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Cloud Dronelapse - Burj Khalifa


Contributor Moadh_Bukhash used a drone and his editing skills to create an impressive timelapse aerial look at the Burj Khalifa, the centerpiece of the Dubai skyline.  At over 800 meters (about 2.7k ft) excluding its antennae, the 163 floor mixed use tower has been the world's tallest building since it opened in 2010.  The tower was the shooting scene for a famous stunt scene in the 2011 blockbuster movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, in which Tom Cruise  was filmed dangled from the building.


Shanghai, Pearl of the Orient


Contributor Alexaroundtheworld created this magnificent drone video of Shanghai, China.  Shaghai has emerged as one of the world leaders in supertall skyscrapers.  The highlight of the video is a climb up to the top of the city's two tallest buildings, located right next to each other: the 128 story, 632 meter (just under 2.1k) Shanghai Tower, opened in 2015, and the architectural marvel Shanghai World Financial Center, opened seven years earlier and by about 140 meters the shorter of the two.


58 seconds of Guangzhou


Top contributor Haussmannvisuals created this memorable 60 second aerial tour of Guangzhou in southern China.  It's the capital of the province of the same name, the largest in the country by population and in many respects its economic dynamo.  It's also home to some of the world's tallest buildings.  In the video you'll see some epic footage of the 111 floor, 530 meter (about 1.7k ft.) CTC Financial Center (#6 in the world at year-end 2018), the Guangzhou IFC (439 meter, 1.45k ft.), and more.


Droneland 2018 - Shenzhen From Above


Shenzen is second largest city in the southern China province of Guangdong, the most populous province in the country.  Shenzen shares the Pearl River Delta with Hong Kong, Macau, and the provincial capital of Guangdong.  In this video, contributor Droneland flies over this incredible city.  The main focus of the video is the 115 story Ping An Financial Center, which rises just under 600 meters (a bit under 2.0k ft.), the second tallest building in China and #4 in the world when it was completed in 2017.


New York City Financial District (NYC Series Episode 1) | DJI MAVIC PRO


In this video, Lleeyyooww treats us to a great aerial look at New York City's Financial District in lower Manhattan.  This area was the target of the 9/11/01 attacks, which destroyed the World Trade Center towers that loomed over Wall Street.  Following years of disputes, a new World Trade Center arose, anchored by the 94 story One World Trade Center, aka Freedom Tower.  The main focus of the video, it opened in 2014 and reaches the symbolically important height of 1,776 ft. (540 meters).  


Taipei 101 short clip


In this short but mesmerizing drone video, you'll get a drone's eye view of the Tapei 101 Center in Taiwan.  When the 508 meter (about 1.6k ft.) office tower was completed in the Taiwanese capital city in 2004, it displaced the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lampur to become the world's tallest building.  It was surpassed by Dubai's Burj Khalifa in 2010 and is now down to #10 as of 2018 but it's still an amazing structure.  See it here in this short clip by Dazdjpt.  


Lakhta centre - The Tallest skyscraper in Europe

Lakhta Center is a skyscraper project in the outskirts of St. Petersburg.  When the tower was topped out in early 2018, it became the tallest building not just in Russia, but in all of Europe.  Top contributor used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create a breathtaking aerial video of this amazing and supermodern, mixed-use structure that has 87 floors and reaches a rooftop height of 460 meters (almost 1.5k ft.) and has taken almost seven years to build.


Suicide QUAD FPV with T-Motor X Sports Style


CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: AIRVUZ IN NO WAY CONDONES RECKLESS DRONE PILOTING.  That being said, what's done is done and we know a challenging skyscraper FPV dive when we see one.  In this case, the subject matter is the 118 floor International Commerce center, the tallest building in Hong Kong at just under 485 meters (a bit under 1.6k ft.) in West Kowloon.  Contributor DannyHK-DD7 took a dive down this building with his Impulse RC racing drone, flying it with video goggles.


Ho Chi Minh City Sunset


Contributor Dang Minh Phu created this beautiful aerial video of Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam.  Prior to the defeat of South Vietnam by North Vietnam in 1975, the city was named after the river on which it sits - Saigon.  Much of the video is shot around the Bitexo Financial Tower with its protruding helipad, and at 1:07 you'll get a look at the just completed Landmark 81 Tower, at 460 meters (just over 1.5k ft.) it's the world's 14th tallest building as of 2018.


Tun Razak Exchange Final Progress - 23 December 2018

Jason Son

Jason Son created this amazing drone video of the Exchange 106 tower in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia nearing completion in late 2018.  The tower is part of the Tun Razak Exchange development in the eastern part of the KL central business district.  This massive planned development will eventually include a total of 26 new buildings.  The 106 story tower stands 452 meters (just under 1.5k ft.) tall and has already surpassed the Petronas Towers to become the tallest building in Malaysia.  


Iconic Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur's Petronas towers have come to symbolize modern Malaysia.  They stand 450 meters (almost 1.5k feet) over downtown KL and were, for a six year period, the tallest buildings in the world.  While they no longer hold that title, they are still amongst the most recognizable skyscrapers and the most widely recognized "duo" since the demise of the World Trade Center.  Contributor Mumbaimonkey treats us to an amazing aerial look at the towers courtesy of his DJI Mavic Pro drone.  


The Windy City in 4K - Chicago from a New Perspective

  • Gianlo
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  • a year ago

AirVuz contributor Gianlo uses his DJI Mavic Pro drone to give us an unforgettable (and DVA nominated) 60 second aerial tour of the skyline of Chicago, the city which can lay credible claim for having invented the skyscraper.  The video provides epic views of the Windy City's magnificent skyline, still dominated by the 108 story Willis Tower.  Standing over 440 meters (just over 1.4k ft.) tall, this behemoth was born as Sears Tower in 1974 and enjoyed a 25 year reign as the world's tallest skyscraper.  


When the darkness is coming (Hong Kong)

Dave Yip

Contributor Dave Yip created this beautiful aerial tour of the skyscrapers of Hong Kong's Financial District.  The highlight of the film begins at about :53 and is an epic flyover of the city's #2 tower, height-wise: the 407 meter (a bit under 1.4k ft.) tall Two International Financial Center.  This 88 story office tower was the tallest building in the city when opened in 2003 and it continues to be the tallest on Hong Kong Island but was surpassed by International Financial Center in West Kowloon in 2010.


The Moscow City


"Moscow City" is the informal name for the Moscow International Business Center, a newer commercial district of the Russian capital city known for its towering skyscrapers.  Contributor MichaelMsk77 used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful video of the modern district.  At about the :17 mark, you'll ride along for a climb up to the top of these behemoths.  Here are five of Europe's seven tallest buildings as of 2018, the group's tallest  being the 95 story, 374 meter (about 1.2k ft.) Federation Tower.


Don't Call It "Frisco"

Matt Dutcher

San Francisco has one of the most widely recognized skylines of any city in the world.  That skyline has been transformed recently with the construction of the Salesforce Tower, a new skyscraper in the heart of the city's Financial District.  It has a rooftop height of 326 meters (1,070 ft.), handily ending the 45 year reign of the TransAmerica Pyramid as the city's tallest building.  Contributor Matt Ducher used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this amazing aerial look at the city's new-look skyline.


London Drone Footage 4K With Music

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  • a year ago

Contributor HUMZZ created this amazing drone video of the dramatically changed skyline of modern London, a city which didn't have a single building over 600 ft. (about 183 meters) until 1991.  Now, there are clusters of much taller structures on either side of the Thames.  At the :40 mark, you'll get a dramatic eye-level view of the 95 story Shard tower.  At 310 meters (just over 1k ft.), it's the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the tallest in Europe excluding Russia.  


Bangkok.. The color of the city.

Garry Studio

For a quick 60 second aerial tour of Thailand's capital city Bangkok, try this drone video by Garry Studio.  The video begins with an epic shot of Biayoke Tower II, the 309 meter (over 1k ft.) hotel skyscraper which was the second tallest building in the city as of 2018.  From there the video takes you around other parts of the city, whose color patterns make it such a unique looking metropolis,  with one of the most impressive skylines in Southeast Asia.  


Never seen before aerial view at Costanera center in Santiago, Chile (Part 2)

TJ Alex

South America has seen a mini-boom in skyscraper construction in recent years, which has been spread amongst a number of cities.  The tallest skyscraper on the continent is the Gran Torre Santiago, located in the Chilean capital city.  Designed by world-reknowned César Pelli and completed in 2014, the 60 floor tower has a rooftop height of 300 meters (just under 1.0k).  In this drone video by TJ Alex, you will get to vicariously ride up the outside of this magnificent structure, starting at the 3:20 mark.  



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