The Balkans by Drone

The Balkan Penninsula sits in Southeastern Europe, and includes countries of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Albania.  The Balkan region features incredible physical scenery such as the snow-capped Tatras Mountains and white sand beaches of the Adriatic, Mediterranean, and Black Seas.  Culturally, it is home to some of the most important sites of the Antiquity such as the Acropolis in Athens as well as some of the most well-preserved medieval towns of Europe such as Dubrovnik in Croatia.  All these sights and more can be seen from an aerial perspective in this amazing collection of drone videos!  

Discover top the balkans by drone


Drone Video of the Week winner HikeTheWorld spent a month in Montenegro filming Lake Piva, Durmitor National Park, Tara River Canyon, Prokletije National Park, Lake Skadar, Rijeka Crnojevica river, the town of Budva and the Bay of Kotor. Montenegro is a Balkan country that is quickly becoming a top tourist destination because of its breathtaking landscapes. 


Drone pilot Pava captures the rugged mountains and glistening lakes of Slovenia in this video using a DJI Inspire 1 and timelapse editing effects. Resort town, Bled, is highlighted in this video which features the glacial Lake Bled and its 11th-century Bled Castle that sits on its own island.



Get an aerial view of castle ruins, historic sites, medieval villages, rivers and lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fly around one of the country's most recognized landmarks, the Stari Most "Old Bridge," a 16th-century Ottoman bridge in the city of Mostar.


Avid traveler, iDrone Aerials, gives us a cinematic HD view of Dubrovnik and its baroque architecture. This city in Croatia located on the Adriatic Sea has been made famous in recent years because it's a filming location known as King's Landing in HBO's hit show "Game of Thrones."


Experience absolute isolation and spiritual peace at Meteora, a rock formation and UNESCO World Heritage site in Greece. Monks attend the 6 Eastern Orthodox monasteries (some dating back to the 14th century) still remaining atop these immense rock pillars. 

Meteora Flight


Jus Medic and a friend hiked to the top of the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav. Standing at 2,863.65 metres (9,395.2 ft) in Triglav National Park, with Dolkova Spica in the background, enjoy 4K aerials and a dronie that can't be beat! 


Travel to Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast in this drone video that features Split and Zadar. Golden hour light, stunning beaches, Roman and Venetian ruins and impressive architecture are just a few reasons this DJI Mavic Pro drone video was nominated for a 2017 AirVūz Drone Video Award!


Get a drone's point of view of the holiday lights shining all around Belgrade. The capital of Serbia gets into the spirit with the Festival of Lights, ice skating and decorating the city's landmarks. 

Belgrade lights

First Production

One of the world's oldest cities comes alive in this drone video of the Acropolis of Athens. Fly over the historical Parthenon temple ruins, constructed in 447 BC and dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena.

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