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Aerial Tour of Israel
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A Journey Through the Holy Land


For being one of the world's smaller countries in terms of land area, Israel has a stunning diversity of landscapes.  Top contributor Rea Burla uses a drone to give us an aerial tour of his Middle Eastern country.  In this video, you will get bird's eye views of the Dead Sea, the Judean Desert, the Mediterranean coastline, miraculously productive agricultural areas, and much more.  Prepare to be amazed by the aerial footage of the Holy Land, compliments of one of the top drone pilots in Israel.  

Israel by Drone
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Fly with Me: Israel

Paul Weiner

Contributor Paul Weiner used a DJI Phantom 2 drone and some ground cameras to create this remarkable portrait of modern Israel.  It was filmed over the course of a 3k km (about 2k mi.) trip covering the length and breadth of this Middle Eastern country.  From the mountains of the north, to the Judean desert in the south, to the country's miraculously productive agricultural areas, you'll get a great look at this fascinating country.  

Flying over the Holy Land
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Beautiful Israel by Eyal Asaf


If you're looking for a reason to visit Israel, this 90 second drone video by contributor Eyalasaf may do the trick.  It opens with a magnificent shot of Yafo, the ancient port city which lies just to the south of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean.  Then it's on to an crusader fort, monasteries in the Judean Desert, some of the spectacularly green agricultural areas of the country, and the Dead Sea.  Along the way you'll also see some bird's eye views of mountain bikers, kayakers, and even massive wind turbines! 

Israel's Top Sights by Drone
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Amazing Aerial Drone View of Israel

Ruslan Paul

Contributor Ruslan Paul created this amazing aerial tour of ancient and modern Israel.  Shot primarily with a drone but intermixed with some carefully edited ground camera footage, the video hits many of the top sights in this Middle Eastern country.  Treat yourself to epic views of the Dead Sea, the Masada hilltop fortress, the Monastery of St. George, Mar Saba Monastery, the Crusader city of  Acre, the modern city of Tel Aviv and its neighbor the ancient port city of Yafo, and finally Jerusalem.

The Judaean Desert
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Secrets of the Judaean Desert


The Judean Desert runs parallel to the Dead Sea in the eastern part of Israel.  It is an area steeped in history, with tremendous historical importance to Judaism, Christianity, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Islam.  In this video, contributor Rea Burla treats us to spectacular tour of this amazing desert, which includes bird's eye views of St. George’s Monastery in the Wadi Qelt valley, the tomb of Moses, the UNESCO World Heritage site Masada, and the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea
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The Real Face of the Dead Sea - 4K

David Choukroun

Israel's Dead Sea, which sits in the eastern part of the country south of Jerusalem, is known for many superlatives, including the lowest point on Earth (430 meters, or about 1.4k ft. below sea level) and the deepest hypersaline body of water.  Contributor David Choukroun uses a drone to advance the case that this inland sea is also one of the most beautiful places in the world.   Seeing this amazing bit of geology from a bird's eye view, you may agree with him.   

The Monastery of Mar Saba
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Mar Saba


The Eastern Orthodox Mar Saba Monastery is the largest in Israel's Judaean Desert, which lies to the south and west of the capital city Jerusalam. Mar Saba is named after Saint Sabas, the monk who established the monastery in the 5th century. It was built along the cliffs of the Kidron Creek protecting it from harm. These aerial views show the amazing structure, which is currently home to 20 monks, in a whole new light, thanks to pilot Rea Burla.

Jaffa: Ancient Port
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The Port of Jaffa, Israel

Shlomi Znati Photography

Next to the very modern Israel city of Tel Aviv lies the very ancient city of Jaffa, which is known for its port on the Mediterranean Sea.  The port has been used for over 7,000 years – it is said to have been founded by Japheth, the son of the Biblical character Noah. Contributor Shlomi Znati uses a drone to give us an epic bird's eye view of this ancient seaport, which sits in the shadows of the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv that lie just to the north of the port.  

The Fortress of Masada
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Israel's Great Masada Fortress


Masada is an ancient fortification built atop a plateau in the Judean Desert of southern Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea.  During the First Jewish War of the first century AD, Masada was the site of a famous seige by Roman troops following which the Jewish defenders committed mass suicide en masse rather than surrender.  Contributor Nelly Volkovich used a drone to create an amazing aerial video of this hallowed mountaintop, which is a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.  

Haifa's Bahai Gardens
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The Bahai Gardens in Haifa

Gilad J

Haifa is Israel's third largest city and the largest in the northern part of the country.  It is a port city lying on the slopes of Mt. Caramel, the 525 meter (1.7k ft) peak that sits above the city.  Culturally it is best known as the site of the Bahai Gardens, center of the Bahai faith, which grew from roots in Iran in the 1960's to become a worldwide religion. Contributor Gilad J used a drone to create this impressive aerial tour of the magnificent gardens, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Tel Aviv-Jaffa by Drone
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Tel Aviv-Jaffo, Israel: DJI Inspire 2 Footage

Ruslan Paul

The Tel Aviv-Jaffo urban area on Israel's Mediterranean shore, the second largest metropolitan area in the country after Jerusalem, is a study in contrasts.  Jaffo is an ancient port city with multiple references in the Bible.  Lying a bit to the north of Jaffa, Tel Aviv is a modern city, founded in 1909 by members of the Zionist Movement.  Contributor Ruslan Paul used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create an amazing aerial tour of the area, with its strikingly different core cities.

Jerusalem: Israel's Capital City
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Above Jerusalem


Jerusalem, Israel is the only city which is central to three world religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  Inhabited and fought over for millenia, it has a significance far out of proportion to its size.  The city, set in the hills of eastern Israel, on the edge of the Judean Desert, is also one of the most visually appealing cities on Earth.  In this remarkable drone video, you will get a bird's eye perspective of this ancient city, which is the center of the largest metropolitan area in Israel.  

Salt Mining Camp in the Judean Desert
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Sodom: Abandoned Salt Mining Camp in Israel

Salt is not only one of the world's most basic commodities, it was also amongst the first to be intensively mined.  In earlier times it was essential for food preservation, and access to steady supply was crucial to obtaining adequate nutrition.  In this video, BK Spector flew a drone over an ancient salt mine in Israel.  It's part of Mt. Sodom, a mountain in Israel's Judean Desert.  The mountain is 80% salt by composition, and was a key source of the commodity in Biblical times. 

Acre: Ancient Mediterranean City
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Acre, Israel

Ruslan Paul

Contributor Ruslan Paul put together this remarkable video of Acre (Acco), an ancient city on Israel's Mediterranean coastline.  It is located between Tel Aviv and Haifa, closer to the latter.  Sitting on a site which dates to 3000 BC, it has been built and rebuilt many times, it changed hands several times over the course of the Crusades.  in its current rendition, it's an Ottoman-walled town with citadels, mosques, khans and baths that were built on top of the ruins of the Crusaders’ city.

Negev Desert: Big Crater
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Daylight: Hike on "Big Crater" in the Negev Desert

Ori Feldman

The desert areas of southern Israel are home to some of the world's most unusual rock formations.  One of these is the HaMakhtesh HaGadol ("Big Crater") in the Negev Desert.  It's actually not a volcanic crater but rather a makhtesh, a landform which is caused by unusual erosion patterns and which is almost unknown outside of southern Israel and the Sinai Peninsula.  In this video, Ori Feldman used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an epic aerial video of a hike on this amazing formation.

The Skyscrapers of Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv's Azrieli Towers

Shlomi Znati Photography

Contributor Shlomi Znati Photograph created this amazing drone video of the impressive skyline of modern Tel Aviv, Israel.  As of year-end 2018, the city is home to over 20 buildings of over 150 meters (just under 500 ft.) in height.  The tallest of these, which you'll see in the video, is the Azrieli Sarona Tower.  Opened in 2017, the 60 story office/hotel tower stands just under 240 meters (just over 780 ft.), topping the Moshe Aviv Tower which had been Israel's tallest building since 2001.

Ashdod: City of Southern Israel
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Phantom 4 Above Israel | Ashdod | Cinematic

Phantom 4 Israel

Ashdod is the sixth largest city in Israel.  It's situated roughly a half hour drive south of Tel Aviv, a similar distance north of Ashkelon, and roughly twice that distance west of Jerusalem.  Dating to the Bronze Age, there are several references to the city in the Old Testament.  Today, it's known primarily for its port, which is the country's largest by shipping volume.  Contributor Phantom 4 Israel used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this mini-aerial tour of this important port city.  

Aerial Collage of Israel
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Israel Rising

Contributor B.K. Spector put together this amazing aerial tour of modern Israel.  It weaves together some familiar sites (albeit from a new perspective), such as Jerusalem, the Judean Desert, the Mediterranean beaches of Tel Aviv, and sites of ancient ruins.  It also has features footage which is much more "off the beaten path", such as  some epic 4x4 action in the desert, parasailing in the Mediterranean, and some of the construction activity which is continually reshaping the Israeli landscape. 

Negev Desert: Eilat Mountains
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Israel's Eilat Mountains: Pure Geology

Iyad M. swaed

Check out this amazing drone video from the southern tip of Israel, courtesy of contributor lyad M. swaed. The Eilat Mountains are a chain which covers a portion of the Negev Desert.  The mountains derive their name from their proximity to Eilat, the ancient port town (now also resort town) on the Red Sea.  The highest peak in the mountains is Mount Hezekiah; it rises to an altitude of just under 900 meters (2.95k ft.) above sea level.  Mount Solomon (also visible) is the second highest peak.  

West Bank: Wadi Perat
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Wadi Perat (Wadi Qelt), Israel

Ruslan Paul

Contributor Ruslan Paul created this beautiful aerial view of the Wadi Perat (Wadi Qelt) west of Jerusalem, Israel, in the West Bank territory.  It's essentially a series of calleys and ravines created by a stream which originates in Jerusalem and empties into the Jordan River in nearby Jericho.  The area, which was part of Jordan until the Six Day War of 1967, was an important place during the time of Roman occupation and was later the site of some of the first Christian monasteries.

Israel's Fortress of Apollonia
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Apollonia Fort, Israel

Gilad J

Apollonia is a fortress town on Israel's Mediterranean coastline,  a few minutes south of the better-known town of Caesarea.  While the settlement dates to 500 BC, it became a walled city during the initial period of Muslim rule which began in the 7th century.  The town fell to Christian forces in the Second Crusade, but was returned to Muslim control again in 1265 when it fell to a seige of the Mamluks.  After the latter seige, the town's inhabitants were killed or sold into slavery, and it never fully recovered.

Nazareth: Northern Israel
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Nazareth - 4K Aerial Footage


Nazareth is the largest city in the interior of northern Israel.  Culturally, it is quite distinct from most other Israeli cities: it's roughly 2/3 Muslim and 1/3 Christian, with only a negligible Jewish population.  The city is mentioned frequently in the New Testament as a place where Jesus lived for a time, and as a result Nazareth receives thousands of Christians who visit on pilgrammages every year.  In this video, you'll be able to check out this ancient town from a bird's eye perspective.

60 Second Drone Tour of Israel
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Israel is Magical!


Contributor eyealasaf created this awesome captioned tour of Israel, taking the viewer all around this important Middle Eastern country.  The video features footage from the following locations: Acre, Ruhama, Jaffa, Ein Gedi, The Dead Sea, the Jezreel Valley, the Golan Heights, the Yehuda Desert, the Masada Fortress, Jerusalem's Ein Karem, Natanya City, Tel aviv's central  and Ramat Gan districts, Nazareth, the Arbel Valley, and the Sea of Gallilee.  All this in 60 seconds! 

Eilat: On the Red Sea
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Eilat City

carmi & yarmi

Check out this drone video of Israel's southernmost city, compliments of contributor Carmi & Yarmi.  Eilat is situated at the very southern tip of the country, bordering the vast Sinai Desert territory which was ceded back to Egypt following the Camp David Accords of the 1970's.  Situated on the Red Sea, Eilat is one of Israel's top beach destinations.  The city is very popular amongst European travelers, who don't mind the summer temperatures frequently exceeding 40 degrees C (over 100 degrees F).  


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