmed prior to the First World War.  

Grain Tower Battery, County Kent


Grain Tower Battery - HD Drone Footage - DJI Mavic 2 Pr

John Lives...

In this drone video, AirVuz contributor and pilot John Livesey treats to an aerial view of a little-known bit of 19th century history on the coast of Southeastern England.  It's a landmark known as the Grain Elevator Battery, an artillery emplacement just off shore of County Kent, near the mouth of the River Medway.  It was completed in 1855, during a period of time when Great Britain was concerned about a potential cross-Channel invasion from France. Later adapted to combat German torpedo boats, it's been abandoned since 1959. 



Upnor Castle UK


Bayham Abbey


Magical White Cliffs of Dover

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