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Philadelphia Drone Tour


Philadelphia from Above

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Tour the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from above in this video, which is a compilation of some of the best footage from the "Drone Videos of Philadelphia" collection at AirVuz.  You'll be treated to some great views of the William Penn Statue, the Comcast Towers, the University of Pennsylvania campus, and more.

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Philly 2019 Reel


Philadelphia Tour 2019


Philadelphia shines in this terrific reel by ChrisDanonio showing the highlights of his 2019 work across the City of Brotherly Love.  The video opens with a 360 shot of City Hall, for decades the city's tallest building.  Then it's on to a fly-through between the One and Two Liberty Place towers, the former being Philly's tallest from 1987-2008.  From there, you'll go to the two main Comcast towers, Philly's tallest buildings since 2008.  Other highlights include the Museum of Art, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and more.  

Philadelphia 2019 Highlight Reel


Philadelphia Tour 2019


Contributor ChrisDantonio has produced some of the best drone videos of the city of Philadelphia, and this 2019 highlight reel does not disappoint.  It opens with a shot facing west toward the William Penn statue atop City Hall, with the Liberty Place and Comcast skyscapers just beyond it.  From there you will get a sunrise shot over the Schuylkill River, which runs west of the Center City downtown area.  The video wraps with an excellent view of the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River, on the city's  opposite (eastern) side. 

Philly Skyscrapers Dronelapse


Foggy Philly Hyperlapse


Contributor ChrisDantonio used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this amazing dronelapse of the five buildings which dominate the skyline of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  All are of relatively recent construction; until the late 1980's, an informal agreement limited buildings to the height of the William Penn statue atop City Hall.  The six buildings, in order of height, are Comcast Technology Center, Comcast Center, One Liberty Place, Two Liberty Place, BNY Center, and Three Logan Square.  

Morning in Philadelphia


Philadelphia Early Morning

My Travels...

Check out these brilliant morning aerial views of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by AirVuz contributor My Travels.  The video opens with a shot looking over the Philadelphia Museum of Art towards the central city, with the Schuylkill River on the right.  Then there's a shot looking towards the spire of One Liberty Place.  At around the :26 mark, you'll fly past the William Penn statue atop City Hall, followed by a view of the two Comcast skyscrapers (the city's two tallest buildings as of 2021) and then the Ben Franklin Bridge.  

Philadelphia Hyperlapse


Philly Hyperlapse


Check out this awesome hyperlapse of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot ChrisDantonio.  The video was shot looking east, with City Hall in the center.  Completed in 1901, this landmark reaches a height of 167 meters (just under 550 ft.).  Until the 1980's, a "gentlemen's agreement" restricted developments which would be taller than City Hall; all the skyscrapers you see in the video were built subsequent to that agreement being allowed to lapse.  

Philadelphia Skyline from a Mavic Pro 2


Philly Sunrise Reflections


AirVuz content creator and pilot Chris Dantonio used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this magnificent video of the Philadelphia skyline at sunrise.  If you see the shot which begins at the :30 mark, you'll see a shot of City Hall - it's the building with the clock and the statue on top.  Until the 1980's, by unwritten agreement, no building was permitted which exceeded the height of City Hall: 167 meters (just under 550 ft.).  As you can see, lifting this restriction has fundamentally transformed the city's skyline.  

Philadelphia FPV: Quarantine


Philadelphia FPV


AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot NonexistentJay took to the skies above nearly-empty central Philadelphia as the state of Pensylvania was under quarantine during the Dovid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  The result is this epic and unique aerial perspective of the City of Brotherly Love.  It's all here: City Hall and the William Penn Statue, the Comcast Towers, the Eakins Oval.  At the;:15 mark, he even flies through (not under, through) a bridge on the Schuylkill River.

Philadelphia's Tallest Buildings


Philly Phlight: January, 2018


Contributor ChrisDantonio used a Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian to create this epic drone video of Philadelphia's skyline. Once limited by the height of its City Hall, the city now has one of the country's most impressive skylines. At the :20 mark, you'll see the city's five tallest buildings, from left to right: Comcast Technology Center, Comcast Center, the BNY Mellon Building, One Libert Place, and Two Liberty Place.  All have been built since 1987, when the informal height restriction was lifted.

Comcast: Transforming the Philly Skyline


Comcast Campus in Philly


Cable and media giant Comcast Corporation has almost single-handedly transformed the skyline of Philadelphia, the second-largest city on the USA's East Coast.  In 2008, its 58 story headquarters building became the city's tallest with a height of just under 300 meters (974 ft.).  A decade later, the company completed its 60 floor Comcast Technology Center, which has a height of 342 meters (just over 1.1k ft.).   The two Comcast Campus towers are on display in this excellent drone video by ChrisDantonio.  

The South Philadelphia Sports Complex


Philadelphia's Sports Complex

Chris Bona...

One opf the USA's great sports cities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has chosen to concentrate its enthusiasm for professional sports into the South Philadelphia Sports Complex.  This is the location of the city's three most prominent sports venues: Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL football team; Citizen's Bank Park, home of baseball's Phillies; and Wells Fargo Center, home of the 76ers (basketball) and Flyers (hockey).  Check out the PSC from above in this video by Chris Bonano.  

The University of Pennsylvania


The University of Pennsylvania

Chris Bona...

Chris Bonanno created this drone video of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the group eight elite colleges known as the Ivy League.  Situated across the Schuylkill River from downtown Philadelphia, Penn's current enrollment is about 21.6k students, of which a bit less than half are undergraduates.  Ranked #8 among national universities in the 2019 US News & World Report survey,  the school is especially well known for its graduate programs; its Wharton School was the first post-graduate business school.  

Schuylkill River: Boathouse Row


Philly Boathouse Row | DJI Mavic Pro

Jeff Walri...

Top AirVuz contributor Jeff Walrich created this beautiful drone video of Philadelphia's historic Boathouse Row.  The site is located on the eastern bank of the Schuylkill River, which defines the western boundary of the core of the city.  It consists of a group of 15 boathouses, each of which is associated with one of the city's rowing and social clubs.  These clubs have traditionally played an important part in the social life of the city, and the site continues to host annual rowing regattas.  

Philly Sunrise Hyperlapse


Ben Franklin Bridge Sunrise Hyperlapse


AirVuz contributor and pilot ChrisDantonio used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this beautiful aerial hyperlapse of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The video was shot from the perspective of the Ben Franklin Bridge looking westward toward the Central Business District.  The longest bridge in the world when it opened in 1926, the span was the first in the city to cross the Delaware River.  The skyscrapers of the CBD lie to the west of the historic city center, roughly between the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers.

FMC Tower, University City


FMC Tower at Sunrise in Philly


The construction of Philadelphia's Cira Centre South complex has transformed the look of the University City district, which sits on the west side of the Schuylkill River from the central business district.  The complex includes two skyscrapers, the taller of which is the 49 story FMC Tower.  With an architectural height of just under 225 meters (724 ft.) it's the city's #7 building by height as of 2019.  The tower was completed in 2016, two years after the center's shorter Evo tower was finished.  

Philly Art Museum: In the Steps of Rocky


Philadelphia Art Museum Hyperlapse


Contributor ChrisDantonio used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this awesome hyperlapse of Philadelphia Museum of Art, one of the most iconic sights in this city on the US East Coast.  The building opened in 1928, on the scenic Ben Franklin Parkway.  The building was a filming location for the 1976 blockbuster movie (and multiple  Academy Award winner) Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone; the scene where Rocky climbs the steps of the museum is considered one of the most famous in the history of film.

The William Penn Statue and City Hall


360 Corkscrew around Billy Penn and City Hall in Philly


Contributor ChrisDantonio created this beautiful 360 degree aerial view of one of the great landmarks of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: the statue of William Penn atop City Hall.  City Hall was completed in 1901 in Center City, Philadelphia's central business district.  The height of the building, including the statue, is 167 meters (just under 550 ft.).  When completed, it was the tallest habitable building in the world.  It remained the city's tallest building until a "gentlemen's agreement" on this point was lifted in the 1980's.  

Villanova University


Villanova University, Pennsylvania

Chris Bona...

Contributor Chris Bonanno used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this aerial tour of Villanova University in eastern Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1842, the private university is located in the eponymously named town, which is one of the Main Line suburbs northwest of downtown Philadelphia.  The university's enrollment is about 11,000, around 2/3 of which is undergraduate.  The school was recently ranked amongst the top 50 national universities in the US News & World Report annual college rankings.  

The Port of Philadelphia


The Port of Philadelphia

Chris Bona...

Located at the head of Delaware Bay, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has always been an important port city.  While the City of Brotherly Love is no longer the manufacturing powerhouse it once was, its seaport and those of the neighboring cities together constitute one of the larger port areas in the eastern United States.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot Chris Bonano, you'll get a bird's eye view of the port facilities along the western side of the Delaware River, just south of the Walt Whitman Bridge.    

Lemon Hill Mansion


Fall in Philly at the Lemon Hill Mansion


Lemon Hill is a historic mansion located in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, the city's largest.  The landmark was built in the early 19th century by Henry Pratt, one of the city's leading merchants.  It sits on a site overlooking the east bank of the Schuylkill River, near Boathouse Row.  The mansion was extensively restored in the early 20th century and in 1972 it was placed on the USA's National Historic Register.  You can see this historic site in this drone video by contributor and pilot Chris Dantonio.  

Merion Golf Club


Merion Golf Club, Pennsylvania (East Course)

Chris Bona...

Located in the Main Line suburbs west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Merion Golf Club's East Course is one of the USA's top golf courses.  Designed after several well known English and Scottish courses, it opened in 1912.  The course has hosted five US Open Championships, and it was here that Bobby Jones clinched the Grand Slam by winning the US Amateur Championship in 1930.  Contributor Chris Bonanno created this drone video of the course, which was #6 in the 2019 Golf Digest ranking of the top 100 USA courses.    

Wilmington: Philadelphia's Sister City


Downtown Wilmington Drone Edit

Cooper Nee...

Check out this fantastic edit of drone footage of Wilmington, Delaware, compliments of AirVuz contributor Cooper Neel.  The largest city in the first state admitted to the American Union, Wilmington lies at the confluence of two important Delaware River tributaries.  One of the only spots in the USA to have been colonized by Sweden, Wilmington became one of America's most important cities for shipbuilding and later (through hometown DuPont) explosives.  The historic city is now considered part of Greater Philadelphia.   

The Waterfront of Camden, New Jersey


American Water Building, Camden NJ

Latitude 3...

Camden, New Jersey is one of the most important cities in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Located across the Delaware River from Central Philadelphia, Camden has a rich industrial heritage.  Following years of decline, the city is in the midst of a US $1 billion renovation of its waterfront.  In this drone video by Latitude 360°, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of the centerpieces of the redevelopment: the new headquarters building for American Water Works, the USA's largest privately-owned water utility company.  

The Ben Franklin Bridge


Big Ben Franklin Bridge

JD Drone...

Check out this excellent drone video of Philadelphia's famous Ben Franklin Bridge, compliments of AirVuz contributor JD Drone.  Originally known as the Delaware River, it connects Pennsylvania's largest city with its suburbs in New Jersey.  When it opened in 1926 to coincide with the USA's 150th birthday, its 530 meter (roughly 1.75k ft.) main span was the longest in the world.  The total length of the suspension bridge is 2.9k meters or about 9.6k ft.  It's now one of four bridges to cross the Delaware River.  

City Hall at Christmastime


Philly Christmas Hyperlapse


Celebrate the holidays with this short but sweet dronelapse video!  ChrisDantonio highlights all the Christmas cheer, Philly-style, in this bedazzling hyperlapse drone video.  As he soars high above City Hall in Philadelphia with his DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, all the festive holiday lights shimmer and glimmer brightly amongst the routine sparkle of the city.  City Hall is one of the city's most recognized landmarks; the William Penn statue atop it served as the unofficial "ceiling" for buildings in the city for three quarters of a century.

Temple University


Sunsets and Skylines in 4K || Temple U || TarcyVision


Contributor Tarcy_Vision gives us this awesome aerial view of Temple University in the Mid-Atlantic city of Philadelphia.  Founded in 1884, it's one of the largest universities in Pennsylvania.  It's located in a neighborhood of North Philadelphia, more or less equidistant from the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers.  Its extensive professional schools graduate a large number of lawyers, pharmacists, engineers, and other professionals, many of whom find jobs in the Philadelphia area.  

Fairmount Park


Desmoid Tumor Foundation's Running for Answers at Philadelphia Fairmount Park

Latitude 3...

Fairmount Park is the largest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It sits on both sides of the Schuylkill River northwest of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Comparable to New York's Central Park in terms of importance to its host city, the original land was purchased by the City of Philadelphia before the Civil War.  Here's a great aerial video of the famous park, compliments of Latitude 360°.  The event which he filmed here was a run to benefit research studying on a type of connective tissue tumor.  

BNY Mellon Center


Philly Skyline


For decades, the skyline of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was limited by an informal agreement that no building could exceed the height of the statue of William Penn atop City Hall - 548 ft. (167 m).  In this excellent drone video by FallRisk, you'll get a nighttime aerial view of one of the first skyscrapers to exceed this threshold - the 54 story BNY Mellon Center.  Originally the Mellon Bank Center when it opened in 1990, it stands 792 ft. tall (241 m), excluding its spire.  As of 2023, it's Philadelphia's fifth-tallest building.      

Winter Drone Views of Philly


Philadelphia in Winter

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Take a tour of the great American city of Philadelphia, compliments of contributor Deniz.  The video opens with a great shot of City Hall; opened in 1901, for almost nine decades, no building was permitted to exceed the height of the William Penn statue atop it.   The video also features some great aerial footage of other parts of the city, such as the new Comcast Technology Center (now the tallest building on the East Coast outside of New York), the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Art Museum, and more.  

Philadelphia under Quarantine


Philadelphia Covid-19 Night - March 2020


AirVuz contributor and pilot scottmattes put together this moving drone video from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the City of Brotherly Love was in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  Located just 150 km (around 90 mi.) south of New York City, the worldwide epicenter of the crisis, Philadelphia was fairly hard-hit by the virus and went into a state of near-shutdown.  The nighttime video, dedicated to the city's first-line responders, captures the eerie scenes of this strange time in Philadelphia's long history.  

Central Philly Nighttime Drone Views


Aerial Drone Video of Center City Philadelphia at Night


Check out this fantastic nighttime drone video of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, compliments of bkushner.  Most of the video was shot facing west toward the recently-set sun, initially from the perspective of the Delaware River which marks the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey to its east.  It beautifully captures Philadelphia's central city, which lines up in a roughly east-west axis connecting the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers.  You'll also see some epic footage of Delaware's Ben Franklin Bridge, briefly the world's longest.  

Philly Fly-Over


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4K Drone Footage

First-time AirVuz contributor brings us this excellent drone video from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The video opens with shots of the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River, followed by the William Penn statue atop City Hall.  At about the 1:10 mark, you'll fly past the two Comcast skyscrapers which now dominate the Philadelphia skyline.  At the 1:55 mark, you'll fly past the now-mothballed USS United States passenger ship, followed by some shots over the Schuylkill River just east of the CBD.  

Haverford College


Haverford College, Pennsylvania

Chris Bona...

Haverford College is one of the USA's top private liberal arts schools; in 2019, it was tied for the #11 spot in the US News & World Report annual rankings for undergraduate-oriented liberal arts colleges.  The school is located in the town of the same name in the heart of the Main Line suburban area northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The college was founded in 1833 by a Quaker group, althoyugh Haverford no longer has any religious affiliation.  Its student body numbers about 1,350.  

Mothballed Cruise Ship: SS United States


Grand old Gal

Smith Cine...

When it was launched in 1952, the USS United States was one of the most impressive ocean liners in the world.  The largest ship ever constructed in the USA, the vessel set numerous Atlantic crossing speed records.  In 1996, the ship was essentially mothballed by being parked in the Delaware River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot PO3SMITH, you'll get a bird's eye view of the vessel, which was designed to be converted to use as a troop carrier in the event of war.

FPV: Philly Holiday Lights


Holiday Fly-Through - Franklin Square Light Show

Nick Lang ...

Get in the Holiday mood with this excellent first person view (FPV) drone video of a Christmas lights display in Philadelphia, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Nick Lang Media.  He filmed the annual Holiday Light Show at Franklin Square, one of the main public squares in the City of Brotherly Love.  The square is located in the Center City District, just south of I-676 and just to the northwest of Constitution Plaza.  This video was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in December, 2020.

Pine Valley Golf Course


Pine Valley Golf Course, New Jersey

Chris Bona...

Pine Valley Golf Club is situated in Camden County, New Jersey, in suburban Philadelphia.  Three times in the last decade (including in 2019), the course has appeared in the #1 spot in the highly influential Golf Digest annual ranking of the USA's top 100 golf courses.  Completed in 1913, no less an authority than Robert Trent Jones has called Pine Valley the toughest golf course in the world.  You can check out this famous course from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video by Chris Bonanno.    



SS United States


Philly at Night 2018


Philly Flight


Philadelphia museum of art

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