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Bavaria's Fairy Tale Castle

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Neuschwanstein: A Castle from Another Time

Henry Andris

Henry Andris's aerial video of Bavaria's famous Neuschwanstein aka "Cinderella Castle" is one of the most cinematic we've seen. Opening with the lush forest and pristine lakes that surround the mountain castle in southern Germany he sets the scene, showing imagery that looks like it climbed out of the pages of a Brother's Grimm novel.  Built in the late 1800's by Bavarian King Ludwig II as a secondary residence, the Romanesque Revival castle is one of the most popular sights in all of Europe. 

Neuschwanstein: Romanesque Revival Masterpiece

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Neuschwanstein Castle 4k


This castle set against the mountains in Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany was the inspiration behind Disney's Cinderella Castle. The Romanesque Revival palace was commissioned by Bavarian King Ludwig II as a personal retreat and, surprisingly, was paid for out of his own pocket, not through public funds. Ludwig lived there for several of the 17 years it took to complete, dying during the year it was finally completed (1886). See it in stunning 4K drone footage thanks to pilot Alessandro.

Neuschwanstein: Bavaria's Fairytale Castle

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Neuschwanstein Castle | Winter

Muhamad AbuShakra

Behold this amazing aerial video of Neuschwanstein, one of the world's most famous castles.  This Romanesque Revival masterpiece was completed in 1886 as a retreat for the then-King of Bavaria, a kingdom which had become part of the German Empire.  Famously, the castle inspired the Sleeping Beauty castles at the Disney theme parks.  It's also served as a shooting location for numerous feature movies, notably as Baron Bomburst's castle in the 1968 hit Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

DVA Winning Showreel from Bavaria

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SHOWREEL 2018🕹🚁🎬


Lights. Camera. ACTION! That's what you're getting when you watch this Drone Video Awards nominated piece by aeroCircus, a professional aerial videography firm based in Munich, Germany.  Their clients include some of the world's biggest brands and most well known film studios.  This reel is all about action, ranging from epic car races to thrilling chase scenes that resemble something from a James Bond Movie.  This video won the Reels category at the second annual Drone Video Awards.

Munich: Bavaria's Capital

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The very Best of MUNICH - Bavaria

New Entertainment Pictures

New Entertainment pictures created this magnificent aerial tour of Munich, Germany's third largest city (after Berlin and Hamburg) and the capital of the state of Bavaria.  Situated just north of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is an important center for German culture.  The video features footage of some of the city's top sights, including the twin-domed Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), the Olympiapark (venue for the 1972 Olympic Games), the Marienplatz (the historic town center), and more.  

Eibsee Lake

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The Bavarian Maledives (Eibsee) 4K


The brilliantly colored Eibsee Lake is located in Bavaria in southern Germany, about a one hour drive southwest of the state capital of Munich.  The lake is in the heart of the German Alps, sitting near the base of Germany's highest mountain peak: Mt. Zugspitze, which has a maximum elevation of 2.95k meters or about 9.7k ft.  Contributor OnFocus used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create an aerial video of this small yet wondrous Alpine lake, one which leads to the area being nicknamed the Maldives of Bavaria.  

DVOW Nominee from the Allgäu

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The Dog in the Alps


Drone in tow, contributor Phil2go2019 and his son took their dog Akiro into the foothills of the Alps mountains along the German/Austrian border.  Their footage was used to create this stunning video, which was picked as a DVOW Finalist in October, 2019.  The region filmed is known as the Allgäu, which covers a portion of the German state of Bavaria as well as parts of Austria's Tyrol and Vorarlberg states.  Situated a bit east of Lake Constance, the region features peaks of up to about 2k meters or around 6.6k ft.

Peaks of the Bavarian Alps

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German Alps Shot For The First Time: Berchtesgadener Land


The area of the Alps Mountains located in southern Germany is often called the Bavarian Alps.  It is home to some of the most amazing natural scenery in Germany (indeed, in all of Europe), as well as its highest mountain peak: Mt. Zugspitze, which stands at just under 3k meters (around 9.7k ft.).  In this video, contributor  BashirAbuShakra used a drone to create an aerial tour of this landscape including footage of  Berchtesgadener, St. Bartholomä, Jenner, Lake Obersee, Hintersee, and more.  

Wendelstein: Germany's #1 Ski Destination

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Wendelstein by Drone 4K


Wendelstein is a medium sized mountain peak in Bavaria, the southernmost state of Germany.  It is part of the Mangfall Mountains, a foothills sub-range the Alps Mountain system.  The mountain's peak is about 1.8k meters (just over 6k ft.) above sea level.  While not the largest ski area in Germany, Wendelstein does have one area for highly experienced skiers.  Contributor On Focus used a DJI Phantom drone to give us a beautiful aerial tour of this alpine paradise, located about 90 minutes from Munich.  

Regensburg Cathedral

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Dom St Peter 雷根斯堡教堂, Regensburg,Germany


Regensburg is the fourth largest city in Bavaria, Germany's southernmost state.  It's most prominent landmark is the Regensburg Cathedral, a 16th century structure in the old city center on the Danube River.  The cathedral escaped serious damage from a famous (and ultimately unsuccessful) Allied strategic bombing raid on Regensburg's aircraft factory in August, 1943, during the height of World War II.   Contributor Minglam created this amazing drone video of the architectural marvel.

Königsee: Germany's Deepest Lake

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Königssee "Above the clouds"

Javi Mora

The area around Lake Königsee, Germany's deepest and cleanest lake, provides a variety of recreational entertainment for tourists, including hiking, swimming, boating, and even enjoying the echo demonstrations against the rocky mountain walls.  Videographer Javi Mora captured his own exciting hike up the trails with his drone and used the footage to create this phenomenally edited video, which shows off the charming colors of the region and was nominated for Drone Video of the Week. 

DVA Nominee from the Bavarian Alps

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There’s No One Else

Wellington Rodrigues

After you watch this epic mountain dronie, you'll understand how it won first place in the Dronie Category for the 2017 AirVūz Drone Video Awards!   Top contributor Wellington Rodriguez traveled up into the Bavarian Alps with a drone, and shot this stunning pullout shot capturing some of the most amazing rock formations you'll ever see.  Keep the title in mind as you watch it.  This was voted by viewers as the top pick in the Dronie category for the first annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards.

Walhalla: Commemorating Germany's Greatest

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Walhalla, Germany


Contributor Oszibusz created this remarkable drone video of Walhalla, a museum of sorts to honor the great Germans of history.  It's located on a hill overlooking the Danube River near Regensburg, in the southern German state of Bavaria.  Walhalla was conceived in the early 19th century, prior to the existence of a unified Germany.  Its core collection is over 200 busts and plaques commemorating key figures of famous Germans ranging from Albert Einstein to Martin Luther. 

Upper Franconia by Drone

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Bavaria (Bayern) from Above


Contributor Videobros created this epic drone video from a two day bike trip in southern Germany.  The trip started at Wurzberg, a beautiful town on the Regnitz River in Upper Franconia, a region of Bavaria.  The video opens with an epic shot of Marienburg Fortress, which overlooks the town.  From there it moves into Wurzburg proper, a beautifully preserved medieval town.  It ends with footage of Bamberg, another beautiful burgh which also lies on the River Revnitz, near where it joins the Main.

Allgäu: Winter Wonderland

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Algau: The Beauty of Winter


Allgäu is a region in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, on the country's southern border with Austria.  While its scenery is stunning all year round, winter is perhaps its most beautiful season.  With seemingly endless snow-covered pine trees, the landscape becomes an iconic winter wonderland.  Contributor Eye-Catchgraphy used a drone to create a marvelous aerial view of this magical winter landscape.  Watching the time-lapse footage, you can almost smell the crisp mountain air.

Swabia: Allgäu in Spring

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Start of Spring in Germany


Algau is a region of Swabia in the far south of Bavaria, Germany, near the border with Austria.  Located just east of Lake Constance, its landscape transitions from the foothills of the Alps to the great range itself.   It is a place of stunning snow covered mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and fairy tale forests.  Top contributor and drone pilot Eye-Catchography flew a drone over the area just as winter was ebbing and spring was beginning to bloom.  The aerial video, captured at the most beautiful time of year, is simply breathtaking.  

Hitler's Eagles Nest Retreat

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The Eagles Nest with a DJI Mavic Pro


If you want a bird's eye view of Adolph Hitler's mountaintop retreat, check out this fantastic drone video of Kehlsteinhaus ("Eagles Nest").  It's situated atop a giant rock formation near the town of Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps.  The retreat was built for the German dictactor, who made at least 14 trips to the building, which was near the Berghof where he spent the bulk of his time.  In 1944, during one of those trips, the sister of Hitler's mistress Eva Braun was married to a senior SS officer here.

Bavaria's Two Famous Castles

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Germany -Schwangau


Using a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, content creator and pilot Nadirtasciphotography was able to create this magnificent aerial tour of two of the most famous castles in southwestern Bavaria, Germany.  The Romanesque Revival Neuschwanstein Castle is arguably the world's best known castle.  It was completed in 1886 as a residence for the King of Bavaria.  Nearby Hohenschwangau Castle, built a few years earlier on the site of a medieval fortress, is in many respects equally impressive if less well known.  

Lindau Lighthouse on Lake Constance

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Flight over Lake of Constance Germany DJI Phantom 3


Contributor Cyber_Drone used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to give us this aerial view of one of the world's most famous inland lighthouses.  Lindau Lighthouse is situated on the town of the same name, which is an island on Lake Constance in Bavaria.  The lake is part of the Rhine River and has shores in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.   The lighthouse was built in 1859.  Since the 1990's, its operation has been fully automated.  It stands opposite the harbor entrance from an iconic looking lion statue.

Karwendel Mountains: Limestone Alps

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The Karwendel Mountains, Germany


Top contributor BashirAbuShakra created this stunning drone video from the Karwendel Mountains in Bavaria, Germany.  The mountains form part of a range called the Northern Limestone Alps, itself part of the great Alps system of Central and Western Europe.  The Karwendels are shared between Germany (specifically, the southern state of Bavaria) and the western Austrian state of Tyrol.  Their highest peak, Mt. Birkkarspitze, has an elevation of just over 2.7k meters (just over 9k ft.) above sea level.  

Aerial Tour of Lake Constance

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DJI Phantom 4 over Lake Constance


Cyber_drone used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this beautiful aerial of Lake Constance in Central Europe. The lake, which is part of the Rhine River, sits in Germany (Bavaria), Austria, and Switzerland.  With a surface area of about 535 square km (just over 200 square mi.), it's one of the largest lakes in Europe.  It's also one of the deepest, with a maximum depth of 90 meters (around 300 ft.).  It's also one of the world's greatest boating lakes, with over 50k watercraft registered as of 2018.

Munich's Museum Quarter

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Luca E.

In this drone video by Luca E. you'll get an aerial tour of one of the most well known districts of the great Bavarian city of Munich.  It's the Kunstareal, the Museum Quarter.  Befitting its status as one of the great cultural cities of Germany, the city is home to some of the country's most famous museums.  These include the three Pinakotheken art galleries, the Lenbachhaus, the Museum Brandhorst  and (most recently) the Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst Egyptian art gallery.  

Bavarian Wintertime Landscapes

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Winter Tale Bavaria


In this drone video by Husseynli, you'll be taken on a tour of the wintertime landscapes of Bavaria, considered by many to be the most beautiful of the German states.  You'll see some of the most idyllic alpine scenery in Europe, replete with the stunning peaks of the Bavarian Alps, quaint snow-covered mountain villages, alpine lakes that remain unfrozen, and the famous neo-gothic Neuschwanstein castle (aka the Fairy Tale castle).   The footage in the video was captured with a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  

Eisenberg Castle, Ostallgäu District

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Ruins Eisenberg in Bavaria, Germany

P a u l  B e r g e r

Paul Berger created this drone video of Eisenberg Castle, an important historical site in the south German state of Bavaria.   It's located in the Ostallgäu district in the southern part of the state, near the border with Austria.  The castle was built on the order of some local nobles early in the 14th century.  Damaged in the early 16th century Peasants' War but rebuilt, it met its ultimate demise near the end of the far-fiercer Thirty Years War when it was burned by "friendly" forces practicing a scorched earth policy.  

Wolfstein Castle, Lower Bavaria

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Check out this drone video of a well-known Bavarian castle, compliments of Obendrohne.  Wolfstein Castle is located near the town of Freyung in Lower Bavaria, the easternmost of the seven regions which make up the Bavarian state.  The castle was originally built as a hilltop fortification in the late 12th century.  It sits on a hill, surrounded on three sides by the Saußbach River.  The castle is sometimes confused with the New Wolfstein Castle,  which is located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Around Bavaria by Drone

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Bavaria Germany - flights over castles, churches, ruins and beautiful places

P a u l  B e r g e r

Let contributor PaulBerger take you on an aerial tour of the great south German state of Bavaria with this magnificent drone video.  Locations featured include castle ruins of Eisenberg and Hohenfreyberg; the neo-Gothic castles Neuschwanstein (aka the "Fairy Tale Castle" of Disney fame) and Hohenschwangau; the Elmau manor; the Gothic Kaltenberg Castle;  the Wieskirche Pilgrammage Church; the Abbeys of Saint Ottilien and Andechs; the city of Landsberg am Lech; and more sights from across what is generally considered Germany's most beautiful state.  

Aerial Tour of Bavaria

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Bavaria in 4K

Thomas Vitali

Bavaria is the largest state in Germany, occupying most of the southern part of the country.  It's the largest of the German states by land area and second largest in population.  In terms of physical scenery, most would agree that Bavaria has the most spectacular in the country.  In this amazing video, top contributor Vitali flies a drone over Bavaria, affording us amazing aerial views of the Bavarian Alps, mountain valleys, shimmering alpine lakes, and the glorious city of Munich, Bavaria's largest.  

Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz

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Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz is one of the 3-4 most important cities in the Upper Palatinate, one of the seven administrative divisions which make up the German state of Bavaria.  Seen here in this drone video by Obendrohne, the town is located in a valley of a highland area known as the Franconian Jura.  Settled during the Neolithic period, the "modern" version of the town was founded in the early 1100's as a stop on the route between Nuremberg and Regensburg, two of the oldest cities in Bavaria.  

Music Video from the Bavarian Alps

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Stay with me

Wellington Rodrigues

This epic music video was produced by contributor Wellington Rodriguez, whose video "There's No One Else" was the winner of the 2017 AirVuz Drone Video Awards in the "Dronie" category.  With great shots of the band interspersed with epic drone shots of the artist walking on a glacier in the Bavarian Alps of Southern Germany, the video would pass for a big budget music video from the 1980's heyday of MTV.  

Profile of Top Bavarian Drone Pilot

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The Drone Dish: Bashir Abu Shakra

The Drone Dish

Bashir Abu Shakra is a top contributor, drone pilot, and Drone Video of the Week/Month winner from Bavaria, in southern Germany.  He is the creator of numerous amazing drone videos of the Alps, shot from Switzerland and Austria in addition to his native Germany.  In this Drone Dish episode, our host Tyler Mason chats with Bashir about his beginnings with drones and about Bashir’s passion for flying drones in this majestic mountain range, home to some of the world's most drone-able peaks.