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Lighthouse Compilation


Lighthouses from Above

AirVūz Soc...

Lighthouses are some of our most recognizable landmarks, and the AirVuz community has uploaded many hundreds of drone videos of lighthouses from all over the world.  In this compilation, we've put together highlight clips from the following famous lighthouses: Lighthouse of L'Île de la Giraglia on the French island of Corsica; Portugal's  Lighthouse of Cabo de Roca; England's Godrevy Lighthouse; Ireland's Old Head Lighthouse; Lighthouse Park in Vancouver, Canada; and the USA's Yaquina Head, Split Rock, and Sankaty Head Lighthouses.

Wales: South Stack


South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey

Joshua Pau...

The South Stack Lighthouse is built on the summit of a small island off the north-west coast of Holy Island, Anglesey, Wales. It was constructed in 1809 to warn ships of the dangerous rocks below.  The lighthouse is located on a small island reached via a descent of 400 steps down the steep mainland cliffs. This video is part of Joshua Paul Gardner's series of drone videos on the iconic landmark, one of the most well known lighthouses in the world and protected under UK conservation statutes.

Nova Scotia, Canada: Peggy's Cove


Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, via DJI Phantom 3 drone (#LighthouseProject)

Nō Ka 'Oi ...

Given the area's historical dependence on shipping and fishing, lighthouses have long been important part of the landscape of Canada's Maritime Provinces.  Peggys Cove Lighthouse (sometimes called Peggys Point) was built in 1915 and quickly became one of the most recognized spots in Nova Scotia and indeed in all of Canada.   In this video, contributor and pilot Nō Ka 'Oi Drone Guys filmed this iconic looking lighthouse with a drone.  This aerial footage was featured in various Canadian national media outlets.  

Narragansett Bay, USA: Point Judith


Point Judith Light // DJI Phantom 4 Pro


The Point Judith Light lighthouse is located on the west side of the entrance to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Seen here in this drone video by contributor and pilot AGLAerials, the lighthouse sits at the confluence of two waterways.  The currents and other navigational hazards here pose numerous challenges to the busy shipping lanes that pass near here.  While there have been many shipwrecks off these coasts even with active lighthouses, it's safe to assume that the toll would have been far larger without them.

Northern England: Souter


Souter Lighthouse, Tyne & Wear: DJI Phantom 4

Aerial Vid...

Souter Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in the village of Marsden in northern England. It's near the town of South Shields, in the northeastern county of Tyne & Wear.  It was the first lighthouse in the world to be designed and built specifically to use AC electric current.  The lighthouse was a much-needed aid to navigation due to this coastline being the most dangerous in the country.  See this amazing lighthouse from a bird's eye perspective with this epic drone video from Aerial Video Works.  

Denmark: Rubjerg Knude


Rubjerg Knude from a Drone

Magnus Bo ...

Navigating between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea involves passing near various points on the coast of Denmark, and the going can be treacherous due to winds, currents, and narrow passageways, in addition to heavy shipping traffic.  In this video, contributor Magnus Bo Hansen used a drone to create a bird's eye view of the Rujberg Knude lighthouse, which sits atop a 60 m (200 ft) cliff overlooking the North Sea near the northern tip of the country.   It's one of the most well known lighthouses in Europe.   

Northern Portugal: Leça da Palmeira


Lighthouse Leça da Palmeira with Mavic Air

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The Atlantic coastline of Portugal's Norte region is dominated by Porto and cities which have become part of its metropolitan area.  One of these cities is Leça da Palmeira, a city which is situated just a short ways up the coast from Porto.  It has a long history as an important port city and more recently as an oil refining center.  Contributor Hpascoal created this beautiful drone video of the lighthouse of Leça da Palmeira, with other parts of the coastal city visible in the background.

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light, Maine


Sunset over Nubble Light

DaveIN NH...

Check out this fantastic sunset drone video of one of the USA's most famous lighthouses, compliments of contributor DaveIN NH.  Known formally as Cape Neddick Light, it's best known for its nickname: "the Nubble".  It sits on a tiny island on the southern coast of Maine, roughly halfway between Kennebunkport and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Built in 1879 and automated since 1987, the cast-iron plate tower has a height of 12 meters (around 41 ft.).   A picture of this American icon was sent along on the 1977 Voyager mission to outer space.

Northern Ireland: St. John's Point


St John's Point Lighthouse 4K

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  • about 6 years ago

Contributor and pilot Gavmart created this amazing drone video of St. John's Lighthouse, an important navigation aid to coastal shipping in Northern Ireland.  The lighthouse is located near Ardglass in County Down, a harbor town which continues to host a substantial fishing fleet.  St. Johns helps these and other watercraft to navigate the treacherous waters of the Irish Sea along the eastern coast of the province of Ulster, which is split between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Corsica, France: L'Île de la Giraglia


Lighthouse of L'Île de la Giraglia (Corse)

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  • over 5 years ago

North of Cap Corse, the peninsula which forms the northern tip of the French island of Corsica in the western Mediterranean, there's a tiny island called Giraglia.  The island's two landmarks are a tower built by the Genoese in the 16th-17th centuries called Torra di Giraglia and a lighthouse.  Both are official monuments protected by the government of France.  In this video by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Altrove, you'll get a bird's eye view of this iconic looking island, which is barely visible on a map.

New South Wales, Australia: Macquarie


The Macquarie Lighthouse in New South Wales


Contributor and pilot Skys_Feed used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this beautiful video of the Macquarie Lighthouse, the oldest in Australia.  It is situated in Vaucluse, a suburb of Sydney in the state of New South Wales.  The lighthouse is situated in an area critical to shipping navigation in and out of the Sydney Harbor.  The present lighthouse was built in 1881-83.  The lighthouse is still operational, and the site is now protected by designation under the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

Puerto Rico: Los Morrillos


Los Morrillos Lighthouse, Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Pedro's ai...

Contributor and pilot Pedro's Airtime created this stunning drone video of one of the most important lighthouses in the Caribbean. Los Morrillos Lighthouse is in Cabo Roca, the town which sits in the very southwestern corner of Puerto Rico.  The town is situated on the east side of the Mona Passage between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  The lighthouse was built in 1882, and since then has played an important navigational role for ship traffic in and out of the Caribbean through these waters.

Cornwall, England: Godrevy


Godrevy Lighthouse: The Best Sunset Views in Cornwall

Joshua Pau...

Contributor and pilot Joshua Paul Gardner used a DJI Phantom drone to create this amazing video of an important lighthouse in the South of England.  The Godrevy lighthouse was built in the 1850's on St. Ives Bay, on the northern side of the western tip of County Cornwall.  It was built as a navigation aid around the Stones Reef, which had caused many shipwrecks over the years.  In 1854, a passenger ship with about 40 onboard wrecked on the reef, providing the final impetus for the lighthouse to be built.  

Kent, England: North Foreland


Joss Bay and North Foreland Lighthouse


Contributor Oszibusz created this beautiful aerial view of a beautiful and historic spot at the very eastern end of County Kent in Southeastern England.  The centerpiece of North Foreland is its lighthouse, which was the last manned lighthouse in the UK.  In the video, you'll see a tower standing next to the lighthouse.  This was one of the radar towers which ringed the Kent coastline, part of a defense system which provided critical early warning to RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain in 1940. 

Northern California, USA: Point Sur


Point Sur Lighthouse (Short Version)


Contributor and pilot Jayxlamar created this beautiful drone video of one of the most well recognized lighthouses on the USA's Pacific Coast.  Point Sur Lighthouse is situated near the southern end of the famous Big Sur coastline in Monterey, California, a 2-3 hour drive south of the Bay Area.  Built in 1889, the lighthouse stands about 80 meters (around 270 ft.) above sea level on the Point Sur Peninsula.  Point Sur is the only lighthouse of this type in California which is open to the public.  

New South Wales, Australia: Cape Byron


Cape Byron Lighthouse: New South Wales, Australia


Contributor and pilot DroneKUMELL used a Xiaomi Mi drone to create this aerial tour of what is considered Australia's most famous lighthouse.  Cape Byron Light is on Cape Byron, which is just a few km/mi from the town of Byron Bay in New South Wales.  It has the distinction of being the easternmost point in Australia.  Completed in 1901, it's light intensity is about 2.2 million candela, making it the most powerful lighthouse in the country.  The lighthouse attracts about 500,000 visitors per year.

Galicia, Spain: Tower of Hercules


The Tower of Hercules: Parrot Bebop 2


The Tower of Hercules is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world.  It's located off the coast of the Galicia region, in the northwestern corner of Spain.  The dates to Roman times, in the second century AD.  The original structure was 34 meters, or about 112 feet.  In the late 18th century it was renovated extensively, and another 21 meters (69 ft.) was added to its height.  Today the tower is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The tower is tied to Geryon, a giant in Greco-Roman mythology.

Oregon, USA: Yaquina Head


Yaquina Head Lighthouse Newport Oregon Coast

  • cward360
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  • almost 5 years ago

The rocky shores of the USA's Pacific Northwest are notoriously dangerous for shipping, and lighthouses continue to be critical for maintaining shipping safety.  Yaquina Head Light is in Lincoln County, Oregon, near the mouth of the Yaquina River.  First lit in 1873, it's one of the most well known lighthouses in the region, and at 28 meters (93 ft.) it's the tallest such structure in the state.  In this video, you can see this iconic lighthouse from a bird's eye perspective,  compliments of contributor Cward360.  

Lake Superior: Split Rock Lighthouse


Split Rock Lighthouse, Lake Superior


Contributor duluthaerial used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to aerially film the famed Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.  Completed in 1910, the landmark regularly appears atop lists of the USA's most iconic lighthouses.  It sits atop a cliff about an hour's drive north of Duluth, on a stretch of the lake which was at one time considered quite treacherous for shipping.  Retired in 1969, the lighthouse made an appearance as a filming location for the 2013 blockbuster The Great Gatsby.

North Carolina, USA: Bodie Island Lighthouse


Bodie Island Lighthouse-Phantom 3 Pro


I-Drone-Aerial created this beautiful drone video of one of the most visited lighthouses on the US East Coast.  Bodie Island lighthouse is located on an island of the same name, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The Outer Banks, which lie on the state's northern Atlantic Coast, are notoriously difficult waters for ships.  The Bodie Island Lighthouse, opened in 1873, was critical to improving the safety of shipping in these treacherous waters.  The lighthouse is about 50 meters (about 155 ft.) in height.  

Norfolk, England: Happisburgh


Happisburgh Lighthouse // Little Escape // Episode 14 // Norfolk // Drone 4K

Joshua Pau...

England's Norfolk coastline bulges into the North Sea, creating significant navigational challenges for ships in these perennially busy waters.  Since 1790, the Happisburgh Light House, which sits near the northeastern apex of the coast, has been critical to protecting ships in the area.  With a focal height of 41 meters (about 135 ft.), it's the oldest working lighthouse in East Anglia.  In this drone video from Joshua Paul Gardner, you can see this famous landmark from a bird's eye perspective.  

California, USA: Pigeon Point


California's Pigeon Point Lighthouse


Stillmotionpicture created this stunning drone video of one of California's most famous lighthouses.  Pigeon Point Lighthouse is situated on the Pacific coast between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, in San Mateo County.  The structure was built in 1871.  At 35 meters (around 115 ft.), it's tied for being California's tallest lighthouse.  The location of this lighthouse was particularly important as a navigational aid for ships on coastal routes from the south headed for San Francisco Bay.

Yorkshire, England: Flamborough Head Lighthouse


Flamborough Head


Here's an epic bird's eye view of one of the most well known lighthouses in Northern England, compliments of contributor jonathanrichards.  Flamborough Head is a peninsula in the North Sea in Yorkshire County.  Given the spot's importance to important coastal shipping lanes, there has been a lighthouse here since 1674.  The current structure, which was built in 1806, was the world's first to use color in its signal.  It's still operational, although the lighthouse has been automated since 1996.  

Canary Islands: Maspalomas Lighthouse


Lighthouse in Maspalomas | Gran Canaria | Spain

Drone Eye ...

The lighthouses of the Canary Islands have long played an important role in keeping ships off of their rocky shores; if you look at a map of North Africa, you'll see why.  Probably the most important of these is the Maspalomas Lighthouse, which sits at the southern end of Gran Canaria.  Opened in 1890 and automated since 1973, the tower stands 56 meters (just under 200 ft.) tall; it's the second tallest in the chain.  Check out this important maritime landmark from above in this drone video from DroneEyePerspective.

Setúbal, Portugal: Cape Espichel


Cabo Espichel with DJI Mavic Pro UHD


Get a bird's eye view of one of Portugal's most famous lighthouses in this drone video. Cape Espichel Lighthouse lies at the tip of the cape of the same name in Portugal's Setúbal District, which lies just to the south of the capital city and is part of the Grande Lisboa (Greater Lisbon) region.  Built in 1790, the lighthouse provides critical navigation to an area which was known as the Black Coast to British sailors because of its extreme danger to ships headed in and out of Lisbon Harbor.

Isle of Skye Scotland: Neist Point


Scotland in Motion: The Isle of Skye

L.A. Media...

L.A. Media created this mini tour by drone of Scotland's legendary Isle of Skye.  The opening shot is of one of the most iconic landmarks on this famous isle in the Scottish Highlands.  Neist Point Lighthouse is located on a point of the same name, in the northeastern part of Skye.  It was built in 1909.  The lighthouse is important to protecting shipping traffic in the dangerous waters between the Inner and Outer Hebrides.  It is not a manned lighthouse; since 1990 it's been controlled remotely.  

England's Portland Bill Lighthouse


Portland Bill Lighthouse United Kingdom

Drone Eye ...

Check out this fantastic drone video of the Portland Bill lighthouse in Southwestern England, compliments of Drone Eye Perspective.  The lighthouse's namesake is a small island connected via sand bar to the mainland just south of Weymouth in County Dorset, on the English Channel coast.  Completed in 1906, the 135 ft. tall (41 m) structure replaced two older lighthouses, which remain standing but are not used.  Automated since 1996, the lighthouse protects ships moving through some of the UK's most dangerous waters.   

Oregon, USA: Terrible Tilly


Terrible Tilly


Take in this aerial video of what was once one of the most well-known lighthouses in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  It's the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, and it sits on a tiny island about 2 km (around 1.2 mi.) off the coast of Oregon in Tillamook County.  When completed in 1881, it was the most expensive lighthouse on the West Coast.  It soon garnered the nickname "Terrible Tilly" due to the dangers involved in reaching the island in inclement weather.  Now inactive, it's listed in the National Historic Register.  

Lake Constance, Germany: Lindau


Flight over Lake of Constance Germany DJI Phantom 3


Contributor Cyber_Drone used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to give us this aerial view of one of the world's most famous inland lighthouses.  Lindau Lighthouse is situated on the town of the same name, which is an island on Lake Constance in Bavaria.  The lake is part of the Rhine River and has shores in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.   The lighthouse was built in 1859.  Since the 1990's, its operation has been fully automated.  It stands opposite the harbor entrance from an iconic looking lion statue.

New Caledonia: Le Phare Amédée


Le Phare Amédée

Les Waouh ...

Le Phare Amédée is the site of one of the most well known lighthouses in the South Pacific.  It's located on a small island of the same name about 24 km (around 15 mi) from the city of  Nouméa, in New Caledonia.  It was built in Paris in 1862, tested, disassembled, and then shipped around the world.  At 56 meters (184 ft.), it's one of the tallest lighthouses in the world.  Contributor Les Waouh de Vic used a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum to create this beautiful aerial view of the landmark, one of NC's top tourist attractions. 

Ibiza, Spain: Moscarters Lighthouse


Lighthouse of the Moscarters in Ibiza

Safi Dehil...

Contributor Sam Dehili created this stunning drone video of the tallest lighthouse in Spain's Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean.  Punta Moscarter is a point on the northern shore of Ibiza, the third largest of the four islands (second largest by population).  Located near the town of Punta Moscarter, the lighthouse was opened in 1978.  With a height of 52 meters (about 170 ft.), it's the tallest lighthouse in the region.  It's located in the sea lanes on the eastern approaches to Valencia, Spain's largest port.  

Southern Spain: Cape Trafalgar Lighthouse


Drone Views of Los Caños de Meca, Cape Trafalgar


Contributor MrMaikelMaik brings us this beautiful aerial view of the area around Los Caños de Meca, in southern Spain.  The town lies just to the east of Cape Trafalgar, in the Andalusian province of Cádiz.  The video also captures the well known Cape Gibraltar Lighthouse.  The waters here were the site of one of the world's most famous naval battles: in 1805, a British fleet under Admiral Lord Nelson defeated a French/Spanish fleet and dealt a heavy blow to Napoloeon's drive to control the seas.  

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Sankaty Head Light


Sankaty Head Light


Check out this stunning drone video of one of the most well-known lighthouses on the USA's East Coast, compliments of contributor PO3SMITH.  Sankaty Head Light sits on the east end of the island of Nantucket, south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  One look at a map will tell you why a lighthouse would be important here; the island sits astride busy shipping lanes in and out of Boston Harbor and points further north.  The 21 meter (70 ft.) lighthouse was completed in 1850 and has been automated since 1965.

Southern Ireland: Old Head Lighthouse


Old Head Lighthouse, Cork, Ireland. Mavic 2 Pro

Mark's Mav...

Contributor and pilot Mark's Mavic 2 used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this stunning video of the lighthouse at the Old Head of Kinsale in County Cork, Ireland.  The spot is famous for being the nearest land point to the sinking of the RMS Lusitania by a German U-Boat during World War I. On May 7, 1915, the Cunard-operated ship was torpedoed about 19 km (11 mi.) from here, killing almost 1,200 people.  The ensuing worldwide outrage caused Germany to temporarily suspend unrestricted submarine warfare.  

Lisbon, Portugal: Bugio's Lighthouse


Bugio's lighthouse - In the middle of Tagus river, Lisbon, Portugal


Here's a terrific aerial view of one of the landmarks of the Greater Lisbon region of Portugal: it's a lighthouse atop a small island at the mouth of the Tagus River called Bugio's Lighthouse.  It's situated within the Forte de São Lourenço do Bugio, a 16th century fortress which was built at the mouth of the river to protect Lisbon from the ever-present threat of a seaborne invasion.   The original lighthouse was destroyed in the cataclysmic 1755 earthquake but its replacement continues to be operational.

Western Cyprus: Paphos Lighthouse


Lighthouse, Paphos Ancient Odeon

  • Lego
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  • over 4 years ago

Check out this beautiful drone video of one of the most well-known lighthouses on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, compliments of contributor and pilot Lego.  It's located on a small peninsula on the western part of the island, near the harbor town of the same name.   The lighthouse was built in the late 1800's when Cyprus was under British rule and was considered strategically important relative to routes to and from the Suez Canal.  You'll also see some shots of the adjacent Odeon amphitheater.   

Makapuu Point Light, Oahu


Lighthouse, Hawaii


Checkout this drone video of the most famous lighthouse in Hawaii, compliments of contributor angelo_q.  It's called the Makapuu Point Light, and it's situated at the southeastern tip of Oahu.  If you glance at a map of Hawaii, you'll see why this would be an important spot for a lighthouse - virtually all shipping traffic to and from the mainland USA must navigate this point.  Constructed in 1909, its lens is the largest of any lighthouse in the world, and it's also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Vancouver's Point Atkinson Lighthouse


Lighthouse Park - West Vancouver, BC


Check out this drone videos of one of the most well-known parks of greater Vancouver, Canada, compliments of contributor and pilot raphael_bellizzi.  It's called Lighthouse Park, and it is situated on a small promontory on the north side of Burrard Inlet.  It's the home of the Point Atkinson Lighthouse, which provides navigational guidance to shipping in and out of Vancouver Harbor.  Built in 1914 and now automated, the lighthouse (and surrounding park) is a National Historic Site of Canada.  

California's Point Arena Lighthouse


Point Arena Lighthouse - California, USA in 4K

Earth Mapp...

Check out this drone video of one of California's most famous lighthouses, compliments of contributor and pilot Earth Mappers.  It's Point Arena Lighthouse, and it's located just a couple km/mi north of Point Arena in Mendocino County, roughly halfway between San Francisco and the Oregon border.  The original lighthouse here, built in 1870, was destroyed in the great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.  The current structure, which stands 35 meters tall (around 115 ft.), was completed in 1908. 

Tour of Lake Michigan's Lighthouses


Lake Michigan Lights | 4k | DJI Mavic Pro

Bill Drone...

Famously dangerous to shipping, Lake Michigan is home to some of the most well-known lighthouses in the USA.  In this drone video by Bill Drones, you'll be treated to aerial views of the following lighthouses: Kenosha North Pier Light, Kenosha, WI; Canal North Pierhead Light, Sturgeon Bay, WI; Bailey's Harbor Light and Cana Island Lighthouse, Bailey's Harbor, WI;  Chicago Harbor Lighthouse; Michigan City East Light, Michigan City, IN; Little Sable Point Light, Golden Township, MI; and Big Sable Point Light, Luddington, MI.  

The USA's Portland Head Lighthouse


Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth ME

  • Manx.Cat
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  • about 3 years ago

Check out this outstanding drone video of one of the USA's most famous lighthouses, compliments of contributor Manx.Cat.  Portland Head Light is located on a narrow promontory in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.   Maine's oldest lighthouse, it protects shipping in and out of the harbor of Portland that lies just to its north.  Maine's oldest lighthouse, it was completed in 1791, when Maine was still part of the state of Massachusetts.  Automated since 1989, the iconic black and white structure has a tower height of just over 24 meters (80 ft.).  

Miķeļbāka: Latvia's Tallest Lighthouse


Shine the light

Eaglewood ...

Eaglewood Films created this drone video of Miķeļbāka, the tallest lighthouse in Latvia.  It lies on the south side of the main passageway that connects the Baltic Sea to the Gulf of Riga.  The original lighthouse here was built in 1884, but was damaged during World War I and later dismantled.  The second lighthouse was blown up by Soviet forces during the early months of the German invasion of the USSR in World War II.  The current structure, which stands 56 meters or about 180 ft., was built in 1957. 

Beavertail Lighthouse, Rhode Island


Beavertail Lighthouse - Jamestown, RI // Yuneec Typhoon H


Contributor AGL Aerials used a Yuneec Typhoon H drone to create this aerial view of Beavertail Lighthouse, the most well-known lighthouse in the USA state of Rhode Island.  The lighthouse sits at the southern tip of Conanicut Island, at the entrance to Naragansett Bay.  Located in an important spot relative to shipping lanes in and out of the state's main harbors, a crude beacon was operational here as early as the early 1700's.  The current structure dates to 1856, and it's been automated since 1989.  

Lynde Point Lighthouse, Connecticut


Old Saybrook - Lynde Point - DJI Mavic Air 4K


Lynde Point, Connecticut sits near the mouth of the  Connecticut River, one of the most important waterways in New Engand.  To protect shipping along the river as well as along the north shore of Long Island Sound, one of the USA's first lighthouses was constructed here in 1803.  The current lighthouse structure here opened in 1839.  Automated since 1978, Lynde Point Lighthouse is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.  In this drone video by GolfTango, you can see this beautiful landmark from above.  

France's La Vieille Lighthouse


phare de la vieille

capitaine ...

The star of this drone video by capitaine citron is the La Vieille Lighthouse near the western extremity of France.  It is situated on a tiny islet just off the tip of Pointe du Raz in Finistère, the westernmost department of Brittany and Metropolitan France. The lighthouse protects the eastern side of the Raz de Sein Strait, a particularly dangerous stretch of water which must be crossed to enter the port of Brest from the south.  Completed in 1887, the lighthouse stands 27 meters tall (89 ft.).

Trwyn Dru Lighthouse, Wales


Penmon Point, Anglesey, North Wales


Here's a beautiful drone video from a little-known corner of Wales, compliments of content creator and pilot tudnofilms.  It was filmed in the area around Penmon, on the Isle of Anglesey (the largest island of Wales).  The town lies at the tip of an arrow-shaped landform which juts off the southeastern corner of the island.  The video also features footage of the tiny Puffin Island and the iconic Trwyn Du Lighthouse, which lies on a tiny islet just off the tip of the "mainland".  Completed in 1838, it's one of the most famous in Wales.

California's Point Vicente Light


Point Vicente Lighthouse Drone Video


Point Vicente Light is one of the most important lighthouses in Southern California.  It is situated at the tip of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the town of Rancho Palos Verdes.  Completed in 1926 and automated since 1973, the lighthouse provides navigation for ships heading in and out of Los Angeles Harbor, home to the USA's two busiest container ports.   Seen here in this excellent drone video, Point Vicente Light and its surroundings were used as a primary filming location for the 2017 World War II film Dunkirk.

Salvador, Brazil: Lighthouse of Itapuã


Farol de Itapuã, Salvador BA, DJI Inspire2 Zenmuse X5S

Peu Ribeir...

The Lighthouse of Itapuã (Farol de Itapuã) is one of the more well known landmarks of the Brazilian city of Salvador.  Its distinctive red and white stripe design graces the coastline near this city, the capital of the state Bahia and the largest in the country's Northeast region.  The Itapuã Lighthouse sits on a small promontory north of the city, on the approaches to the Bay of All Saints.  You can see this iconic landmark from a bird's eye perspective in this fantastic drone video by Peu Ribeiro.

St. Mary's Lighthouse in North Yorkshire, England


St Mary's Lighthouse


If you look at the North Sea coastline of North East England on a map, there is a small peninsula which forms the northern side of Whitley Bay, a bit to the north of the mouth of the River Tyne.  At the tip of this peninsula is a small sandbar of an island called St. Mary's Island.  The most prominent landmark on the island is the iconic St. Mary's Lighthouse.  Commissioned in 1898 and closed in 1984, it's now open to the public.  You can check out this Grade II listed landmark from above in this drone video by top contributor newcastlemale.  

Hong Kong's Waglan Lighthouse


Hong Kong's Waglan Island Lighthouse

JN Drone ...
  • JN Drone
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  • almost 4 years ago

Check out this drone video of one of Hong Kong's last surviving lighthouses, compliments of JN Drone. It sits on Waglan Island, an islet which is part of the Po Toi archipelago, a group of about 200 small islands southeast of Hong Kong Island.  The lighthouse was built in 1893 to protect shipping lanes in and out of Hong Kong Harbor from the southeast.  It's one of about 115 scheduled monuments in the Hong Kong Territory.  Automated since 1989, it's one of five operating Hong Kong lighthouses.

Sleepy Hollow: Hudson River Lighthouse


Sunset Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse


Lighthouses aren't just for sea coasts and harbors.  One of the most famous lighhouses in the USA's Mid-Atlantic region is Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse, which is located on the Hudson River near Tarrytown, around 50 km (about 30 mi.) north of the river's mouth in New York Harbor.  Built using the "spark plug" lighthouse design, it was constructed in 1883 to protect shipping up and down the busy waterway.  De-activated in 1961, it's on the National Register of Historic Places.  Check it out from above in this drone video by shelteredexistence.  

Australia's Cape Schanck Lighthouse


Cape Schanck Lighthouse - Mornington Peninsula in Victoria

Gizmo Dron...

Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist Gizmo Drones brings us this stunning aerial view of one of the most famous lighthouses in Australia.  It's the Cape Schanck Lighthouse, and it's located on the Mornington Peninsula, roughly due south of Melbourne.  Completed in 1859, it was the second lighthouse built in the state of Victoria.   With a tower height of 69 ft. (21 m) and a focal height of 330 ft. (100 m), the still-operational lighthouse aids shipping approaching the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.  

Ireland's Fanad Head Lighthouse


Raw beauty of sunlight


Multiple Drone Video of the Week Finalist Drone Photography Ireland brings us this fantastic drone video of Ireland's Fanad Head Lighthouse.  Built in 1886, it sits at the end of the Fanad Peninsula in the northern part of County Donegal, Ireland's northernmost county.   The lighthouse lies at the western entrance to Lough Swilly, the inlet which separates the Fanad and Inishowen Peninsulas and which represents a navigational challenge for ships in the area.  The current structure has a tower height of 22 meters (72 ft.).  

New London Ledge: Connecticut's Haunted Lighthouse


New London Ledge Light


Here's a nice aerial view of a "haunted" lighthouse in the USA's New England region, compliments of Golf.Tango.  It's called New London Ledge Light, and it's located near the mouth of the Thames River in Groton, southeastern Connecticut.  Completed in 1909, it remains operational, although it was automated in 1987.  Local legend has it that the lighthouse is haunted by a former keeper named Ernie. The lighthouse has been featured on a number of TV shows about paranormal activity.  

Finisterrre: Spain's "End of the World" Lighthouse


Faro de Finisterre

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Spain's Cape Finisterre isn't (as its name translates) the "end of the world", but in pre-Columbian times it probably felt pretty close.  It's a peninsula in the northwestern corner of Galicia, the region which covers the northwestern corner of Spain.  In historical times, the cape was associated with the famous Saint James Way pilgrimage route.  The most westerly point in mainland Spain, the cape's most recognizable landmark is the Cape Finisterre Lighthouse, which you will see in this drone video.  

Little Sable and Holland Point Lighthouses, Lake Michigan


Frozen Winter Wonder Land Little Sable Point Lighthouse & Holland Big Red Lighthouse Polar Vortex

Timeless A...

Check out this drone video of two of the most famous lighthouses on Lake Michigan, compliments of contributor Timeless Aerial Photography.  Little Sable Point Light and Holland Harbor Light both lie on the eastern shore of the lake, in the state of Michigan.  Little Sable is the better known of the two; completed in 1874, it was designed by a Orlando Poe, a Civil War army officer who designed many of the early lighthouses on the Great Lakes.  The Holland lighthouse was completed in 1872; it assists navigation into the port of Holland.  

Point Sur Lighthouse, California


Aloft in California - Point Sur Lighthouse 4K


AirVuz contributor and pilot AdventurousDrone created this stunning aerial view of Point Sur Light, one of California's most famous lighthouses.  The point is located near the southern end of the Monterey Peninsula, about 220 km (around 135 mi.) south of San Francisco.  Opened in 1889, it's been automated since 1972 but is still operational.  Point Sur is the only lighthouse of its era in California which is open to the public.  It stands 12 meters (40 ft.) tall and is just over 80 meters above sea level (270 ft.).  

Talacre/Point of Ayre Lighthouse, Wales


Abandoned Lighthouse on Talacre Beach, North Wales


AirVuz contributor and pilot tudnofilms brings us this marvelous drone video of the Talacre Lighthouse in Wales.  Also known as the Point Ayr Lighthouse, it was built in 1776 on the Dee River estuary, in the very northeast corner of this culturally distinctive region of the United Kingdom.  It's only a few short miles from the port city of Liverpool in Northern England, which lies to its north and west.  The lighthouse provides navigation for ships plying what were once some of the world's busiest coastal routes.

Baltimore Harbor Light, Chesapeake Bay


Baltimore Harbor Lighthouse


Seen here in this drone video, Baltimore Harbor Light is one of the most important lighthouses in the USA's Chesapeake Bay.  Lying just south of the mouth of the Patapsco River, it serves as a navigational aid to ships headed in and out of the port of Baltimore.  Standing 16 meters (52 ft.), the lighthouse was first lit in 1908 and has been automated since 1964.  It was (at the time of construction) the world's tallest caisson lighthouse, an offshore construction design which developed as a cheaper alternative to using screw-piles.

New Orleans' New Canal Lighthouse


New Canal Lighthouse

Bumble Bee...

New Canal Lighthouse is an important historical landmark in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It is situated on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, due north of downtown.  The lighthouse was completed in 1838 in connection with the construction of the New Basin Canal, which connected the lake with the Mississippi River to its south.  While the canal was filled in in 1950, the lighthouse remains.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, you can check it out from above in this excellent drone video by Bumble Bee Productions.   

Oluvi Lighthouse, Sri Lanka


Light House - Oluvil - Sri Lanka

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Top contributor ablbaset used a drone to film one of the most well known lighthouses on the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka.  It's called the Oluvil Light House, and it's located on the country's southeastern coast. The distinctive looking white cylindrical structure stands just under 24 meters (about 80 ft.) high.  Opened in 1999, it was the first lighthouse constructed in Sri Lanka since the country achieved its independence from the British Empire several decades previously.  

Germany's Westerheversand Lighthouse


Lighthouse Westerheversand

Elb Cut Me...

The lighthouse of Westerheversand is one of the most well-known in Germany.  It's situated at the mouth of a small bay of the North Sea in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost German state.  Opened in 1908, the cast-iron structure stands 40 meters tall or around 130 ft; it has a range of about 21 nautical miles.  Open to the public, the structure is often used for weddings and other social gatherings.  Check out Westerheversand Lighthouse from above in this drone video by top contributor Elb Cut Media.  

Tybee Island Light, Georgia, USA


Tybee Island shot with DJI Mavic Pro 2


Check out this drone video of Tybee Island in the Southeastern USA state of Georgia, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot rkmaerial.   The barrier island is situated near the mouth of the Savannah River, about 30 km (a bit under 20 mi.) downstream of the river's namesake port city.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the video features excellent footage of Tybee's most recognized landmark: the Tybee Island Light lighthouse.  The distinctive structure dates to the Colonial period, although it was heavily modified in the 19th century.  

Maine's Wood Island Light


Wood Island Light, Biddeford Pool, Maine

DaveIN NH...

AirVuz contributor and pilot DaveIN NH brings us this excellent drone video of one of America's oldest lighthouses.  Maine's Wood Island Light is located on its namesake island, near the mouth of the Saco River and about halfway between Portland and Kennebunkport.  Built on the site of an earlier structure, the current tower dates to 1858.  Automated since 1986, the tower has a height of 14 meters or 41 ft.  It is the second-oldest lighthouse in Maine after Portland Head Light, and the 11th-oldest in the USA.

Chipiona: Spain's Tallest Lighthouse


High Light


Here's a great aerial tour of a famous lighthouse in southern Spain, compliments of AirVuz contributor Santiago10. It's called Chipiona Lighthouse (also sometimes called Punta del Perro Light), and it's located on a small promontory called the Punta del Perro in Cadiz, the southernmost province of mainland Spain.  First lit in 1867, the lighthouse tower stands 62 meters tall (205 ft.), making it the tallest lighthouse in Spain and one of the two-dozen tallest in the world.   It can be seen from a distance of 46 km (29 mi.).  

San Francisco's Point Bonita Lighthouse


Point Bonita Lighthouse


Point Bonita is a narrow peninsula situated at the northern entrance to the Golden Gate, the strait which connects the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay and which is spanned by its namesake bridge.  The point's namesake lighthouse has long played an important role as a navigation aid to ship traffic in and out of the bay.  Seen here in this drone video by splineglass, Point Bonita Lighthouse was first lit in 1877, replacing an earlier version built in the 1850's.  Automated since 1980, it was California's last manned lighthouse.  

England's Beachy Head Lighthouse


Iconic Lighthouse in Southern England

Drone Eye ...

AirVuz contributor and pilot DroneEyePerspective brings us this excellent 4k drone video of a famous lighthouse on the southern coast of England.  Beachy Head Lighthouse has been helping to protect shipping in the English Channel since 1902.  It's located at the base of the chalk cliffs below the town of the same name in the county of East Sussex, roughly halfway between Brighton and Hastings.  Distinguished by its red and white stripes and automated since 1983, the tower stands 43 meters tall or about 141 ft..

Toco Lighthouse, Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago : Toco Light House


Take in these aerial views of a famous lighthouse in the Caibbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, compliments of AirVuz contributor triniweekes.  It's called the Toco Lighthouse, and it's located at the tip of Galera Point, a peninsula which forms the northeastern coast of the main island and which also serves as a sort of boundary between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  The lighthouse is part of Trinidad and Tobago's Heritage Asset Inventory.  Its white stone tower was constructed in 1897.  

Portugal's Cabo da Roca Lighthouse


Cabo da Roca

Francisco ...

AirVuz contributor and pilot Francisco Rodrigues brings us this excellent video of the famous lighthouse of Cabo da Roca on the Portuguese coast.  The lighthouse lies on the tip of a cape which has the distinction of being the westernmost point of mainland Europe.  It's on the stretch of coastline known as the Portuguese Riviera, just west of Lisbon.  The stone tower lighthouse dates to 1772.  It stands 22 meters tall (about 72 ft.), with a focal height of 165 meters (about 540 ft.).  It's been automated since 1990.   

Thomas Point Shoal Light, Chesapeake Bay


Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse


Check out this drone video of the most famous lighthouse on Chesapeake Bay, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Santiago.  Thomas Point Shoal Light is situated on the western side of the bay, on the approach to the harbor of Annapolis, Maryland.  First lit in 1875, it's the only lighthouse of the screw-pile design which is still in place in its original location.   Automated since 1986, Thomas Point Shoal has been designated as a National Landmark since 1999.

Los Morillos Light, Puerto Rico


Faro Los Morillos

Bumble Bee...

Top content creator Bumble Bee Productions brings us this beautiful drone video of a historic lighthouse on the island of Puerto Rico: Los Morillos Light (Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo).  Built in 1882, it's situated on a promontory near the southwestern corner of the island, on the (often treacherous) Mona Passage which connects the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.  The lighthouse sits on 200 ft. high (60 m) cliffs, which greatly extend its range.  Los Morillos has been automated since 1967.

North Carolina's Old Baldy Lighthouse


Old Baldy Lighthouse

Bumble Bee...

ontributor and pilot Bumble Bee Productions brings us this beautiful aerial view of one of the most famous lighthouses in the Southeastern USA.  It's called Bald Head Lighthouse, known colloquially as Mt. Baldy.  Situated on Bald Head Island near the mouth of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina, it's the oldest standing lighthouse in the Tar Heel State.  It opened in 1817 to protect shipping in and out of the then-young port of Wilmington.  Both Mt. Baldy and the nearby Cape Fear Lighthouses were closed in the late 1950's.  

Norway's Lindesnes Lighthouse


Lindesnes Fyr 🛸 Lindesnes Lighthouse of Norway

JrE DroneF...

New AirVuz contributor JrE DroneFilm brings us this excellent drone video of one of Norway's most well-known lighthouses.  Lindesnes Lighthouse is located near the very southern tip of the country, just a few km/mi from the town of Høllen in Agder County.  The original structure here, an important location which marks the western entrance to the Skagerrak strait that separates Norway from Sweden, dates to the mid-17th century.  The current lighthouse, which is made of cast-iron, was completed in 1915.  It stands 16 meters tall (53 ft.).  

Punta Orchilla Lighthouse, Canary Islands


The End of the World Lighthouse


Punta Orchilla Lighthouse (Faro de Punta Orchilla) is located on the western side of El Hierro, the westernmost of the Canary Islands.  For this reason, it's nicknamed the “lighthouse at the edge of the world.”  Sitting atop a hill, it has a focal height of 132 meters or about 425 ft.  It became operational in 1933 and is extremely isolated; reaching it requires a 25 km (15 mi.) trip through a partially unfinished road. The whitewashed single story house can be seen in this drone video by pilot dronostia.

Rumeli Lighthouse, Istanbul


Sunday Flight

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Rumeli Feneri is an important lighthouse in Istanbul, Turkey.  It is situated at the northern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait from the Black Sea, on the strait's western side.  Some distance north of the famous fortress (which lies near the middle of the strait), the lighthouse was built by the British and French during the Crimean War of the 1850's to protect their warships heading in and out of the Black Sea.  In this drone video by ugurevin, you will get a bird's eye view of the lighthouse, now backdropped by the Yavuz Sultan Bridge.  

Chicago Harbor Light


Chicago Harbor Lighthouse II


AirVuz contributor and pilot Santiago brings us this fantastic drone video of Chicago Harbor Light, one of the most famous inland lighthouses.  It's located at the entrance to the Chicago Harbor from Lake Michigan, just east of Navy Pier.  Originally displayed at the 1893 Columbian Exposition on the city's south side, it was moved to its current location in 1919.  Automated since 1979, the tower stands 20 meters tall or about 66 ft.  The structure has been listed on the USA's National Historic Register since 1984.  

Sri Lanka's Beruwala Lighthouse


Beruwala Lighthouse


Check out this drone video of a well known lighthouse on the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka, compliments of contributor deathstalker.  It's called the Barberyn (Beruwala) Lighthouse, and it's located on a small island off the main island's southwestern coast, less than an hour's drive south of the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.  The lighthouse's granite tower stands 34 meters tall, or about 112 ft.  The lighthouse opened in 1889 and it's still operational.  It can be seen from a distance of up to 50 km or about 30 mi.

Florida's St. Augustine Light


Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Fl


Here's a great drone view of a famous Florida lighthouse, compliments of brand-new AirVuz contributor and pilot tridiver.  It's called St. Augustine Light, and it's located at the north end of the barrier island Anastasia, just to the southeast of the lighthouse's namesake city.  First lit in 1874, it's the last in a series of lighthouses on the site, which sits at an important spot relative to ship traffic in and out of Florida's oldest city.  Still operating, it's now part of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

Norway's Dyna Lighthouse


Sunrise over the Oslo Fjord & Lighthouse!

Chris Mans...

New AirVuz contributor Chris Mansfeldt brings us this excellent drone video of a well known lighthouse near Oslo, Norway.  The Dyna Lighthouse sits on its own tiny island in the Oslofjord, the giant inlet of the north sea at the head of which sits the Norwegian capital.  The lighthouse is a navigational aid to the western approaches to the Oslo harbor area.  The landmark was completed in 1876 but has been automated for decades.  Standing almost 13 meters tall (around 41 ft.) it has a range of about 9 nautical miles.  

North Carolina's Currituck Beach Lighthouse


Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Outer Banks, USA


The Outer Banks is a chain of barrier islands which runs for about 320 km (about 200 mi.) along the coast of the Southeastern USA.   Home to some of the most treacherous shipping waters on the Eastern Seaboard, it's home to many well-known lighthouses.  One of the most famous is Currituck Beach Light in Corolla, North Carolina, near the Virginia border.  Seen in this excellent drone video by Polaris.Aerial, the lighthouse was first lit in 1875.  Distinguished by its bare brick finish, it's listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Trevose Head Lighthouse, England


Trevose Head Lighthouse, Cornwall UK


The shipping lanes in and out of the Bristol Channel in the southwestern UK were once some of the busiest in the world.  For that reason, the peninsulas which line the northern coasts of Counties Cornwall and Devon invariably became important lighthouse locations.  One of these is Trevose Head Lighthouse, which lies on a promontory of the North Cornwall coast, just outside of Padstow Harbor.  Seen here in this drone video by ChrisBaish, the lighthouse was completed in 1847.  It stands 27 meters tall, or about 85 ft.  

Portugal's Cape St. Vincent Lighthouse


CABO SÃO VICENTE, Sagres ● Portugal 【6K】 Cinematic Drone [2021]


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist TravelPenguin brings us this excellent drone video from Portugal's Cape St. Vincent (Cabo de São Vicente) and its famous lighthouse.  Part of the municipality of Sagres in the Algarve Region, the cape represents the southernmost tip of mainland Portugal.   A landmark for ships sailing in and out of the Mediterranean Sea, Cape St. Vincent has numerous naval battles to its name.  The current lighthouse structure here dates to 1846; it's been automated since 1982.  

Buenavista Lighthouse, Canary Islands


Drone en el faro de Buenavista

Manuel Arm...

Here's a nice drone's eye view of one of the world's most modern lighthouses, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Manuel Armas.  It's called the Buenavista Lighthouse, and it's located on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of North Africa.  Shaped somewhat like a corkscrew, it's located on Tenerife's northern coastline.  It stands 131 ft. tall, or about 40 m.  One of seven lighthouses on the Tenerife coastline, Buenavista was completed in 1990.  

The USA's Cape Florida Light


Visiting Cape Florida Lighthouse

Bumble Bee...

Cape Florida Light is one of the most famous lighthouses in Florida.  Seen in this excellent drone video by top AirVuz contributor Bumble Bee Productions, it's located near the southern tip of Key Biscayne, about 10 mi. (around 16 km) southeast of downtown Miami.  The current structure, the second rendition of the lighthouse, was completed in 1847, although it didn't reach its current height of 95 ft. (29 m) until a renovation in 1855.  De-commissioned in 1878, it was restored to active service in 1978 and automated in 1996.  

Ireland's Hook Head Lighthouse


Hook Head Lighthouse


Check out this drone video of one of the world's oldest lighthouses, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Peter and Loki.  Hook Lighthouse is located at the southern tip of Ireland's Hook Peninsula, on the boundary between Counties Waterford and Wexford in the southeastern part of the country.  Marking the eastern entrance to Waterford Harbor, the tower dates to the 12th century.  It's believed to be the second-oldest operational lighthouse in the world, after Spain's Tower of Hercules.  

France's Chassiron Lighthouse


- Something is Brewing - Lost in my mind

Alexandre ...

Former Drone Video of the Week Winner Alexandre Velluet x Scandia Productions brings us this stunning drone video of a famous lighthouse on the western coast of France.  It's called Chassiron Lighthouse, and it's on island of Oléron in the Charente-Maritime Department.  Built in 1836, the lighthouse is still operational, although it's now automated.  The lighthouse is situated at the northern tip of the island, at the entrance of the Pertuis d'Antioche, a strait which is home to the important port of La Rochelle.      

Maine's Owls Head Lighthouse


Owls Head Lighthouse 4K Drone Experience!


Talented content creator PO3SMITH has made a sub-specialty of filming the lighthouses of the USA's New England coast.  In this beautiful piece, he brings us to the historic Owls Head Lighthouse in Maine.  The original lighthouse here at the southern entrance to Penobscot Bay dates was built in 1825, although it was rebuilt in 1852.  The lighthouse was extensively restored to its 1852 appearance around 2010.  Still operational (although automated since 1989, its listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Ireland's Loop Head Lighthouse


Loop head lighthouse on Christmas morning


Merry Christmas from the Emerald Isle!  AirVuz contributor and pilot Drone Photography Ireland brings us this excellent Christmas morning drone video from Ireland's famous Loop Head Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is located on a promontory in County Clare on the island's southwestern coast.  Situated in the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way, Loop Head was named the Best Place to Holiday in Ireland by the Irish Times in 2013.  Loop Head was used as a filming location for the 2017 blockbuster Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.  

Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland, Canada


Sunrise at Cape Spear lighthouse, Newfoundland, CANADA


Check out this excellent drone video of a lighthouse at the eastern extremity of North America, compliments of new AirVuz contributor and pilot chrisstratton.  He filmed Cape Spear Lighthouse, which is located on a promontory on the Avalon Peninsula on the eastern side of the Canadian island of Newfoundland.   The video features both the original 1836 lighthouse as well as the still-operational lighthouse built in 1955.  You'll also see the World War II era gun emplacements which were built here to protect Allied convoys.    

Ireland's St. Johns Point Lighthouse


St. Johns lighthouse in Donegal


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist Drone Photography Ireland brings us this excellent drone video of St. Johns Point Lighthouse in the Republic of Ireland.  The lighthouse lies at the tip of a long, narrow peninsula which extends south into Donegal Bay off of a much larger peninsula in County Donegal, on Ireland's western coast.  Completed in 1831, the lighthouse was automated in 1932 and converted to electricity about three decades later.  The lighthouse is not to be confused with St. John's Lighthouse in Northern Ireland.  

USA's Boston Light


Boston Light 4K Drone Experience!


AirVuz contributor and pilot PO2SMITH brings us this excellent drone video of Boston Light, one of the oldest lighthouses in the USA.  It sits atop Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor.  The original lighthouse was built in 1716, and was the first lighthouse in what is now the United States.  The current structure, which dates to 1783, is the USA's second-oldest working lighthouse.  Although Boston Light has been automated since 1998, it's still staffed by the US Coast Guard.  The lighthouse can be seen from 31 mi. away (about 50 km).

Portugal's Nazaré Light




AirVuz contributor CanariasDron brings us this stunning drone video of the legendary beach town of Nazaré on the central coast of Portugal.  Located less than a two hour drive north of Lisbon, the town is blessed with an underwater canyon just offshore which causes the waves of the Atlantic Ocean to break in a manner which has helped turn this small fishing village into one of the top surfing spots in Europe.  The video features some epic footage of Nazaré Light, a lighthouse built in the early 1900's atop a 16th century fortress.   

Famous Maine Lighthouses


Maine Lighthouse Experience - 4K


PO3SMITH created this beautiful aerial tour of some of the lighthouses of Maine, in the northeastern USA.  The state's rocky coastline makes for some of the country's most dangerous waters, and it's no surprise that some of the world's most famous lighthouses are here to protect shipping from a myriad of hazards.  The video's opening shot is of Portland Head Light, the most well known Maine lighthouse.  Located on Cape Elizabeth, the lighthouse has been guiding traffic in and out of Portland Harbor since 1791 and is still operational.

The Lighthouses of Brittany, France


Bretagne, d'un phare à l'autre FRANCE


France's Breton Peninsula is home to some of the most treacherous stretches of coastlines in Western Europe.  Not surprisingly, lighthouses have long played an important role in this seafaring region.  In this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor gerardgiroux, you'll be treated to aerial views of some of Brittany's (and indeed France's) most iconic lighthouses, including Phare de Mean Ruz in Ploumanac'h,  Phare do Paon in Île-de-Bréhat, Phare du Petit Minou in Plouzane, Phare de Kermorvan in Le Conquet, and more.  

Lighthouses of Spains's Costa Brava


Promo Documentary of the 8 lighthouses of la Costa Brava


Spain's Costa Brava is the northernmost stretch of its Mediterranean coastline.   Known for some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful beaches, the Costa Brava is also home to some of its most dangerous waters for shipping.  Not surprisingly, it is dotted with lighthouses, which were built to protect this traffic.  In this drone video by new AirVuz contributor djidron_pv, you'll get an aerial view of the eight lighthouses of the Costa Brava, which stretches from the town of Blanes (north of Barcelona) to the French border.  

The Lighthouses of Ireland




Take a drone tour of some of Ireland's famous lighthouses, compliments of Drone Photography Ireland.  The first two stops are Fanad Head and Tory Island Lighthouses, both of which are on the Wild Atlantic Way in County Donegal.  Next up is St. John's Point Lighthouse, also in County Donegal, followed by Loop Head Lighthouse in County Clare, also on the western coastline but well to the south.   At the :48 mark, you'll see Hook Lighthouse in County Wexford, in the southeast, and at 1:29 you'll see the Inisheer Lighthouse in County Galway.  



Maine Lighthouse Extravaganza V2.0!

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Good Vibes in Kovalam, India

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A Lighthouse Alone at Sea


Nobska Lighthouse and Woods Hole, MA

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