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Iceland's Litli-Hrútur Eruption (2023)


Iceland Volcano - 8K Drone Video | DJI Inspire 3 Cinematic


Prepare to be blown away by this drone video of the 2023 eruption of Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano by AirVuz creator denisbarbas, also a nominee for 2023 Drone Video of the Year.  The video was filmed with the DJI Inspire 3 drone during the Litli-Hrútur eruptions which occurred in July and August of 2023, the third in a series of volcanic events which began in early 2021.  The Fagradalsfjall eruptions represented the first volcanic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula (in the southwestern corner of the island, near Reykjavik) in over 800 years.  

Haussmannvisuals Volcano Reel


Volcanoes: Behemoths of Creation - A narrative Shortfilm


Top AirVuz contributor haussmannvisuals has carved out an impressive niche filming active volcanoes around the world.  In this stunning video, he put together a collection of some of his best volcano footage and added narration to create an impressive travel piece covering three continents.  Volcanoes covered in the video include Erta Ale in Ethiopia, Stromboli and Etna in Italy, Kilauea in Hawaii, and three separate volcanic eruptions in Iceland.  The video includes some stunning first person view (FPV) drone footage.  

Erupting Mt. Bromo, Indonesia


Mt. Bromo Eruption in Indonesia


Check out this spectacular video of one of Indonesia's most famous volcanoes in a state of eruption, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot diamondsky.  Mt. Bromo is the centerpiece of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java.  The mountain, which occupies an important place in Hindu culture, has a peak elevation of about 2.3k meters or around 9.1k ft. above sea level.  This video earned a nomination in the landscape category at the 6th Annual New York City Drone Film Festival.  

Mexico's Fearsome Popocatepetl


Dronelapse of an Active Volcano in Mexico


Popocatepetl is Mexico's most famous volcano. Still active, the mountain is situated near the eastern end of the great volcanic belt that runs on a roughly east-west axis through Central Mexico. With its peak at an elevation of just over 5.4k meters above sea level (about 17.8k ft.), its base sits in the states of Puebla, Morelos, and Mexico. Check out Popocatepetl by drone in this fantastic timelapse video from new AirVuz contributor and pilot enriquebarquet. This video was a DVOW finalist in April 2020.

Volcanoes of Sicily


Sicily´s Volcanoes by Drone 4K

  • OnFocus
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  • over 5 years ago

Located just off the toe of Italy, Sicily is home to Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world. The volcano is also the tallest mountain in Italy south of the Alps and is surrounded by the Etna National Park.  The rich volcanic soil around it makes for excellent grape growing, making it one of the islands great wine-producing regions. Facts aside, this Drone Video of the Week Nominee by OnFocus gives us a unique look at all the beauty the region has to offer. 

Russia's Klyuchevskaya Sopka: Highest Eurasian Volcano


Kamchatka Peninsula

  • Makhorov
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  • over 4 years ago

For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor Makhorov brings us this DVOW-winning piece from the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far Eastern region, between the Sea of Ohotsk and the Bering Sea. Opening with some epic shots of the peninsula's stunning coastline, most of the video was shot in the largely volcano-covered interior of the region. The video includes footage of the Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the highest Eurasian volcano with a peak elevation of about 4.75k meters above sea level (roughly 15.6k ft.). 

Paricutin, Mexico


Paricutin Volcano


Top contributor Postandfly created this fascinating drone video of one of the geological wonders of Mexico: the Parícutin volcano.  Located in the state of Michoacán, it's one of the world's most famous cinder cone volcanoes, a subtype which arises from eruptions through a single vent that's usually part of a larger volcano.  Parícutin was born in an eruption that began in 1943 and continued for about nine years, although this type of volcano will not erupt again. This video won DVOW in August, 2019.

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano


Tears of Pele


In the Hawaiian religion, Pele is the goddess of fire, volcanoes, and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands themselves. In this piece, top contributor haussmannvisuals captures the essence of Pele via the erupting Kilauea Volcano off the Big Island with his DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro.  Like a true professional, he waited three years for this moment and made sure to fly in a legal fly zone.  His hard work paid off in this spectacular video, which was nominated for the Drone Video of the Week in late 2018.

Erupting Volcano in Stromboli, Italy


Isola del Fuoco - Island of fire


Top conrtributor Haussmannvisuals, profiled in a December, 2018 Drone Dish segment, created this stunning drone video of the island of Stromboli, just off the coast of Sicily.  One of the Aeolian Islands which sit between Sicily and the Italian mainland in the Tyrrhenian Sea, it's home to one of the country's three active volcanoes.  Said volcano is on full display here in its state of near-constant minor eruption, along with other beautiful sites like a lighthouse topped islet just offshore.     

Guatemala's Volcán de Fuego


Volcan De Fuego - The Journey up Acatanengo


Check out this drone video of a famous Central American volcano, compliments of top contributor semberadventure.  Guatemala's Volcán de Fuego is located about 16 km (around 10 mi.) west of the city of Antigua.  The mountain is in a near-constant state of low-level activity, and is considered to be at risk for catastrophic eruption given the large population of the area.  The video was shot from the perspective of the adjacent Acatanengo volcano, which has a peak elevation of almost 4k meters above sea level (just over 13k ft.).   

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland


Geldingadalur Volcano Eruption


Award-winning content creator and drone pilot snorrithor brings us this stunning aerial view of a volcanic eruption on the North Atlantic island nation of Iceland.   In mid-march, the Geldingadalur region began emitting molten rock.  It was believed to be the first such geological activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula (which extends off of the southwestern corner of the island) in 800 years.  Scientists believe that this may portend the long-anticipated beginning of a period of increased geological activity in this part of the island.  

Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines


Mount Pinatubo Philippines

Jc Gellido...

Contributor Jc Gellidon created this amazing drone video of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, the site of one of the most explosive volcanic eruptions of the 20th century.  Fortunately, there was sufficient warning such that most of the people directly in harm's way were evacuated and thus avoided injury when the explosion occurred on June 15, 1991.  The eruption pushed over 30 billion tons of dust and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, disrupting the global climate for at least two years thereafter.  

Vesuvio: Destroyer of Pompeii




Mt. Vesuvius (Vesuvio) in southern Italy is amongst the world's most important volcanoes from a historical perspective.  More or less dormant since the 1940's, it is credited with the most famous volcanic event in history.  In 79 AD, a major eruption more or less wiped out four major Roman towns, the most notable of which was Pompeii.  Contributor and pilot feola.mike used a DJI drone to create this beautiful video of the great mountain, still considered one of the more dangerous volcanoes on earth. 

Kanlaon Volcano, Philippines


Kanlaon Volcano, Philippines.

  • NAVA
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  • over 7 years ago

Part of the Ring of Fire, Kanlaon is one of the most active volcano in the Philippines. With an altitude of almost 2.5k meters (just under 8.1k ft.), it's the highest peak on Negros and indeed in the entire Vasayan Islands region.  From the waterfalls at the base, to the Margaja Valley caldera and rocky Lugud crater, the Canlaon volcano brings new meaning to the saying, "beautiful but deadly."  Contributor NAVA flew over the top of this marvel, creating one of the most-viewed drone videos on AirVuz.  

Eruption of Chile's Calbuco Volcano


The Awakening of Nature: Calbuco Volcano Eruption 2015

  • mavdrone
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  • about 7 years ago

Contributor and pilot Mavdrone used a DJI drone to create this breathtaking video of the Calbuco Volcano, which lies along the Pacific coast of Chile in the region of Los Lagos.  Dormant since the early 1970's, the volcano erupted in a spectacular fashion in 2015.  Contributor Mavdrone was able to fly a drone over the volcano as it was erupting at that time, creating a memorable aerial video of this geological beast.  The mountain is situated in the heart of the Andes Mountains system, which runs down the western side of the continent.  

Volcanoes of the South Pacific


Vanuatu & Nouvelle Calédonie from above


In the Melanesia region of the South Pacific Islands, the most prominent groups of islands are Vanuatu and New Caledonia.  While New Caledonia remains a French dependency at least through 2018, Vanatu (located about 540 km or 350 mi. away) is now a fully sovereign nation and independent from France.  Content creator and drone pilot AirDroner created this epic aerial tour of these tropical islands, which includes footage of some of the still-active volcanoes which produced them by rising up from the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

Costa Rica's Arenal by FPV


VOLCÁN ARENAL – Cinematic FPV – 4K


Check out this first person view (FPV) drone mountain surfing video from one of the most well-known volcanoes in Central America, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot noahmalin.  The Arenal Volcano is located in northwestern Costa Rica, in the Alajuela Province.  Dormant for centuries, Arenal erupted in 1968 and maintained a more-or-less continuously eruptive state for an incredible 42 years before going domant again in 2010.  The volcano has a peak elevation of about 5.350k ft. above sea level ora bit over 1.6k m.  

Mt. Etna, Sicily


Welcome to Hell - Drones over Etna


Sicily's Mt. Etna is one of the earth's most active volcanoes.  In the 1990s, it was added to the list of 'Decade Volcanos' by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI). This project was initiated by the United Nations to prepare for disasters created by volcanoes; Etna was selected due to its recent activity and the risk presented to nearby residents.  In this aerial video, drone pilot Haussmannvisuals provides a rare look inside the colossal landmark.

Colombia's Volcán de Puracé


Volcán de Puracé


Behold this amazing drone video of one of Colombia's most active volcanoes, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot la.drones.  Volcán de Puracé is located in the Puracé National Natural Park, in the western part of this South American country.  The stratovolcano is part of the Cordillera Central, one of the sub-ranges of the Andes which run through Colombia.  Standing over 4.6k meters (just over 15.2k ft.) the volcano has exploded many times in modern history, most recently in 1977.

Deadly Mt. St. Helens


40 Years After The Eruption [4K Drone over Mt. St. Helens)


New contributor brotherstouring brings us this fantastic drone video of Mt. St. Helens in the USA's Pacific Northwest, one of the world's most famous volcanoes.  Located in southern Washington, about 80 km (around 50 mi.) northeast of Portland, Oregon, Mt. St. Helens catastrophically erupted on May 18, 1980.  The massive explosion, which triggered a subsequent lateral eruption, was the deadliest volcanic event in US history.  It killed dozens, destroyed hundreds of homes, and reduced the mountain's height by 400 meters (around 1.3k ft.).  

Ecuador's Cotapaxi Volcano


Cotopaxi Volcano by Drone


Contributor and pilot Rufo_Adventure created an amazing drone video of Ecuador's Cotopaxi Volcano, one of the highest volcanoes in the world.  Part of the Andes, the peak of the mountain stands at 5.9k meters (19.3k ft) above sea level, making it the second highest peak in Ecuador after Mt. Chimborazo.  It's also one of the most active, with about 50 known eruptions in the past 250 years, most recently in 2016.  The video was taken as part of an  expedition that reached the south summit of the mountain, which lies just to the south of Quito.  

Eruption on Réunion Island


Around the Volcano

Christian ...

Réunion Island, a French territory, lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar.  It's one of the more populous islands in the eastern Indian Ocean, with a bit under a million inhabitants.   The island was formed by two volcanos, one of which is still active.  As in, very active, with red-hot lava spewing about.  Top contributor Christian Cuvelier flew his drone over and around the mountain which dominates this tiny tropical paradise.  Prepare to be astounded by the bird's eye views of an active volcano.   

Indonesia's Kawa Ijen Volcano


Kawa Ijen Indonesia

Chitchai S...

Take in these magnificent aerial views of the Kawa Ijen volcanic complex on the Indonesian island of Java, compliments of AirVuz contributor Chitchai Sripirom.  The volcano is famous for its highly distinctive-looking blue colored fire in one of its craters, which is due to the presence of sulfur.  Located near the eastern tip of the country's (and indeed the world's) most populous island, the highly acidic crater lake is about .6 miles wide (about one km) and is considered the largest lake of its type in the world.  

Cumbre Vieja Eruption, Canary Islands


El VOLCÁN de la PALMA 11 MESES después de la TRAGEDIA

Canarias d...

For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor Canarias dron brings us this stunning drone video of a recently-erupted volcano in Spain's Canary Islands.  The volcanic ridge Cumbre Vieja on the island of La Palma began erupting on September 19, 2001.  The first eruption on the island since the early 70's, it lasted for nearly three months.  The resulting lava flow covered four square mi. (about ten square km).  The eruption destroyed approximately 3,000 structures, caused the evacuation of 7,000 people, and is blamed for one death.   

Japan's Mt. Fuji


Mt. Fuji, Japan


Contributor Earthspace101 used a drone to give us this beautiful view of Japan's highest mountain.  The mighty Mt. Fuji is a volcanic mountain which stands about 3.8k meters (12.4 ft.) above sea level on Honshu.  The mountain is known not just for its height but for its geometric near-perfection; the shape of its cone is nearly symmetrical.  Of immense cultural significance in Japan, on clear days the peak of the mountain can be seen from 100 km (about 60 mi) away in Tokyo.  It last erupted in 1708.

Mexico City's Iztaccihuatl


Adventure Hike at Iztaccihuatl - Popocatepetl National Park

Nomade Wor...

Behold this stunning drone video of Iztaccihuatl, one of the most famous of Mexican volcanoes.  Iztaccihuatl is known as the "twin" to the adjacent volcano of Popocatepetl.  The two mountains form part of the Valley of Mexico, which is the home of Mexico City,  The two mountains are closely tied to the history of the Aztec tribe which once occupied most of Central Mexico.  The names of the two peaks refer to an Aztec warrior and a princess, although there are several different version of the story that transpired between them.  

Irazú Volcano, Costa Rica


Irazu Volcano


Costa Rican drone pilot Flystudio CR gives us an amazing drone video of the active Irazú Volcano, situated in the middle of the country.  Using his drone, he gives us an amazing bird's eye view of the series of craters which sit atop the volcano, the highest in Costa Rica, which is situated in a national park.  On rare clear days, it is possible to see both the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east from the summit!   The volcano has a peak elevation of just over 3.2k meters (about 11.2k ft.).

Lava Lake in Central Africa


Nyiragongo Volcano: World's Largest Lava Lake

Yassin Ska...

Contributor and pilot Yassin Skartt created this amazing drone video of Nyiragongo Volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the most spectacular natural sites in the region of Sub-Saharan Africa.  It's in the Virunga Mountains, just west of the country's border with Rwanda.  With an altitude of about 3.5k meters (around 11.4k ft.) above seal level, the mountain is home to a lava lake which varies in depth but which at times is the largest such lake in the world as measured by volume.  

Mt. Papandayan, Java


Mount Papandayan - Indonesia

  • aqwamhm
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  • almost 6 years ago

Check out this amazing drone video of Mount Papandayan on the island of Java in Indonesia.  It's a stratovolcano located southeast of Bandung, the capital of the West Java region and the third largest city of Indonesia.  Papandayan's peak has an elevation of just under 2.7k meters 9about 8.7k ft.), making it one of the taller volcanoes on Java.  The volcano had erupted catastrophically in 1772, killing thousands.  After remaining quiet for over two centuries, it's been active again early in the 21st century.

Volcanic Eruption in Sumatra


Droning a Volcano Eruption


Contributor and drone pilot AerialRhianna was able to aerially capture an eruption of Mt. Sinabung, a very active volcano in the north-central part of the gigantic island of Sumatra in Indonesia.  After four centuries of dormancy, the volcano began erupting again in 2010.  This video was filmed during an eruption event in 2013, which caused the evacuation of almost 4,000 people.  There were further eruptions in 2014 and 2016;  the latter case, an eruption killed seven people who were in the area.  

Chile's Osorno Volcano


Vulcão Osorno - Chile


Top contributor and pilot DRONEAVENTURA used a drone to aerially capture a climb to the top of one of the most famous volcanoes in South America.  Chile's Osorno Volcano is situated in two provinces of the Los Lagos region of the country, which is about two-thirds of the way down the country's length.  Its peak altitude is about 2.65k meters (around 8.7k ft.).  The volcano is known not so much for its height as its shape; its conical profile is often compared to Japan's near-perfectly formed Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Chimborazo: Ecuador's Mightiest Volcano


Middlemost Andes of Ecuador


Contributor and drone pilot Qualico Drones gives us a marvelous view of a portion of the Andes Mountains in Central Ecuador.  The centerpiece of this is Mt. Chimborazo.  This volcanic mountain stands 6.3k meters (about 20.7k ft.) above sea level, making it the highest mountain in this South American country.  The mountain is part of the Cordillera Occidental range, which is a sub-range of the Andes.  The peak of this monster can be seen from Guayaquil, the capital city which lies 140 km (about 85 miles) away! 

Soufrière Saint Vincent: Caribbean Volcano


La Soufrière: A Volcano Hike on Saint Vincent Island


For volcano lovers seeking a Caribbean island vacation, the go-to spot is the tiny island of St. Vincent.  The primary island of the sovereign nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it's dominated by the Soufrière Saint Vincent volcano.  The mountain towers over the northern part of the island, rising to a peak of 1.2k meters (just over 4k ft.) above sea level.  In this video from Aerial Norway, you'll get a great bird's eye view of the volcano, one of the highest mountains in the Caribbean.  

Canary Islands: Volcán de Arena


Sand Volcano

LRM Videos...

LRM Videos used a combination of ground camera and drone footage to create this amazing video of Volcán de Arena, one of the volcanoes of Fuerteventura in Spain's Canary Islands.  This is one of a half dozen volcanoes on this island, which is situated due east of Gran Canaria, off the coast of North Africa.   The video features dramatic sweeping shots of the crater, time lapses, and even a peak at a large predatory bird.  The number of active volcanoes is a function of their relatively young geological age.

Mexico's Volcán de Colima


Colima Fire Volcano


Here's an amazing view of one of Mexico's most well-known volcanoes, compliments of contributor Dronescolima. Volcán de Colima is situated in the west-central part of the country.  It's one of the most active volcanoes in the world, having erupted at least 40 times in recorded history.  With a peak elevation of 3.8k meters (about 12.5k ft.), the mountain sits on the border between the states of Colima and Jalisco.  It's part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt which runs through the middle of the country.  

Merapi: Indonesia's Most Dangerous


Mount Merapi


Of Indonesia's many active volcanoes, the most active (and potentially the most dangerous) is Mt. Merapi.  It is situated near the middle of the island of Java, on the border between the provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta.  With a peak elevation of just under 3k meters above sea level (around 9.7k ft.), the volcano has been erupting regularly for over 400 years.  As of 2019, it's one of 16 Decade Volcanoes thought to be the world's most dangerous.  You can check it out from a bird's eye in this drone video by drone_ulun.  

Mexico's Citlaltépetl


Challenging Hike at Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl)

Nomade Wor...

Contributor and pilot Nomade World used a drone to capture a memorable hike on Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl), otherwise known as the highest mountain in Mexico.  The dormant (but not extinct) volcano is situated on the Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt that defines so much of the geography of the country.  The mountain's peak stands about 5.6k meters (about 18.5k) ft. above sea level, making it the third highest peak in North America.  Orizaba is the world's second most prominent volcanic peak.  

Japan's Kiamondake Volcano


Kiamondake Volcano, Japan

Where's Fu...

Top contributor Fujibara Films made this excellent drone video of a well known volcano on Japan's Kyushu Island, the third-largest of the archipelago by land area and the southernmost of the four main islands.  Kiamondake Volcano is located near the city of Ibusuki on the southern part of the island in the Kagoshima Prefecture.  The mountain has a peak elevation of just under 925 meters (a bit over 3k ft.) above sea level.  While the volcano isn't considered extinct, its last eruption was over 1,000 year ago, in 885 AD.  

Coso Volcanic Field, California


Flying over an Extinct Volcano

Dave Yip...
  • Dave Yip
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  • almost 4 years ago

Top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Dave Yip brings us this DVOW nominated video of an extinct volcano in central California.  It's called the Coso Volcanic Field, and it's located in the Mojave Desert about 160 km (around 100 mi.) northeast of the city of Bakersfield.  The field is one of the most seismologically active areas in the United States, and the area frequently sees tremor "storms" involving hundreds of small quakes.  The area is also home to the Coso Geothermal, one of the largest geothermal installations in the country.  

Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua


Nicaragua's Volcan Masaya


Check out this epic aerial view of the famous Masaya volcano in the Central American republic of Nicaragua, compliments of contributor ryanscotthoag.  It's actually a caldera (a system of volcanoes) and it's located a short distance south of the country's capital in Managua.  It's a highly complex system that has many vents and craters.  Continually emitting sulfur gas, the volcano has a peak altitude of about 635 meters (around 2.1k ft.).  Check it out from a unique perspective in this drone video by katie.j11.

Mexico's Nevado de Toluca


Nevado de Toluca


One of Mexico's most important geographical features is the Trans-Mexican Vocanic Belt, which (as the name suggests) is a line of (mostly active) volcanoes which cuts across the width of the south-central part of the country and is home to some of the highest mountains in North America.  The fourth-tallest of these mountains, and the subject of this beautiful drone video, is Nevado de Toluca.  This now-dormant stratovolcano has a peak elevation of almost 4.7k meters or just over 15.3k ft. above sea level. 

Mexico City's Volcanic "Twins"


Hiking Popocatépetl & Iztaccihuatl National Park

Nomade Wor...

Nomade World used a drone to record some epic hiking around two of Mexico's most famous volcanoes. Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl are neighboring mountains which loom over Mexico City from the south.  They are the country's #2 and #3 highest peaks, respectively, Popocatépetl (which is still active) having an altitude of 5.4k meters (17.8k ft.).  They are possibly the most famous stratovolcanoes in literature; both mountains feature prominently in Malcolm Lowry's 1947 classic Under the Volcano.

Indonesia's Mt. Sindoro


Crater of Mount. Sindoro


Indonesia's Mount Sundoro goes by several names: Sindara, Sindoro, or Sundoro. It is an active stratovolcano, meaning that it's been built up by many layers of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and ash. Mount Sundoro is located in Central Java, one of the regions of Indonesia's most populous islands.  The volcano has had mostly mild-to-moderate eruptions in the past. See the volcano for yourself from a bird's eye perspective in this awesome drone video by content creator and pilot Jeremy1975.

Japan's Kusatsu-Shirane




Check out this drone video of a well-known active volcano in Japan, compliments of contributor and pilot Mtaka3939.  It's called Mount Kusatsu-Shirane, and it's located in the Gumma Prefecture in the Kantō region of east-central  Honshu.  The summit of the stratovolcano consists of a complex system of cones and crater lakes.  It has a peak elevation of about 2.15k meters or a bit over 7.1k ft. above sea level.  In early 2018, a person was killed in an avalanche caused by a minor eruption of the mountain.  

Mt. Batur: Bali's "Other" Volcano


Mount Batur Bali Indonesia

  • gadour23
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  • over 3 years ago

For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor gadour23 brings us this excellent drone video of Mt. Batur on the island of Bali in Indonesia.  It's an active volcano situated in the northern part of the island, northwest of the better-known Mt. Agung.  Recognizable by two concentric caldera's, the larger of which is home to a large lake, its peak stands about 1.7k meters (around 5.6k ft.) above sea level.  The volcano erupted as recently as 2000, and has a history of events going back to 1800.  

Ecuador's Pichincha Volcano


Guagua Pichincha Volcano


Pichincha is a volcano in the South American country of Ecuador.  Still active, Pinchincha is one of the volcanoes which surrounds the capital city of Quito.  The stratovolcano has two peaks: Guagua Pichincha and Ruku Pichincha. What you'll see here in this drone video is Guagua Pichincha, which translates roughly too "small" or "baby".  It's actually the taller of the two peaks though, with a maximum elevation of almost 4.8k meters above sea level (around 15.7k ft.) - roughly 100 meters (300 ft.) taller than its sister peak.  

Mt. Agung, BAli, Indonesia


Mount Agung, Bali, Indonesia - 4K


AirVuz contributor jdelaire brings us this excellent drone video from the Agung volcano, the highest mountain on the Indonesian island of Bali.  With a peak elevation of about 9.9k ft. above sea level (a bit over 3k m), it lies to the southeast of Mt. Batur, the other well-known Balinese volcano.  Mt. Agung is quite active, having erupted catastrophically in the 1960's and in somewhat less spectacular fashion in 2017-19.  The mountain holds considerable religious significance for the island's native Balinese people.  

Iceland's Litli-Hrútur by FPV


Litli Hrútur Eruption - Iceland Volcano 2023

  • Lougedo
    • 1.7k VŪZ
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    • 15
  • 12 months ago

For obvious reasons, volcanic eruptions are difficult if not impossible to observe up close.  Fortunately, skilled first person view (FPV) drone pilots are getting increasingly good a filming these phenomena from a (relatively) safe distance.  An excellent example is this stunning FPV video by AirVuz contributor and pilot Lougedo, who was able to film the Litli-Hrútur eruption near Reykjavik, Iceland in July of 2023.  It was the largest eruption to date of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which began erupting in March of 2021.  

Guatemala's Volcán Tajumulco




Top AirVuz contributor semberadventure brings us this new gem from the Central American country of Guatemala.  He brought a drone along to capture a hike on Volcán Tajumulco, in the southwestern department of San Marcos.  Tajamulco is part of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, a range which crosses parts of three Central American countries plus a bit of southern Mexico.  The stratovolcano has a summit elevation of about 13.8k ft. above sea level, or around 4.2k m.  Considered inactive, it's one of the Western Hemisphere's most prominent peaks.

Calderón Hondo, Spain


Calderon Hondo

Dani Massa...

Check out this short-but-stunning drone video of one of the volcanoes in Spain's Canary Islands, compliments of AirVuz contributor Dani Masaro.  Calderón Hondo is located near the northern tip of Fuerteventura, the second-largest of the Canaries in terms of land area.  The volcano is part of a chain called the Volcanes de Bayuyo, which runs across the island.  Located about 5 km (around 3 mi.) from the coast, the volcano has a maximum elevation of around 275 meters above sea level or about 900 ft.

Eruption on La Palma, Canary Islands


Drone Video of Volcano Eruption on La Palma


AirVuz contributor and pilot David.Haring brings us this stunning drone video of a volcanic eruption in Spain's Canary Islands.  The eruption began in September, 2021 on a volcanic ridge known as Cumbre Vieja on La Palma, one of the smaller members of this archipelago off the coast of North Africa.  The eruption continued for about three months, requiring the evacuation of thousands and destroying the town of Todoque with its 2.3 mi. wide (3.6 km) lava flow that eventually reached the sea and formed a new peninsula to the island.  

The USA's Mt. Baker


Mount Baker in the Sun Autel Evo 2 4K


Contributor mikereidphotography used an Autel Evo 2 drone to make this stunning aerial video of Mt. Baker, one of the most prominent mountains in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  Located about two hours northeast of Seattle, Washington, Mt. Baker is an active volcano which is part of the North Cascades mountain system.  Mt. Baker has a maximum elevation of 10.8k ft. above sea level or around 3.3k m.  Mt. Baker is considered one of the snowiest spots in the world; in 1999, the nearby Mt. Baker ski area recorded snowfall of 95 ft. or 29 m.  

Mount Rinjani, Lombok


Mount Rinjani Volcano, Lombok


Content creator and pilot MIAPVIDEOS created this stunning drone video of a volcano on Indonesia's Lombok island.  Mount Rinjani is situated in the north central part of the island, which is part of the West Nusa Tenggara province.  With an altitude of 3.7k meters (12.2k ft.), it's one of the highest mountains in the country.  One of the distinguishing features of the area is the crater lake Segara Anak, which was formed by the eruption in the 13th century of the neighboring volcano called Samalas.

The USA's Mt. Rainier


Mount Rainier Fresh Snow and Forest


AirVuz contributor mikereidphotography used an Autel Evo 2 Pro to create this stunning wintertime aerial view of Mt. Rainier, one of the USA's tallest and most famous volcanoes.  Located about 60 mi. (around 100 km) southeast of downtown Seattle, Washington, Mt. Rainier has a peak elevation of 14.4k ft. above sea level (about 4.4k m), making it the tallest mountain in the Cascade range and the most prominent of all mountains in the USA.  Although it hasn't erupted since the late 1900's, it has the potential to do so catastrophically.  

Greece's Volcanic Nisyros Island


The Sleeping Giant in Greece, Volcano Nisiros


Check out this fantastic drone video of the volcanic Greek island of Nisyros, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Skyeye_Aerials.  Nisyros is part of the Dodecanese, a chain of Greek islands off the coast of Turkey in the eastern Aegean Sea.  The volcano which formed the island is an infant in geological terms, having erupted from the sea floor roughly 150k years ago.  The caldera is roughly 2-2.5 mi. wide (3-4 km).   The last known eruptions occurred in the late 19th century, although there has been more recent seismic activity.   

Guatemala's Great Volcanoes


Active Volcano Fuego and Acatenango in Guatemala Central America

OOO Photog...

Contributor OOO Photography created this stunning drone video of two active volcanoes in the Central American nation of Guatemala.  Volcán de Fuego is the more recently active of the two.  It lies to the west of the historical city of Antigua near the center of the country.  It is almost always active and has erupted frequently.  Acatenango, the second volcano, is joined to Volcán de Fuego in the same masif.  Acatenango's only known eruptions occurred in the 20th century, most recently in 1972.  

Mt. Ciremai, Indonesia


Mount Ciremai - Indonesia

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Contributor aqwamhm created this beautiful aerial video of Mt. Ciremai, the highest mountain in the western part of Java, Indonesia.  The highly symmetrical volcano has a peak elevation of just under 3.1k meters above sea level, or about 10.1k ft.  It's situated in the province of West Java, southeast of Jakarta.  Mt. Ciremai is generally quiet but is still considered an active volcano.  The mountain is a popular climbing/hiking spot; reaching the peak requires about 12 hours, round trip.  

Mt. Bromo Drone Views


Best place in Indonesia- Mount Bromo

Sandrine H...

Top contributor Sandrine Hecq collaborated with the Indonesia tourism board to create this stunning video from the Mt. Bromo volcano, one of the country's top attractions.  The mountain is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java, on the country's most populous island.  The mountain, which has a peak elevation of about just over 2.3k meters above sea level (about 7.6k ft.), has been in a state of near-eruption for much of the past few years.  This video was a DVOW nominee in June 2019  

Hawaii's Fissure 8


The Living Breath of Aloha

Hawaii Aer...

The "Big Island" of Hawaii was formed via five separate volcanoes, of which two (Mauna Loa and Kilauea) remain active.  Kīlauea, on the southeastern part of the island, is the more active.   Less than 300k years old, the shield volcano erupted more or less continuously from 1983 to 2018, explosively so in mid-2018.  In this stunning drone video by Hawaii Aerial Visions, you'll get an aerial view of the crack known as Fissure 8, which was the source of some of the most destructive lava emissions during the 2018 eruptions.

Volcanic Lake in Ecuador


QUILOTOA / The volcano that became a lagoon


Check out these outstanding drone views of a famous volcanic crater lake in Ecuador, compliments of sebasutraras96.  Quilotoa is the westernmost of a chain of volcanoes which run through this South American country, all of which are part of the Andes Mountains system.  The mountain is now topped by a three km wide (two mi.) caldera, the result of a massive eruption which occurred about 600 years ago.  Now a popular hiking destination, the 250 meter deep (820 ft.) lake sits at an altitude of 3.5k meters above sea level (11.5k ft.).  

Guatemala's Pacaya Volcano


Flying Over An Active Volcano | Pacaya 4K

Matt Dahlb...

AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Matt Dahlberg brings us this fantastic drone video of a famous volcano in Guatemala.  Pacaya is part of the Central American Volcanic Belt.  Its caldera was formed in an eruption which occurred about 23,000 years ago, a blink of an eye in geological terms.  The volcano has been erupting more or less continuously since 1961, following about seven decades of dormancy.  It rises to a height of just under 8.4k ft., or about 2.6k m.  Pacaya is less than an hour's drive southwest of Guatemala City.  

Italy's Sromboli by FPV


Stromboli Volcano | Cinematic FPV

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Former Drone Video of the Week Winner Jturner brings us this fantastic first person view (FPV) done video Italy's Mt. Stromboli, one of the country's four currently (as of 2022) active volcanoes.  Stromboli is one of the eight Aeolian Islands, a small archipelago just north of the giant island of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea (an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea).  With a peak elevation of about 3k ft. above sea level (around 925 m), Stromboli has been in near-continuous eruption for thousands of years.  

Volcanic Ridge in Argentina


Antofagasta de la Sierra

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Check out this amazing drone video from a volcanic field in the Andes Mountains region of Argentina, compliments of AirVuz contributor BlackSun.  It's called Antofagasta de la Sierra, and it's located in the northwestern province of Catamarca.  The voclanoes are distinguished by their cinder cones (also known as scoria cones), which aer created from fragments created by a volcanic blast from a single vent.  The Alumbrera, one of two which you'll see in the video, rises to a height of 538 ft. (164 m) above the surrounding terrain.  

Russia's Mt. Tyatya


Kunashir. Echo of Volcanoes


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist AndrewWithDrone brings us this stunning drone video from a volcanic island in Russia's Far East region.  The video was filmed over Kunashir, the southernmost of the Kurile Islands, an archipelago which stretches out south of the Kamchatka Peninsula.  The highlight of the video is footage of the volcanic mountain Tyatya, which is situated in the northeastern part of the island.  The tallest mountain on the island, it has a peak elevation of just under 6k ft. above sea level (around 1.8k m).  

Iceland's Litli-Hrútur Eruption by Drone


ICELAND ERUPTION - 4k Drone Video | DJI Mavic 3


Former Drone Video of the Week Winner and 2023 DVOY nominee gianluigipalomba used a DJI Mavic 3 drone to create this aerial video of the Litli-Hrútur volcano in southwestern Iceland in the course of its summer, 2023 eruption.  It's part of the Fagradalsfjall volcanic complex on the Reykjanes Peninsula near Reykjavik which began erupting in early 2021, the first such activity in over 800 years in Reykjanes.  When it first began spewing lava on July 2023, Litli-Hrútur initially had higher lava flows than the 2021-2022 Fagradalsfjall eruptions. 

Profile of Hausmannvisuals


The Drone Dish: haussmannvisuals

The Drone ...

In this segment of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason chats with top drone pilot Daniel Haussmann, aka Haussmannvisuals.  Hailing from Germany, Daniel has traveled the world, from the Faroe Islands to Italy to southern China, to make amazing cinematic drone videos from some of the most fascinating places on earth.  His video "Hong Kong- Reach the Sky" has been nominated as a Finalist for the Second Annual Drone Video Awards in the Cities category.  Watch the segment find out what it's like to fly over the volcanoes of Sicily!  



Simple Pleasures: 2018

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